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03-Dec-2018 14-Dec-2018 18-Dec-2018 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
03-Jun-2002 12-Aug-2002 13-Sep-2002 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 2% Dividend Detail
08-May-2001 24-Jul-2001 25-Aug-2001 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 2% Dividend Detail
09-Jun-2000 22-Aug-2000 27-Sep-2000 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 15% Dividend Detail
04-Aug-1999 14-Oct-1999 20-Nov-1999 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 5% Dividend Detail
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clp72 seems like the land sale belongs to Tan Sri and not CHHB
09/01/2017 09:31
Diamond7 Privatise???
17/01/2017 18:36
Diamond7 up...up...up.....any news?Bonus? Share split or Privatise?
19/01/2017 06:15
xcu843 Don't hope this
20/01/2017 11:03
Diamond7 Dont hope for this? Why?
08/02/2017 18:45
Diamond7 Today volume fairly high...42,000 units done!!!
08/02/2017 18:46
xcu843 No volume like dead stock.
08/02/2017 22:48
xcu843 wow, suddenly up a lot. any news
14/02/2017 17:21
Diamond7 Good news coming......
21/02/2017 19:00
xcu843 Bad news
28/02/2017 19:23
jontfj no qr results announcement?
28/02/2017 19:32
xcu843 Announced already
28/02/2017 20:25
Diamond7 Privitise?......
21/03/2017 11:05
Diamond7 News coming up...is it?
Why todays volume suddenly 181 000
I better run!!!
28/03/2017 19:42
Diamond7 What news?
Brewing? Why so many buyers?
Volume 177000 n stock price oso up...up..up..RM1.40 liao!
06/04/2017 13:32
rohank71 why is LHDN gonna liquidate the main subsidiary. does it mean CHHB will be PN17? Pls advice.
23/04/2017 00:59
nice1 Poor company but rich owner
10/05/2017 13:32
speakup http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/383147

najib getting IRB/LHDN to go after Pakatan donors. His strategy is cripple the donors to cripple Pakatan.
23/05/2017 14:08
ppginvest http://www.msn.com/en-my/news/national/mahathir-slams-authorities-for-going-after-lee-kim-yew/ar-BBBIgRy?ocid=iehp
02/06/2017 07:44
20M2017 Any good news?
18/08/2017 22:23
xcu843 Good news. Good report.
24/08/2017 21:35
20M2017 Xcu843 pls share good news n report, tq
24/08/2017 21:59
xcu843 It make profit for this time quarterly report.
24/08/2017 22:14
20M2017 Make profit but not moving up at all! Tks bro!
25/08/2017 13:49
sengkee Ini stock bagus tak?
29/08/2017 10:43
xcu843 Suddenly got volume
07/09/2017 19:16
deepsea LHDN may wind up CHHB due to overdue income tax
12/09/2017 09:52
xcu843 Report out
23/11/2017 19:12
BlackWhite Rocket high old friend of Tun
14/05/2018 10:44
Mateus Should I buy at 1.4?
14/05/2018 15:56
Striker90 ASB , ANWAR! fast
15/05/2018 15:00
Jian Hao loss-making but reducing loss? are they close to Anwar?
24/05/2018 02:23
davidkkw79 Chhb founder datuk Lee is well known close to mahathir
14/06/2018 17:36
relaks Property market kena kasi viagra. Semua dah lama Zzzzzzzzz.... Apa PH bole buat ya?
14/06/2018 21:55
Hlling No volume but something coming out soon
22/06/2018 23:55
davidkkw79 Chhb will be raising fund from pakatan harapan!
27/06/2018 17:43
giles0718 Company making a comeback under the new regime. Pity wrong economic cycle.
11/07/2018 18:06
kllady_fidah Ctr to watch......back to glory days ..Abng adik with TM
22/07/2018 09:17
bjaya LKY said CHH ll revalue its properties which will then price CHH share to be worth 10-11 ringgit a piece. Plausible ?
22/07/2018 23:05
paulthesotong Salted fish can swim now.
23/07/2018 20:29
paulthesotong To attract investors to return, Lee is planning to revalue its land n properties. The assets have never re-valued once its done should 10 to 11 bucks n currently only 2.80.
23/07/2018 20:45
xcu843 Very very bad report
30/08/2018 18:29
davidkkw79 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/country-heights-proposes-ico-issue-horse-currency Super scam !
21/09/2018 23:04
birkincollector learning from Vida? lol
24/09/2018 08:34
speakup because Chairman Lee Kim Yew is Tun M crony, chhb is one of few property companies that actually up a lot after PH won GE14.
28/09/2018 15:08
02/10/2018 15:14
coldinvestor 万王之王来了, 要谨慎啊!
03/10/2018 17:36
SharehlderOppression TS Lee back to his old tricks?
Crypto currencies work bcos of its ease, low cost of transaction cost and anonymity function
So it is a favourite for money launderers, not the other way round
At the very least, when the board approves, get SC Approval first before wasting shareholders time & money on an EGM to approve hiring consultants, technology partners and the works/
04/10/2018 12:36
ov123 Revalued NTA so high, share price so low. Classic example as to why we should avoid property companies.
09/10/2018 13:24
davidkkw79 They just use crypto name to fool people, cause most people dont know what is cryptocurrency. Fooling people with name of cryptocurrency, but actually chhb is short of cash, they selling to u with air coin , then they get real fiat money.
24/10/2018 21:50


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