KLSE: YB (5048)       YI-LAI BHD MAIN : Industrial Products
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0.58   0.00 (0.00%)  0.575 - 0.585  723,800
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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
23-Aug-2002 27-Sep-2002 21-Oct-2002 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.025 Dividend Detail
26-Mar-2003 06-Jun-2003 09-Jul-2003 DIVIDEND Special Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
26-Mar-2003 06-Jun-2003 09-Jul-2003 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
15-Aug-2003 10-Sep-2003 09-Oct-2003 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.035 Dividend Detail
26-Feb-2004 01-Apr-2004 28-Apr-2004 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.065 Dividend Detail
19-Apr-2004 08-Jun-2004 08-Jul-2004 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.035 Dividend Detail
19-Aug-2004 06-Sep-2004 08-Oct-2004 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.07 Dividend Detail
04-Jan-2005 19-Jan-2005 03-Feb-2005 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.08 Dividend Detail
20-Apr-2005 03-Jun-2005 21-Jun-2005 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.06 Dividend Detail
08-Aug-2005 25-Aug-2005 28-Sep-2005 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.07 Dividend Detail
18-Apr-2006 01-Jun-2006 28-Jun-2006 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.08 Dividend Detail
21-Aug-2006 06-Oct-2006 08-Nov-2006 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.05 Dividend Detail
19-Apr-2007 01-Jun-2007 28-Jun-2007 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.08 Dividend Detail
20-Aug-2007 04-Oct-2007 06-Nov-2007 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.05 Dividend Detail
22-Apr-2008 19-Jun-2008 18-Jul-2008 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.04 Dividend Detail
20-Aug-2008 16-Oct-2008 18-Nov-2008 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
23-Apr-2009 05-Jun-2009 08-Jul-2009 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
26-Apr-2010 07-Jun-2010 08-Jul-2010 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.06 Dividend Detail
18-Aug-2010 07-Oct-2010 08-Nov-2010 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
22-Apr-2011 07-Jun-2011 08-Jul-2011 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.04 Dividend Detail
18-Aug-2011 06-Oct-2011 08-Nov-2011 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
26-Apr-2012 07-Jun-2012 09-Jul-2012 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.04 Dividend Detail
28-Aug-2012 08-Oct-2012 08-Nov-2012 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
26-Apr-2013 06-Jun-2013 08-Jul-2013 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.04 Dividend Detail
27-Aug-2013 09-Oct-2013 08-Nov-2013 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.04 Dividend Detail
07-Mar-2014 20-Mar-2014 24-Mar-2014 DIVIDEND_SHARE Others 3 : 100 Dividend Detail
28-Apr-2014 06-Jun-2014 08-Jul-2014 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
25-Feb-2015 08-Apr-2015 08-May-2015 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
17-Mar-2021 31-Mar-2021 01-Apr-2021 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 2.0000 : 3.0000 Dividend Detail
21-Jul-2021 09-Aug-2021 11-Aug-2021 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 5.0000 : 1.0000 Dividend Detail
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  2 people like this.
NicholasNWH90 But at 0.55 you also feel like buying wo. Now you say baik-baik buy or no buy.
