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20-May-2004 27-May-2004 31-May-2004 OTHERS Others 1 : 8 Dividend Detail
05-Nov-2018 16-Nov-2018 21-Nov-2018 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
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SarifahSelinder 90% menang la

Injunction ada problem dah tahu masa extension pun ada
06/11/2018 20:08
SarifahSelinder Susah susah dpt injunction masa dilanjutkan juga

If x done by now


Mr Koon kasi betul betul taruh Andy tu teruk teruk

Satu sen director fee also don't give malah ask him to resign
06/11/2018 20:20
SarifahSelinder Andy 'yang esok menang ya

06/11/2018 20:23
DK66 Just a wild derivation from the JV agreement with CPECC. On Page 27 and 31, under contracts EPC1 and EPC2, damages of US$5,000 per KW is payable by the contractors if net output of electricity is less than the guaranteed net output by less than 3%. If more than 3%, the amount payable is US$13,500 per KW.

As capacity charge payment from EVN is based on dependable capacity, any capacity shortfall means future revenue loss which will impact the projected IRR of the project. Therefore, I would assume that the liquidated damages amount is likely to be based on potential future earnings losses discounted to present value (PV)

Based on these premises, the total revenue on the contracted capacity of 1,112,000 KW is potentially US$5.56b PV for the entire 25 years period.
07/11/2018 09:19

We refer to the circular dated 3 October 2018 (“Circular”) and the previous announcements in relation to the Rights Issue of Warrants. The terms used herein shall, unless the context otherwise stated, bear the same meaning as those defined in the Circular in relation to the Rights Issue of Warrants, where applicable.

On behalf of the Board, UOBKH wishes to announce the following:-

the issue price of the Warrants has been fixed at RM0.25 per Warrant;
the exercise price of the Warrants has been fixed at RM0.64 per Warrant;
the Entitlement Date has been fixed as at the close of business at 5.00 p.m. on 21 November 2018; and
the Deed Poll has been duly executed on 5 November 2018.

The exercise price of RM0.64 per Warrant represents a discount of RM0.27 or approximately 29.67% to the 5-day VWAMP of JRB Shares up to and including 2 November 2018, being the last trading day of JRB Shares immediately preceding the price-fixing date, of RM0.91 per JRB Share.

This announcement is dated 5 November 2018.


Tenure of warrant is 5 years.

Can be converted anytime to mother share.
07/11/2018 13:29
3iii The major shareholders have to take up these rights to maintain their proportionate percentages of the shareholdings.

Those who are cash strapped might not be able to take up the rights leading to their shareholdings being diluted after the exercise.

Will any of the major shareholders sell before the exercise?
07/11/2018 13:32
DK66 Those investors who took up 20% private placements at RM1.36 and RM1.38 will take this opportunity to further increase their stakes in Jaks
07/11/2018 14:38
apolloang ho hup placement at 1.25 a few years ago,now become 0.375
07/11/2018 14:40
SarifahSelinder Lanjut masa lg sure win la
07/11/2018 19:46
pang72 Uncle defend his stocks..hihi
10/11/2018 13:27
warren buntut uncle pay ngar kor Ming 300k.. hailat d. umno report to macc d.. uncle you better explain why you lay him 300k
10/11/2018 13:44
zoizai Super investor finish selling his shares ?
10/11/2018 22:25
Icon8888 Big shark will sell down the shares to depress the price so that he has chance to collect Warrants on the cheap
12/11/2018 09:51
CharlesT Maybe cheaper to buy WR then...

See how much will be the price adjustment on Ex Date
12/11/2018 09:52
Icon8888 Post completion, we can expect the power plant to regularly distribute dividend to Jaks and China partner. Because it is suicidal to keep the cash in the power company especially when China and Vietnam have a rocky relationship and fought war before.
12/11/2018 10:19
Invest_Sensibly Thanks Aikon (mau tidur).
12/11/2018 13:11
ks55 Jaks supporters all bankrupt already?
Still believe super speculator to help you grow rich?

What I can remember is Jaks is 'expert' in power generation.
What I can remember is Jaks having multi billion building contract in hand that failed to deliver.

All these remind me Linear went burst after it reported to Bursa it had received offer worth 1 billion ringgit in Dinding Cooling Tower project which never materialize, and many still believe what has been announced to Bursa is gospel truth.

Auditors report may not be credible just like Xingquan.
Auditors report may close one eye to creative accounting like in LICB.
Auditors report may raise red flags to the accounts but still not prepare to give qualified accounting report like Parkson.

What else I can say?
Don't trust any advice from half past six IB recommendation.
Don't believe in super investor's word.
Don't take in total so-called professionals in the field they claim they know the best.

Many only see tree instead of forest.
Many only see assets without liabilities.
Many only see big building without knowing things are already rotten inside.
Many only see company's turnover getting bigger and bigger but never realize profit become smaller and smaller.

What you need to do?
1. Know fundamentals of your company
2. Know your Directors
3. Know company's prospect and vision
4. Know quality of company's management, it reflects company's work ethics
12/11/2018 15:35
SarifahSelinder I con ya now price tengah ditekan byk short short short skrg

Tpi kan dipush up to so sekelian semua will subscribe tu warrant

1st round
12/11/2018 15:37
DK66 https://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/business/206758/vietnam-to-face-power-shortage-by-2030.html
12/11/2018 16:38
Invest_Sensibly take note.

