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06-Dec-2018 19-Dec-2018 21-Dec-2018 CONSOLIDATION Share Consolidation 2 : 1 Dividend Detail
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faizszaki 29/11/18.. Meeting.. Can u guys tell what they will discuss about? Topic? Etc..
21/11/2018 11:29
RX350 faizszaki 29/11/18.. Meeting.. Can u guys tell what they will discuss about? Topic? Etc..

Capital reduction and shares consolidations
21/11/2018 11:36
mancingbursa I love DGSB, I love DGSB
22/11/2018 09:11
SaraInvestment Wuzy Dato' Sri Thong keep buying shares from Dato' Mah. Something big going happen soon. Now they plan to consolidate the shares first. I think those got internal news already start collecting at low price.

22/11/2018 15:20
Ameera What the price after consolidate? Thank you
22/11/2018 18:24
faizszaki Tq RX350..
22/11/2018 19:20
topkek http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5981237
22/11/2018 21:14
B4b4 Well, dgsb QR is out already. I am still keeping and buying too. Buy for long term investments since the fundamentals are good and consistent. Nothing to worry about dgsb.
23/11/2018 07:38
RX350 :)
23/11/2018 08:53
Ameera What is the status of the consolidation? By when?
03/12/2018 07:05
moneycome123456 2:1, after conso price will fly ?
06/12/2018 22:50
moneycome123456 19 dec to 21 dec 2018
06/12/2018 23:40
RX350 :)
07/12/2018 07:24
B4b4 In share consolidation, it is like a piece of cake cut into half but the weight is double. So it is still the same value .
07/12/2018 10:04
SaraInvestment Cheers B4b4
07/12/2018 10:40
Lolcakes It really depends if the sharks wants to push it up. But to answer your question, it's easier to push it up now because there are lesser outstanding shares.
07/12/2018 10:56
SaraInvestment No worry, their plans are still undergoing well, they need some times to fix something from the previous management, after the share consolidation and capital reduction, they should be able to wipe out those margin player and have a better balance sheet. By then, those announcement of their plans shall be released. That's the reasons I've decided to hold for long term. Slowly but surely, cheers all.
07/12/2018 12:16
trap666 No worry, the volume become lesser and lesser. THIS is Long Term Invest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07/12/2018 15:38
Hospitals Hahahaha.... Trap6666 where are you now?
07/12/2018 20:45
Trapps Is share consolidation really good?? Haha..only they know!
08/12/2018 00:28
trap666 im here ~~
08/12/2018 13:55
B4b4 I am still buying and keeping .
10/12/2018 09:32
trap666 Buy now buy now..next week no longer 0.055 !!!!!!!!!!!!
10/12/2018 10:24
trap666 :) :) :)
10/12/2018 10:24
TambahMakanBetul You mean tambah makan kah?
10/12/2018 15:42
trap666 LOL cabut okay..when penny stock goes this way..it s a good time to say BYE BYE
10/12/2018 20:59
RX350 Feel good to know you've cabut trap666, bye bye
10/12/2018 23:09
trap666 SARA I know whats ur plan...just stop drag innocent ppl inside this stock Okay ?
11/12/2018 11:37
mancingbursa Innocent? I seem all was long term investors here....
11/12/2018 20:16
trap666 long term invest on penny stock is call TRAP. PLease wake up for those still holding just cut loss bfore consoli !!!!!!!!!!!!
12/12/2018 10:29
trap666 DGSB heading to no way !!!!!!!
12/12/2018 10:29
trap666 It will take years to settle their internal issues, please wake up lo ~~~~~~~~
12/12/2018 10:30
trap666 Dont be suprise if you see the price drop to 0.04
12/12/2018 10:40
Ultaman trap is real
12/12/2018 11:03
Wuzy TP 4 cents
12/12/2018 14:40
Wuzy whole market is collapsing, cash is king
12/12/2018 14:41
SensitiveIdeas Long term invest in hengyuan, myep, sapura energy, air asia also trap... Hahaha sorchai milky boy @trap666
12/12/2018 17:10
SensitiveIdeas Telekom Malaysia oso trap lor.... Hahaha
LAUGH stock, sorchai sorchai @trap666

trap666 long term invest on penny stock is call TRAP. PLease wake up for those still holding just cut loss bfore consoli !!!!!!!!!!!!
12/12/2018 10:29
12/12/2018 17:13
RX350 trap666 is very funny and stupit here, only know to bad mouth here and never realize how bad the whole market now
12/12/2018 19:25
RX350 Sorchai trap666 lol
12/12/2018 19:25
trap666 those listen to SARA baru Sorchai @@! Be aware of this SARA please, dont manipulate by him ~
12/12/2018 21:01
trap666 Today 0.045 coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13/12/2018 09:11
trap666 I know I sound stupid here but I'm talking real ~
13/12/2018 09:12
SBB (Share buy Back ) is good since the company can use funds to support or push up the shares price based on the future direction or future prospect of the company in terms ot revenue or profit growth. Only the Management will knows this and when you see buy back mean the company see the future value.
13/12/2018 09:12
kenie DGSB
Share Consolidation
Entitlement Details:
Consolidation of every 2 ordinary shares in Diversified Gateway Solutions
Berhad (DGSB) into 1 ordinary share in DGSB ("Consolidated
Entitlement Type: Share Consolidate
Entitlement Date and Time: 21/12/2018 05:00 PM
Year Ending/Period Ending/Ended Date:
EX Date: 19/12/2018
13/12/2018 11:39
B4b4 Share consolidation simply means the share count is halved but the share price is double. Hence, the value is still the same. If the closing is 5.5s, then the next day after the share consolidation, the share price will be 11.0s
13/12/2018 12:06
mancingbursa :D dun be lonely trap666
Join us... Buy!

trap666 I know I sound stupid here but I'm talking real ~
13/12/2018 09:12
13/12/2018 18:41
trap666 SARA just a warning dont create any group again to trap those stupid supporter for your plan ! ! !
13/12/2018 19:37
RX350 I think this trap666 probably trapped as high as 0.155 lol, vivocom trapped until 0.025 no wonder become sorchai here
13/12/2018 20:07
mancingbursa Hahaha maybe... Lol
14/12/2018 10:49


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