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17-Dec-2018 04-Jan-2019 08-Jan-2019 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
06-Dec-2019 20-Dec-2019 23-Dec-2019 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 2 : 3 Dividend Detail
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wws2020 Musbe some big fish goreng small fish, better cut lost.
12/12/2019 8:06 PM
Kendo Ken Hz Bought at 0.40, so painful to hold till now....
.BC I believe next year is epay bonus years..
12/12/2019 9:11 PM
Mabel @Fooksing Wong CIMB COMMERCE TRUSTEE BERHAD keep disposed. wait lower only enter
12/12/2019 11:52 AM

What the best price to buy?

Is the ex date 20th December to qualify for Bonus issues?
12/12/2019 9:39 PM
The speculators The speculators Kenko is painful if u have 5 lot , But if u have100 over lot is wonderful
12/12/2019 9:41 PM
joyvest do not cut losses ............... but hold
13/12/2019 8:36 AM
Fooksing Wong price too high . but today maybe is chance to sell high price. klci up alot. i will sell some when price up :) CFO & CIMB also keep disposed. why they disposed? think about it.
13/12/2019 8:59 AM
joyvest i told you already .no to worry ..................
13/12/2019 9:17 AM
Fooksing Wong all sold. thanks :) easy money xD
13/12/2019 9:21 AM
joyvest without hesitation, advise you to keep buying
13/12/2019 9:24 PM
joyvest CIMB bought more than they sold. they sold some to get money for their own dividend. think about it
13/12/2019 9:25 PM
joyvest CFO & CIMB shares on disposal were penuts .no worry at all
13/12/2019 9:31 AM
Kendo Ken Hz Current pullback is a good entry point to catch the rebound to RM2.30 and head towards to RM2.50 level.......rakuten
13/12/2019 10:33 AM
joyvest my advice is to buy to enjoy the bonus issue
13/12/2019 10:36 AM
joyvest the ones with foresight will win in the end
13/12/2019 9:41 AM
1688dayday Agree with joyvest.. aim long term but not the short sighted target
13/12/2019 10:41 AM
joyvest we stand to win
13/12/2019 10:48 AM
Oliver Ooi today at very end of 5pm, somebody pushed up the price from 2.02 to 2.05 with quite amount volume... looks fishy leh. it's a good signal for coming monday or not? correct me if i'm overthinking
13/12/2019 5:17 PM
Fooksing Wong https://www.facebook.com/gsdavechong/videos/535444547312460/?epa=SEARCH_BOX
13/12/2019 6:02 PM
Forebase 主讲人推荐ghl而忽视revenue根本就是笑话。ghl管理层为小股东做过什么?股价十年如一日,无法为小股东創造最大利益,市场占有率也大幅度下滑,反观revenue从免费送凭單到今天的免费送红股只用了一年时间,股价也翻了几倍,这点要归功于管理层非常积极开拓新市场,往未来的发展趋势前進,这就是所有股东想看到的,股价自然会作出反应,iwcity本益比93倍但股价仍然吸引股民。投资股票就是为了赚钱!!!
13/12/2019 7:50 PM
YapJH GHL.... with the investment from some of the top PE, can’t do shit. The management is the worst i have seen.

Whoever promote GHL, is either never done enough due diligene or have been swayby the GHL management.
13/12/2019 10:26 PM
YapJH Why?

