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Lim Tek Wai smart guy here

Posted by hmmhmm7 > Jan 17, 2019 08:28 PM | Report Abuse

We shouldn’t just look at the project that just got awarded, looking at long term, if their ERP works for Yess, they have a proven record, and others corporations might appoint them, 20mn GDV is merely the value for 5 retails, work out the math when they are appointed by top gun like Maxis, tesco, F&B industry etc.....
25/01/2019 01:16
cytew It will likely to fall below 30 sen after 28 January when converted shares are available to those who are arbitraging the gap....Just wait and see
25/01/2019 05:29
Goh Kim Hock @VenFx good point there. Your point same as mine.
25/01/2019 13:45
cytew https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10216066633313482&id=1078923272
27/01/2019 11:57
birkincollector Huhu abit tricky for aturmaju now because of the PA. if ur confident with the company, buy PA a better choice.
27/01/2019 22:27
cytew Mother share will continue to fall until arbitraging gap is closed.....Most likely is within this week... below 30 sen
28/01/2019 18:21
shah1973 atau harga ICPS naik sampai arbitraging gap is close, if mother RM 0.30, ICPS patut around harga RM 0.11.
28/01/2019 20:09
cytew I don't think ICPS can go up high, because it's quantity is huge ,about 1 billion units at 1 sen each , selling off at 4 sen means profit is about 300% ....
28/01/2019 21:31
Patpat Teo But the fact is the son is still well support up there..
30/01/2019 23:27
Patpat Teo Maybe the sellers are looking at 1000% gain lei

30/01/2019 23:28
apolloang Posted by apolloang > Jan 18, 2019 04:36 PM | Report Abuse X

macam tatgiap lo manipulation,pump and dump.....those who lose better report to bursa and sc and tell them this is like money game

sudah warning lagi ada degil pergi beli
31/01/2019 00:08
neverlose but they literally got contract and business wor
31/01/2019 01:35
cytew Arbitraging has nothing to do with projects secured by the company, it is simply the traders are taking advantage of the " gap ", mother share price will continue to drift down until the arbitraging gap is closed...Please refer to what had happened in Tatgiap recently...
31/01/2019 07:20
CharlesT Quite a brilliant conjob

U buy PA at 4 cents they are happy to make 300% profit

U converted the PA by cash into shares they are happier to accept yr cash
31/01/2019 07:23
CharlesT After u get yr new shares from the PA conversion no more gap...
31/01/2019 07:24
neverlose oh i mean im replying to apolloang
31/01/2019 10:25
myrKing Posted by CharlesT > Jan 31, 2019 07:23 AM | Report Abuse

Quite a brilliant conjob

U buy PA at 4 cents they are happy to make 300% profit

U converted the PA by cash into shares they are happier to accept yr cash

this is common for counter who offers icps, doesn't it? So those counter who offer icps are all conjob?
31/01/2019 10:33
myrKing then habisloh allianz bhd & Yong Tai icps, both these insurance and property counter offering icps, is conjob
31/01/2019 10:35
CharlesT Any other co issued 15 PA at rm0.01 in bursa?

Geng leh
31/01/2019 10:38
CharlesT U buy PA at 0.04 they make 300%...0.03 they make 200%

If u convert PA by cash another rm0.19 goes
into the co..

Where to find this kind of biz?
31/01/2019 10:46
jackMaDe i bought icps at 35sen and sold at 45sen, i made profit. woolala~
31/01/2019 10:47
Mamat_Win TP 6sen woot!
31/01/2019 11:42
moneylailai any counter has its own risk...decide yourself...
31/01/2019 11:53
LimKT i decide based on facts, and the fact is Q3 profit 186k and yes's signed 20 million contract with aturmaju. The good thing is they made good profit since they have changed their direction from timber to IT, providing erp software. The counter is potential, seeing that the current and future trending is ERP software in Malaysia.

