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13-Sep-2018 26-Nov-2018 12-Dec-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.0035 Dividend Detail
14-Mar-2018 25-May-2018 13-Jun-2018 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend RM 0.0035 Dividend Detail
05-Jan-2018 18-Jan-2018 09-Feb-2018 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.0025 Dividend Detail
14-Sep-2017 22-Nov-2017 13-Dec-2017 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.0025 Dividend Detail
30-Aug-2017 12-Sep-2017 14-Sep-2017 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
30-Aug-2017 12-Sep-2017 14-Sep-2017 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 10 Dividend Detail
16-Jun-2017 24-Aug-2017 15-Sep-2017 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend RM 0.0025 Dividend Detail
09-Mar-2017 26-Apr-2017 19-May-2017 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.002 Dividend Detail
17-Nov-2016 28-Dec-2016 24-Jan-2017 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend RM 0.0015 Dividend Detail
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xcuteboy For me i din see any downtrend for this counter.. And y no hope could u pls explain in details?
04/09/2018 18:39
GTMS SST impact next Q.. profit wont be good ?
05/09/2018 09:58
steeelman engine in repair ?
05/09/2018 11:41
BillionairePaul Time to buy Cos Mkt will rebound,the emerging mkts currencies are having a shake up t Mkt is oversold so do not panic
05/09/2018 16:43
bullbullbully Rebound pala bana..mainboard pala bana..
06/09/2018 16:57
Toto2009 Frankly the TA very weak at the moment, if RSI break 40 level below shall test to touch 30 before next rebound
06/09/2018 18:26
FAZI66 Don't follow people, some inside are fake news and trap for those newbie. We have to do some study
07/09/2018 00:26
JayC this counter lowest can go is 24 cent because PP happened at that price
07/09/2018 10:55
Lim Tek Wai Time to collect profit, hehehe thanksss
07/09/2018 11:06
smithy6264 any1 know what is project facilitation fees?
09/09/2018 22:21
DO RE MI Que to buy some mom at 0.27 .
12/09/2018 10:24
jordanmaggie61 Keep going, up up up !
12/09/2018 10:35
xcuteboy Anyone gt ideas when going to listed in main board? Any News? Last announcement on 22 May 2018... Any update could share?
12/09/2018 13:33
bullbullbully Mainboard??maybe next century kot..just be patient..
12/09/2018 20:02
JayC they estimate it to be this month. september
12/09/2018 22:29
bullbullbully Every month i read people comment next month..hahaha
13/09/2018 09:23
Yael Jasper Good news incoming, oh yeah !
13/09/2018 11:28
yoongcalyn 只闻楼梯响,不见人下来....
13/09/2018 16:38
Smartguy1983 announced some dividend, 3% DY is considered decent.... will just hold long term.... Huat ar! Bus with full of golds... : )
14/09/2018 15:27
rsim03 every qr good achivement
15/09/2018 11:49
Yael Jasper Good potential stock, bought it !!!
18/09/2018 11:49
Smartguy1983 this bus is refueling now, once it is done then it will continue to go north!!!! vroom.......
18/09/2018 17:40
Smartguy1983 Bus engine hot liao..... buy buy buy!!!! heading to 0.295-0.3 today liao.... kikiki....
19/09/2018 11:16
Yael Jasper Price will gap up this morning, good luck to all and enjoy the rollercoaster.... hehe
19/09/2018 11:23
ttluck haiz....miss the 0.27.....
19/09/2018 14:47
Smartguy1983 high volume bought at 0.29, sharks collecting now.... kikikiki,...
19/09/2018 15:45
newbie0718 Nope, it is opposite. High selling volume @ 0.29....heard something bad is coming
19/09/2018 16:05
newbie0718 Run before it is too late....see u ya 0.27...b quick guys...
19/09/2018 16:06
Smartguy1983 hahaha, newbie0718, your name already disclose ur experience....
19/09/2018 17:14
Smartguy1983 If something is bad, who want to collect at 0.29? the operator would have sell down to cash out...
19/09/2018 17:15
Smartguy1983 MFI moving upwards that shows fund incoming to support the price, also RSI move upwards shows more buying than selling, do ur homework ya, newbie....
19/09/2018 17:16
newbie0718 Oops...i'm really newbie then...macd crossover already, may i kno how to see MFI in the chart? Smartguy1983 sifu....
19/09/2018 18:28
xcuteboy Haha newbie... This counter going to boom soon juz fasten ur seat bealt... Wait and see
19/09/2018 19:05
EPS Based on my indicator, also will go uptrend. But, any bad news and it will go south
19/09/2018 19:51
Toto2009 newbie really newbie hahaha.....
19/09/2018 19:57
Toto2009 have to go to KLSE screener website or apps then select to view technical chart. then select additional indicator for MFI
19/09/2018 19:58
Toto2009 macd always cross here and there don't worry too much
19/09/2018 19:58
Toto2009 ya EPS, it will go uptrend this week. can you share any possible bad news for ptrans?
19/09/2018 19:59
EPS changes in oil price or tax. They are basically transport services.
19/09/2018 21:31
bullbullbully Tomorrow drop back...continue to hope..hahaha
20/09/2018 00:50
EPS What's ur analysis, Mr.Bull? Well, mine almost similar as urs. Tomorrow and the next day drop or maintain, close at 0.285-0.290. Then will move continue uptrend to test 0.310.
20/09/2018 01:45
Toto2009 Nice one EPS, but diesel are currently stable. Taxes are inevitable and ppl still need to take bus anyhow.
20/09/2018 07:44
Toto2009 A lot of sour grapes missed the boat and hoping it to drop again... hahahahaha.....
20/09/2018 07:45
minghong keep said bad news but unable to point out what is bad news. personally i think going up soon, testing 0.31 very soon. let c
20/09/2018 09:23
Toto2009 yes Minghong. shark pushing 0.295 now... short term shall reach 0.34-0.35
20/09/2018 10:11
Lim Tek Wai Good time to accumulate more and gain more profit :)
20/09/2018 11:06
knightTrader now is time to let those ppl who cant wait to release their share...
20/09/2018 11:15
Toto2009 Yesterday announcement Ptrans buying a piece of land in Bidor for expansion. Brilliant company accumulating assets and expansion.... bravo
20/09/2018 11:15
Yael Jasper All stocks are green today.we may see minimal growth. Worth to invest
20/09/2018 11:44
s2579 求救,这个股应该守吗?,很久都不起,要怎样好
20/09/2018 11:57


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