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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
08-Nov-2018 28-Nov-2018 14-Dec-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
01-Jun-2018 25-Jun-2018 27-Jun-2018 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 10 Dividend Detail
24-Apr-2018 18-Jun-2018 12-Jul-2018 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.08 Dividend Detail
06-Nov-2017 17-Nov-2017 15-Dec-2017 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
21-Apr-2017 14-Jun-2017 07-Jul-2017 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.11 Dividend Detail
07-Nov-2016 28-Nov-2016 16-Dec-2016 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
25-Apr-2016 13-Jun-2016 14-Jul-2016 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.0800 Dividend Detail
24-Nov-2015 07-Dec-2015 23-Dec-2015 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.0300 Dividend Detail
08-May-2015 11-Jun-2015 09-Jul-2015 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.0700 Dividend Detail
24-Nov-2014 05-Dec-2014 24-Dec-2014 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
29-May-2014 26-Jun-2014 21-Jul-2014 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.09 Dividend Detail
25-Nov-2013 06-Dec-2013 27-Dec-2013 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
30-May-2013 26-Jun-2013 19-Jul-2013 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.1 Dividend Detail
20-Nov-2012 04-Dec-2012 20-Dec-2012 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
24-May-2012 20-Jun-2012 12-Jul-2012 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.09 Dividend Detail
10-Nov-2011 25-Nov-2011 20-Dec-2011 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
25-Apr-2011 27-May-2011 23-Jun-2011 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.1 Dividend Detail
28-Oct-2010 16-Nov-2010 17-Dec-2010 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
20-Apr-2010 18-May-2010 17-Jun-2010 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.09 Dividend Detail
28-Oct-2009 18-Nov-2009 17-Dec-2009 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
21-Apr-2009 19-May-2009 18-Jun-2009 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 8% Dividend Detail
30-Oct-2008 18-Nov-2008 18-Dec-2008 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
17-Apr-2008 28-May-2008 26-Jun-2008 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 8% Dividend Detail
06-Dec-2007 10-Dec-2007 11-Jan-2008 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
17-Apr-2007 14-May-2007 14-Jun-2007 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 11% Dividend Detail
14-Nov-2006 11-Dec-2006 10-Jan-2007 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
04-Apr-2006 07-Jun-2006 07-Jul-2006 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 8% Dividend Detail
23-Feb-2006 10-Mar-2006 06-Apr-2006 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
31-Mar-2005 07-Jun-2005 07-Jul-2005 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 8% Dividend Detail
26-Jan-2005 24-Feb-2005 21-Mar-2005 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
01-Apr-2004 19-May-2004 04-Jun-2004 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 8% Dividend Detail
08-Apr-2003 07-May-2003 23-May-2003 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 8% Dividend Detail
19-Mar-2002 15-May-2002 06-Jun-2002 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.06 Dividend Detail
17-May-2001 06-Jun-2001 08-Jun-2001 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 5 Dividend Detail
09-Apr-2001 16-May-2001 25-May-2001 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 6% Dividend Detail
13-Jun-2000 06-Jul-2000 12-Jul-2000 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
16-May-2000 19-Jun-2000 06-Jul-2000 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 6% Dividend Detail
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  Raghu Nath Sharma likes this.
luckycharm Wow! Ho seh liao la...
02/05/2017 14:49
chankp7010 NHF is up 15 cents now. Very soon, it will reach its target price of RM4.50
02/05/2017 15:17
Sumofwhich imo, it could likely go up to RM6+
02/05/2017 16:07
bclim_83 In previous interview, MD valued his company at PE of 15 to 20
02/05/2017 16:22
anonboy Consolidation mode
02/05/2017 22:52
tecpower Malaysia's March exports up 24.1% on year, imports rise 39.4% http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/malaysias-march-exports-241-year-imports-rise-394
05/05/2017 18:55
tecpower Buy export stocks like New Hoong Fatt. The next QR should be very good.
06/05/2017 00:19
tecpower Stellar export growth expected to continue in Q2

Buy on dips.
09/05/2017 22:24
luckycharm Solid counter...waitin it to explode....
12/05/2017 06:30
chankp7010 I am confident that by end of May 2017, RM4.50 can be achieved.
12/05/2017 14:53
Richest Can be achieved?
12/05/2017 17:39
luckycharm This counter diam diam always suprise me with the price movement..