Posted by DK66 > Nov 12, 2018 04:38 PM | Report Abuse

12/11/2018 16:59
apolloang nobody gonna buy jaks-wa if toyoink-wa no up
12/11/2018 17:34
DK66 Toyoink-wa exercise price RM1.50 is out of money. Jaks-wa exercise price only RM0.64 and is in the money. Toyoink still yet to find a JV partner and has not secure bank financing. Jaks power plant is almost 50% completed and less than 15 months to completion.
12/11/2018 17:43
apolloang but why toyoink can up so much? no fundamentals at all this bursa.dsonic-wa and nggb-wa also out of money.just an excuse for them to dump.better don't support the stocks which manipulator control
12/11/2018 17:49
apolloang toyoink-wa down cos retailers buy and didn't buy the mother stock.look at the volume.that's why uncle push up the mother.same fate will fall upon jaks-wa
12/11/2018 17:51
DK66 Lets see whether Jaks' investors are intelligent or not ......whether they can tell the difference between Toyoink and Jaks
12/11/2018 18:03
xifolon Icon8888 alrdy giillaaaa...sapu Jaks now lost his mind

Posted by Icon8888 > Oct 25, 2018 10:02 AM | Report Abuse

an island of stability

the world can be turned upside down by Donald Trump, but Jaks is quietly building the power plant and book in profit

now people can see the wisdom of investing in this stock
12/11/2018 23:14
DK66 Icon8888, that is the most certain thing they will do. Apart from the sovereign risks, the biggest risk is foreign exchange risks. All tariff payments, including those based in USD, are billed to EVN in Vietnam Dong and later converted to USD at the remittance bank. To keep it in Vietnam meaning to keep the payments in Vietnam Dong. Just too much risk to take.

So will see monthly remittance of tariff payments back to shareholders.

Icon8888 Post completion, we can expect the power plant to regularly distribute dividend to Jaks and China partner. Because it is suicidal to keep the cash in the power company especially when China and Vietnam have a rocky relationship and fought war before.
12/11/2018 10:19
12/11/2018 23:28
freddiehero nice chart
13/11/2018 07:32
freddiehero soon break 0.60
13/11/2018 07:33
davidkkw79 Dow Jones down 600 points... Jizz jizz now
13/11/2018 07:36
xifolon Icon8888 will end up living in streets once Jaks drop 60 cents......wakakakaka
13/11/2018 07:55
Investor 999 One way ticket !
13/11/2018 09:29
apolloang don't buy jaks-wa,later uncle koon dump for u all like toyoink-wa
13/11/2018 11:53
DK66 11月10日上午09时58分,公司承建的越南海阳2×600MW燃煤电厂工程二号机组1号锅炉受热面第一只焊口顺利开焊,标志着该机组安装工作正式开始。
13/11/2018 14:26
Bigo Tis Icon8888 vry sohaii lahh...alrdy trap above 1.00..luckily we listen to Jon and sold early..now Icon8888 walking naked brain alrdy gillaa

Posted by xifolon > Nov 13, 2018 07:55 AM | Report Abuse

Icon8888 will end up living in streets once Jaks drop 60 cents......wakakakaka
13/11/2018 14:54
roger3210 if listen to Rogers123 u may have been trapped at RM1.40, his sailang call price last time :D
13/11/2018 15:13
James Ng http://www.apcc2.ceec.net.cn/art/2018/11/11/art_8427_1761666.html
13/11/2018 17:08
PotentialGhost Icon sailang price 1.30~1.40 If I am wrong I cut
14/11/2018 09:32
xiaoji how to attract people to buy its warrant when price drop below 0.89 ?
14/11/2018 18:48
ks55 Jaks appeal dismissed.
It is common knowledge that Court of Appeal and Federal Court will not interfere with decision made in High Court unless is on point of law.

Jaks is buying time to pay LAD but will never succeed, instead will have to pay more on interest on judgement sum.

How come super-investor like KYY doesn't know that?
How come Jaks not engaging some one more well-versed with law, and common practice in Malaysian legal system?

Still want to appeal to Federal Court?
Too much money to keep his lawyers?
14/11/2018 20:50
ks55 Why super investor keeping quiet for so long?
He is just letting his followers going closer and closer to holland.
He should advice his macai like qqq3 to buy more, or to cut loss, or simply keeping Jaks in the fridge for next 10 years.........
14/11/2018 20:54
EVO118 Careful, mid 0.70 range is a very likely scenario, before margin calls & more sell orders.
15/11/2018 06:02
EVO118 Jaks fails again in bid to stop RM50m payout to Star Media.
15/11/2018 06:08
EVO118 When the sell orders come nobody will be supporting the price. They will all be following KYY the likely first off loader & the biggest seller. This counter is bad news.
15/11/2018 06:14
TrippleZ yes
15/11/2018 08:42
EVO118 Don't wait for the herd. Unless you intend of holding for a long time, I suggest you lead the herd instead of following the herd.he following the herd. waiting for the herd
15/11/2018 08:55
PotentialGhost Icon and uncle koon same boats together travel to italy holland.
15/11/2018 09:22
SarifahSelinder Wat the... kan postpone to 16 Nov why judgement dah ada on 14 Nov??
15/11/2018 09:54
SarifahSelinder Belum lgi handover Andy?

Klau x handover pun patut 99% siap skrg to at least binjang dgn Star to withdraw

X guna Andy ni

Mr Koon patut ask Andy to resign
15/11/2018 09:58
BentoUbi Fire & ice...dramatic series nonstopxx
15/11/2018 11:09


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