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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
05-Aug-1999 17-Sep-1999 20-Oct-1999 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 0.11% Dividend Detail
23-Nov-1999 14-Dec-1999 17-Jan-2000 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 7% Dividend Detail
31-Jul-2000 19-Sep-2000 20-Oct-2000 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 13% Dividend Detail
13-Nov-2000 14-Dec-2000 17-Jan-2001 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 5% Dividend Detail
17-Aug-2001 21-Sep-2001 19-Oct-2001 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 10% Dividend Detail
23-Nov-2001 13-Dec-2001 17-Jan-2002 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 8% Dividend Detail
21-Aug-2002 20-Sep-2002 18-Oct-2002 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 12% Dividend Detail
22-Nov-2002 11-Dec-2002 23-Dec-2002 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 10% Dividend Detail
14-Jul-2003 01-Aug-2003 15-Aug-2003 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 15% Dividend Detail
20-Nov-2003 10-Dec-2003 23-Dec-2003 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 10% Dividend Detail
26-Feb-2004 12-Mar-2004 30-Mar-2004 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend 10% Dividend Detail
05-Jul-2004 03-Aug-2004 16-Aug-2004 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 10% Dividend Detail
09-Nov-2004 07-Dec-2004 23-Dec-2004 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 10% Dividend Detail
22-Feb-2005 14-Mar-2005 30-Mar-2005 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend 10% Dividend Detail
11-Jul-2005 12-Aug-2005 24-Aug-2005 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 10% Dividend Detail
18-Nov-2005 06-Dec-2005 23-Dec-2005 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 10% Dividend Detail
20-Feb-2006 14-Mar-2006 30-Mar-2006 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend 10% Dividend Detail
07-Jul-2006 14-Aug-2006 24-Aug-2006 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 20% Dividend Detail
20-Nov-2006 06-Dec-2006 26-Dec-2006 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 15% Dividend Detail
13-Feb-2007 14-Mar-2007 30-Mar-2007 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend 5% Dividend Detail
10-Jul-2007 16-Aug-2007 28-Aug-2007 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 26% Dividend Detail
19-Nov-2007 06-Dec-2007 27-Dec-2007 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 20% Dividend Detail
18-Feb-2008 11-Mar-2008 28-Mar-2008 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend 5% Dividend Detail
29-Jul-2008 08-Sep-2008 25-Sep-2008 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 15% Dividend Detail
21-Nov-2008 05-Dec-2008 24-Dec-2008 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 10% Dividend Detail
25-Aug-2011 30-Sep-2011 19-Oct-2011 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 20% Dividend Detail
30-Aug-2012 02-Oct-2012 26-Oct-2012 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 17% Dividend Detail
02-Sep-2013 26-Sep-2013 28-Oct-2013 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 32% Dividend Detail
26-Aug-2014 26-Sep-2014 29-Oct-2014 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 16.5% Dividend Detail
24-Oct-2016 03-Nov-2016 07-Nov-2016 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
18-Sep-2018 28-Sep-2018 02-Oct-2018 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 7 : 5 Dividend Detail
31-Oct-2019 13-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend (with Dividend Re-Investment Plan) RM 0.025 Dividend Detail
17-Sep-2020 01-Oct-2020 23-Oct-2020 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.0300 Dividend Detail
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  8 people like this.
Superb99 good fundamental stock but people play it like penny stock....
04/09/2020 9:34 AM
hopetobecorrect no matter how good the fundamental, as long as no dividend it will be always a penny stock. the company did not keep it promise
04/09/2020 10:52 AM
ooihk899 TheContrarian > enter cherry picking mode.

Manage to pick any Cherry? If not go pick peanut lo.
04/09/2020 1:52 PM
ykloh Create and protect shareholder value is among the most important duties of the BOD and management. In this case both have failed badly.
04/09/2020 4:42 PM
TheContrarian Picked three cherries today.
04/09/2020 5:57 PM
TheContrarian Suddenly so quiet here.
08/09/2020 7:20 PM
cherry88 Cherry still here. You are not alone
09/09/2020 3:52 PM
TheContrarian Nice of Cherry to keep me company.
09/09/2020 7:09 PM
TheContrarian Sold some MNRB at 1.04 early this morning.
10/09/2020 1:14 PM
TheContrarian Absolutely quiet here.
11/09/2020 6:15 PM
Superb99 This counter is so difficult to stand firmly above rm1
12/09/2020 9:58 AM
TheContrarian I think I am going to sell off my remaining MNRB shares tomorrow and move on.
13/09/2020 8:07 PM
bb1788 Finally...water is flowing..
