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09-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 15-Aug-2019 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.007 Dividend Detail
30-Aug-2018 18-Sep-2018 20-Sep-2018 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 7 Dividend Detail
17-Apr-2018 13-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.007 Dividend Detail
17-Apr-2017 13-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.003 Dividend Detail
22-Feb-2017 29-Mar-2017 14-Apr-2017 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.003 Dividend Detail
18-Apr-2016 28-Jun-2016 15-Jul-2016 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.0025 Dividend Detail
23-Feb-2016 29-Mar-2016 15-Apr-2016 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.0025 Dividend Detail
29-Apr-2015 26-Jun-2015 15-Jul-2015 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.0020 Dividend Detail
03-Sep-2014 17-Sep-2014 09-Oct-2014 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.0005 Dividend Detail
09-Jul-2014 23-Jul-2014 19-Aug-2014 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.0005 Dividend Detail
05-May-2008 24-Jul-2008 18-Aug-2008 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.0068 Dividend Detail
07-Sep-2007 25-Sep-2007 27-Sep-2007 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 2 : 1 Dividend Detail
01-Jun-2007 26-Jul-2007 28-Aug-2007 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.017 Dividend Detail
05-Jun-2006 26-Jul-2006 18-Aug-2006 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
03-Jun-2005 26-Jul-2005 18-Aug-2005 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
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Shines Esos grant is normally is for 5 years period
22/12/2019 9:00 PM
wunyoong22 Then, we will be finish
23/12/2019 9:36 AM
abcnar123 When the old man toik, his shareholders will burn the esos for him.
26/12/2019 4:24 PM
abcnar123 dishonest.
26/12/2019 4:25 PM
pangolin Shines @ Share kena cuci till teh tarik nipis like air longkang color within , director get triple up share thru esos , diluted till leave kacang for us ...
26/12/2019 6:25 PM
Shines Haha teh nipis pun ok la, takut aoa pun tada
27/12/2019 12:51 PM
pangolin If div can achieve 0.01 cent per annum , I dun mind at all , consider fd in rgb , who care abt esos , who know next year div is 0.005 ......
28/12/2019 10:33 AM
ltw1123 Just wake up from long sleep?
30/12/2019 9:39 AM
wunyoong22 Wayang only
30/12/2019 10:43 AM
pangolin Wunyong ... year end window shopping ma .... next EGM can show off ,
30/12/2019 2:16 PM
pangolin I tender 0.18 for 100k unit for sell ... no one taken .....
30/12/2019 2:19 PM
wunyoong22 Pangolin, don't sell first we stay together
30/12/2019 8:01 PM
goracle I have been here waiting since bought in super long time ago at 0.26 but what is the reward? Non stop esos from major shareholders. And a crazy loss due to it. I don't know what else to do now. Bought in because management say prospect is good. Always say good but don't see real improvement in EPS
31/12/2019 7:56 AM
wunyoong22 Goracle , true , management should keep quiet, and do more things
31/12/2019 9:55 AM
pangolin Well prospect for mgnt only ... not for u la .. ask them to stop talking nonsense , do more work
31/12/2019 3:13 PM
pangolin Wunyong ... duit makan punnnnn tak ade ... macam mana, stay together
31/12/2019 3:14 PM
wunyoong22 All the share up, but RGB still sleeping
02/01/2020 10:28 AM
wunyoong22 Great, share buy back started
02/01/2020 10:35 PM
pangolin Fast fast go up till 235c , then I can run fast fast
03/01/2020 11:14 AM
fujiapple Yesterday share buy back 0.18. for 1.15 mil shares..If dato Stop ESos.. continue good performance then can get back to 0.2xx
03/01/2020 3:40 PM
fujiapple QTR NOS
Q22018 1,344,742,000
Q32018 1,539,089,000
Q42018 1,539,090,000
Q12019 1,546,214,000
Q22019 1,546,243,000
Q32019 1,547,942,000