10/06/2021 7:13 PM
Orson Chin Below 0.55 can play play la....
something I know u don’t know ma...
11/06/2021 10:50 AM
Lanmum Hi, guys how u all doing?. Orson Sifu, you baik baik cakap. Buy or not Buy?. I follow you. Hahaha ...
11/06/2021 11:15 AM
Orson Chin Don’t wAnt la.. later kena diu again
11/06/2021 2:56 PM
Lanmum Orson Sifu, we all have one common thing, to earn money ma either big or small. No need so stress. I joking only. Take it easy.
11/06/2021 3:22 PM
Lanmum Hope YB do not dissapoint us in this year. Pray hard this iculs is a blessings lo.
11/06/2021 3:26 PM
NicholasNWH90 Orson so below 0.55 buy and when to sell? Dont care what other said. I follow you.
11/06/2021 4:17 PM
NicholasNWH90 @lanmun Iculs MAYBE a blessing only if you subscribe. But given how the share price moved from Jan to Jun 21, do you still have the confidence to subscribe to their ICULS? Maybe you have the info that I dont have. As a complete outsider, I am clueless what's going on in the company.
11/06/2021 4:20 PM
Lanmum Nic, I have no idea and I don't have any insider news. Let's wait and see. By the way, just focus on your other counter first.
11/06/2021 5:09 PM
NicholasNWH90 @Orson bought already?
15/06/2021 5:18 PM
Orson Chin No no no… after right issue……
15/06/2021 10:40 PM
NicholasNWH90 Ok. That means not so soon.
16/06/2021 9:49 AM
Lanmum Hi guys, I'm wondering you guys reading report from Affin Hwang Capital in i3 here lately? The latest I check is on Sunway 31stMay. Seems there is no more report.
16/06/2021 11:20 AM
LKL114 Not a good sign of the proposal. Tipu orang masuk ke. Better don't play on counter with any fund raising including right issue and pp. Later you will regret and this kind of counter will go to Holland soon and not worth to hold.
17/06/2021 4:07 PM
LKL114 Now MCO already considered recession period. Why still think the company make profit with ridiculous reports.
17/06/2021 4:09 PM
LKL114 Unless the company are paper or carton box manufacturing company coz they are much needed during NCO
17/06/2021 4:11 PM
NicholasNWH90 @LKL that day you said discount. Did you buy?
17/06/2021 6:44 PM
Orson Chin LkL114 .. can not talk bad here.. later kena shoot …
17/06/2021 7:39 PM
NicholasNWH90 Now the person is gone. Maybe he is the syndicate. Lol.
17/06/2021 9:50 PM
Orson Chin Now I bot puc , after few month will come back here maybe
18/06/2021 3:46 PM
Orson Chin Nic.. maybe he cut and jump to jobstreet edy
19/06/2021 3:11 PM
Lanmum YB go go go
22/06/2021 11:48 AM
NicholasNWH90 @Lanmum becareful. Just now the shares were eaten up to 0.605 and then non stop selling down to 0.59. If it closes below 0.59, the candle is super ugly indicating a possible distribution.
22/06/2021 12:59 PM
NicholasNWH90 Hope that I am wrong.
22/06/2021 1:00 PM
Lanmum Wah Nic, TA expert here. Thanks.
22/06/2021 1:41 PM
NicholasNWH90 I am not an expert. But the chart is so so ugly that even a common man like me can smell something fishy.
22/06/2021 3:38 PM
Lanmum Oh Nic, you are better than me. I'm chart blind ... Whatever I see is totally opposite. If YB goes sleep again, just keep keep lo. Hope next year can see the rewards
22/06/2021 3:42 PM
Orson Chin Nic … must stand above 0.60 …
See this week how he move …
22/06/2021 5:21 PM
Lanmum :( ..... Stay in high condo lo. Orson clever.
22/06/2021 7:35 PM
NicholasNWH90 Yilai or YB cannot be guessed one la. Chart was nice from Thursday to Monday. Opened red and closed slight green. Everyone was waiting for breakout already. But today give you a shooting star with volume. DIE DIE DIE!