GHL is a direct licensee of visa/mastercard. These 2 card schemes are bread and butter of all bank, so technically, they are going against with their paymaster. Whatever story they said about tier 3 tier 4 merchant, are druy talk. Why? Do you think tier 3 tier 4 merchants will pay rental for the terminal? So in the case end, who is going to foot the bill? GHL....
13/12/2019 10:29 PM
YapJH Furthermore, they have so many different brand of EDC terminals, verifone, ingenico, and with the latest, PAX terminal, which Revenue already pioneering PAX and flooding the market, the cost to integrate or maintain the different brand is going to be a daunting task.
13/12/2019 10:29 PM
YapJH If you follow GHL closely, they are following the blueprint of Revenue. Revenue go PAX, they follow, and worst still only doing e-wallet whilst Revenue is doing payment card and e-wallet into one. Again, they are just cooking a shit e-wallet eco-system. Revenue gotten the money lending license, they also go and get money lending license. If they are so good, isn’t that should have been done donkey years ago?
13/12/2019 10:30 PM
YapJH To summarise GHL and Revenue... the management in GHL know nuts whilst Revenue think 2-3 steps ahead of GHL. I seriously don’t understand why actis and apis want to stick with a no brainer company. They should ditch GHL and work with Revenue. Whatever actis and apis have in store, only Revenue can help then to double or triple their existing business/portfolio.
13/12/2019 10:30 PM
Samtuckfatt http://apis.pe/press/apis-partners-announces-investment-in-ghl-systems-berhad/
13/12/2019 11:20 PM
Forebase 想想为什么revenue股价会在目前经济形势严峻之下仍然向上,但ghl往下,为什么不推高ghl反而选择revenue, 重点在于管理层的前瞻性和商业模式识别。别忘了明年初国家银行会开放虚拟银行执照申请,revenue相信会搭上这股热潮,红股除权拉底股价来得正是时候。
13/12/2019 11:29 PM
Forebase 有apis入股又如何,更何况是舊新闻了,股价反而由高转底。
13/12/2019 11:38 PM
Samtuckfatt Yes, the speaker promote GHL instead of Revenue as Revenue seem run too fast ahead of GHL but he fail to explain why market give Revenue much higher PE compare with GHL.
13/12/2019 11:44 PM
Forebase 主持人只会说可能,不一定,不鼓励之类似话而没有去深入探讨原因,讲了等於没讲
14/12/2019 12:02 AM
Jengacam Look like yap sailang at revenue. So angry ghl apasal. Sangkut thr?
14/12/2019 12:09 AM
Forebase 最主要原因是不要被主持人误导。
14/12/2019 12:33 AM
YapJH Sailang? Not yet and don’t need to. Im still holding on to my 0.37 stock.

I just do not wish to see the retail investor being mislead by people who had no clue about good counter.

For example, it is not the CFO that sold his share, it is the Independent Director exited. Again, just prove how some retail investor doesn’t do their homework.
14/12/2019 12:34 AM
YapJH The promoter want a 500 follower only willing to share his “trade secret”. I have wasted a good 20mins on... “hi... how you doing...” “I’m doing a more frequent live than my usual live blog.” In then end, no subtance.

I have nothing against someone trying to make a living, but you have to be honest and give an impartial view.
14/12/2019 12:39 AM
JN88 YapJH: honest need a price.....you pay money for class....you get the honest....but actually the honest is all written in the news....lazy people only buy the news with money....this is why many social media sifu is very rich...
14/12/2019 2:02 AM
MingGoon KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 13): OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Bhd has partnered with Revenue Group Bhd to become the first foreign bank in Malaysia to offer all-in-one digital payment terminals.

In a joint statement today, OCBC Bank said the all-in-one digital payment terminal developed by Revenue Group would simplify the payment acceptance process as it enables physical retail merchants to accept both card and mobile wallet payments using a single digital payment terminal.

"The fashionable and compact payment device is powered by the Android operating platform. It comes with a high definition colour touch screen display and a super-fast thermal printer that is neatly hidden below to maximise screen usage for customers performing electronic transactions," it added.

The digital payment terminal has a wide range of connectivity, including 3G, 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth networks, enabling physical retail merchants to process electronic transactions wirelessly and offer their customers a fast and convenient service experience, according to OCBC Bank.

In addition, it also generates electronic transaction reports every business day to enhance operational efficiency.

OCBC Bank's head of consumer lifestyle finance Ryan Kong said the deployment of the all-in-one digital terminal enables OCBC Bank's merchant partners to accept multiple payment services such as major e-wallets as well as multiple card schemes.

"The Android-based terminal also allows OCBC Bank to maximise the potential of the application, with the option to expand to include features like reward points accumulation and redemption at merchant purchase points. This places us in the forefront of the development of payment technology," he added.

Kong also said OCBC Bank currently has more than 11,000 Electronic Data Capture (EDC) terminals nationwide through a diverse range of merchants spanning a variety of industries including food and beverage, retail, fashion, electronics, telecommunications and petrol stations.

Revenue Group managing director and group chief executive officer Eddie Ng Chee Siong said the company's all-in-one digital payment terminals can handle a myriad of mobile Quick Response (QR) code payment services including Alipay, Boost, Touch 'n Go, UnionPay and WeChat Pay, as well as MasterCard, MyDebit, JCB and Visa, making payment management simpler and more efficient for physical retail merchants.

"Through this digital payment terminal, physical retail merchants will be able to accept payment through multiple channels involving QR codes, near-field communications (NFC), chip cards and traditional magnetic strip cards," he said.