15/05/2017 15:18
bclim_83 Remarkable set of result. Double digit growth in both revenue n net profit. 1st quarter alone already generate rm 18 million operating cash flow. Very well managed company. Asean segment offers great potential of growth. NTA grows further to rm 5.05
16/05/2017 19:49
Sebastian Sted Power have been monitored this counter since last 2-3 QR. Regret no make decision earlier. Hope to get some today
17/05/2017 08:55
luckycharm good results rm4.50 comin...
17/05/2017 15:06
samsambank 首季净利增35% 新鸿发股价节节涨 http://www.chinapress.com.my/20170517/首季淨利增35-新鴻發股價節節漲/
17/05/2017 18:49
tecpower just profit taking. now is a good entry point.
19/05/2017 22:17
chankp7010 NHF will be having AGM on 1/6/2017 at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Anyone interested to attend, please ask the Board as to whether there is a possibility of Bonus issue as NHF NTA has exceeded RM5/- and for decades, NHF never issue any rights, bonus shares to loyal shareholders.
22/05/2017 11:34
luckycharm Vry good...huat ah
05/06/2017 16:09
chankp7010 My prediction for NHF to achieve RM4.50 before end of May 2017 was not achieved but it will very likely in June 2017 as the current market price is RM4.43 up 7 cents. Just wonder those who had attended AGM on 1st June, 2017, did they enquiry about bonus issue?
07/06/2017 11:45
luckycharm touch rm4.50...this counter really another superb counter i found in 2017...likely will hit rm6 above if smooth...
07/06/2017 15:36
luckycharm New Hoong Fatt Holdings Bhd (NHF) remains sanguine of achieving a double-digit growth in net profit and revenue this year, driven by its overseas businesses. The international contribution is expected to grow to 70.0% of the group's revenue by 2021, from 52.0% currently with the company currently exports to more than 50 countries. (The Star Online)
07/06/2017 15:43
chankp7010 Just touched RM4.52.
07/06/2017 15:52
mincai Post removed. Why?
07/06/2017 21:56
luckycharm Wow unbelieveable!
07/06/2017 22:40
chankp7010 NHF has just waken from a slumber; yesterday up 32 cents, now as at 11.10 a. m. up 22 cents. Any Sifu can predict trading price for NHF up to end of the month??
08/06/2017 11:11
luckycharm i think rm 5.50...but am keeping coz believe nhfatt another fatt counter in da makin..
08/06/2017 11:19
chankp7010 Thank you luckycharm for prompt reply. Hopefully, RM5.50 will be forthcoming.
08/06/2017 12:29
alex3388 buyer less but share price up + 0.210...
08/06/2017 14:50
mincai Post removed. Why?
08/06/2017 22:05
songson buy buy fatt
08/06/2017 22:13
mincai Buyer少,seller更少,所以股價很快就漲。
09/06/2017 00:09
luckycharm Let see today can hit at rm5 ....
09/06/2017 08:16
bclim_83 The company is confident of double digit growth this year. Managing director said before he valued the company at the PE of 20, that means the share price should be ard rm 8. Looked at small cap companies such as jhm, kesm and ajinomoto. All trade at PE of 15-20.
11/06/2017 18:39
mincai Post removed. Why?
13/06/2017 18:30
chankp7010 Instead of hoping for RM5.00-5,50 for NHF, we are now getting RM4.36. What happens? Is there any change in management, policy, directors or operation. The answer is obviously NO! Then, why such a drop in term of percentage? Only sentiment and human feeling that we can fathom. Ha Ha. Let us wait for another Quarter result for better assessment.
22/06/2017 17:53
damansaraeagle NHF set to benefit from Geely-Proton deal
12/07/2017 03:05
luckycharm nhfatt today drop a bomb....
28/07/2017 15:51
Larrytrader Why two days drop so much?
28/07/2017 17:34
cheeseburger read the Qtr report..
29/07/2017 00:17
Alex™ anyone can share what happened to this counter?
15/09/2017 15:42
Alex™ i saw it broke ema60 on weekly chart.
15/09/2017 15:42
shareinvestor88 Better sell. Profit down. Target 1.00
06/11/2017 20:15
Jon Choivo Well, this looks appealing.
09/11/2017 00:49
bclim_83 8 cent dividend is coming, followed by bonus share
30/03/2018 11:05
henry1112 so quiet here....so quiet
30/08/2018 09:57
henry1112 oh new low.....
25/09/2018 22:34
apolloang no new low lah already gave 1 for 10 bonus
25/09/2018 22:35
henry1112 keep dropping
11/10/2018 16:31
henry1112 Any shareholders here? any expectation or outlook to this stock?
15/11/2018 09:31


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