KLSE: HIBISCS (5199)       HIBISCUS PETROLEUM BHD MAIN : Industrial Products
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tomtom ………………………..
21/09/2018 14:46
amet2017 Aiyo kina tipu lagi..
21/09/2018 14:47
bose00 Give chance to buy more
21/09/2018 14:48
paperone i will wait to the end of the year and see how much it will rise by then
21/09/2018 14:55
derrtan next QR should be easy reach 1.3
21/09/2018 15:05
amet2017 next QR 0.96..ikut trend ler
21/09/2018 15:17
windcloud don't know what price will close …. but thinking will break 1.10 soon
21/09/2018 15:17
deMusangking don't know what price will close ? cloudy?
21/09/2018 15:19
latuk today closing 1.03
21/09/2018 15:26
Alan Mu just sold all my share...hope i made good decision...wait it drop back
21/09/2018 15:28
papaya suma sulah takut....kecut pelut.....hilang spender....kikikikikih.....tarak berani.....kikikikikih
21/09/2018 15:36
amet2017 Spender bra pad semua sudah jual..
21/09/2018 15:37
bullbullbully 0.98 soon..be patient..
21/09/2018 15:55
wakarimas waiting to sapu at 0.98
21/09/2018 16:01
ACD888 Sapuman?
21/09/2018 16:03
papaya harga 107...cakap mau sapu at 98....bila harga 98....x beli pun...cakap mau sapu at 90 pulak....last2....sapu longkang je la .....kikikikikiih
21/09/2018 16:05
latuk up one day down one week
21/09/2018 16:12
scholar Seems like flying pattern... was hoping to buy more below .90
21/09/2018 16:14
thurston Hibiscus movement is really unpredictable.

When everyone expect it to go up, it go down.

Syndicate is very good in psychology, a lot of contra players lost money in this counter. Even Latuk held it quite some time, but gave up finally.
21/09/2018 16:19
thurston Latuk, I can understand how you feel.
21/09/2018 16:22
latuk that is why it is better not to touch it at all
21/09/2018 16:24
Happy Investing If you are holding for a longer term, why need to bother the 1 day up or 1 day down
21/09/2018 16:33
EngineeringProfit 101% agree
21/09/2018 16:34
thurston I think that Latuk held it for quite some time, a few months if not mistaken... it is not short term... but maybe not long enough.
21/09/2018 16:35
Turnaround Worth to wait
21/09/2018 16:44
thurston Cold eye said that "only buy the share that you dare to average down when its price drops".

"And, don't touch the share that you dare not to buy more if price drops"

That means, buy only the share has good fundamental, value invest in reasonable price.

I think Hibiscus is one of them.
21/09/2018 16:52
Turnaround We shareholders need push together
21/09/2018 17:15
hohoho123 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/433508
21/09/2018 17:35
papaya just study the chart carefully......you'll know the underlying ...what's brewing inside.....kikikikikih
21/09/2018 18:40
papaya sulah kasi tau yea.......tarak tipu2 punya....kikikikih
21/09/2018 18:41
pang72 Interestibg
21/09/2018 18:42
amet2017 Pie chart wa tau la..sama itu carta lagu rick dees weekly top 40
21/09/2018 21:37
ToolPusher Told you already....
21/09/2018 22:04
Hibiscus1688 Oil price new break high.... Rm2 very soon
Hey guys.... what are u waiting for?
21/09/2018 22:08
Hibiscus1688 Make it investment as simple as possible
21/09/2018 22:08
Hibiscus1688 HIBISCS worth at least RM2 base on PE10, below is my calculation:

Upon completion of North Sabah oil field, hibiscs daily production can increase to 9000 barrels per day.

Opex for production is around $20. (平均一桶的本钱)

Oil price using $65 to calculate

USD to MYR rate 1: 3.800

other expenses and tax orverall 40% of gross margin. 总盈利当中以40%来作为营运开销,税务等等)


9000桶 X ($65 油价- $20 平均成本) X 90days (3个月) X RM3.8 (马币兑换率) X 60% (净盈利) = RM83,106,000 (RM83mil)

Earning per share(sen): RM83mil / 1588mil shares X 100 = 5.23sen

4 quarter of EPS: 5.23 X 4= 20.9sen

Base on PE10 : RM 2.09
21/09/2018 22:13
GM68 Hibiscus produce brent crude oil $79.87 now, adding $5 premium from Sabah for each barrel.
21/09/2018 22:40
KML889 Expecting a good show big time next week
21/09/2018 22:46
GM68 Brent crude crossed $80 just now, hehe, Thanks to Trump lol.
21/09/2018 22:47
Speedy Boy This round OPEC ignores Donald bullying!
21/09/2018 22:58
ToolPusher Haha always next week. Never learn.
21/09/2018 23:14
derrtan Why the dive in oil price pula?
21/09/2018 23:18
pang72 Wow
21/09/2018 23:25
ToolPusher If oil price down then it is good news for Hibiscus. Hibiscus share price moving opposite direction
21/09/2018 23:25
pang72 Very interesting
21/09/2018 23:26
RJ87 Interesting enough to buy in 100lots?
22/09/2018 01:48
mitchu Earning in usa $ and cost in rgt Money is pouring in .better to invest in the stock than going to genting
22/09/2018 09:02
longvalley Hopefully no more b lo $1
Just hold until disember.......!!!!
22/09/2018 09:41
longvalley RJ87' every 1 cents increase u hv 1000$...... Yes....!
22/09/2018 10:41
Huat1 https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/business/2018/09/21/malaysian-crude-kimanis-trades-at-highest-premium-this-year/
22/09/2018 16:10


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