Ng added that this will augur well for Revenue Group as the deployment of more EDC terminals will translate to higher revenue for the group from the rental or sale of terminals as well as electronic transaction processing services.

Revenue Group's three business segments are the distribution, deployment, and maintenance of EDC terminals, electronic transaction processing services for credit and debit cards as well as solutions and services related to payment infrastructure.

As at October, Revenue Group managed more than 45,000 EDC terminals nationwide.
14/12/2019 6:55 AM
MingGoon PETALING JAYA: There’s another push for Malaysia’s digital development with the government dangling a carrot to promote e-wallets.Malaysians aged 18 years and above and earning RM100,000 and below a year will be entitled to a one-off payment of RM30 that can be claimed from Jan 1 to Feb 29 next year.The RM450mil allocation will benefit 15 million Malaysians. To receive the payment, users will need a verified account with selected e-wallet operators.

“The e-wallet stimulus initiative will drive the adoption of e-wallets as a convenient method of payment for consumers, ” said Boost CEO Mohd Khairil Abdullah.

Many e-wallet users lauded the allocation.

This means that : 2020 ( a bright start ahead for Revenue) ...
14/12/2019 7:10 AM
Forebase 以revenue管理层的作风,相信申请虚拟银行执照是必然的事,和蚂蚁金服合作也不是不可能。
14/12/2019 8:54 AM
tigerball 1.8 dont want buy. above2.0 all chase to buy and pawned
14/12/2019 8:58 AM
Forebase 因为还有很多股民仍然在关望及怀疑,但股价还是高居不下,加上红股就要除权,电子商务也在強势成长,虛拟银行执照明年发出,种种利好因素在支撑股价,当然最重要的还是管理层的市场策略及布局
14/12/2019 10:52 AM
joyvest those who are still doubtful are losing out ............
14/12/2019 11:14 AM
jt18 Yes joyvest. Those negative commenters don’t know what is Revenue partners. Let don’t talk about banking. Commercial, Touch N Go and Grab. Those negative commenters, do you all know these 2 companies services? If don’t know, go Google it. Although the price cannot hit 2.3 after ex date, use your logic, after price being adjusted, it will be going up? The answer definitely is YES!
14/12/2019 11:31 AM
cytew Revenue is expected to break 1.50 (after bonus issue) when its anticipated historically BEST Q results is released in February 2020
14/12/2019 12:07 PM
Samtuckfatt Just imagine if you and me double up the cards, e wallet, online banking transactions, how much impact on Revenue earning... And the trend are moving this way. For eg with TnG promotion, i will reload my e wallet with credit card and pay my petrol bil at shell by TnG due to the RM5 cash back promotion, i hv just double up the transaction which normally only using credit card..
14/12/2019 12:53 PM
jt18 Therefore, just use simple mathematic to calculate your profit!
14/12/2019 1:02 PM
Kendo Ken Hz Next challenge 2.30 n 2.50, for sure, with trump
14/12/2019 9:09 PM
MingGoon tigerball 1.8 dont want buy. above2.0 all chase to buy and pawned
14/12/2019 8:58 AM

Tigerball : while it was at 1.8, people did not see the potential of revenue yet...

Once revenue hit 2.5 ( after bonus issue), people will chase up higher and higher.
Why ? usually when people see revenue has more room to grow and higher potential, then people will chase higher.
When revenue reach 3 next year, people will chase higher and higher again.
Mid of next year, when revenue reach 5, people will again chase higher and higher....

That's how Vitrox reach 7 now....
Revenue will one day too...
15/12/2019 4:50 PM
hiduphidup Earning side income here:
i. Using labtop: https://www.ysense.com/?rb=59420198
ii. Using phone: https://cashkar.ma/SGYi9p9fbY
16/12/2019 2:28 PM
joyvest ah Ming, its a chasing game............ they are chasing until their pants are all dropping with the dicks hanging in the air .................
16/12/2019 2:33 PM
Samtuckfatt http://www.chinapress.com.my/?p=1839693

芙蓉大巴刹明年推行cashless 交易。
16/12/2019 5:13 PM
Samtuckfatt Those think now PE 50 + can sit aside, wait for retreat of correction, those on the boat with paper gain may stay and ride the journey to gain more profit and participant in the changes of mode of transaction in our country ( from cash to cashless).
16/12/2019 5:17 PM


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