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20-Jan-2006 13-Feb-2006 28-Feb-2006 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.047 Dividend Detail
01-Aug-2006 17-Aug-2006 30-Aug-2006 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.062 Dividend Detail
29-Jan-2007 12-Feb-2007 28-Feb-2007 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0675 Dividend Detail
26-Jul-2007 09-Aug-2007 30-Aug-2007 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.061 Dividend Detail
21-Jan-2008 21-Jan-2008 20-Feb-2008 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0075 Dividend Detail
21-Jan-2008 21-Jan-2008 20-Feb-2008 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0753 Dividend Detail
04-Aug-2008 15-Aug-2008 29-Aug-2008 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0665 Dividend Detail
22-Jan-2009 06-Feb-2009 27-Feb-2009 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0787 Dividend Detail
20-Apr-2009 04-May-2009 29-May-2009 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.039 Dividend Detail
20-Jul-2009 31-Jul-2009 28-Aug-2009 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.041 Dividend Detail
24-Aug-2009 04-Sep-2009 30-Sep-2009 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0282 Dividend Detail
20-Jan-2010 02-Feb-2010 25-Feb-2010 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0498 Dividend Detail
20-Apr-2010 30-Apr-2010 27-May-2010 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.037 Dividend Detail
19-Jul-2010 30-Jul-2010 30-Aug-2010 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.04 Dividend Detail
26-Aug-2010 08-Sep-2010 12-Oct-2010 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0305 Dividend Detail
17-Jan-2011 31-Jan-2011 28-Feb-2011 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0525 Dividend Detail
28-Apr-2011 11-May-2011 31-May-2011 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.042 Dividend Detail
25-Jul-2011 04-Aug-2011 26-Aug-2011 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.045 Dividend Detail
17-Oct-2011 28-Oct-2011 09-Dec-2011 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.043 Dividend Detail
18-Nov-2011 01-Dec-2011 22-Dec-2011 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.028 Dividend Detail
16-Jan-2012 30-Jan-2012 29-Feb-2012 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.014 Dividend Detail
16-Apr-2012 26-Apr-2012 30-May-2012 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.043 Dividend Detail
23-Jul-2012 02-Aug-2012 11-Sep-2012 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.044 Dividend Detail
22-Oct-2012 02-Nov-2012 29-Nov-2012 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.043 Dividend Detail
21-Jan-2013 05-Feb-2013 28-Feb-2013 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.056 Dividend Detail
22-Apr-2013 03-May-2013 13-Jun-2013 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.045 Dividend Detail
25-Jul-2013 06-Aug-2013 30-Aug-2013 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.046 Dividend Detail
21-Oct-2013 01-Nov-2013 13-Dec-2013 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.047 Dividend Detail
20-Jan-2014 04-Feb-2014 28-Feb-2014 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.047 Dividend Detail
21-Apr-2014 02-May-2014 13-Jun-2014 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.053 Dividend Detail
04-Aug-2014 14-Aug-2014 05-Sep-2014 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.053 Dividend Detail
20-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 28-Nov-2014 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.05 Dividend Detail
26-Nov-2014 08-Dec-2014 08-Jan-2015 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.027 Dividend Detail
19-Jan-2015 29-Jan-2015 27-Feb-2015 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0145 Dividend Detail
20-Apr-2015 30-Apr-2015 29-May-2015 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.04 Dividend Detail
03-Aug-2015 13-Aug-2015 11-Sep-2015 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0430 Dividend Detail
24-Aug-2015 04-Sep-2015 08-Sep-2015 STOCK_SPLIT Subdivision 2 : 1 Dividend Detail
19-Oct-2015 29-Oct-2015 09-Dec-2015 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0220 Dividend Detail
18-Jan-2016 29-Jan-2016 29-Feb-2016 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0200 Dividend Detail
25-Apr-2016 06-May-2016 16-Jun-2016 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0205 Dividend Detail
04-Aug-2016 16-Aug-2016 09-Sep-2016 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0205 Dividend Detail
24-Oct-2016 03-Nov-2016 30-Nov-2016 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0205 Dividend Detail
18-Jan-2017 31-Jan-2017 28-Feb-2017 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.021 Dividend Detail
25-Apr-2017 08-May-2017 31-May-2017 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0215 Dividend Detail
24-Jul-2017 04-Aug-2017 30-Aug-2017 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0217 Dividend Detail
23-Oct-2017 03-Nov-2017 13-Dec-2017 DIVIDEND Income Distribution (with Dividend Re-Investment Plan) RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
09-Nov-2017 21-Nov-2017 22-Dec-2017 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0102 Dividend Detail
23-Jan-2018 06-Feb-2018 28-Feb-2018 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0092 Dividend Detail
10-May-2018 08-May-2018 04-Jun-2018 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0194 Dividend Detail
06-Aug-2018 16-Aug-2018 07-Sep-2018 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
22-Oct-2018 01-Nov-2018 10-Dec-2018 DIVIDEND Income Distribution (with Dividend Re-Investment Plan) RM 0.0235 Dividend Detail
22-Jan-2019 08-Feb-2019 28-Feb-2019 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0245 Dividend Detail
29-Apr-2019 13-May-2019 31-May-2019 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0235 Dividend Detail
24-Jul-2019 07-Aug-2019 30-Aug-2019 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0236 Dividend Detail
21-Oct-2019 04-Nov-2019 29-Nov-2019 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0235 Dividend Detail
30-Oct-2019 12-Nov-2019 09-Dec-2019 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.011 Dividend Detail
20-Jan-2020 03-Feb-2020 09-Mar-2020 DIVIDEND Income Distribution (with Dividend Re-Investment Plan) RM 0.0110 Dividend Detail
20-May-2020 04-Jun-2020 03-Jul-2020 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0210 Dividend Detail
26-Aug-2020 09-Sep-2020 02-Oct-2020 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0215 Dividend Detail
21-Oct-2020 04-Nov-2020 30-Nov-2020 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0225 Dividend Detail
20-Jan-2021 04-Feb-2021 11-Mar-2021 DIVIDEND Income Distribution (with Dividend Re-Investment Plan) RM 0.0225 Dividend Detail
21-Apr-2021 05-May-2021 31-May-2021 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0223 Dividend Detail
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i3kyan the share price now is lower than DRP's price. who wanna get DRP then?? how it works? i'm newbie.
23/02/2021 10:20 AM
newbie2y i3kyan, good question, there are a few things u can consider -
a) the dividend payment date is 11-March, will the price be higher than 1.88 or lower than 1.88 by then?
b) how many units u are entitled with this drp, and how many u plan to buy on 11-Mar if u skip the DRP? what is the difference in terms of the costs? what is the impact to our average costs?
c) do u plan to go for short term or long term?

