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zamrie https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/tradeviewe/2020-07-23-story-h1510692762-Mlabs_enters_healthcare_business_for_growth.jsp
23/07/2020 9:53 AM
Cathryn5522 Very less info about this Nova. Stuck in here.
23/07/2020 10:00 AM
lingch899 Sifus, still can enter this counter?
23/07/2020 10:39 AM
Junqi @linch899.
Enter is easy
Getting out is difficult
23/07/2020 12:24 PM
Cathryn5522 SIfu : newbie here. Bought at 1. 13 yesterday. Will today hope for higher TP 1. 2?
23/07/2020 12:37 PM
Booyeah correction coming. sell now d.
23/07/2020 12:53 PM
Virus t Why KPJ is next gem for post covid-19?
Based on Fundamental analysis our current PE guideline is approx 57.14 (Based on 1.75% of BNM base rate) however KPJ PE=17.47@RM0.83 thus the actual price for KPJ should be RM2.71.
Covid-19 only good for medical sector (more clearly is protective medical equipment “glove, mask, face shield and etc” and diagnosis instrument “thermo scanners, PCR tester and etc” For Malaysia top glove, harta, kossan and supermx all are the first round winners.
For the last stage of vaccination development, now is the time to look for the next gem but unfortunately our country is impossible to produce these vaccine. The only vaccine we can get is import and we hv 20+mil ppl need to be vaccinated. Early stage of vaccine must be very expensive and gov won’t sponsor. We only can get vaccinated through private hospital no matter for travel or job requirement or just stay safe. Based on 2019, KPJ recorded 2,629,878 outpatients @ net profit 226.7mil with 28 hospitals overall the state. If half of 20mil ppl go KPJ for vaccination so approx net profit can reach up to 1bil. And u need to know tat those vaccine isn’t 1 injection for lifetime (like seasonally flu vaccine) and must get it semi or annually. RM1k-2k per vaccine per yrs for everyone to stay safe is new normal of post covid-19. And it is long term investment value of KPJ.

There are 23 potential vaccines developed and 3 candidates already passed the clinical trial and go for final stage of testing.
1. Moderna vaccine enter the final stage of human trials for its COVID-19 vaccine on July 27.
2. Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine show good immune responses without side effect.
3. Chinese-made vaccine from Sinovac Biotech at final stage of testing in Brazil.
23/07/2020 1:38 PM
Cathryn5522 @hope888 : hope price will increase like your hope888 name.
23/07/2020 2:39 PM
Wuhan19 You are caught/trapped
Only way out is to sell your shares cheap cheap.
The price will go up after you and all who bought at high price follow u.
This is called goreng
23/07/2020 2:44 PM
gogogogo Wow...gogogo
23/07/2020 6:40 PM
Iamnotasifu how much you bought hope888?
Are you using contra or cash upfront...? wait for it to rebound is better...
23/07/2020 10:35 PM
StevenLim80 Me also buy at 1.10 also stuck here, should i hold or let go
24/07/2020 8:27 AM
Cathryn5522 Confusing too. Should hold or let go
24/07/2020 9:27 AM
StevenLim80 Coming back, got hope hold tight
24/07/2020 10:24 AM
Iamnotasifu so you are buying on contra... depend on how much you will lose if cut loss... if a lot then you can buy it in and hold for long term... if not much and you dont want to waste time then just cut loss..I am holding la lol
24/07/2020 11:36 AM
Cathryn5522 Sifu: mind to share what is your target price of this?
24/07/2020 12:00 PM
StevenLim80 I think long term will profit but i contra player cant hold for long
24/07/2020 12:41 PM
Cathryn5522 Decided hold on it.
24/07/2020 1:37 PM
Wuhan19 For all newbies
(1)90% of what you read here are rubbish.There is no sifu here.
If they are so good he wont be hanging around here.
(2)TP even from banks are pure guesswork.TP applies only next 6 to 12 months
Not tomorrow or next week
(3)Invest only in companies you know.
24/07/2020 1:37 PM
Cheah5555 It's a good potential young company, need to hold middle/long term to get good rewards !
24/07/2020 2:05 PM
Cheah5555 Hi hope888, I already sold Boustead earlier with small loss, as the proposed privatisation does not materialised & I do not have target price.The recent price spike was due to news of it's subsidiary Pharmaniaga involving in covid-19 vacine.Previously, this company was very profitable company with many listed subsidiaries, paying high dividend but it failed badly with poor GLC management, look like it still needs more time to turn around...Good luck !
24/07/2020 4:41 PM
Lim Yan Kiat Will it rebound on these 2 days?
26/07/2020 12:11 PM
StevenLim80 Demand more than supplier should be up
27/07/2020 9:12 AM
slm37102 bro, nova does not involve in vaccine! it will not gain any benefit from covid!
sell it.
27/07/2020 9:58 AM
Iamnotasifu 1.00 today!!!
27/07/2020 10:30 AM
Cathryn5522 Going up...
27/07/2020 10:52 AM
netcrok Limit up... to 1.18
27/07/2020 10:59 AM
Wuhan19 Trap door is begining to open again
Waiting for fresh victims.
Those contra players last week have lose their trousers
27/07/2020 11:43 AM
StevenLim80 Bull coming, long green candle tommorow
27/07/2020 11:53 AM
sherlockman momentum still strong! onnce cross 1.00 will not look back
27/07/2020 5:41 PM
valuelurker The closest comparison to Nova Wellness is Blackmore's. Note closest, but actually really distant because their margins are vastly inferior add they do not have phase 3 trials for a disease that has no cure

