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04-Sep-2019 24-Sep-2019 14-Oct-2019 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
03-Jun-2019 20-Jun-2019 03-Jul-2019 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
28-Feb-2019 13-Mar-2019 29-Mar-2019 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
03-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 26-Dec-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
30-Aug-2018 14-Sep-2018 28-Sep-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.005 Dividend Detail
28-May-2018 11-Jun-2018 26-Jun-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
01-Mar-2018 14-Mar-2018 29-Mar-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
08-Dec-2017 21-Dec-2017 09-Jan-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.005 Dividend Detail
18-Sep-2017 02-Oct-2017 17-Oct-2017 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
02-Jun-2017 13-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
02-Jun-2017 13-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
01-Sep-2016 14-Sep-2016 19-Sep-2016 STOCK_SPLIT Subdivision 2 : 1 Dividend Detail
01-Sep-2016 14-Sep-2016 19-Sep-2016 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 3 Dividend Detail
18-Apr-2016 29-Jun-2016 29-Jul-2016 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.0400 Dividend Detail
28-May-2015 01-Jul-2015 24-Jul-2015 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.0350 Dividend Detail
19-May-2014 30-Jun-2014 25-Jul-2014 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 2% Dividend Detail
25-Nov-2013 10-Dec-2013 30-Dec-2013 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
16-May-2013 03-Jul-2013 29-Jul-2013 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 4.2% Dividend Detail
10-Oct-2012 22-Oct-2012 24-Oct-2012 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 3 Dividend Detail
16-May-2012 26-Jun-2012 26-Jul-2012 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 3.8% Dividend Detail
09-May-2011 21-Jun-2011 20-Jul-2011 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 3.5% Dividend Detail
14-May-2010 25-Jun-2010 26-Jul-2010 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 2.5% Dividend Detail
27-May-2009 29-Jun-2009 28-Jul-2009 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1.25% Dividend Detail
31-May-2007 26-Jun-2007 20-Jul-2007 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
08-Aug-2006 25-Aug-2006 29-Aug-2006 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
01-Jun-2006 23-Jun-2006 21-Jul-2006 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 7% Dividend Detail
19-May-2005 24-Jun-2005 25-Jul-2005 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 5% Dividend Detail
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Type Announcement
Subject OTHERS
The Board of Directors of Johore Tin Berhad ("JTB") wishes to announce that the Company has agreed to provide a Corporate Guarantee of USD3,000,000-00 (United States Dollars: Three Million Only) in favour of AmBank (M) Berhad ("AmBank") to secure the Facility granted by AmBank to Able Dairies Sdn. Bhd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company.

This announcement is dated 4 October 2019.
14/10/2019 4:40 PM
sapurakencana even shareholding change hand,the majority still hold by director. today the minority like us thro like held.
14/10/2019 4:53 PM
newuser999 graynoize..... Hallo, 4 October! Today is 14 October!
14/10/2019 4:54 PM
14/10/2019 5:10 PM
dlau8899 Repeat same pattern May 13 2019. May rebound 1.40 tomorrow
14/10/2019 5:20 PM
sapurakencana unless the coming quarter result very bad/cease operation,otherwise as a rational person,who will sold their position when this counter PE 8 & company very generous to distribute dividend every quarter.If you r the boss of this company will you sold your position .
14/10/2019 8:55 PM
Happyman123 seems like something is happening.....
14/10/2019 10:13 PM
ltg100y why no people talk about local F&B capacity expansion (30%)? is the new capacity already operated or still in progress?
14/10/2019 10:29 PM
pepsicola1012 1.28 ... T..T
15/10/2019 9:23 AM
bsngpg Opportunity is coming for accumulation.
15/10/2019 9:31 AM
Up_down Original investment in associate Able Daires Mexico costs RM 21 million for 40% stakes. Now, It costs RM 23 million to acquired additional 3.13% even before the new plant starting operation. How they arrive the figures? mind boggling.
15/10/2019 9:46 AM
sapurakencana banker seem like no stock on hand to sell,now he start collect back,buy below 1.28
15/10/2019 9:46 AM
15/10/2019 10:10 AM
sapurakencana If the banker over sold 2 million yesterday ,they must collect back at least 1.5mil,today,so dont simply sell your holding.
15/10/2019 9:52 AM
15/10/2019 10:10 AM
sapurakencana Now the price RM1.30, 450 lot que to buy, i guess if no body willing to sell at this price,banker need to pay higher in the afternoon to collect back as tomorrow is T2,so be patient.
15/10/2019 10:05 AM
15/10/2019 10:11 AM
LuckyG about the subscription is increase paid up capital lah . pls check annoucement at 24 sept .
15/10/2019 10:17 AM
LuckyG 30% local production is . free up not new line . this 30% is the export to central america last time now no need to send from malaysia .
15/10/2019 10:18 AM
sapurakencana Lucky G ,have u collect back some at the bottom.
15/10/2019 10:19 AM
LuckyG bought 100k just now . wait drop again hehehe might press again ... maybe someone get margin call ...burn in other counter hahaha
15/10/2019 10:23 AM
LuckyG wcehb last time someone promote in this forum drop till die die now .... might be that guy lol
15/10/2019 10:25 AM
sapurakencana Unless you r the banker,otherwise minority dont have so much stock to sell. If they sell now,they need to consider collect back at the lower price within 2 days time.This is the advantage of T+2,no body can cheat each other. I prefer T+1 like Hong Kong SE.
15/10/2019 10:28 AM
sapurakencana At 10.37am,somebody sold 175lot,try to influence market to follow their step to sell down,see what will happen next.
15/10/2019 10:42 AM
sapurakencana If the volume can not reach 1 mil, at 12.30pm, than another game will start.
15/10/2019 10:44 AM
sapurakencana Pls dont sell at 1.32, if u sell banker have another bullet to sell down again.
15/10/2019 10:53 AM
sapurakencana Sell back to banker when RM1.36
15/10/2019 11:01 AM
LuckyG Lol 1.36
15/10/2019 11:04 AM
sapurakencana See again some body sold 235lot at RM1.32,try to influence market to follow their step to sell down,see what will happen next.
15/10/2019 11:06 AM
sapurakencana somebody try to collect back 4000lot they sold below RM1.30,pls dont sell,keep until RM1.36.
15/10/2019 11:10 AM
sapurakencana Be patient ,sell at RM1.36.
15/10/2019 11:15 AM
sapurakencana See now banker keep on que at RM1.32,dont sell below RM1.35.
15/10/2019 11:22 AM
sapurakencana Dont sell,keep your holding until this afternoon,see what will happen next.
15/10/2019 11:37 AM
sapurakencana see why 690lot keep on que at RM1.32,because they try to buy at lower price to reduce their loss,pls keep sell at RM1.36 n above.
15/10/2019 12:14 PM
sapurakencana according to yesterday record, RM1.29 sold off 1913lot, RM1.30 sold off 3667Lot, RM1.31 sold off 4941Lot,RM1.32 sold off 2248Lot & finally RM1.33 sold off 4778 lot, if all this short selling,banker need to buy back 17547 Lot as late by tomorrow morning to excape from margin call.
15/10/2019 12:30 PM
sapurakencana so why sell at lower price now RM1.33.
15/10/2019 12:31 PM
somo1 non sense. only crazy people would short-sell illiquid stocks.
15/10/2019 1:53 PM
sapurakencana If i talk non sense,give me a reason why they sold this counter yesterday. Every action must have their purpose.
15/10/2019 2:28 PM
Up_down Able Dairies Mexico (Associate) is either seriously undervalued or something out of our expectation.

