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18-Aug-2014 29-Aug-2014 25-Sep-2014 INTEREST Loan Stock Interest 1% Dividend Detail
18-Aug-2015 01-Sep-2015 25-Sep-2015 INTEREST Loan Stock Interest 1.0000% Dividend Detail
17-Aug-2016 30-Aug-2016 23-Sep-2016 INTEREST Loan Stock Interest 1% Dividend Detail
31-Mar-2017 12-Apr-2017 14-Apr-2017 ADJUSTMENT Adjustment RM 0.2 Dividend Detail
01-Sep-2017 29-Aug-2017 25-Sep-2017 INTEREST Loan Stock Interest 1% Dividend Detail
21-Aug-2018 12-Sep-2018 25-Sep-2018 INTEREST Loan Stock Interest 1% Dividend Detail
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sephiroth can't convert online, must fill up the form, page 3, (A) debit yr loan stock, (B) credit mother shares
30/07/2014 15:58
TanDavid88 Mr Ooi's pick is correct again. Buy and hold for 2 to 3 months to win big is his strategy.
30/07/2014 16:03
zelmel So mean no matter what price we buy just add extra 13 sen for the amount we buy?
30/07/2014 16:18
wwwcomment i think is like this: now the price is 0.48, so total cost incur is 0.48+0.26 to get one mother share?
30/07/2014 16:21
sephiroth yup, even u buy now at 0.49 (+0.13) vs mother share price, sudah untung kaw kaw mah but only downside 8 working days to convert
30/07/2014 16:22
wwwcomment what is the meaning of "by surrendering RM0.13 nominal value of ICULS"?
30/07/2014 16:23
wwwcomment my understanding is price of ICULS cut by 0.13 and on top of that pay another 0.13, so total 0.26? sorry i am confused.
30/07/2014 16:29
sephiroth very simple, just pay RM130 to convert 1,000 loan stock to 1,000 mother share
30/07/2014 16:36
JXRepcoBuffet a lot of ppl confusing now... all just follow sephiroth, he is right. Just RM130 for each LA u bought.
30/07/2014 16:53
dukuking y la only 50cents,n mother up to 0.675,[0.50 +0.13 =0.63],hope tomorrow is the show for la
30/07/2014 16:56
tjhldg kikikikiii
30/07/2014 17:48
dukuking 买一张la0.50加0.13可以换一张价值0.68的母股,超划算
30/07/2014 20:01
jian9009 yup you are right ^^ .... but have some difficulties to convert it .... need to fill up a form and then send it .... cost your time
31/07/2014 07:59
684780829 This is a real undervalued counter with potential to hit 1.20++++ easily by year end.
31/07/2014 08:20
investor88 Norwegian fund Noges allots RM800mil to invest in Malaysian small, mid-cap stocks

31/07/2014 08:56
tanyuethan i converted earlier. didnt receive the dividend oso
31/07/2014 09:02
JXRepcoBuffet if i don't convert, and if there's any bonus issue, this LA will be adjusted accordingly or not?
31/07/2014 14:39
684780829 To those who sold thank you very much I collect.
01/08/2014 10:56
stockguru Bravo to L&G stock !
01/08/2014 13:00
684780829 Undervalued and not speculative!!!!
01/08/2014 13:03
684780829 This is worth at least 55 sen based on the mother share of 68 sen
01/08/2014 14:34
Gji Gan Come on 0.55, jalan jalan ,kikikii
11/08/2014 11:19
Kesley Tan just submit my conversion form
11/08/2014 15:55
Kesley Tan hot cakes now
12/08/2014 15:04
Gji Gan Gogogo
12/08/2014 16:17
Kesley Tan standing at all time high. tml will retest 55
13/08/2014 00:21
Gji Gan Gogogo 0.55
13/08/2014 09:14
fishbone I've been holding it since the first day it's launched
18/08/2014 00:23
Kesley Tan what is this loan stock interest?
24/08/2014 22:41
beso 1%
25/08/2014 17:57
andyhard L&G-LA going to burst
22/01/2015 09:44
tssl74 dear all,
any update for L&G-LA?
hold for quite long.
Worth holding?
21/04/2015 09:57
Holy Cow a dead stock. keep on dropping. no volume. although cash rich but couldnot perform. useless.
25/06/2015 11:56
leslieroycarter iculs exercise price is 26c + current market price 29.5c =55.5c
mother share 43c
over-value by 12.5c, right?
so , iculs shall trade 12.5-13c to break -even, right ?
if wrong, please correct...
20/10/2015 12:28
chinesetehping Hai, can anyone explain to me why the exercise price is RM0.26, Last time it was RM0.13. assuming i convert the warrants RM0.2859(current market price) +RM0.26 (exercise price) = RM0.545 (currently the ordinary share is RM0.435).
is it overvalued by RM0.11 ?

