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26-Oct-2020 09-Nov-2020 27-Nov-2020 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0211 Dividend Detail
20-Jul-2020 03-Aug-2020 28-Aug-2020 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0062 Dividend Detail
22-Apr-2020 06-May-2020 29-May-2020 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0194 Dividend Detail
22-Jan-2020 05-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0219 Dividend Detail
23-Oct-2019 06-Nov-2019 29-Nov-2019 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0231 Dividend Detail
23-Jul-2019 06-Aug-2019 30-Aug-2019 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0226 Dividend Detail
29-Apr-2019 08-May-2019 31-May-2019 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.024 Dividend Detail
23-Jan-2019 07-Feb-2019 28-Feb-2019 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0228 Dividend Detail
24-Oct-2018 07-Nov-2018 29-Nov-2018 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0229 Dividend Detail
13-Jul-2018 26-Jul-2018 20-Aug-2018 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0214 Dividend Detail
23-Apr-2018 04-May-2018 31-May-2018 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0248 Dividend Detail
23-Jan-2018 06-Feb-2018 28-Feb-2018 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.049 Dividend Detail
02-Aug-2017 14-Aug-2017 30-Aug-2017 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0438 Dividend Detail
25-Jan-2017 08-Feb-2017 28-Feb-2017 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.043 Dividend Detail
26-Jul-2016 05-Aug-2016 29-Aug-2016 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0441 Dividend Detail
26-Jan-2016 10-Feb-2016 29-Feb-2016 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0372 Dividend Detail
28-Jul-2015 07-Aug-2015 28-Aug-2015 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0447 Dividend Detail
27-Jan-2015 10-Feb-2015 27-Feb-2015 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.039 Dividend Detail
24-Jul-2014 11-Aug-2014 29-Aug-2014 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0389 Dividend Detail
28-Jan-2014 14-Feb-2014 28-Feb-2014 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0361 Dividend Detail
30-Jul-2013 14-Aug-2013 29-Aug-2013 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0343 Dividend Detail
30-Jan-2013 14-Feb-2013 28-Feb-2013 DISTRIBUTION Income Distribution RM 0.0183 Dividend Detail
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newbie2y anyone been to midvalley or the gardens recently? wondering hows the crowd there now..
11/06/2020 11:13 AM
Questions Its midvalley. What do u think ?
11/06/2020 11:17 AM
terence775 Crowded as heck.. need to round round again to find parking. But at least only need to round maybe 15 mins.. not like last time round 1 hour also not guaranteed can find parking
11/06/2020 11:18 AM
newbie2y haha good...people coming back gradually..:)
11/06/2020 12:42 PM
Jason85 Share price really so stable .. hold for two months still around 1.75 - won’t up and down too much ..
12/06/2020 12:42 PM
Jason85 Haha if today amazing also.. if can break 1.9 then more then happy for this.. not about the $$ earn but the time to hold this stock
12/06/2020 2:40 PM
Jason85 Finally 1.80 .. Yum Yum ;)
23/06/2020 4:58 AM
cjm5555 1.8~
24/06/2020 11:44 AM
hoesong egm kan
24/06/2020 3:28 PM
Kenzo8 dividend not super fat that kind, share price also anticipated to be in up trend but with very slow pace, why EPF aims this counter?
09/07/2020 3:37 PM
TheEdgeMarkets Post removed. Why?
20/07/2020 3:35 PM
Jason85 Bad QR and lowest dividend payout ever.. OMG
20/07/2020 6:33 PM
RocketRider QR shows history. Who can share what they saw during recent visit to MidValley?
20/07/2020 9:06 PM
WavesRider lets assume next 2 quarters payout dividend also 0.0062. annual dividend at 0.038 cts, current share price at 1.80. 2.11% interest if you bought now. it is very unlikely the share price will go up further unless KLSE enter correction, investors will go for defensive stock like REIT. open gap down tomorrow?
20/07/2020 9:37 PM
hellbender Wow... unchanged... as at 12.31pm.... amazing... qtr results came out bad but price remains unchanged. Sure or not?
21/07/2020 12:31 PM
speakup wahlauweh bad results still up 1sen?
21/07/2020 5:01 PM
tesune0316 I though can reach 1.77 today . But Still raising, why arh ?
21/07/2020 5:08 PM
newbie2y lol, like what RocketRider said, a visit to MidValley or the Gardens will know d :)
21/07/2020 5:53 PM
Hidup_Anwar Profit down 75% still up bec EPF/KWAP must buy ctr? Anwar pls be PM asap. Economy very poor under PN.
21/07/2020 8:24 PM
KenichiLee anyone can be pm, asal bukan anwar
22/07/2020 8:54 PM
tesune0316 After issue dividend will TP drop a little bit ?
24/07/2020 4:50 PM
AlexZai Hi guys worth to hold?
11/08/2020 8:10 PM
Tipster When can find parking in MV easily, means footfall is low... Bad for the reit too... Play time parking need to hunt n round long long to find 1 spot..
28/08/2020 6:08 PM
Pinky Went to MV today, ample parking from 3rd floor (cinema floor) onwards when I leave at around 1PM just now. Not a good sign. Pre-COVID you don't expect to find any spots at the cinema level.
19/09/2020 4:48 PM
OldWiseMan100 Post removed. Why?
21/09/2020 9:28 AM
karimboss https://www.midvalley.com.my/locate/parking/index.aspx

