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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
04-Jan-2019 29-Jan-2019 21-Feb-2019 DIVIDEND_IN_SPECIE Dividend in specie 1 : 29.5083 Dividend Detail
16-Oct-2018 12-Dec-2018 07-Jan-2019 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
25-Oct-2017 29-Nov-2017 19-Dec-2017 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
26-Oct-2016 01-Dec-2016 20-Dec-2016 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
16-Nov-2015 29-Dec-2015 22-Jan-2016 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1.0000% Dividend Detail
07-Nov-2014 18-Dec-2014 08-Jan-2015 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
29-Oct-2013 04-Dec-2013 26-Dec-2013 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
19-Sep-2013 03-Oct-2013 04-Nov-2013 DIVIDEND Special Dividend RM 0.2425 Dividend Detail
30-Oct-2012 05-Dec-2012 20-Dec-2012 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1.5% Dividend Detail
27-Oct-2011 07-Dec-2011 16-Dec-2011 DIVIDEND Others 1.5% Dividend Detail
31-Mar-2011 13-Apr-2011 29-Apr-2011 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
28-Oct-2010 08-Dec-2010 22-Dec-2010 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
30-Oct-2009 08-Dec-2009 22-Dec-2009 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
05-Nov-2008 01-Dec-2008 17-Dec-2008 DIVIDEND Others 1.5% Dividend Detail
05-Nov-2008 01-Dec-2008 17-Dec-2008 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
04-Oct-2007 14-Nov-2007 06-Dec-2007 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
01-Nov-2006 13-Dec-2006 28-Dec-2006 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
27-Oct-2005 08-Dec-2005 28-Dec-2005 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
01-Apr-2005 18-Apr-2005 20-Apr-2005 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 29 : 1 Dividend Detail
02-Feb-2005 23-Feb-2005 10-Mar-2005 DIVIDEND Others 47% Dividend Detail
13-Feb-2004 02-Mar-2004 31-Mar-2004 DIVIDEND Others 27.5% Dividend Detail
24-Feb-2003 12-Mar-2003 31-Mar-2003 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 7% Dividend Detail
11-Jan-2002 29-Jan-2002 15-Feb-2002 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 12% Dividend Detail
01-Dec-2000 10-Jan-2001 02-Feb-2001 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.5 Dividend Detail
16-Nov-1999 20-Dec-1999 12-Jan-2000 DIVIDEND Others RM 1.125 Dividend Detail
16-Nov-1999 20-Dec-1999 12-Jan-2000 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.5 Dividend Detail
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Nelson ang Special Dividend of 24.25 sen per share less 25% income tax in respect of the
financial year ended 30 June 2013.
21/09/2013 08:36
timl KPS special dividend is even more attractive :P
23/09/2013 17:46
aiman168 what happened yesterday?
09/05/2014 09:52
coffeecup :-)
12/02/2015 17:20
logitrader http://www.klse.my/financial/quarterResult/YoY/quarter/2453/31-Dec-2014.jsp
17/02/2015 17:54
Diamond7 NTA above RM10 !!' But not much trading !!!
Directors......please reward minority shareholders kindly
We need rewards cos malaysian currency is down and cost of living has gone up...up...up...!!!
Everything is expensive.....ooOOOOh dear!!,
06/11/2015 17:16
Diamond7 Only 1% !!!zzzZZZZ.....
16/11/2015 21:26
ctooi51 Those Singaporeans directors are asshole..
07/09/2016 15:53
Diamond7 This cold counter.......frozen !!!!
Any news?
07/09/2016 20:34
ctooi51 It's iceage for Kluang.
19/09/2016 10:59
ctooi51 Take a million year to defrost
19/09/2016 10:59
ctooi51 Those siiting in the board are not businessman but more of a sort like ALONG.
24/09/2016 11:55
ctooi51 ex gangster teacher.
05/01/2017 21:59
TheContrarian The closing bid was 3.50/3.68. Volume is so thin very hard to exit.