Hope to get a solid explanation from this. Thanks
20/09/2016 22:35
huat888 Hi! Wrong interpretation, friend!
CorrectICULS exercise prise is rm0.26. However ICULS issued price is rm0.13 itself, So just add rm 0.13 to convert. As. ICULS at rm0.13 + rm0.13 = exercise price.rm0.26.
21/09/2016 10:42
valueinvestor There are 2 choices or methods to convert the ICULs which were issued at 13 sen per ICUL in 2013:-

1. Surrender One ICUL plus 13 sen cash in exchange for One share, or
2. Surrender Two ICULs in exchange for One share. (no need to pay anymore cash)

So, just convert the ICULs under Method 1 when the ICULs are traded above 13 sen in the market.

If the market price for the ICUL drops below 13 sen, then use Method 2 to convert.

Unfortunately, a lot of people may have thought that the ICUL holder has to surrender One ICUL plus 26 sen cash to convert into one ordinary share. This partly explain why the ICULs always trade at a discount in the market. The conversion price of 26 sen published in the newspapers without detailed explanation has confused or misled a lot of people to simply sell or throw the ICULs at below the intrinsic value.

Quite pitiful though.

The ICUL holders should convert the ICULs first and then sell the converted ordinary shares which should fetch a better price based on the last 2 years scenario since the ICULs have been mostly under-priced.
22/09/2016 22:30
chinesetehping Thank you huat888.
Thank you valueinvestor for the detail explanation. :)
23/09/2016 00:46
chinesetehping Another question for valueinvestor. So, using method 1, if i convert my ICUL now by adding the extra RM0.13, (0.28+0.13= 0.41) current mother share is RM0.44. (i earn RM0.03?)

using method 2, surrender two ICULS in exchange for mother share (0.28+0.28 = 0.52), (lose RM0.08??)
23/09/2016 01:30
Eric Fong To convert to mother share, there are 2 option:

1) 2 ICULS change for 1 mother share
2) 1 ICULS + RM0.13 for 1 mother share
23/09/2016 01:45
Eric Fong ICULS now is RM0.28 + RM0.13 = RM0.41
Worth to buy and convert now.
23/09/2016 01:45
tssl74 L&G-LA kept dropping.
What is the next best step of action????
03/11/2016 10:13
luckyman The issue price of the ICUL was 13 sen. Previously one needs to surrender one ICUL plus 13 sen cash to exchange for one ordinary share when the conversion price was 26 sen.

Now the conversion price will be reduced to 20 sen but the issued price of ICUL remains at 13 sen due to the impending rights issue of the mother share. Hence, going forward, one will have to surrender 1 ICUL (issued price @ 13 sen) plus 7 sen only to exchange for one ordinary share after the ex-date for the impending rights issue for the mother share.

Therefore, the upside will be good when the mother share starts to rally in the second half of 2017.
02/04/2017 13:43
luckyman http://disclosure.bursamalaysia.com/FileAccess/apbursaweb/download?id=179662&name=EA_DS_ATTACHMENTS
20/04/2017 22:16
The_Reds Luckyman..can i buy it on9 and convert ?
05/05/2017 22:43
tssl74 Luckyman, have you convert?
if not, when is the best time to do so?
08/06/2017 16:35
luckyman http://klse.i3investor.com/m/blog/www.eaglevisioninvest.com/127412.jsp
10/07/2017 11:59
Steven Yit If buy now 0.15. How to calculate chg to mother share
04/12/2017 16:38
kilrathi Any updates on l&g-la? Price keeps down..??
06/04/2018 00:38
Hitto Anyone know how to fill the conversion form?
28/06/2018 11:57


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