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setia2u Shhhh..... Just collect more as what you can! You will be rewarded handsomely soon .... by a foreign party in the same industry!!!
08/09/2020 8:09 PM
RainT Buy more at 1.64
13/09/2020 8:20 AM
splendidkiller So quite on this page recently, this counter had been dropping for a month now. Feeling quite despair. Not quite sure how long i should hold on this counter.
22/09/2020 6:17 PM
setia2u Haha... the moment you sell it, it is the time it goes UP and UP!!! Please sell.
22/09/2020 8:27 PM
Bold_Investor Bought today, it may go down for a few months because of irrational investor sentiment, but I'm pretty sure it will go back to Rm2.5 at least, because of how good the fundamentals and management are, the balance sheet is amazing, if it goes down further, I'll sell my other shares to buy more, so please sell.
30/09/2020 3:51 PM
RainT Invest in shares is like that

you need to have holding power & to hold good company long enough

dont expect to get overnight fast profit , as it will not happen
03/10/2020 7:05 PM
RainT invest in company that you trust on it future prospect
03/10/2020 7:06 PM
50Cents Post removed. Why?
08/10/2020 1:18 AM
BullishAllTheTime Something is brewing. Better QR suppose
08/10/2020 9:35 AM
makubo Nice, volume build up.
08/10/2020 11:05 AM
BullishAllTheTime This counter slowly climbing but not much volume. Once it get notice, it will shoot up. Whoever in will be rewarded handsomely.
19/10/2020 9:42 AM
Albukhary Insider news from a friend who trading of carton box, this quarter revenue confirm will be good, coz his ordering has increase a lot.
I believe MASTER, MUDA, PPHB, ORNA all will be benefited.
The only problem is raw material cost, not sure raw material cost during this period is up or down.

Can anyone share your information about raw material cost?
20/10/2020 12:15 PM
bc8660 How about this site?

Price of wood pulp staying low.
22/10/2020 10:09 AM
zen_2k Smtg brewing...
17/11/2020 10:40 AM
William92 i hope it dont grow too fast, i still need time to prepare bullet.
18/11/2020 2:11 PM
Systemworks Don't take too long loading up your bullets.
QR is on 22nd Nov.
18/11/2020 3:44 PM
mrmeow MASTER solar panel project package supply, good prospect
18/11/2020 4:09 PM
mrmeow PE 7 only
18/11/2020 4:17 PM
zen_2k peer ornapaper releases positive qr https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=3106477
19/11/2020 6:16 PM
mrmeow Clearly MASTER is undervalued, PE 7 only
20/11/2020 3:51 PM
mrmeow MASTERS is involved in solar panel's packaging too that's a growing business
20/11/2020 3:58 PM
mrmeow https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kaviyarasu/2020-06-11-story-h1508727517-MASTER_PACK_GROUP_7029_Maintaining_Decent_Earning_Per_Share_but_Market_.jsp
20/11/2020 4:18 PM
zen_2k gonna plummet tomorrow hoho
The drop in revenue was due to decision of a major customer to change to a new product model and discontinue the old product model resulting in a temporary drop in revenue and the lower revenue resulted in the lower profit before taxation.
20/11/2020 5:44 PM
RainT finish MCO

expect the sales & profit to be up

but is down...
20/11/2020 6:34 PM
RainT reasons mentioned in quarter report:

due to major customers change design
20/11/2020 6:35 PM
RainT so ?

is it this major cust will still continue to use MASTER ?

or switch to other suppliers already ?

and how MASTER management want to find new sales to replace this new major cust loss of sales ?
20/11/2020 6:36 PM
VSLSB Yes. Pretty disappointing to be honest. At least they did better than immediate past qtr.
20/11/2020 6:37 PM
RainT sales drop

profit drop

is due to MASTER operating

seem is affect it fundamental already
20/11/2020 6:37 PM
VSLSB @RainT - I'm pretty sure their customer's gonna go back to them since both of their bosses have a good working relationship. Big question is can they quickly change cardboard designs to suit new requirements by next qtr. Also side note, they really really need to diversify customer base, with that sort of cash they have in hand, I'm sure they can.
20/11/2020 6:40 PM
Jeffbkt temporary drop or terminated? Which is which
20/11/2020 6:45 PM
Sohai Trader they need to expand their customer base, customer concentration is not a good thing...
20/11/2020 6:56 PM
Systemworks Not the big recovery we were hoping for, but the revenue numbers are going up. Just not in the quantum we were expecting. The design decision from the customer was an unforeseen.

Read the report. It says "TEMPORARY" drop in revenue. It is not permanent.
This major customer, if it is who I think it is, has been with them for over 10 years so the relationship is there. Expectation is that new designs will be incorporated and revenues will be expected to normalise in future reporting.
20/11/2020 7:15 PM
Systemworks Objectively, it is a 44% increase in profit for the quarter.
That is a positive. With a further upside next quarter once new designs are done.

Not quite the same as seeing a 44% profit decrease back in Aug.
20/11/2020 7:57 PM
gemfinder Gsme over
20/11/2020 8:08 PM
uppvestor buy for future prospect?
20/11/2020 8:19 PM
VSLSB Well, one thing for sure. Monday's gonna be a blood bath.
21/11/2020 12:16 AM
amet2017 blood bath we buy
21/11/2020 12:18 AM
zen_2k yup Monday blood bath.

@VSLSB how do you know "both bosses" have good working relationship?
21/11/2020 1:09 AM
zen_2k On the bright side, operating margins are still good, with bright future prospect. Now the issue is to find new customers and replenish orderbook...
21/11/2020 1:10 AM
gohkimhock Orna posted an excellent result yesterday, but not Master..
21/11/2020 3:21 AM
RainT haha

quarter report is not mentioned much

but we all do our own assumptions by thinking it is temporary loss of revenue only & will come back later on (if not come back, then...., how MASTER management going to find replacement revenue)

would appreciate if MASTER management can share more information in quarter report ...

anyhow, they are know more than us also...
21/11/2020 10:17 AM
amet2017 Buy buy. When people fear we greed. When people greed we sell to them
21/11/2020 3:56 PM
celaka91 its customer is having delayed start up for new production. the transition of new modules might take times. it might be reflected in 2021..
jz my 2 cents
22/11/2020 9:10 AM
uppvestor then can start collect liao for next Q
22/11/2020 3:22 PM
Systemworks Queued at 1.70 waiting for a bloodbath but didn't happen. Where are all the sellers?
23/11/2020 11:14 AM
simonlow88 Master did not meet last quarter profit target ?
23/11/2020 12:21 PM
splendidkiller Proven big players still in the game, no bloodbath today, haha....
23/11/2020 3:34 PM
William92 masterpack's foundation I think quite strong. no need to worry much, just collect. will comeback in 2021.
23/11/2020 4:56 PM
zen_2k yup, will consider top up more, especially if dip further
23/11/2020 5:11 PM
Systemworks Liquid cash flow and reserves still there, so fundamentals strong. Have topped up once today to take advantage of the dip. Didn't quite get my target price of 1.70, there was huge support built around that price point.
23/11/2020 8:03 PM

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