Refer to the business news in Malaysia:
31/01/2019 15:12
thequalityguy OK, seems like @cytew & @apolloang predicted correctly. Stock drop like a rock. But for now, I think I will hold on first. Let's see how they perform on this YES contract.

No other choice lor...Sell now my loss at 39%!
01/02/2019 18:52
qps9999 volume is ok, not high but return is good la..money life research & @Rafik advice me it will jump today, set my tgt 0.35 ..touch la..now waitng for .39...
01/02/2019 19:21
stingray_ea stingray(
100% Candlestick,simple,fast,high accuratecy
No Trendline, UpDown,Z,M,N,W Reverse lines, U,F,O turns.
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Go deep into retailer mind and read their steps after operator actions

current price 0.36

not convincing and unstable. don't buy
02/02/2019 18:07
stingray_ea stingray(
100% Candlestick,simple,fast,high accuratecy
No Trendline, UpDown,Z,M,N,W Reverse lines, U,F,O turns.
No Indicator
No News
No FA / TA
Go deep into operator mind and read their steps
Go deep into retailer mind and read their steps after operator actions

might test 0.23 anytime
02/02/2019 18:09
cytew The quality guy, if you are smart enough, you should sell off what you are holding now ,at the same time buy same quantity of Pa at 4.5 sen, and convert them with another 19 sen ( 23.5 sen) and arbitrage the difference out ( about 10+ sen), and repeat the process until the arbitraging gap is closed... Understand ?
02/02/2019 20:29
Patpat Teo The arbitraging gap has been there for too long already...takkan no one is aware on the riskless profit?
09/02/2019 21:40
alan789 convert price 0.19, must apply bank draft? or can use cheque?
the fee of rm20, add to bank draft or cash?
11/02/2019 18:27
Sharkfin Postpone to 6pm stay tune yah
15/02/2019 16:12
patrickteo what happen? Got good news?
15/02/2019 16:23
Sharkfin Aturmju-pa wow.... Go go go see you guys at 0.065
15/02/2019 16:29
cytew The arbitraging gap is expected to be closed next week when our last batch of converted shares arrive for our final unloading into open market
15/02/2019 19:55
cytew https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10216240433818386&id=1078923272
15/02/2019 19:57
Sharkfin Still can buy in?
15/02/2019 20:37
Patpat Teo Yes..The son is still cheap
16/02/2019 00:03
cytew Total number of PA is about 1 billion units, at current price level is no longer attractive, we got it's PR at 0.5 sen, plus 1 sen subscription, our cost is only 1.5 sen, we arbitrage it to get more profit.
16/02/2019 08:12
Patpat Teo What is PR 0.5 sen?
16/02/2019 17:24
ramada I thought they be able to earn 2 million profits annually. And read further, oh my god, they are launching rights issue & 1,008,150,000 ICPS.
16/02/2019 19:13
Sharkfin I will top up 5000lots pa on Monday since all so confidence here
16/02/2019 19:42
Patpat Teo 2mn profit annually from one project only..Go check out they have a few projects on hand actually, for an all the while lost making company, this is a game changer man
16/02/2019 20:59
Sharkfin Really... Let me consider and call in more
16/02/2019 21:24
Patpat Teo If Q4 results is good, then u know that this is real, and it is just the beginning
16/02/2019 22:48
VenFx Better take heed from CharlesT bro lah ... Stay out for good .
Else kena pasang ... will never get out.
17/02/2019 16:41
TerrificIbis nope, i think this is a profitable counter, will buy in more
17/02/2019 17:29
Sharkfin Then I should buy or not to buy ar?? But I'm confidence with this counter
17/02/2019 19:35
Patpat Teo We wait Q4 results n see lo..

As number do the talking, we spent a lot of times over here to argue also useless...Just let the results or number do the talking

If results is bad, then we have to move on to explore another company lo
17/02/2019 19:49
TerrificIbis do you all see the top trending stock on i3? i always monitor that and this aturmaju came out of nowhere these few months, apparently many ppl start monitoring on this stock. I will buy more on tmr
18/02/2019 01:32


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