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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
03-Sep-2019 20-Sep-2019 10-Oct-2019 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
06-Feb-2020 19-Feb-2020 20-Feb-2020 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1.0000 : 2.0000 Dividend Detail
25-Nov-2020 21-Dec-2020 18-Jan-2021 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.0100 Dividend Detail
12-Mar-2021 25-Mar-2021 26-Mar-2021 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 5.0000 : 4.0000 Dividend Detail
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Hooweeseng Something is wrong with this counter...
23/03/2021 1:15 PM
nasi_lemak rasee... the last day to qualify for bonus issue is 24th,5pm...
23/03/2021 1:20 PM
nasi_lemak Rasee...let say the price on 24th closing is 1.50, then the ex price would be (1.50 x4)/9 = 0.67 per share
23/03/2021 1:21 PM
rasee98 nasi lemak , tq tq

time 4 booze
23/03/2021 3:23 PM
rasee98 times 4 bcoz 4 to 5 and devide by 9 (4 5)?
23/03/2021 3:24 PM
rasee98 the exprice for the bonus share or the current price will fall from 1.49 to 0.6x?
23/03/2021 3:25 PM
rasee98 time 4 booze 《 typo error
23/03/2021 3:28 PM
nasi_lemak Coz let say u have 400 shares, after bonus u will get 500 more shares, so total is 900 shares.. so the total value of 4 shares divide by 9 to get the ex price.. it is not considered fall, just reduced price to make the share more liquid
23/03/2021 5:06 PM
oasischeah It is indirectly a fall. You buy now and on the ex date it is divided proportionately. Normally most shares after ex will fall below proportion value. I would choose to buy after the ex date if interested in this share. Announcement of BI is like a gimmick to attract public interest.
24/03/2021 9:24 AM
rasee98 tq nasi lemak
24/03/2021 9:27 AM
lMMMl what u guys think about this company? will it be like the next revenue ?
24/03/2021 10:59 AM
DragonPhoenix doesnt look good at all, getting lower each day for 4 consecutive days. lucky to have sold at 1.69 :)
24/03/2021 11:22 AM
oasischeah See and compare after the ex date. Safer consideration.
24/03/2021 11:57 AM
rasee98 tq oasis
24/03/2021 1:39 PM
rasee98 any target price to.enter?
24/03/2021 4:41 PM
pdgkm1 Time to collect, TP=0.80 by june2021
25/03/2021 11:46 AM
yapnewbie May I know why the quantity of shares im holding is same before and after ex date?
25/03/2021 12:58 PM
pdgkm1 you will see your bonus share on 26/03/2021
25/03/2021 1:49 PM
yapnewbie Thanks!
25/03/2021 2:58 PM
XinSanguo I still not receive bonus share in my account. What I need to do?
26/03/2021 10:02 AM
piranha88 The bonus shares will only be reflected in your account on monday
26/03/2021 12:30 PM
nixonteh85 55c on monday not
26/03/2021 12:39 PM
pdgkm1 Bonus issue will be in your account at 5pm 26/03/2021. Patience my man.
26/03/2021 2:34 PM
penguin5149 how to calculate average purchase price after the bonus issue?
29/03/2021 1:50 PM
AaronH your previous price /9*4
29/03/2021 5:43 PM
Tete7893 What the hell ~ Drop non stop
01/04/2021 4:33 PM
pdgkm1 Huat...Hing...Ong...Buy non stop lah.
02/04/2021 1:58 PM
ampabella up 1 day drop 5 days, Techbond jadi Techbomb
05/04/2021 8:18 PM
yapnewbie Anyone still holding?
15/04/2021 7:50 AM
Hooweeseng I'm confused... The price drops non stop since the day it declared bonus issues.. Very strange n fishy
15/04/2021 10:15 PM
HTCS Start collecting.
18/04/2021 11:22 PM
lMMMl ya ready to buy at 0.51
25/04/2021 1:49 PM
alibaba123456 World chemical producer ( about 27% supplier ) India facing 2nd waves Covids ......besides hextar 5151 get benefit , Techbnd hmmmmmm looking benefit too
30/04/2021 3:16 PM
royong82 low volume...what are they waiting for?
19/05/2021 10:38 AM
sn2368 Why new Vietnam plant still on trial run after more than 6 months ?
21/05/2021 9:36 AM
cg14134 The owner controls 70+% of the stock. He needs to attend a stock-frying course to make his stock come alive. Good fundamentals but lousy technicals.
21/05/2021 11:03 AM
royong82 Qtr report shows profit hit new high record, but share price moving to south.
23/05/2021 11:14 PM
DreamHunter ha ha ha
23/05/2021 11:14 PM
DreamHunter yah loh
23/05/2021 11:15 PM
robertzz 70% too much d..
23/05/2021 11:57 PM
robertzz 30-40% will be healthy
23/05/2021 11:57 PM
cg14134 The company should engage a good IR to promote the stock if the owner is not into goreng thingy. Can easily attract funds to buy with the Vietnam growth story.
24/05/2021 11:06 AM
cg14134 Wow, no comment from others since my last meaning the stock is not on traders' radar at all. Wake all up b4 u go go!
10/06/2021 2:44 PM
royong82 wish to break 0.550 then 0.600...keep going!
11/06/2021 12:25 AM
cg14134 Fundamentally should go up. What is needed is better share price momentum and technical strength.
11/06/2021 9:11 AM
cg14134 Good chance that trend reversal is developing. Keep it up!
11/06/2021 9:43 AM
tamp0i Yahoo collecting WA
11/06/2021 9:47 AM
cg14134 Be careful about the WA cos deep-in-the-$ warrants should have low premium.
11/06/2021 12:24 PM
cg14134 And the gearing is less than 2, so leverage also no kick
11/06/2021 12:26 PM
tressele I am buying
13/06/2021 11:14 PM

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