for me, as I am long with it, i dont mind if the drp price is higher than market price, and my units entitled are not big enough to make much difference compare to i buy myself in the market by then, considering the drp is without costs (except for the stamp). But if you are short term, then yes, u shud consider take full cash.
23/02/2021 10:32 AM
shazza I am too new to this too, and my agent is not very responsive. There is this stamp duty rm10 and i have only 99 units entitled coz i have about 17000 units so that's like very little to be entitled to. Doesn't seem to be worth it to take up the offer and pay stamp duty that i need to get a cheque or what ya? It is not postage stamp. Buy in the open market at below RM1.86 and get the whole dividend is better in my situation? Can please give advice so i can understand the best decision for me. I am a long term investor.
23/02/2021 10:40 AM
newbie2y shazza, for ur case, u have few options-
1. fork out own money to buy today, say at price 1.86, 100units, cost will be about RM10 +/-, so dividend u can take full cash.
2. go for drp, pay stamp duty RM10 + postage stamp RM1.50, 99units priced at 1.88.
3. ignore, do nothing and take the full cash.

question u can ask urself-
i) option 1 - do u need to buy more than 100units? so it is more worth the commision/stamp duties paid? what will this do to your final avg costs?
ii) option 2 - what will be the final avg costs? will result in oddlots, u plan to sell all soon?
23/02/2021 10:59 AM
shazza Thanks newbie2y for breaking it down much more clearly.
Will go for option 3 do nothing since i qualify for so little. And get a bigger quantity in the open market at lower than 1.88 if it is possible. If matched, well and good, if not, it is fine too.
23/02/2021 1:11 PM
Jason Tan newbie2y thanks makes sense. Ini semua i-sinar punya pasal... anyway i am holding.. i see much upside on this for future. Earnings Yield is bearable. and so is Dividend Yield.
23/02/2021 1:12 PM
newbie2y shazza, haha no problem, important thing is u und and do whats best for your own portfolio :) cheers!

jason, ya, if not mistaken, the no-condition acc1 withdrawal is never done before even during 2008 financial crisis..
23/02/2021 3:25 PM
fachoi axreit company got problem or not?why drop like shit
23/02/2021 7:29 PM
fortunefire axreit has the same fate as glove stocks, rise during pandemic, down when vaccine arrives...
23/02/2021 9:28 PM
Pinky Axis yield not attractive la
24/02/2021 9:47 AM
fortunefire DRP no longer works. Think the management decides to let the market correct its price. 1.80 is approaching....
24/02/2021 10:14 AM
Nepo EPF disposed Axreit to get fund to pay 2020 dividend.
Take this opportunity to add on before March 2020..
24/02/2021 10:17 AM
Nepo If can buy at @RM1.7x (DPS>5%) and keep for 3 months, then probable that the price will reverse to go up..
24/02/2021 10:18 AM
Pinky Yes Nepo

