KLSE: MHC (5026)       MHC PLANTATIONS BHD MAIN : Plantations
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0.48   +0.01 (2.13%)  0.475 - 0.485  180,100
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14-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 12-Jun-2020 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.0150 Dividend Detail
10-May-2019 28-May-2019 13-Jun-2019 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
24-Apr-2018 14-May-2018 31-May-2018 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
18-May-2017 31-May-2017 13-Jun-2017 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
29-Apr-2016 13-May-2016 02-Jun-2016 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 1.5000% Dividend Detail
29-May-2015 16-Jun-2015 29-Jun-2015 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 2.0000% Dividend Detail
30-Apr-2014 15-May-2014 30-May-2014 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 2% Dividend Detail
26-Apr-2013 14-May-2013 30-May-2013 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 2.25% Dividend Detail
10-Jul-2012 23-Jul-2012 25-Jul-2012 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 2 : 5 Dividend Detail
10-Jul-2012 23-Jul-2012 25-Jul-2012 FREE_WARRANT Others 2 : 5 Dividend Detail
09-May-2012 22-May-2012 08-Jun-2012 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 2.25% Dividend Detail
12-May-2011 26-May-2011 30-May-2011 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 2 : 3 Dividend Detail
12-May-2011 25-May-2011 10-Jun-2011 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 3.35% Dividend Detail
29-Apr-2010 11-May-2010 27-May-2010 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
29-Apr-2009 13-May-2009 29-May-2009 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
30-Apr-2008 14-May-2008 09-Jun-2008 DIVIDEND Special Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
30-Apr-2008 14-May-2008 09-Jun-2008 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
30-Apr-2007 14-Jun-2007 17-Jul-2007 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
15-May-2006 06-Jul-2006 08-Aug-2006 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
10-Oct-2005 26-Oct-2005 28-Oct-2005 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 5 Dividend Detail
29-Jun-2005 15-Jul-2005 18-Aug-2005 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
30-Jun-2004 15-Jul-2004 18-Aug-2004 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
26-Aug-2003 11-Sep-2003 15-Sep-2003 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 11 : 100 Dividend Detail
30-Apr-2003 20-May-2003 12-Jun-2003 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 5% Dividend Detail
28-Jun-2002 28-Aug-2002 25-Sep-2002 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
29-Jun-2001 28-Aug-2001 25-Sep-2001 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 5% Dividend Detail
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davidkkw79 See, create his own fiction again. I strongly believed all bursa stocks the Holland master has owned it.
13/08/2016 10:01 AM
TheContrarian MHC has not gone above 81 sen for the past four weeks. And when was Malton at 30 sen? How many years ago? I bought Public Bank at 80 sen. Look how much is it right now!
13/08/2016 10:14 AM
TheContrarian And I sold Malton at RM1.16 last year.
13/08/2016 10:15 AM
TheContrarian Long, long time ago I made a mistake buying into MP Corp ending up with average cost of 44 sen. Then one "smart" fellow from Singapore started saying MP Corp way way undervalued. I managed to sell out all at 49 sen making 10% gain. I'm grateful to that fellow. Look at how much MP Corp is today.
13/08/2016 10:33 AM
calvintaneng Moneysifu missed RCECAP as he was ignorant.

So many will also miss MHC Plant for the same reason.

Another piece of good news

Plantation lands have been increasing in value

And MHC has lots of valuable lands

13/08/2016 10:33 AM
phg1 Wah..., CT best in Singland and some say in Batam too!
13/08/2016 10:40 AM
TheContrarian The risk is that the major shareholders might decide to take it private at 80 sen just like Kbunai was been taken private at 5 sen.
13/08/2016 1:10 PM
calvintaneng If buy at 80 cts and if share taken private risk is really nothing much. Real risk is buying shares like transmile, saag, megan media which can go bankrupt and delisted.

As for kbunai there is still hope if all hold tight and refuse to let go at unfair privatisation.

Of all value shares taken private

Super enterprize up 200%

Kulim up 60%

Tmakmur up 30%

Only kbunai is a negative 5% of now.

So diversify into a basket of value shares.

Investing in undervalue shares in a diversified basket is the way to go.
13/08/2016 1:24 PM
Real_Risk is buying ARMADA at RM 1.30 blindly after listened to calvintaneng,
and then forced sell @ below 80 sen,

ALAM down 50%
JTIASA down 35%


Real risk is listened to calvintaneng.

Real risk is to beleive CPO is heading RM 6000

13/08/2016 5:07 PM
Angielim9955 TheContrarian @ thanks TheContrarian
very clear understanding
thanks for you helpful, you must be a excellent investor .
TheContrarian you got pbb at 0.80 , wa very impressive ,
TheContrarian if you dont mind can ask if you think benalec currenlty at 0.45 is consider undervalued, I saw an aticles but I forgot where already they claim benalec right now is undervalued, do you agreed ah ?
13/08/2016 5:49 PM
TheContrarian Angielim, even if a counter is considered undervalued there's no guarantee you will make a handsome profit because some major shareholders don't treat the minorities fairly. You have seen for yourself what is happening to Mulpha and also the China red chips counters. In MHC's case if I had bought two months ago @ 83 sen I would be stuck with a paper loss of 3 sen. Instead I used my cash to buy MBSB at 72 sen, then at 69 sen, so now I have paper gain of a few thousand ringgit. We are not rich people with unlimited cash, we can't buy every undervalued counters. We must be very selective and pick the ones that give better returns.
13/08/2016 9:58 PM
Angielim9955 Agreed all
Thanks for all kind and sharing
Thecontrarian thanks
Wish you all the best
14/08/2016 12:03 AM
Angielim9955 thanks a lot
14/08/2016 1:01 AM
eftee What a jump. What's the good news?
15/08/2016 1:03 PM
Matthieu Seven bravo!!!!

