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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
26-Mar-2013 08-Apr-2013 30-Apr-2013 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 6% Dividend Detail
01-Jul-2013 11-Jul-2013 15-Jul-2013 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 3 Dividend Detail
04-Sep-2013 18-Sep-2013 01-Oct-2013 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 5% Dividend Detail
14-Mar-2014 28-Mar-2014 30-Apr-2014 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 5% Dividend Detail
08-Sep-2014 22-Sep-2014 07-Oct-2014 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend 5% Dividend Detail
16-Mar-2015 30-Mar-2015 30-Apr-2015 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend 6% Dividend Detail
22-Apr-2015 06-May-2015 08-May-2015 DIVIDEND_IN_SPECIE Dividend in specie 1 : 10 Dividend Detail
02-Sep-2015 30-Sep-2015 16-Oct-2015 DIVIDEND Special Dividend RM 0.2600 Dividend Detail
17-Sep-2015 15-Oct-2015 30-Oct-2015 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 5.0000% Dividend Detail
15-Mar-2016 30-Mar-2016 28-Apr-2016 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend 6.0000% Dividend Detail
27-Sep-2016 12-Oct-2016 27-Oct-2016 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 5% Dividend Detail
27-Feb-2017 11-Apr-2017 28-Apr-2017 DIVIDEND_SHARE Second interim dividend 1 : 100 Dividend Detail
27-Feb-2017 04-Apr-2017 28-Apr-2017 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend RM 0.04 Dividend Detail
07-Sep-2017 27-Sep-2017 29-Sep-2017 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 3 : 10 Dividend Detail
07-Sep-2017 27-Sep-2017 29-Sep-2017 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 4 : 3 Dividend Detail
11-Sep-2017 13-Oct-2017 26-Oct-2017 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
06-Mar-2018 30-Mar-2018 26-Apr-2018 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
21-Aug-2018 24-Sep-2018 18-Oct-2018 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.035 Dividend Detail
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sochkio Got bad news made it drop ?
13/07/2018 16:53
kyy_superinvestor https://www.malaysiastock.biz/Corporate-Infomation.aspx?securityCode=5211
13/07/2018 22:54
kyy_superinvestor see how the boss sapu...folded within one year
13/07/2018 22:55
PiddleMinger The company buying back so much shares at fair value. Not the best way to utilise cash to me.
16/07/2018 10:25
investgo mean how?
16/07/2018 14:56
RocketRider The boss also buy so much back. Is it because something is brewing, for e.g. listing of medical portfolio?
16/07/2018 21:43
kyy_superinvestor Not so fast list as mist of the hospital is in the midst of construction progress...but epf also sapu.....maybe good good news ba
16/07/2018 21:58
lschin how to see who sapu the share?
17/07/2018 11:48
investgo fly up today wow
17/07/2018 15:58
PiddleMinger Insiders buying back is a good sign. But don't be fooled by it. The share prices will not necessarily go up in the short term. I wish the company use their cash for others things eg pare down debts, capital expenditure rather than share buybacks. The company shares are not exactly undervalued.

As it is, their short term borrowings are huge. And gearing remains high compared to peers. The economy is volatile now, the company should be more prudent with their cash.
17/07/2018 17:29
kyy_superinvestor Engine started...follow my tp 1.8
17/07/2018 19:44
investgo Sunway sapu a lot yesterday. hopefully got good news.
18/07/2018 10:18
wah3089 This counter don't when will UP. Almost everyday sapu alot !!!
19/07/2018 10:25
investgo Yesterday was KWSP buy back.
20/07/2018 09:42
Kendo Ken Hz Owners scared margin call? ..Thus buyback??
20/07/2018 12:29
Shinnzaii http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/western-digital-undecided-sale-pj-facility
20/07/2018 15:15
kyy_superinvestor halo jeffrey cheah...what happen to sunway
23/07/2018 17:41
soon9913 If not up, will be down soon
23/07/2018 22:06
Kendo Ken Hz Still not yet rebound, I am looking at 1.8 at least
23/07/2018 23:31
martinbartesque Let it pass 1.63+- first. It happened few times where it dropped back after touched that price.
25/07/2018 21:57
RenegadeMaster Watching this stock is like watching paint dry. *Yawn* Zzzzzzzx
01/08/2018 16:34
Chee Hong If sunway issue bonus share, will sunway wb get bonus share too?
02/08/2018 09:20
Lim Tek Wai Best timing to buy!
02/08/2018 11:59
Kendo Ken Hz Laosai again,
02/08/2018 13:34
RocketRider Why do you think Sunway will issue bonus share? Mind to share?
02/08/2018 14:17
SCK82 There is an agenda about Bonus issue being pull out during the AGM. According to reliable source.
02/08/2018 21:10
MirageHotelPD If Sunway declare bonus issue, then conversion price for Sunway WB will be adjust accordingly
03/08/2018 01:15
Chee Hong Thanks for the answer Mirage HotelPD.
03/08/2018 13:44
Chee Hong Rockrider just asking before I buy it. If mother split but wb no split it is unfair to wb holder.
03/08/2018 13:45
RocketRider Would it be too frequent for bonus issue? Knowing last one was just in last year...
03/08/2018 15:35
Chee Hong Everyday esos , price no drop already happy still want split.
03/08/2018 16:32
SCK82 MASTEEL within 6 months, split 2 times.
03/08/2018 18:55
Crystal Low Why non stopping ESOS? Price not going up :(
09/08/2018 15:05
Yael Jasper strong potential
10/08/2018 10:52
soon9913 Subsi everyday goes up
11/08/2018 21:43
Lim Tek Wai thanks for the profit, kikiki
13/08/2018 12:00
armadasaxon Rocketrider ...agree wif u..
14/08/2018 09:30
Hope88 very slow this stock
14/08/2018 09:47
sochkio Need more patient for this stock. Buy more now, keep for u grandson...
14/08/2018 10:13
robert1234 Is it a new GOV political counter? I think soo MM
19/08/2018 12:21
Yael Jasper Time to collect profit, hehehe thanksss
20/08/2018 11:03
SCK82 Fux Sumway . What the heck Cheah family not doing somethign
21/08/2018 09:52
junetan20 good QR
21/08/2018 23:27
ribort_kok Sunway good counter.....buy more ..keep...but the only problem this counter in sleep mode for the time been..wake up sunway.
22/08/2018 00:12
SCK82 good QR, I believe the momentum is coming, after the QR release. A of lot investor is wonder on the QR after the election.
22/08/2018 13:30
Ben Son Sow no doubt it's a sleep/slow counter, but in term of dividen..it has increase about 16 %...so i will just keep it and top up when necessarily..this is a worry less counter
22/08/2018 21:56
necro this SUNWAY is relax counter...since bulk of its biz in property & property development its not under retail or fund radar except for EPF...looks at transaction of EPF & buy back already stop...but you must remember there is healthcare in pipeline worth more than RM1.5Billion
23/08/2018 12:28
ribort_kok More than usual 3.0sen to 3.5cent dividen for investor..try to reach at rm1.60..perhaps to rm1.70..
25/08/2018 22:50
thek Wow best employer award
06/09/2018 15:14
factorrumour why sunway keep buy back shares? can't they used the money to pay dividend or repay loans? so weird
20/09/2018 20:46


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