NOS keep increase thru ESOS and this diluted EPS. if coming Q4 EPS performance at 0.4x, this gv us at 21cent with PE10. just a rough calculation
03/01/2020 5:03 PM
pangolin Fuji Apple, good info
04/01/2020 10:06 AM
Jaya 17c I shall buy 2m shares
05/01/2020 7:33 AM
PassBy Even KLCI down 21.94 but RGB still no moving, steady and firm.
Maybe RGB still continue zzZ...
08/01/2020 5:39 PM
Investor 8 RGB INTERNATIONAL BHD buyback 2,300,000 shares from 0.175 to 0.175 on 08-Jan-2020.

Buyback more to increase earning per share :)
09/01/2020 9:21 AM
callmehorny Look some hope light in RGB
09/01/2020 8:25 PM
fujiapple Total share buy back 154,794,238 ( or total 10 %).
09/01/2020 11:37 PM
pangolin share buy back at least good start for 2020 .......
10/01/2020 12:01 AM
gongkia when RGB asked us (shareholder) to allow them to share buy back max 10%, the total share is 1,547,942,389 then, after -10% is 1,393,148,151.

today after couple share buy back, the total share is 1,548,245,697

this shows RGB is creating new shares faster than their share buy back.
10/01/2020 10:16 AM
ov123 Very disappointing. No CNY cheer for us.
10/01/2020 12:40 PM
pangolin Mr gongkia ..... their hanky panky trick is useless under ur eyes ....depan share buy back , belakang esos for own benefit ....
10/01/2020 11:21 PM
winter000 Agree. Really shameful. This management should take note if the things their shareholders say of them.
14/01/2020 9:48 AM
winter000 Very thick skin.
14/01/2020 9:49 AM
gongkia but all company are doing the same, they are allowed to do esos of max 10% by all shareholders :)
14/01/2020 2:45 PM
Yunqi Hi,as I know the ESOS already expired at 2019 OCTOBER,pls help to confirm.
The RGB already start to share buy back,although the company let us very disappointed but what can we do?
I saw the management already take action to try stable the share price.
Hope this time the company won’t let us disappoint again
14/01/2020 9:10 PM
ov123 Esos should be tied to the performance of the share price and not simply be another way for the management to earn money. The directors pay in the millions are at record levels every year.
14/01/2020 9:14 PM
fujiapple 13 Jan 2020 share buy back 3,450,000 unit.
17/01/2020 11:47 PM
tesco987 2019 esos already more than the buyback.
19/01/2020 3:21 PM
egate000 I also caught. Let's hope they increase the dividends.
20/01/2020 11:29 AM
wunyoong22 No hope, CNY is coming still not moving
20/01/2020 4:15 PM
pangolin Christmas not hope , cny not hope , we can hoping for Ching Ming now
20/01/2020 7:48 PM
thesteward Looking goood
21/01/2020 11:23 AM
callmehorny hmmmmmmmm RGB is a good Company.
ESOS + Director High Pay
Div + Share Buy Back
Company Growth Healthy

I am not share holder since last year. Just to shitting here .
Director Working very hard. This is what i heard from another Share Holder.
21/01/2020 12:48 PM
fujiapple Today closed 0.185, highest pass 30days.. hope a good sign continue..
21/01/2020 5:10 PM
Ronald Tee Good sign, hope tmr keep uptrend...
21/01/2020 5:15 PM
thesteward Ripe to go hopefully before cny give big Ang pow . Fingers crossed
21/01/2020 8:35 PM
tesco987 Let's hope for good results and good dividends.
22/01/2020 8:12 PM
tesco987 Dividends here Better than fd .
22/01/2020 8:13 PM
pangolin Hope 0.007 c for div , same old story , but better than nothing
22/01/2020 8:47 PM
ov123 Every year, directors' pay increase. Esos some more. So dividends should also increase.
22/01/2020 9:58 PM


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