Original Investment in 40% Associate - RM 21 million (as shown in latest QR)
Additional subscriptions 3.13% - RM 23.4 million or USD 5.59 million (Cash outflow)

Is the estimated market value of Able Dairies Mexico skyrocketed to RM 750 million ( RM 23.4/3.13%) due to surging in land prices after the trade war?
Market Cap of Johotin is only RM 413 million now.

Reply to Query from Bursa
2) Basis and justification in arriving at the amount of USD5,589,427.43 for the Additional Subscription.
The total cost of investment on newly incorporated company is to purchase land, construct building, purchase of machineries and equipment, which includes installation costs, water tank, piping, etc.
15/10/2019 3:04 PM
LuckyG Answer:
No. Shareholders No. of Shares
No. of Shares
1. Able Dairies Sdn. Bhd. 400 40.00 1,079,067 43.13
2. Calkins, Burke and
Zannie de Mexico, S.A.
de C.V. (formerly under
Marco Antonio Zannie
400 40.00 1,079,067 43.13
3. Enrique Ortiz Eng 20 2.00 112,596 4.50
4. Aseconfi, S.A. de C.V.
(formerly under Juan
Pablo Anaya Zermeno
and Rodrigo Anaya
180 18.00 231,289 9.24
15/10/2019 3:27 PM
LuckyG number of shares from 400 go to
15/10/2019 3:27 PM
LuckyG so i think it is basically increase paid up capital ..... additional 3% plus is one minor shareholder didnt subscript
15/10/2019 3:28 PM
sapurakencana see when nobody intend to follow banker sell their position,come to the end banker need to taken up the current price offer by seller.
15/10/2019 4:47 PM
reiki6 @sapurakencana thumbs up to you...hopefully the price goes up as you said.
15/10/2019 4:54 PM
LuckyG personally i think yesterday is operator test the confident of shareholders before the true bull come . a lot of counter do the same thing . normally they press for 1 week ... i am waiting for operator press down today to buy some more .
15/10/2019 4:58 PM
sapurakencana banker still collect not enough bullet to push it up,that why i suggest sell small potion when price reach RM1.36 n above.
15/10/2019 5:02 PM
sapurakencana LuckyG,you already buy 100K ,enough is enough,let other people buy some more.Joke!
15/10/2019 5:09 PM
sapurakencana Dont forget,today T+2,banker will buy back,dont follow their selling trend.
16/10/2019 9:08 AM
LuckyG i am waiting for them to sell down again hehehe
16/10/2019 9:48 AM
charles_cty @LuckyG...wat is your target price to buy if they sell down....
16/10/2019 9:55 AM
LuckyG after i snap i will tell you . not high chances can get low today
16/10/2019 10:29 AM
Think More buyers attracted by the previous days of selldown. Strong buying interest at 1.25 - 1.35. Surprising to see after the huge volume selldown, the price is still strong and stable. Didnt drop much.
17/10/2019 9:29 AM
reiki6 no power up
17/10/2019 4:33 PM


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