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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
19-May-2005 24-Jun-2005 25-Jul-2005 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 5% Dividend Detail
01-Jun-2006 23-Jun-2006 21-Jul-2006 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 7% Dividend Detail
08-Aug-2006 25-Aug-2006 29-Aug-2006 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
31-May-2007 26-Jun-2007 20-Jul-2007 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
27-May-2009 29-Jun-2009 28-Jul-2009 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1.25% Dividend Detail
14-May-2010 25-Jun-2010 26-Jul-2010 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 2.5% Dividend Detail
09-May-2011 21-Jun-2011 20-Jul-2011 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 3.5% Dividend Detail
16-May-2012 26-Jun-2012 26-Jul-2012 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 3.8% Dividend Detail
10-Oct-2012 22-Oct-2012 24-Oct-2012 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 3 Dividend Detail
16-May-2013 03-Jul-2013 29-Jul-2013 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 4.2% Dividend Detail
25-Nov-2013 10-Dec-2013 30-Dec-2013 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
19-May-2014 30-Jun-2014 25-Jul-2014 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 2% Dividend Detail
28-May-2015 01-Jul-2015 24-Jul-2015 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.0350 Dividend Detail
18-Apr-2016 29-Jun-2016 29-Jul-2016 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.0400 Dividend Detail
01-Sep-2016 14-Sep-2016 19-Sep-2016 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 3 Dividend Detail
01-Sep-2016 14-Sep-2016 19-Sep-2016 STOCK_SPLIT Subdivision 2 : 1 Dividend Detail
02-Jun-2017 13-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
02-Jun-2017 13-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
18-Sep-2017 02-Oct-2017 17-Oct-2017 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
08-Dec-2017 21-Dec-2017 09-Jan-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.005 Dividend Detail
01-Mar-2018 14-Mar-2018 29-Mar-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
28-May-2018 11-Jun-2018 26-Jun-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
30-Aug-2018 14-Sep-2018 28-Sep-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.005 Dividend Detail
03-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 26-Dec-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
28-Feb-2019 13-Mar-2019 29-Mar-2019 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
03-Jun-2019 20-Jun-2019 03-Jul-2019 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
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sapurakencana why no body sell 1.33,speculator pls trow?
24/05/2019 12:37 PM
paperplane The company is growing. Dont worry first. See if their cost control can be managed well
27/05/2019 8:02 AM
sapurakencana If like that,paperplane,pls support when price drop below RM1.34.
27/05/2019 2:42 PM
劉尹光 paperplane is handsome remiser from penang ooo...
28/05/2019 9:53 AM
paperplane haha
28/05/2019 12:45 PM
劉尹光 @paperplane- when we can teh tarik at koptiam.. i also from Penang... i stay at jalan burma
29/05/2019 10:31 AM
劉尹光 awaiting for BOSS OF GAURUS ... Please come help...
29/05/2019 10:33 AM
ikah2000 raya come, but no goreng at all.. why silent and quiet there.. ala! ala bosan ini macam
29/05/2019 11:43 AM
paperplane Agm apa good news
29/05/2019 1:39 PM
csm0000 Mr Goh said although the cost is rising, he still optimistic in sustaining the earnings. Mexico side will start on 4th quarter.
29/05/2019 2:26 PM
Sebastian Sted Power superb QRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
29/05/2019 6:13 PM
LuckyG result considered good !
29/05/2019 6:55 PM
Jackiee short term borrowing increases from 30mil to 71mil. Can someone explain? Thankyou
29/05/2019 7:03 PM
VenFx Joho lady
Is the new legendary *
29/05/2019 7:05 PM
Woolei a share that give divident every quarter + high divident %, where to find?
29/05/2019 7:45 PM
sapurakencana 3 quarter report continue generate profit above 10 mil per quarter,let support if price drop below RM1.35.
29/05/2019 8:17 PM
Patrick13 For the tin manufacturing segment, revenue increased by RM3.73 million from RM29.66 million to
RM33.39 million mainly due to higher sales in the printing of tinplates services. Profit before tax decreased by RM1.69 million from RM3.19 million in the preceding year corresponding quarter to RM1.50 million. This is mainly due to relocation costs incurred by one of the subsidiary, Kluang Tin & Can Factory Sdn Bhd (“KTCF”). KTCF is relocating to the Seelong factory joining other subsidiaries, namely Johore Tin Factory Sdn Bhd and Unican Industries Sdn Bhd as part of a streamlining exercise to reduce operational costs in the long run.