Not the first time already this operator traps people like this. They want to earn all the money themselves. Good company with positive prospect but don't want to let poor people like us earn the money together.
22/06/2021 8:07 PM
Orson Chin Nicholas … yilai won’t up so much before RIght issue ….
23/06/2021 3:45 PM
NicholasNWH90 Yea orson. I still thought they will push up the price to attract people to buy and subscribe and seems that the price will not go up.
23/06/2021 5:35 PM
Orson Chin Wow…… up so much today
05/07/2021 2:20 PM
paperplane annouce right issue, price go up, hehe
22/07/2021 10:15 AM
NicholasNWH90 Price go up before 9 Aug?
23/07/2021 12:58 AM
tonyS https://focusmalaysia.my/yb-ventures-to-tap-renewable-energy-market-incorporates-new-subsidiary/
23/07/2021 11:45 AM
tonyS LEADING tiles manufacturer and information technology outfit YB Ventures Bhd (formerly Yi-Lai Bhd) is gearing up to make its maiden foray into the multi-billion ringgit renewable energy (RE) industry in Malaysia.

Towards this end, the group has formed a new wholly-owned subsidiary – YB Renewable Energy Sdn Bhd (YBRESB) – to undertake activities related to RE in Malaysia.

“The incorporation of YBRESB opens up a new range of possibilities to continue to diversify our business,” commented YB Ventures’ executive director Au Yee Boon.

“We are confident that this will be a key business segment to the group and we will continue to explore opportunities that add value and strengthen our presence in the RE sector.”

Au Yee Boon
According to a Bursa Malaysia filing by YB Ventures yesterday (July 22), save for Au and Lee Boon Siong (fellow executive director) who are the promoters of YBRESB, none of the company’s directors and substantial shareholders have any interest, direct or indirect in the incorporation of the RE business.

“The board of directors of YB Ventures is of the opinion that the incorporation of YBRESB is in the best interest of the company,” the announcement pointed out.

Without divulging into details, Au said the management of YB Ventures is currently engaged in a few discussions that would potentially transform the company into a key player in the RE sector vis-à-vis the acquisition of earnings-accretive assets that will provide strong recurring income to the group.

Moving forward, Malaysia is expected to more than double its RE capacity from 6gw (gigawatt) to 14gw, rising from 18% to 30% of the generation mix.

While the overarching ambition of non-hydropower renewables reaching 20% of the energy mix by 2025 may be overly optimistic, it is clear that large-scale solar (LSS) investment remains a major technical and financial opportunity for Malaysia, according to Boston Consulting Group’s managing director and Southeast Asia leader (climate action) Dave Sivaprasad.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) has by far the highest technical potential in Malaysia, and is supported by mechanisms to promote affordability.

Malaysia allows installation of solar for self-consumption with its Net Energy Metering Programme (NEM) providing a pathway to self-generation with excess energy sold back into the grid.

“The nation’s LSS projects offer a successful pathway to utility-scale solar adoption,” added Sivaprasad.

YB Ventures closed 4.5 sen or 8.57% higher at 57 sen yesterday (July 22) with 1.55 million shares traded, thus valuing the company at RM137 mil. – July 23, 2021
23/07/2021 11:45 AM
paperplane want to do right issue, price up. really geng lah yb
23/07/2021 1:02 PM
Orson Chin Buy more buy more …. Then pay more money to subscribe right issue ….buy buy buy … up up up
23/07/2021 3:13 PM
Lanmum YB so strong. Becos of the good news, Right issue also could not dampen the share price. It rises up surprisingly.
23/07/2021 7:38 PM
Lanmum Waiting for more good news? ...
23/07/2021 9:40 PM
Orson Chin Follow dog dog paperdog…. Take more money from ur Bank to buy OR …….
Paperdog .. congratulations u can average ur price ….. and free warrant …
24/07/2021 1:43 AM
paperplane Renounceable rights issue of up to RM48,523,305 nominal value of five (5)-year, 0.10%, irredeemable convertible unsecured loan stocks at 100% of the nominal value of RM0.04 each ("Rights ICULS") on the basis of five (5) Rights ICULS for every one (1) ordinary share in YB Ventures Berhad (formerly known as Yi-Lai Berhad) ("YBVB") held at 5.00 p.m. on 11 August 2021 ("Rights Issue")
Amount 5.0000 : 1.0000
26/07/2021 11:39 AM
NicholasNWH90 I am out. @orson puc looks much better.
27/07/2021 1:56 AM
NicholasNWH90 PUC you bought very early ohh.
27/07/2021 1:57 AM
Bgt 9963 Good morning.
27/07/2021 8:42 AM
Lanmum PUC?? Why buy ? Can explain what is this company do? Tarak website?
27/07/2021 8:43 AM
Orson Chin I got a lot puc Nicholas……
27/07/2021 9:27 AM
Orson Chin Bot from 0.01 to 0.155
27/07/2021 9:28 AM
Orson Chin 0.1-0.155 ….
Hope break 0.2 soon
27/07/2021 9:28 AM

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