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17-Dec-2018 04-Jan-2019 08-Jan-2019 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
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Moc Nokin Haha, drop more and more.
I just wait and buy at 1.00.
28/02/2019 8:30 PM
Richard KH Wong Wait for 0.90
01/03/2019 12:56 AM
qps999 REVENUE actually not providing any revenue..
01/03/2019 12:58 AM
817065 RichardKHWong , Better wait for 0.60.
01/03/2019 11:43 AM
Yao Hsien Chan Guys please... Revenues are recognized based on IFRS 15 and that's why the revenues from Public bank and Hong Leong bank are not in the latest quarter report yet. It will appears in the next few quarters. = = By the way, why everyone is selling when the earnings and margin of this counter was so good. = =
01/03/2019 12:08 PM
Yao Hsien Chan Earnings per share cannot compare company to company as the total volume of shares are different. You cannot compare revenue group with GHLSYS with EPS. For EPS, you only can observe its overall growth year to year.
01/03/2019 12:11 PM
Nicholasming91 They judge wverything based on PE ma. But i think next QR at least 3m . 2 Bigest bank in malaysia sign contact with rev , dont miss this opportunity
01/03/2019 12:11 PM
goldenmamba93 they all thought this QR earnings should be damn lot after double 11. In facts its follow IFRS 15
01/03/2019 12:15 PM
Yao Hsien Chan This is definitely a better counter than GHL, it's earnings and margins are way way better than GHL.
01/03/2019 12:18 PM
Nicholasming91 How to double ? So fast project kick in ka ? So many things to set up , no patience just sell la. I alrdy said collext warrant all in safest at 0.34
01/03/2019 12:24 PM
Nicholasming91 U guys have to know since its ipo from 0.5 go up, between 0.5-1.0, who were the big guys that collected ? They knew revenue in deal with banks in coming projects. U can start dreaming to collect at 0.60
01/03/2019 12:26 PM
817065 Somehow people just don't believe such a new company can really do so well.... something must be fishy.!
01/03/2019 1:40 PM
Silent 88888 This is a new company which no quarter can be compared unlike others
Somehow this is a competitive market in Malaysia as there's many players inside
How will be the leader for this sector still hard to see yet
01/03/2019 1:44 PM
817065 People are afraid of this company... I don't know why
01/03/2019 3:37 PM
KiraL Rocket coming~ 1.5-1.7
Fast buy now!!
01/03/2019 5:26 PM
cytew Those who want to kNow more about Revenue can ask me
01/03/2019 5:41 PM
817065 cytew. So can I ask you why their sales of EDC terminals were lower than preceding quarter?
01/03/2019 5:54 PM
YapJH All new listed co experience the same thing, no comparative figure. So they are playing within the rules.

But if you say no comparative for new listed co, it just demonstrate you are just another do not understand and do not do homework.

In their prospectus, they have mentioned 6months audited figure up till Dec 2017. They did RM3.3mil for the 6m2017. For 6m2018, they did RM4.8m (RM5.4m if add back listing expenses, PAT to owners RM4.9m) for 6m2018, so the same period they increase by RM1.6m PAT to owners. Almost 50% increase.

You need to understand the banks partnership and products that they have... don’t simply compare without understand what they do. How many players are there in the market? (Listed and non-listed). Please don’t compare them as competitor to the banks, they are working with banks and not compete with banks. It is the banks that fight the banks.

It is best to keep the ignorance to yourself if you really do not do homework.
01/03/2019 9:43 PM
YapJH Lower sales of EDC are quite normal, the banks cant forever buy terminals. There will be a time the sales of EDC drop.

The possible reason is that:
(1) delay in the bank project (public bank only really kick off in Nov/Dec), how many can they really roll out in a single/2 months?
(2) it is bank last quarter, the banks may have already max out the budget, if u look at the 1Q, there is a huge surge of sales, even more than what they achieve in the full year of Jun2018. So there maybe the most possible reason.
01/03/2019 9:50 PM
817065 YapJH explanation makes sense.
03/03/2019 8:13 PM
817065 Maybank launching e-wallet should be good for the
e- payments industry. It's a fast growing industry.
06/03/2019 1:30 PM
goldenmamba93 this share chill for so long. catalyst please come~
07/03/2019 3:48 PM
musangking998 Rumor says that Monday gonna have bad news for this counter
10/03/2019 9:25 AM
jt18 What is the bad news? Can share?
10/03/2019 1:12 PM
cytew 调虎离山计
10/03/2019 4:17 PM
musangking998 Big drop but I hope this isn’t true
10/03/2019 8:45 PM
cytew 庄在,没事的
11/03/2019 9:38 AM
nestor what happen to this stock ? why the share price like not moving ?
11/03/2019 4:01 PM
trap666 moving down lah..what not moving @@!
11/03/2019 7:46 PM
Tcs76 Tomorrow up up up
11/03/2019 8:52 PM
jt18 Any good news to boost up the price? It has been dropping 1 cent each days since last week.
11/03/2019 11:02 PM
Moc Nokin Big drop is the good news for me to collect more
Keep for long term
12/03/2019 9:37 AM
817065 This is an investment stock....not a short term speculator's stock.
12/03/2019 12:38 PM
817065 If you want short term thrill, better go for Dayang.
12/03/2019 12:41 PM
817065 Revenue just announced that they got a money lending licence. This should enable them to deepen their fintech business development.
15/03/2019 8:51 AM
817065 Money lending licenses are not easily obtained these days.
15/03/2019 9:11 AM
musangking998 1.27 now
15/03/2019 10:55 AM
Tcs76 Afternoon possible break 1.3?
15/03/2019 11:20 AM
RainT OH

get money lending license , so that is why share price up today
15/03/2019 12:21 PM
Nicholasming91 Just buy the warrant as i mentioned last time, warrant is good for growth stock
15/03/2019 12:39 PM
817065 With the money lending licence they can now partner with credit card companies and provide consumer credit schemes under their e-payments technology.
15/03/2019 1:37 PM
817065 Looks like instituitional buying in Revenue
15/03/2019 4:54 PM
817065 Instituitional funds prefer mother share because they go for the long term.
15/03/2019 5:31 PM
Tcs76 Good sign to buy in now,next week to continue uptrend, have good news announce soon.
15/03/2019 5:40 PM
817065 Notice today's volume mainly on mother shares..... institutional funds only go for mother shares because they want to keep for long term.
15/03/2019 7:11 PM
nckcm Eventually warrant will catch up.
15/03/2019 7:42 PM
Tcs76 Some more their need lower down the warrant premium also
15/03/2019 8:16 PM
817065 Revenue announced acquisition of 25% of Safe Net for RM 7 million. Safe Net made PAT of RM 2 million in past 6 -month period, which extrapolated to RM 4 million a year. 25% share of RM 4 million is RM 1 million. So the PE ratio of the purchase is RM 7million / RM 1 million = 7 times annual earnings. This is settled by issuance of Revenue shares which now has a PE ratio of about 32 times. so this acquisition will boost Revenue's earnings per share significantly in the future. It's an extremely good acquisition.
16/03/2019 7:27 PM
817065 ....and also there's no cash outflow from Revenue.
16/03/2019 7:31 PM
Gary Phang Will break rm1.3 ?
20/03/2019 8:41 PM


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