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ATARAH Massive Growth for K-12 Educational Technology Market by 2019-2025 | Major Players Profiling BenQ, Eduspec Holdings Berhad
Sunny Denis July 26, 2019

K-12 Educational Technology Market research report is freshly released by Research N Reports is an informative research study. It has been examined by using research methodologies such as Primary and secondary research. While classifying this K-12 Educational Technology Market into market segments, the expert research team also covers the analysis of current status as well as futuristic developments. This research report offers a complete analysis of the global market based on the current scenario as well as past records. Various key drivers, constraints, restraints, and threats are elaborated in the report.

Top Key Players Included in This Report:

BenQ, Eduspec Holdings Berhad, Ellucian, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Intel, Macmillan Learning, McGraw-Hill Education, Microsoft, Oracle, Pearson Education, Promethean Limited, Saba Software and others

Note : EDUSPEC Mention as Major Players.

14/11/2019 11:57 AM
tklim Technically and fundamentally Solid.....
14/11/2019 12:19 PM
stncws GO BUY NEXT ..POTENTIAL 100!% Gain
17/11/2019 11:17 AM
alvin_ci Dear atarah, don bring the vision on paper,poor management no direction can bring the company go down, soon or later will be pn17,this co capital below 50M but share more 1.3B, no benefit to invest
18/11/2019 11:57 AM
bursasniper Modal stuck. Sohai counter
18/11/2019 12:24 PM
Hanamichi Why vol so little today..haiyo
18/11/2019 1:31 PM
Trader Invest Wow. Low volume
18/11/2019 3:24 PM
tklim Already rock bottom...can accumulate....Technically can Hit 0.30.....Time Frame Unknown.....Wait lah
18/11/2019 4:03 PM
umaga79 this counter is meditate..... so we wait until it wake up.... but went..?????
18/11/2019 9:04 PM
nightfly tklim never said is rock bottom , this share went below 0.015 last year . And it can happen again .
19/11/2019 8:34 AM
Trader Invest Wow. Sure gah 0.015 on itsxway
19/11/2019 12:32 PM
tingkap eduspec has a good business already with the government so called google classroom. how far google classroom it is now we also dont know. once officially budgeted and executed then it is the time.
19/11/2019 2:58 PM
Rio2814 If it's true that they involved in national educations, the syllabus and training outline shd happened in November but Nothing at the moment. I really don't know 2020 or 2021 or nothing
19/11/2019 3:32 PM
tingkap read this to know how much the budget allocate for 1Bestarinet - VLE Frog
19/11/2019 4:18 PM
tingkap please read this also what was going replaced the VLE Frog

19/11/2019 4:21 PM
tingkap the system will change thorough from the Frog VLE system to the Google Classroom.
19/11/2019 4:23 PM
tklim EDUSPEC ------------------ Bull Sectors Trend Strength
20/11/2019 10:28 AM
Ken Going to move soon
20/11/2019 12:18 PM
Shinju_Nosuke The question is when???
20/11/2019 5:58 PM
Masin So Google Classroom is free, even if MoE decides to use it after the trial period has ended, how would Eduspec make a huge profit if they are only providing training
20/11/2019 6:24 PM
rhinos Anybody can answer masin
20/11/2019 6:45 PM
Targeted How much giogle partner can make is indeed a good question?
20/11/2019 7:11 PM
Targeted As there are no precedents locally, you hv to research foreign companies who are 'google partners with Specializations in Education'.
20/11/2019 8:02 PM
tklim Support (EP/CL): 0.03 | Resistance (TP): 0.04/0.05.....short term
21/11/2019 8:35 AM
rocket88 this counter really dead.stuck like dead fish.bought at 0.07.now is 0.03.wait till how long finally wake up?ceo, top mgt sleeping ka wei?wake up lor
21/11/2019 10:18 AM
milo any body can answer masin question ??
21/11/2019 12:25 PM
Targeted https://www.channele2e.com/business/vertical-markets/google-apps-for-education-can-partners-profit/
21/11/2019 12:58 PM
lai81533 I think at least wait for 25 months
21/11/2019 1:13 PM
lai81533 now just 1 month
21/11/2019 1:14 PM
milo or edu just focus for on theme park business.. ?
21/11/2019 2:48 PM
Masin I have done some research and while it is difficult for layman to understand how partners can make money, I think the potential is there. The only thing is I dont think it is for the Malaysian market. That said, I agree with milo, the theme park is probably a better bet for us to recover losses from this counter
21/11/2019 3:11 PM
tklim mark my word....will break 0..25...wait lah
21/11/2019 3:37 PM
Shinju_Nosuke tklim...0.025 or 0.25??? Wait for KYY to pump in ka?
21/11/2019 3:46 PM
tklim Now already 0.025.....Cannot see kah?....If got confidence buy lah....No confidence just watch....


Shinju_Nosuke tklim...0.025 or 0.25??? Wait for KYY to pump in ka?
21/11/2019 4:21 PM
Shinju_Nosuke Dont be mad la Tklim..im just asking..hihi
21/11/2019 5:43 PM
cat lim lol...

use more HA in stock market ya ...
21/11/2019 5:44 PM
tklim Aiyaaa....where got mad one?......Happy happy maaaa......0.025.....Opportunity....


Shinju_Nosuke Dont be mad la Tklim..im just asking..hihi
21/11/2019 5:43 PM
21/11/2019 6:02 PM
80668471 soon everybody can have happy trading for mother at 0.015,WB at 0.005
21/11/2019 8:58 PM
Targeted What a fool! 80668471, same story frm april. Some hv already double up on this stock la, now getting ready fr next round.
21/11/2019 10:01 PM
tklim Action will commence at 0.0628.......Wait and see
21/11/2019 11:47 PM
edadidu Additional Listing Announcement /Subdivision of Shares

1. Details of Corporate Proposal
Involve issuance of new type/class of securities ? No
Types of corporate proposal Conversion of Preference Shares
Details of corporate proposal Conversion of Cumulative Redeemable Convertible Preference Shares ("RCPS") to Ordinary Shares
No. of shares issued under this corporate proposal 75,000,000
Issue price per share ($$) Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 0.0200
Par Value($$) (if applicable) Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 0.000
Latest issued share capital after the above corporate proposal in the following
Units 1,426,077,809
Issued Share Capital ($$) Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 49,823,059.230
Listing Date 25 Nov 2019
22/11/2019 11:43 AM
Masin So we will see the price go further down with the RCPS
22/11/2019 1:55 PM
Masin With this new development, chances of the stock going up this year is slim
22/11/2019 1:59 PM
Shinju_Nosuke They want to push down the price till 0.005 what? Die lor like this...all people stuck their capital liao..
22/11/2019 2:06 PM
rhinos Maybe down to 0.02
22/11/2019 2:39 PM
Masin 75 million shares to be listed, all who have been queuing at 0.025 will get them
22/11/2019 3:15 PM
Trader Invest No hope
22/11/2019 5:44 PM
tklim Belt Hold Bullish

Indication Bullish reversal

This may signify the start of a rally for the bulls.

The larger the white candlestick is, the more significant it is.
22/11/2019 6:23 PM
Trader_Kental85 like i said as long as RCPS not finish... the price is will play like this...
22/11/2019 6:26 PM
Trader_Kental85 The end of year have near... Nov just end the corner...what the management do... hope they not con shareholder..
22/11/2019 6:28 PM


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