Full of Parking everyday
09/10/2020 5:34 PM
newbie911 Covid case in midvalley.
Can check in midvalley fb.
11/10/2020 8:02 PM
investmalysia Gap down
11/10/2020 8:58 PM
memorylane another case in Apple store mid valley >< .... today parking is so so empty...
12/10/2020 3:57 PM
investmalysia Gone case
12/10/2020 5:40 PM
karimboss https://www.midvalley.com.my/locate/parking/index.aspx

Parking is empty...Diu lo..GG again
12/10/2020 6:15 PM
karimboss Cash is depleting, Debt higher
12/10/2020 6:15 PM
derricksyl Will break to 1.65
13/10/2020 7:57 AM
Pinky Good! Another chance to buy into IGBREIT on discount
13/10/2020 10:00 AM
Investoinvest Correct.Buying spree
16/10/2020 12:41 AM
KGminus False positive cases. There is no need to panic sell. https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/reported-covid19-case-mid-valley-megamall-garden-mall-turns-out-be-false-positive
18/10/2020 7:10 PM
Pinky Wait for 1.50++
19/10/2020 4:13 PM
陈国荣 @Pinky agree with you.
21/10/2020 2:24 PM
akira I went to MV recently, the crowd is really bad hmmm
22/10/2020 10:33 AM
investfuture IGBREIT 3Q2020 Analysis


26/10/2020 7:03 PM
Chanzeryl Robinson Co. (Malaya) Sdn Bhd says it will close two department stores at The Gardens Mall and The Shoppes at Four Seasons Place. -NSTP/File pic

31/10/2020 4:03 PM
derricksyl will break 1.60 .....
03/11/2020 4:16 PM
Rock_n_roll MV is a dead mall now.... even after close half the parkings, still got so many spaces
04/11/2020 4:29 PM
gongkia need to check next quarter result
04/11/2020 6:32 PM
Jason Tan Rock & Roll _ if MV is deadmall than a lot of malls will die first before MV. MV is still strong just a matter of time to fill up.
04/11/2020 6:34 PM
Letsfly Problem is alot of malls die already.... No need first or not.. Keep up this covid issue and mco, many shop going to wind up... Kesian all of those business owners...
04/11/2020 7:51 PM
Pinky Don't say MV, KLCC also quite quiet when I went last Saturday noon
10/11/2020 9:35 AM
hoesong MV slowly pickup now , started
from LG level
10/11/2020 1:51 PM
derricksyl water quiet water fly ......
21/11/2020 11:56 AM
lanikai Bye no hope sell now, will retest march low
21/11/2020 7:44 PM

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