07/09/2017 20:24
dompeilee I don't plan to exit unless I can get 5+ from the market :D But it's comforting to know that I'm in the + column :)
08/09/2017 08:37
TheContrarian In the past 3 years you should have tried to buy more to average down your cost.
08/09/2017 14:28
dompeilee Risk management dictated that I couldn't. Nvm...4,300 shares is very comfortable for me to hold till 5.00 :)
08/09/2017 14:48
TheContrarian I used to own Sg Bagan & Kuchai but after two years exited at 20% gain.
09/09/2017 09:11
KLCI King volume too small
23/10/2017 22:54
TheContrarian If dividends were reasonable it would be alright to buy and hold long. But even "bonus" dividend is shit.
25/10/2017 23:59
Choivo Capital Haha buy and prepare to hold 10 years. Must wait for them to die. Buy little bit can d.
28/11/2017 15:21
dompeilee SOLD some Kluang @ 3.8733 avg after almost 4 years of holding :)
12/01/2018 09:31
Diamond7 Wa.....up so fast! Bonus? share split?
what is the news?
Linked to kuchai?
12/01/2018 10:02
dompeilee SOLD more @ 4.40 :) Keep 1 lot for big bonus possibility ;)
12/01/2018 10:29
pang72 Wah....all up....nta almost rm10.00
Now 4.55....
Really need to buy and hold till next generation taken over the company .Sell all asset and return back rm10 to us
12/01/2018 13:38
chanky50 Linked to Kuchai .
12/01/2018 14:58
Sebastian Sted Power Great Eastern effect really GREAT!!
12/01/2018 22:01
Diamond7 will they give bonus....or high special dividend only?
14/01/2018 18:37
cheated Magnum 4D open?
14/01/2018 23:24
zizshen From observation.....The big fishes are accumulating the tickets released by the Small ikan Bilis !! The insiders seems holding the tickets tightly for a better returns or rewards....!!
15/01/2018 11:30
princehero Kluang net asset 10 plus... without debt... with such low liquidity in the market shud be sure win bet... it's a matter of time.. may need years..... hopefully great eastern effect will be the precursor for better things ahead....
19/01/2018 21:21
ctooi something very odd.. the last time i check kluang has got over 350 million in cash and securities and today i checked it only left rm 270.44 million where have the rm 100mil gone? don't be like cold storage have 350mil after disposing of land and in the blink of an eye 0mil and delisted..
22/01/2018 16:52
chanky50 ctooi, please let us know from where you had checked that Kluang has over 350 million cash. Failure which you are trying to mislead your reader. If you refer to its annual report from 2013 to 2017 you will be able to notice how its cash position has changed over the years. 2017-270million, 2016-253million, 2015-240million, 2014-220million, 2013-44million, 2012-44million. There was a sudden increase in cash from 2013 of Rm44 million to 2014 of Rm220 million. You can find out the Rm 176 increase by comparing the details of the 2013 and 2014 annual report.
24/01/2018 10:44
zizshen There is a inter-link relationship between Kluang---Sg. Bagan --- kuchai development !!Quite a huge amount of investment return are from oversea -----> Singapore ,UK n etc....! The Actual value is not fully verify.....!! All shareholders are awaiting for the True n Clear picture......& all are Watching !!
24/01/2018 11:38
ctooi51 chsnky50 I might be wrong..I just could not recalled where I saw that figure from..so sorry..
25/01/2018 17:53
TheContrarian Kluang owns both Kuchai and Sg Bagan. Kuchai owns Sg Bagan. Sg Bagan also owns Kluang and Kuchai. Hahaha, so messed up.
25/01/2018 18:53
TheContrarian As at 30/6/17, Kluang has RM270 mil cash at bank and RM390 mil in investments quoted overseas.
25/01/2018 19:00
trulyinvest cepat cepat beli
26/02/2018 16:28
TEOH88 When bonus? NTA so high ......this time must give us better dividend.
08/08/2018 17:33
ACE9696 habislah habislah... gonna main busuk privitise soon
03/11/2018 20:13
dompeilee My cost is 3.625 in '14 incl commissions.
04/11/2018 10:53



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