KLSE: GRANFLO (0056)       GRAND-FLO BHD MAIN : Technology
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12-Jun-2020 08-Jul-2020 09-Jul-2020 DIVIDEND_SHARE Share Dividend 1.0000 : 30.0000 Dividend Detail
29-Apr-2019 04-Jul-2019 19-Jul-2019 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.005 Dividend Detail
27-Apr-2018 10-Jul-2018 25-Jul-2018 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.006 Dividend Detail
28-Apr-2016 28-Jun-2016 15-Jul-2016 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.0050 Dividend Detail
29-Apr-2015 04-Jun-2015 22-Jun-2015 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.0100 Dividend Detail
30-May-2014 04-Jul-2014 31-Jul-2014 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
07-Jun-2013 10-Jul-2013 31-Jul-2013 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
02-Jul-2012 12-Jul-2012 16-Jul-2012 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
30-May-2012 06-Jul-2012 31-Jul-2012 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.012 Dividend Detail
30-May-2011 06-Jul-2011 05-Aug-2011 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 10% Dividend Detail
16-Mar-2010 26-Mar-2010 30-Mar-2010 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
02-Jun-2008 09-Jul-2008 01-Aug-2008 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 20% Dividend Detail
27-Apr-2007 13-Jun-2007 05-Jul-2007 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 20% Dividend Detail
12-Jul-2006 31-Jul-2006 02-Aug-2006 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
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  5 people like this.
Lim Tek Wai Good stock !
26/07/2018 11:25 AM
PennyStock123 Here we go....
07/08/2018 9:40 AM
Jasper Coo never regret for buying this
07/08/2018 10:03 AM
Lim Tek Wai start taking profit
07/08/2018 11:48 AM
Junhong Leong No movements
19/09/2018 3:51 PM
Junhong Leong Anyone have any idea with this share?
28/09/2018 12:17 AM
dex A lot of sbb.
06/11/2018 11:56 PM
uchitech008 Granflo finally wake up liao
23/11/2018 2:26 PM
Koh Sien Fook Vortex Business Park,第二期的发展总值约8817万令吉,预期可获得1367万令吉的盈利。第一期省一间,第二期应该又卖很多了。又有利息派了。
07/05/2019 8:49 PM
Koh Sien Fook 这个是冷门股, 赚率很少,也很少亏。至从开始进入建筑业, 赚率就开始上升了,又买了ISB。ⅠSB是A级承包商,等拿到订单。
08/05/2019 7:40 PM
Koh Sien Fook 成绩出来了,非常好! 加油!
16/05/2019 7:20 PM
UnicornP Major contribution from property development. Not good.
16/05/2019 7:47 PM
kitmanworld Used to work in this co. Located in Kuchai Lama, Grand-Flo have bought this Tech Co called Spritvest Sdn Bhd. Grand-Flo itself is just an engineering co. Spritvest is a pure IT company. But strange that it goes into Housing Development business. IT cannot cari makan?
10/06/2019 10:57 AM
David Wong its performance is good, growth company
07/07/2019 9:10 PM
Growth no one noticd this RFID company?
15/07/2019 12:39 PM
newbie2014 I got some holding, very good, got its dividends 2 yrs d. I hold bcos feeling tis management is honest, financial report simple n straight forward, also thinking doing a potential business. Jus think how convenient when we can simplify our jobs with its technologies
15/07/2019 5:44 PM
Growth not sure whether they will supply RFID solution to tolls.
15/07/2019 6:28 PM
Shootup Sure rfid tech is in hot since highway push its way to be more easier, as i know pos using its delivery tracking device n tech, but not so sure n to what extend
22/07/2019 2:54 PM
lurhays electronical device and software... nice future transaction for keyless and cashless era... good company...
22/07/2019 8:58 PM
Growth really no one notice this company.
25/07/2019 6:44 PM
PennyStock123 i orady notice & bought last year....now eating popcorn and waiting....
26/07/2019 4:00 PM
Tcs76 What happen for this company,anyone know?
26/07/2019 5:31 PM
Growth no news so far.
However, RFID provides by the company may benefited from Toll which apply RFID Technology.
26/07/2019 5:33 PM
Syndicates sell before you regret
29/07/2019 12:27 PM
birkincollector Take over at 0.26. But intend to remain the listing status. Can someone enlighten me wats the whole point of taking over but remain listed?
29/07/2019 1:13 PM
darkangell No chance to run.....
29/07/2019 2:10 PM
onekeyman and then what would happen? should i run? please help, tq
29/07/2019 6:33 PM
chia88 Yap family is buying over into property development.
29/07/2019 7:13 PM
keithchoy very cheap buy buy buy
30/07/2019 9:10 AM
wfcheong37 anyone not taking up the offer at 26 cts
28/08/2019 1:32 PM
batbatman slow slow up.....TP0.40 can?
24/09/2019 6:16 PM
CL Hooi today looks like gonna.... drop back to 0.285
25/09/2019 12:58 PM
rsim03 Today wil be rise
04/10/2019 1:47 AM
blademaster Coming soon. Be ready. Have new project development. Time to collect before it’s too late.
08/10/2019 12:01 PM
ahfatt9938 Share price quite steady already...been monitoring this counter past 2 months
06/04/2020 3:48 PM
yuppyman can buy? corperate development brewing?
06/04/2020 10:16 PM
tr4d3rnow Buying volume increasing, big shark is accumulating
07/04/2020 1:57 AM
yuppyman really?...worth buying for news...
07/04/2020 8:57 AM
Alpha112 Huge volume, been going up since last month...something is brewing?
07/04/2020 10:09 AM
ahfatt9938 Yeah...i think something is brewing. Look at the volume. I think can buy (my personal opinion)
07/04/2020 10:16 AM
yuppyman moving going crazy. . . not moving geh???
07/04/2020 3:13 PM
ahfatt9938 it does move lar...move slowly and gradually...steady
08/04/2020 4:05 PM
yuppyman went in lia0 - - looking like going for 28 cents
08/04/2020 10:42 PM
tr4d3rnow steady 25 cents, keep it up.
09/04/2020 5:32 PM
yuppyman tr4d3rnow - u went in?

good the price has been holding quite well
13/04/2020 11:11 AM
yuppyman go go go Grand Flo...GO GO GO
17/04/2020 8:28 PM
franciswong great breakthrough today. good time is coming
25/06/2020 5:46 PM
yuppyman come on GRANDFLO - - - show some grand GRAND price
26/06/2020 1:51 PM
franciswong Great step moving forward
30/06/2020 3:49 PM
yuppyman my investment in the GREEN..go go Grandflo,,,patience is rewarded...HEHEHE
01/07/2020 1:37 PM

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