17/09/2020 8:40 PM
TheContrarian Only 3 sen.
17/09/2020 9:13 PM
firehawk hope tomorrow surge again :-)
18/09/2020 12:05 AM
Superb99 ya so little dividend, kedekut mgmt
18/09/2020 10:55 AM
bhullar_1972 I will wait for AGM to see whether new mgmt is committed to dividend policy..the old mgmt lied did not give minimum 40% for year 2020...New mgmt must be honest about dividend policy.
18/09/2020 11:55 AM
TheContrarian Y/E 31/3/20 EPS was 17 sen, interim dividend 2.5 sen, no final dividend.
18/09/2020 4:11 PM
smartag Up trend remain, don't sell too fast!
18/09/2020 5:11 PM
smartag Hold for 3 to 6 months.
18/09/2020 5:12 PM
cherry88 Only 3sen? Not 50%payout as promised in ladt AGM? PLEASE LAH...
18/09/2020 11:02 PM
firehawk i saw someone deleted the +ve postings that praising tis counter .... may be sold alrdy .....
20/09/2020 2:58 PM
cherry88 My post still around. Only a bit disappointed on 3sen dividend, which suppose to be 8sen min...
21/09/2020 9:21 AM
cherry88 Any plan to privatize MNRB ? Given its NTA of RM3.00 against market price of RM1.10 ? maybe...maybe not...?
21/09/2020 11:05 AM
firehawk Opportunity to buy back for those sold earlier .....
don't think this counter will be taking private
21/09/2020 6:02 PM
LiimInvest Hold first and waiting for next new level
21/09/2020 11:45 PM
Superb99 Nta rm3, privatise it la
24/09/2020 4:15 PM
Superb99 I will top up if drop below rm1
24/09/2020 4:16 PM
hopetobecorrect anyone attended yesterday AGM? hopefully can share
25/09/2020 9:06 AM
Superb99 Every quarter earned so much money but price is so low
25/09/2020 10:03 AM
hopetobecorrect maybe only paper money not real hard cash, that's why cannot pay dividend as promised. therefore price is always low.
25/09/2020 10:09 AM
Superb99 Ya I think most likely else the price should fly
25/09/2020 11:04 AM
firehawk MNRB - Notice of Book Closure
Interim Single-Tier Dividend of 3.0 sen per ordinary share for the financial year ending 31 March 2021. Kindly be advised of the following :
1) The aboveCompany's securities will be traded and quoted "Ex - Dividend as from: 1 Oct2020
2) The last date of lodgment : 2 Oct 2020
3) Date Payable : 23 Oct 2020
29/09/2020 4:56 PM
Superb99 Below rm1, cheap sales
30/09/2020 12:00 PM
firehawk why he wants to make vol high high @0.99?
30/09/2020 3:02 PM
Superb99 Beginning of downtrend
30/09/2020 4:27 PM
raymondlct126 This counter drop since IPO.
01/10/2020 9:37 PM
Superb99 Good fundamental but poor pricing
02/10/2020 3:59 PM
TheContrarian Below 90 sen I will consider buying back.
02/10/2020 11:52 PM
smartrader Not many companies in klse achieved yoy revenue growth and strong earnings growth in april to june quarter. Mnrb managed to achieve this feat despite the lockdown period. Therefore, high possibility a sustain growth should be within reach in the coming quarters. In addition, yoy interim dividend increased from 2.5c to 3c despite covid pandemic induced economic shock. It just show last 2 years business remodeling is bearing fruits. Possible a strong hold for long term structural growth.
03/10/2020 11:59 PM
smartag Agreed
10/10/2020 11:19 AM
cherry88 @ solarise80 "Sell, making big loss in Japan, USA and China typhoon and flood, making huge loss in next quester" ? where u get all these info ?
12/10/2020 1:57 PM
Superb99 Declared a bit dividend then keeps dropping, what the hell it is doing
15/10/2020 5:45 PM
Eric Lim collecting
15/10/2020 7:06 PM
TheContrarian I think it will go down further.
15/10/2020 8:36 PM
solaris80 Buy now, worst is over..No flood and typhoon reported in Japan..LPI has posted the fabulous QR, mnrb will be the same
16/10/2020 12:01 PM
solaris80 I pressed down the price, thank you for those sold low
16/10/2020 12:02 PM
TheContrarian I think it will go down further.
16/10/2020 7:02 PM
Superb99 It should go and produce glove like mahsing, 1 day up 30%...lol
16/10/2020 9:08 PM
Superb99 Ngeri counter....klse green but it is red
27/10/2020 4:21 PM

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