I will buy when drop below 1.80
24/02/2021 11:11 AM
kens88 Why say it down when vaccine arrives? What is the connection? Tenants move out when vaccine arrives?
24/02/2021 11:58 AM
fortunefire maybe ppl see other counters perform better, so they move their money there? even some other reits have moved up. think only axreit on down trend....
24/02/2021 12:01 PM
Nepo buy this stock more or less like put the money into the saving account
risk small with little capital appreciation.
Good to conservative savers.
24/02/2021 4:04 PM
Nepo One of the good and safe share in Year 2021

1). Low interest cost. Borrowing cost low. High dividend per share will attract many conservative savers
2). Economy will be recovered. Rent occupancy will be high
3).low share price as EPF and others are dumping to get cash to pay dividends
25/02/2021 5:43 AM
fortunefire lining up for 1.78
25/02/2021 9:57 AM
GreatDreamer Lately drop may be due to 10 year MGS sharp rise in yield and reach 3.05% last friday. Which is In tandem with US market.
28/02/2021 10:06 PM
Nepo https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/axis-reit-acquires-bukit-raja-industrial-property-warehousing-potential-rm120m
06/03/2021 5:43 AM
Yiang1959 ini kalilah,fly now
08/03/2021 9:52 AM
Nepo Still waiting for 1.78
Time wait for no man
The ship starts to depart the port..
09/03/2021 9:50 AM
Nepo One of the best stock I recommend to buy.
Stable with 4.50% dividend yield at current price RM 1.88
09/03/2021 1:36 PM
Nepo Still not buy @ RM 1.90..?
Later don't tell me u miss the boat..
10/03/2021 10:58 AM
Yiang1959 The boat come back again, waiting for someone ?
11/03/2021 4:01 PM
Nepo Oops..the boat waiting for unit holders who took up the Income Redistribution Reinvestment Plan @RM1.88 per share to dispose first before depart.
11/03/2021 8:05 PM
yingzhe17 Bailout bailout of a buddy warehouse.
Not a good deal 75 mil
15/03/2021 6:44 PM
Nepo After unloading the unstable passengers, the boat continues its journey and ride the storm and turbulence ahead..Good luck!
16/03/2021 9:55 AM
yingzhe17 Bye bye
18/03/2021 8:35 AM
Nepo You will regret if you don't have this share below RM 2. From the recent two purchases you will notice that the co is expanding
Now many Reits co can do expanding. You see IGB Reit and Pavillion Reit..etc you will know what I am talking about..they really don't do expansion

No expanding means no growth
20/03/2021 7:10 AM
paperplane After lenglui ceo takeover, it grows faster.... I think im slowly falling in LOVE with tht lenglui
20/03/2021 11:03 PM
paperplane Igbreit actually expanding with johor mall. They waiting it to stabilise with rental first before injection. But i precfer the axreit now actually, it shows its strong performance in even mco time. Tested and proven,
20/03/2021 11:04 PM
RaksasaKambing The bargain period from 1.80-1.85 is well over by now I'd say.
28/03/2021 5:54 PM
Dragon88 buy and collect dividend every quarter. better than keep your money in the bank
01/04/2021 9:38 PM
Yiang1959 RM 1.92 now, what happened?
07/04/2021 11:02 AM
Nepo Just collect on dip, no worry
A tactic uses by operator to wash out the weak holders
07/04/2021 6:15 PM
Yiang1959 Thanks,Nepo
07/04/2021 9:54 PM
Dakewlest Just bought at RM1.90. Hoping for great QR next week.
15/04/2021 4:51 PM
Yiang1959 q at 1.89
16/04/2021 12:24 PM
Hemsley When will be the QR date?
21/04/2021 1:41 PM
newkidonblock i thought supposed to be today
21/04/2021 5:01 PM
newbie2y slightly lower distribution than prev qr, but acceptable to me..
21/04/2021 5:54 PM
collie about to breakout from triangle
28/04/2021 12:11 PM
goldenamour actually why didnt AXreit drop after exdate?
09/05/2021 12:11 AM
goodjoe this reit solid
09/05/2021 9:30 AM
JiaWei Lam when is the DRIP ?
10/05/2021 10:05 AM
James Yeo Axis reit. A reit not to be missed.
10/05/2021 4:27 PM
newbie2y Jiawei, the drip just happened few mths ago..u can check from the Disclosures -> Entitlement section..
10/05/2021 8:10 PM
RainT Drop more this one can buy
11/05/2021 3:43 PM

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