Despite relocating factory but revenue still can increase. The following quarter turnover and profit shall be higher than this Q once relocation is completed.
29/05/2019 9:48 PM
LuckyG good point patrick13
29/05/2019 9:58 PM
gohgoh88 Management in right track and a team that looking beyond cost cutting measurement is how they can made a company sustain in long term. Definitely back to 1.5 after raya
29/05/2019 10:04 PM
wan7075 result not as good as previous quarter. tomorrow people may sell as result not as good as expected.
29/05/2019 11:41 PM
劉尹光 @wan7075- result is good and better previous qtr... please dont misleading ppl ...
30/05/2019 9:22 AM
sapurakencana never mind lah,if they keen to sell at RM1.35 & below,we collect more.
30/05/2019 9:54 AM
unclelimhuat stay tuned!!
30/05/2019 12:44 PM
ikah2000 UNCLE LIM ...how about QES...
30/05/2019 1:02 PM
sapurakencana Unclelim have u buy back or add more this counter
30/05/2019 1:12 PM
劉尹光 @unclelim - buy at 1.23...earn alot...
30/05/2019 2:18 PM
Shinnzaii wew...many QR to read...be right back soon...
30/05/2019 5:30 PM
coolio Go go Mr. johotin
30/05/2019 8:05 PM
劉尹光 cannot go.... no buyer at all
31/05/2019 9:14 AM
unclelimhuat Outlook

Tin Manufacturing segment is becoming increasingly competitive, though the softer tinplate price is likely to provide margin stability in the near-term.
F&B sales volume are projected to be strong driven by domestic capacity expansion and strategic JV in Mexico. While current high skimmed milk powder price may eventually sip into JTB’s input costs and normalise its margins, we opine management would proactively manage its procurements and price negotiations.


Reiterate Buy on JTB with a higher TP of RM1.80/share (previously: RM1.57/share) as we roll forward the valuation to CY20. We value the F&B and tin manufacturing segments at 15x and 8x CY20 EPS, respectively. We reduced the ascribed F&B valuation by 1x PER to account for the current soft market sentiment on the F&B industry due to fluctuation in raw materials price.

Source: TA Research - 30 May 2019
31/05/2019 12:05 PM
Shinnzaii wew....this quarter ok ...management less volatile about raw material... the borrowings was increased maybe use for mexico plant...


Hmm...maybe after mexico plant commence would have some impact...have management forecast this?
31/05/2019 12:31 PM
paperplane 4Q. Tht means next yr we only see exponential growth
01/06/2019 10:48 AM
Newbiesky any idea why price keep on drop?
03/06/2019 6:54 PM
PotentialGhost Johotin will get Southern Capital’s offer soon.

Let that pukimak retail sell everyday
04/06/2019 9:14 AM
Up_down Johortin would be more attractive when Canone has disposed its F&B segment.
05/06/2019 12:36 PM
lionel messi problem is alot of investors are not aware Johortin has exactly the same business as Canone, although on a slightly scale. they should change their listed name to better reflect the contribution of their dairy milk business.

tin is only a small part of their revenue and profit. confusing for a name like Johortin to be listed under the consumer product sector.

in time, its price will rise to reflect its fundamentals. just like in Canone's case, not many realise their value for a long time. even uncle KYY sold off Canone much earlier.
06/06/2019 9:11 AM
ciaksai Why sales, profit drop latest QR is good? Tin price go up hence Johotin next QR good? Why Johotin name if no tin business?
06/06/2019 10:19 AM
fengtzekai The market is not pricing johortin properly....perhaps they should rename johormilk instead.....
06/06/2019 10:21 AM
Up_down Johortin has posted a strong QR but not at the right timing. The positive news is offset by negative news in trade war, strengthen of USD and new tariffs imposed on Mexico by US.
06/06/2019 11:41 AM
LuckyG PE under 10 for a strong growth food counter .......... klse really not effective as other
07/06/2019 8:38 AM
PotentialGhost All is Malaysia problem , if you compare all the index to any country you will know how shit our Malaysia stock market.
07/06/2019 8:55 AM
paperplane In someway, true
Malaysia mkt need more players, open up.
07/06/2019 10:13 AM
Henry Tang Wonder anyone attend the last AGM can share some info here...haha
08/06/2019 10:28 AM
NewbieTradingChannel https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/newbietradingchannel/210036.jsp
09/06/2019 1:35 PM
rosewood133 milk the cow effectively:)
12/06/2019 1:57 PM
wendyuong Hi May I ask do Johotin Cooperate with F&B and KJCFB?
16/06/2019 2:34 PM
TCapitalGroup Johotin
17/06/2019 1:16 AM
Value9 good sign.
18/06/2019 9:22 AM
Value9 wah johotin cool eye holding also . long term stock
18/06/2019 9:25 AM
sapurakencana Dont ever follow big boy,may be they r wrong in Jtiasa, armada etc.Judge base on your own discretion.
18/06/2019 9:38 AM


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