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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
03-Apr-2018 16-Apr-2018 18-Apr-2018 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 5 : 16 Dividend Detail
15-Sep-2017 28-Sep-2017 02-Oct-2017 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 4 : 3 Dividend Detail
19-Jun-2015 02-Jul-2015 06-Jul-2015 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 5 Dividend Detail
09-May-2014 22-May-2014 26-May-2014 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
10-Feb-2014 20-Feb-2014 24-Feb-2014 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 2 : 9 Dividend Detail
27-Dec-2011 10-Jan-2012 12-Jan-2012 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
18-Nov-2010 01-Dec-2010 03-Dec-2010 FREE_WARRANT Others 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
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yana warrant e will be quoted tomorrow.
26/04/2018 22:03
JJ Joey boom!!
27/04/2018 10:45
潮州怒汉 Eah垃圾股, 空壳公司,谁买谁遭殃。远离老千股
27/04/2018 11:04
雨夜屠夫 我都中!老千遇到老万!!
27/04/2018 14:23
jincheah just sell @@!
28/04/2018 11:49
潮州怒汉 Eah rubbish counter, lari kuat kuat lari kuat kuat, soon will be 0:020
28/04/2018 14:45
jincheah dont be fool buy this counter ~~
30/04/2018 08:02
潮州怒汉 快点逃难啊,进入5月垃圾空壳股eah很快会跌到2仙,输死你班sohai啊
30/04/2018 17:18
chinlim run run run. news saying will drop to 0.020 after election. before june. faster run bro. i already cut loss. pls cut loss now before its too late. i got very reliable news. run bro.
04/05/2018 15:23
RepcoLow2 Thank You ChinLim Boss
07/05/2018 11:53
klse007 PH GOGOGO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
14/05/2018 15:03
ssboy Kikikikiki....
15/05/2018 07:13
Wai Jun up up up
15/05/2018 16:05
liewnyokmeng In what Chinlim said run Bro he was right, almost 1 year now still 0.35 cent & 0.40 and decide your own bro and what I see it's waiting time to hold for hope. Can any one tell me why our current increased 1 over point and why EAH still drop?
16/05/2018 00:52
vivoupupup demotedloveangel market talk something exciting is going to happen soon, likely to be After election.

Target price 30c. Price of EAH at all time low at 4c. Have been at 4c for the past few months.

Even market bad where all counters dropped 30%, EAH still holding at 4c with super strong support.

Only can go up from now on. Better get in now when Low. Not chase when price is high.
18/04/2018 13:59
26/05/2018 04:53
26/05/2018 08:48
ikah 0.04 is bottom price of EAH... This stock still fail to tender successful any project... while those existing ongoing project, few of them is end soon without any further renewal notice

to compensate those loss revenue from ongoing project, therefore the buy 80% of food industry company,
in my personal view this purchasing is does not bring any massive income to the group... however it does bring beneficiary those existing holders as free shares...

as result this stock will not move forward so soon, due to huge of shares has been issues,
as well as not a profitability company to attract new buyers to invest in..

unless there is luctrative project being offered by new federal govt.... and strong social media or broker house promoting.. my view this possibility is only imagination...

as conclusion, this stock keep in view,rather than buy call... unless u intend to purchase to penny stocks wait for surprise speculations...
28/05/2018 11:27
LimKL1 herm
28/05/2018 11:29
LimKL1 macam yes
28/05/2018 11:29
jincheah who buy who die
28/05/2018 19:07
jincheah 潮州怒汉 always kena banned ><'''
28/05/2018 19:08
潮州怒汉 bann九我又点样? 我唔淋惊~bann我啦,bann我啦
31/05/2018 05:14
chinlim told u guys to leave adi. no more volumn now. heard eah is related to 1MDB project.
06/06/2018 16:27
VICTORYU37007 who is the boss....kif related to 1mdb..faster sack sendiri bfr gomen sack him..ha3
11/06/2018 18:33
relaks Another one. 3 sen.... Apamacam skrg?
18/06/2018 20:46
21/06/2018 13:52
Jitpong This stock seems like cannot already ...
21/06/2018 17:33
VICTORYU37007 I think icu for few days....eah next trip is to Holland
21/06/2018 20:46
VICTORYU37007 Hokien version E A Holland mean you buy you hold ticket to Holy land...
23/06/2018 08:04
jincheah just stay away from this stock !!!!!!!!!
26/06/2018 20:38
OngLai88 Issued shares mother 5bil and 4 fat children.....where got strength to push...lari kuat kuat first......wait for share consolidation.....
05/07/2018 11:10
VICTORYU37007 2 fat children going to HOLLAND soon..
05/07/2018 22:34
AlphaJuliet1708 Does this stock (EA Holdings Bhd, EAH) have anything to do with EA Technique?
09/07/2018 23:11
OngLai88 Issued shares is more than 5 billion. Share consolidation is a high possibility. Look at Tiger Synergy...the warrants will become trash.
12/07/2018 11:19
yana http://www.zicolaw.com/migration-to-no-par-value-regime/
12/07/2018 20:00
SuisseCheese why is there sudden volume in this counter today?
18/07/2018 15:43
wan for fundamental ...EAH shares Issued 5.072 billions shares ..if this company not a blue chip company just penny company ,low earning cannot to growth ...too many shares issued makes this penny shares too liquidity floods block the movement.Company will do this (shares consolidation)
All penny stock shares issued over 2 billions shares will anytime one by one do shares consolidation .
20/07/2018 10:05
OngLai88 Penny stocks with large issued shares : EAH = 5.07bil, Bornoil=5.34, Vivocom = 3.39bil, Pworth=4.09bil,

High chance of share consolidation. Better to avoid.
20/07/2018 14:46
VICTORYU37007 WD on life support...
01/08/2018 13:38
OngLai88 warrants become trash if share consolidation exercise is carried out by unscrupulous directors...
08/08/2018 14:17
Adam Eve director say will make money next quarter becoz bot into Sunland Volonte with profit guarantee
06/09/2018 15:12
VICTORYU37007 Wuh...2 cent company...
06/09/2018 18:32
Daily8 If you check the company Sunland Volonte, you will come to know this company is selling pasta,, olive oils (BASSO brand). Most AEON outlet carrying BASSO brands and so does other supermarts.
15/09/2018 23:27
Badkama Good riddence of Chong Mui Fun,substantial shareholder.Now hopefully the shares will trade more positively and all problems left behind.
16/09/2018 12:30
Daily8 But because EA Holding is IT based project company, what are the IT contribution in long run? The new Director need to give us confident on his own business despite the food business which is only a subsidiary.
16/09/2018 16:42
Badkama some one not doing their home work expect to be spoon fed.
16/09/2018 21:37
Mm098765 This is a fixed deposit counter
17/09/2018 06:51
sitia Badkama, so u have something to add since u seem to know it all? EAH is a loss making company lah
18/09/2018 18:40
AlphaJuliet1708 Something tells me that this is going to be like APFT.
18/09/2018 19:19
Badkama sitia,yes you are absolutely correct,it is a loss making company.what i know is not for public consumption,until those who matters are comfortable.
19/09/2018 13:23


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