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Kenneth Pareea Hello hello...


18/12/2018 18:44
Kenneth Pareea Curutman also now hiding somewhere far with his only bodyguard ...

He post his bodyguard photo in facebook indirectly quoting " catch me if you can "

18/12/2018 18:46
Kenneth Pareea Wahahahah
18/12/2018 18:47
VenFx 0.850 trigger furthur buy or kiv ?
18/12/2018 18:47
icecool hollandking i think it breached sifu otb's safety lvl unless he run road when it rise
the sifu ask student sell he play short also you dont know haha
18/12/2018 18:53
apple168 Lucky we sold off all at 0.99 to 1.0+
18/12/2018 18:59
apple168 When the devils are in the titanic ship, titanic ship will sink definitely
18/12/2018 19:00
buah_kurma Siaper T4 besok, konfirm jalan terkangkang tanpa seluar dalam
18/12/2018 19:06
VenFx Where is the devil ?
Can show ?
18/12/2018 19:10
ramada I'm scratching my head how to make money next year.
18/12/2018 19:12
tehka Hibiscus.. have the fundamentals changed?
Oil will drop forever?
Ans: no
18/12/2018 19:12
rob_z3_man Kenneth u Holland so many Kenneth


Last few weeks keep shouting 0.8 kena kondem

Now all no bunyi


18/12/2018 19:12
VenFx Posted by ramada > Dec 18, 2018 07:12 PM | Report Abuse 

I'm scratching my head how to make money next year.

Dividen play or Put good ?
18/12/2018 19:13
ramada If market crash, KLCI would drop 30% at least. 2008-2009 that time was dropped 45%.
18/12/2018 19:14
ramada Market sentiment looks very bad recently, KLCI dipped 15% only, still far away from market recession.
18/12/2018 19:15
VenFx Bro, drop by 20% from 1890 alredy jialak .. even kyy margin call semua kena potong kelapa.

If , i m a croc... will bribe for all infos for margin accounts.
Their average coat, weighing ... can make super fire sale n untung kaw kaw. Kikiki
18/12/2018 19:20
VenFx A 30% drop from peak, likely everyone will not dare to say a word of Beli Saham.
18/12/2018 19:21
qqq3 oil drop 4% today....I glad I got rid of my hibiscus at 1.04
18/12/2018 19:22
Shinnzaii aiyo...just back home and go sleep...wake up morning baru see mah...no point to tight tight keep watching...hehehe
18/12/2018 19:23
rob_z3_man Klci so fake la

Drop 15%

Malaysian stocks mostly drop more than 50% d
18/12/2018 19:24
Nicholasming91 The first massive dip is showing signs of recession.. save 50% of ur cash for upcoming crisis . Noone knows when, just like 2008
18/12/2018 19:28
VenFx 50% nia meh ?
70% cash more umh.
18/12/2018 19:35
VenFx The rest can use 10-20% play Catching chicken.
Use 5% out of overall portfolio to add for LT position, when u feel scare like nampak hantu.
18/12/2018 19:37
18/12/2018 19:37
Nicholasming91 10-20% go genting find ah moi la......
18/12/2018 19:42
VenFx U can o not ! Main sampai batah kah ?
10-20% of your overall portfolio le !
Read carefully la .
18/12/2018 19:44
Nicholasming91 Ur catching chicken is catch market price, me is no catch, go find ah moi la adui, enjoy ur life while u can kikiki
18/12/2018 19:52
Tsh123tyyap456 Sohai大师来了,水鱼散户快快来报名上课
18/12/2018 19:58
Tsh123tyyap456 听我讲有sohai在0.75顶票,大家不用怕
18/12/2018 19:59
TheMiddle obviously overreact.
18/12/2018 21:19
GoodBoy Wah ... Who were selling Hibiscus ? ... Price is quite attractive lar ...
18/12/2018 21:28
signalmw or yet
18/12/2018 21:29
freddiehero lets break 0.50
18/12/2018 21:31
FLINV "Sohai大师"是谁?
18/12/2018 21:45
icecool aiya better go buy some good sex and wait until up trend then buy loh you all spam here no use wont go up
18/12/2018 22:17
tehka Hope Dow makes a strong recovery tonight, at least 700 points, to form a strong bullish engulfing pattern on the daily chart.
18/12/2018 22:34
tehka World stock market needs some hope now
18/12/2018 22:35
Babihutan88 Iti zhugeliang macai otb la...burn again otb?
18/12/2018 22:41
Babihutan88 Tomoro 0.70?
Brent come 58 now
18/12/2018 22:43
BuahCiku Aiyo...babihutan...marking otb macai oh....aiyoyo...kikiki
18/12/2018 23:28
Bull is Dead Fortunately i didn't buy Hibiscus as i was max out weeks ago! But i think oil should stabilize already! Then again, don't take my word for it!
18/12/2018 23:41
Moneymore Ini Hibiscus can drop like waterfall...and when reverse also like tongkat ali so those got bullet can sapu kaw2 before reverse. For now going to be super ang ang xmas liao. Haiya!
19/12/2018 00:08
FortuneBlooming Not only stabilise, but stabilise at average 70 - 75 for next year. That is what all the oil experts have been saying.
19/12/2018 00:09
Choivo Capital I would not mind if this co drop to 10 sen. Tbh, position is still very small at 1.1% but i wont mind buying more and averaging down.

I have some things i dont quite understand, but given the price, it looks pretty good.
19/12/2018 00:13
Moneymore Tomorrow morning API report coming, tomorrow night EIA report comng, if inventory still up, then you know lah, if inventory down, All sifu tokok again, so watch up!
19/12/2018 00:13
gunter Brent 56.96

19/12/2018 00:42
mf Warning sell
19/12/2018 03:10
FortuneBlooming I would put my money on Vladimir & his Russia to eventually help to save Brent from collapse. Just like how they eventually helped to save Syria from collapse.

Americans have only been good mainly for creating chaos, instability & anarchy. But the Russians have emerged as the true heroes & saviours many times. Without needing the shallow glamour & glory that Americans have always seemed to crave.
19/12/2018 03:12
JoshuaMS7 Warning run!! Oil price crash to 46 after US inventory report out!! Back to 30++ or below usd soon if US shale oil keep breaking historical high production every week!! Anyone knows the shale production cost per barrel?? 30usd??
19/12/2018 05:49
Shinnzaii 56 liao...hehehe
19/12/2018 05:59


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