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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
30-Sep-2002 24-Oct-2002 15-Nov-2002 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 5% Dividend Detail
29-Sep-2003 22-Oct-2003 14-Nov-2003 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 3.5% Dividend Detail
09-Dec-2003 26-Dec-2003 30-Dec-2003 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 3 : 8 Dividend Detail
28-Oct-2020 08-Dec-2020 23-Dec-2020 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.0226 Dividend Detail
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  anthonylow likes this.
Pyh96 Has been making crazy money
Thanks Kpower !! Keep holding until share split!!
27/11/2020 11:34 AM
BATFLY Karim is the best.. Scib and kpower doing well. Growth company.. Go go go
27/11/2020 11:36 AM
AnsonLiew goregn stock
price crash soon
27/11/2020 11:36 AM
AnsonLiew good lick all
shark unload share
27/11/2020 11:37 AM
Pyh96 Ansonliew confirm is a stupid newbie

Total share outstanding only 100m

So even though less profit reported, EPS is still high and PE still low

Normal math oso duno... kesian ...
27/11/2020 11:37 AM
AnsonLiew my frjend work inkpower also no bonus tis year
good luck
27/11/2020 11:37 AM
Pyh96 If u wan to compre,

Look at KESM
RM11 stock price
Last quarter only report 700k PAT

27/11/2020 11:38 AM
AnsonLiew pat more than 10 mil i cut my gugu live
27/11/2020 11:38 AM
AnsonLiew Lol goreng stock la
later kena burn hand
27/11/2020 11:41 AM
Beast3 KPOWER IS Very good stock. Good TA & FUNDAMENTAL stable.

Nice to invest
27/11/2020 11:44 AM
Beast3 Not sure why anson come here & promote other counter. This counter is so good tje u come here?
27/11/2020 11:45 AM
Newbieinshare Haha Anson talk cock number1. Shame on u. Rm4 u said overprice and ask cut. Now rm5. Listen to u go holland
27/11/2020 11:45 AM
AnsonLiew i tslk fact
run now price oredy facotr in 3 year profit
limit dkwn later
27/11/2020 11:58 AM
Simon8888 Andon ready to cut ur gugu
27/11/2020 12:04 PM
AnsonLiew 10 mil i cut my gugu live
27/11/2020 12:12 PM
Newbieinshare Anson why u so caring about us?
27/11/2020 12:24 PM
Chen Caesar cant wait for it to limit down, come baby~!!!
27/11/2020 12:31 PM
Sky Liew 15m gogog
27/11/2020 1:04 PM
Beast3 Evening surge.

IB in?
27/11/2020 1:50 PM
AnsonLiew evrning crash la Lol
run shark oredy cuci .no support later pricr crash
27/11/2020 2:02 PM
Beast3 Kih2.. Anson miss d boat n wanna buy low. Hahahaha..

Come to papa low price, ill get it
27/11/2020 2:05 PM
AnsonLiew ask u sister come over la
i give her a good treat
27/11/2020 2:38 PM
AnsonLiew Lol price crash soon
27/11/2020 2:38 PM
Sky Liew Add 5lot 49x
27/11/2020 3:12 PM
Onlineone nice catch
27/11/2020 3:13 PM
Newbieinshare Dont get flushed out. Dont let Anson grab ur ticket
27/11/2020 3:18 PM
AnsonLiew i wouldn't buy Lol
27/11/2020 3:22 PM
AnsonLiew only brainess will buy
27/11/2020 3:23 PM
AnsonLiew overprice la Lol
now kena Haha haha
27/11/2020 3:23 PM
Onlineone it's ok Anson. have a nice day.
27/11/2020 3:24 PM
Newbieinshare Is ok. I still want to collect
27/11/2020 3:56 PM
Newbieinshare If no drop how to collect cheaper share haha
27/11/2020 3:56 PM
AnsonLiew hahahahahhahaha
27/11/2020 4:01 PM
Simon8888 Drop more.add.more so happy can buy cheaper
27/11/2020 4:07 PM
Simon8888 From 4.50 shoot up to 5.15 now only drop back 12sen to 4.88 why need to worry´Ż×
27/11/2020 5:02 PM
Onlineone very healthy progress i would say.
27/11/2020 5:33 PM
mrmeow Off-loaded, will find a good entry soon
27/11/2020 5:42 PM
mrmeow I'm positive on the stock, just to protect my profit, I exit first viewing what happened to SCIB despite outstanding QR, will find another entry to join KPOWER back!
27/11/2020 5:44 PM
jjasonlim @mrmeow, me too, take profit today since bursa is sell on news, when very good QR annouce, price will drop, wait better price to reeenter, good luck
27/11/2020 5:52 PM
Plantermen Last hour strong profit taking hits Kpower
27/11/2020 6:35 PM
gemfinder Wil bounce back. Is normal for ppl to take profit after the psycological rm5 is reached
27/11/2020 8:19 PM
AnsonLiew Lol bounce bacl to Holland ah?
27/11/2020 9:38 PM
AnsonLiew Holland on the way.
last day out report normally very bad la Lol
con newbie ah?
27/11/2020 9:38 PM
AnsonLiew see how scib prixe crash like hell
run bfore too latr
2 dollar kn the way
27/11/2020 9:38 PM
AnsonLiew one way ticket to Holland n rip
haha haha haha
27/11/2020 9:39 PM
Beast3 Kih2.. Anson ask ppl to run so that she can collect.
27/11/2020 9:46 PM
AnsonLiew i wouldn't buy rubbish goreng stock Lol
27/11/2020 10:13 PM
gchenh93 Actually Anson is here only when the day is red, his portfolio is kosong one, only here because he is bitter he didn't buy earlier.
27/11/2020 10:19 PM
AnsonLiew haha i wouldn't buy la
u all buy now cry mothe father
27/11/2020 10:29 PM
Newbieinshare Ansonliew i remember someone bought gets yesteeday? Do u know what is goreng stock? Nobody will go goreng expensive low volume stock. Hahaha.
27/11/2020 11:40 PM

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