Blackmores Limited (BKL.AX)
PE ratio (TTM) 33.59
Profit margin 6.26%

Now you can appreciate the hidden gem that is Nova Wellness. Class leading margins and a biotech co with a focus on evidence-based research

When hepar-p passes phase 3 trials and becomes a blockbuster drug for NAFLD, share price will catapult into the stratosphere
27/07/2020 8:57 PM
shortinvestor77 Agree. No limit.
27/07/2020 10:33 PM
Junqi Rice has become porridge
29/07/2020 1:13 PM
smartmove100 great news coming..
29/07/2020 5:01 PM
Iamnotasifu lai fly liao fly liao
30/07/2020 10:38 AM
hksoon Mr.President D.Trump will lose the election in this November 2020 or not ? If yes how about Dow index will plunge or up ? Please experts here who could explain ? If Trump lose how about KLCI and glove conuters ? Could further uptrend ? or Plunge ... ?
Para hadirin dan tuan tuan dan puan puan, keputusan piliharaya utk Amerika Syarikat pada bulan 11 ni jika En. D.Trump terkandas apa akan terjadi kepada KLCI dan harga saham sarung tangan di Malaysia ?
siapa pakar di sini boleh tolong lah explain.
30/07/2020 1:17 PM
valuelurker Minister Clarifies Pharmaniaga, Duopharma Not Appointed For Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Fill-Finish’

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 — Minister Khairy Jamaluddin clarified in Parliament today that the government has not selected local pharmaceutical companies — Pharmaniaga Bhd and Duopharma Biotech Bhd — to undertake fill-finish processing for any Covid-19 vaccine.

The minister of science, technology and innovation told the Dewan Rakyat that the two government-linked companies were simply identified as pharmaceutical corporations with the capacity to conduct fill-finish processing, which is a process where the active agent of the pharmaceutical product is formulated or mixed into its final form (like liquid or powder), and filling and sealing it within final containers (like prefilled syringes).

“The National Science Council, in a meeting on July 14, has discussed the public-private approach for the fill-and-finish stage. The decision in selecting the companies for fill-and-finish is not simply confined to Duopharma and Pharmaniaga,” Khairy told Parit MP Nizar Zakaria.

“They are among the choices of companies now with the capacity to conduct fill-and-finish.”

The Umno lawmaker had asked Khairy in Parliament if it was true that the government has decided to appoint Pharmaniaga and Duopharma for fill-finish processing of a Covid-19 vaccine in Malaysia, the criteria for selection of the two companies, and why they were not selected based on open tender.

“However, the selection of the companies must be done and be based on their capacity for local manufacturing of pharmaceutical products according to good manufacturing practice (GMP), as per the standards of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PIC/S),” Khairy said.


Nova Wellness has recently completed its new GMP-compliant plant and obtained the CCC in May 2020
31/07/2020 4:25 PM
hksoon i think Nova Wellness still got chances, tuan-tuan dan puan puan please keep it for long term.
01/08/2020 10:48 PM
donkeycharles so all in
02/08/2020 4:26 PM
valuelurker 1.80 cumminggggg
03/08/2020 2:20 PM
valuelurker Faster la limittt uppp
03/08/2020 3:58 PM
Iamnotasifu sold at 1.22, patience is the key! thanks Nova, good luck guys!
03/08/2020 4:04 PM
donkeycharles fuiyoh, rm2?
03/08/2020 6:00 PM
shortinvestor77 Yes. Going uptrend.
03/08/2020 10:18 PM
shortinvestor77 https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/chemicalguy/362860.jsp
03/08/2020 10:28 PM
valuelurker 1.50 cominggg
04/08/2020 9:35 AM
valuelurker (CNN) A third US company has released study results showing its coronavirus vaccine is safe and elicits an immune response.

Novavax, Inc. released Phase 1 data Tuesday from 131 volunteers showing that after two doses of the vaccine, participants developed neutralizing antibodies at levels more than four times higher on average than the antibodies developed by people who had recovered from Covid-19. Neutralizing antibodies fight off the virus that causes Covid-19.


Nova + Nova = Supernova
05/08/2020 11:16 AM
gogogogo Hope can go to 15 like glove counter
06/08/2020 9:21 AM
valuelurker True home-grown biotech company with class leading margins, new GMP plant, Hepar-p

epf kwap pnb will be cominggg RM 3 !!!
07/08/2020 10:22 AM
Antagantz Monday maybe another rally to 1.32.
07/08/2020 11:35 PM

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