Real_Risk is buying ARMADA at RM 1.30 blindly after listened to calvintaneng,
and then forced sell @ below 80 sen,

ALAM down 50%
JTIASA down 35%


Real risk is listened to calvintaneng.

Real risk is to beleive CPO is heading RM 6000

16/08/2016 9:48 AM
TheContrarian Back to 80 sen?
30/08/2016 9:09 PM
beso with such low earning power dont hope it will go up
09/09/2016 11:43 AM
tjhldg hehehee
22/10/2016 2:02 PM
paperplane wow, all plantation running i think
25/11/2016 3:35 PM
Jacky Jacky apek counter never give div, so kedekut
28/11/2016 3:37 PM
here less than RM1, got so many lands in Peninsular Malaysia. Worth to keep.
04/04/2017 12:24 PM
Kim Stockwatch https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kimstockwatchfajar/120893.jsp
17/04/2017 9:06 PM
Sebastian Power please buy! MHC control 28%++ in Cepatwawasan
18/05/2017 3:20 PM
Sebastian Power profit up 2159%!!!!!
18/05/2017 5:17 PM
Angeline Gap up...
19/05/2017 9:16 AM
Queen QQ faster buy in. MHC will come 1.00 soon
19/05/2017 10:09 AM
KingLucy downtrend
26/05/2017 11:33 PM
Sebastian Power very kamsiap only 1.5cents DIV
31/05/2017 8:39 AM
Trojanblade Queen QQ counter like this won't go up.. Make profit also up little bit then fall like waterfall.. Many people looking at people swimming.. Really kamsiap
08/06/2017 1:56 PM
Phchew Buy now before u regret
22/06/2017 10:30 PM
ivan9511 dividend too little . glomac only 65senn also give 3sen dividend a year.
mhc 85sen only give 1.5sen
buy glomac better la.
01/07/2017 5:48 PM
Sebastian Power yes. put in FD also 3%++

This counter link to dato dato; only they will untung. We rugiiiii
11/07/2017 8:50 AM
minigiant slowly accumulating this stock
21/01/2018 2:01 PM
chankp7010 MHC palm oil estates in and around Teluk Intan, Hutang Melintang and Bidor areas are very valuable but remained at book values. MHC is really undervalued stock.
26/07/2018 10:03 AM
Lim Tek Wai best time to buy and earn profit
26/07/2018 11:41 AM
Zali Daud Waktu sesuai untuk BELI
02/01/2019 4:26 PM
danielleesing Mhc Plantations Posts Oct Production Fresh Fruit Bunches-15,369 MT
19/11/2019 4:35 PM
Zali Daud Harga CPO makin naik! MHC @0.0645 masih murah. TP1 0.805 (25%) TP2 0.87 (35%). NTA 1.26! (Risiko tanggung sendiri)
05/12/2019 9:07 PM
Cockroach Paul Lee This counter no active investors... can hold long ?
09/12/2019 11:37 PM
Zali Daud At least these counters pay a small dividend while waiting for the price to go up. I set my first target at 0.805 (15.00% off current price of 0.70). [Investing at your own risk]
11/12/2019 11:19 AM
Zali Daud Steady MHC. Terus naik! naik!
31/12/2019 12:34 AM
Mil888 Mhc many malaysia plantation eastate valua in 1998 3K/acre. Mean at least 300mil hidden gem.. NTA at least min. 2.50-3.00 per share
02/01/2020 8:16 PM
LouiseS MHC's main business segments include oil palm plantations, milling and operations of power plants.

Its earning performance has been overall fluctuating in last five years, whereby its earning per share overall fluctuated from 1.70 sen to 8.15sen. In 2018, the Group recorded a decrease in earning per share from 8.15 to 2.27 sen per share compared to 2017, due to a decrease of FFB production, lower CPO selling prices and decrease sales from its biomass power plant. The Group declared a dividend of 2 sen per share in the 2018 financial year, which amounts to a dividend yield of 3.01%.

12/01/2020 11:54 AM
Cockroach Paul Lee 2020 can give higher dividends ar? CPO 2900.... FFB 650... should be a good year right ?
23/01/2020 12:19 AM
Sales Take profit and come back later.
27/03/2020 1:15 PM
calvintaneng Post removed. Why?
31/03/2020 3:55 PM
Mikecyc Post removed. Why?
31/03/2020 4:12 PM
Mikecyc Got cash can buy , calvin lost until sold 8 house as you wrote .
31/03/2020 4:13 PM
calvintaneng My slave mikecyc

Listen here

In year 2014 Calvin told uncle Koon sell his jtiasa over Rm2. 50 because Calvin saw shale oil in USA will impact crude oil and will drag down biodisel oil which will be very bad for oil palm

It came true and jtiasa crashed 60% from Rm2. 50 to Rm1. 00

This time crude oil crashed even lower than year 2014

So better cutloss in Mhc and buy Netx the safe Nfcp tsunami sheltered stock
31/03/2020 9:35 PM
Sales Wow! .39sen today. What happen???
01/04/2020 11:30 AM

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