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07-Jan-2019 17-Jan-2019 22-Jan-2019 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 2 : 3 Dividend Detail
31-Oct-2013 18-Nov-2013 18-Dec-2013 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 11% Dividend Detail
04-Oct-2010 15-Oct-2010 01-Nov-2010 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
16-Mar-2005 31-Mar-2005 04-Apr-2005 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
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qingqingqing Check the liability..... so much......project grabing of this construction company also not strong.. that why business inconsistent..consider loser compare to its competitor--> ICP (subsidiary of IJM)
02/02/2016 21:23
nicholas1184 Liability? Which liability? Their main debt is banker acceptance which is normal, their finance cost is low, this company oni has one concern, the ageing of receivables, ageing not mean cant be received, it just a way the trading partner of the company manage their cash flows, the company can consider price in the potential impairment and then provide incentive such as rebate schedule if they pay ontime, just my comment, buy at ur own risk
04/02/2016 14:02
Desa20201956 Icon.....see what you did....

Because of you, half of people in i3 think BA is not a liability, not even a debt.

You will get your karma one day.
04/02/2016 14:11
Desa20201956 icon....where are you?
04/02/2016 15:41
Icon8888 Desa why out of the blue curse me leh ? Sob sob

Taking a nap...
04/02/2016 15:50
Desa20201956 a lot of amateurs here. not everyone is an accountant. they soak up every word from sifu icon.
04/02/2016 16:00
Desa20201956 and not about Cepco...I think Cepco is a fine company but this is dangerous

nicholas1184 > Feb 4, 2016 02:02 PM | Report Abuse

Liability? Which liability? Their main debt is banker acceptance which is normal
04/02/2016 16:02
tkp2 Desa, you want to bet or not? i bet Cepco share price will up to 3.0 in 2 months time.

You accountant, i roadside burger seller, see who is correct.
04/02/2016 16:05
Icon8888 Desa Nicholas didn't sound like an amateur LOL
04/02/2016 16:07
tkp2 come lah Desa, Icon bet with paperplane in KESM, let's us bet in Cepco, please........
04/02/2016 16:08
Desa20201956 Desa20201956 > Feb 4, 2016 04:02 PM | Report Abuse X

not about Cepco...but about Nikolas comment. so scary. @and not about Cepco...I think Cepco is a fine company but this is dangerous @
tkp2 > Feb 4, 2016 04:05 PM | Report Abuse

Desa, you want to bet or not? i bet Cepco share price will up to 3.0 in 2 months time.
04/02/2016 16:09
tkp2 nevermind, don't care, just bet lah
04/02/2016 16:10
Icon8888 tkp he doesn't know who u r... He joined after u retired from Optimus Academy of Cyber Battle

If he knows u made 500% last year, he would have ditched KYY to lick you immediately
04/02/2016 16:13
Desa20201956 bet? But the odds are in my favor..........

you bet for miracles, I bet on probability.......

is it fair to you?
04/02/2016 16:13
tkp2 Icon, lol, shhhhh, don't let him know
04/02/2016 16:15
tkp2 Desa, aiyo, why think so much, me roadside trader don't think so much one, fair or not fair i don't care, just bet
04/02/2016 16:16
Icon8888 Desa u see his logo ? Dark horse leh
Don't play play
04/02/2016 16:17
tkp2 you so boring, see Icon,paperplane challenged him to bet on KESM, without single thought, he immediately acceptted, Icon is so MAN
04/02/2016 16:18
Desa20201956 I give you a better bet with better odds...go buy SK Petrol C19....with expiry 7 March.

with very little premium....if market up till then, you rich.
04/02/2016 16:21
tkp2 zzzzzzzz
04/02/2016 16:28
Desa20201956 tkp....I dont take sweets from little boys or from road side traders.
04/02/2016 16:33
tkp2 chicken.
04/02/2016 16:34
nicholas1184 haha, I din say banker acceptance is not debt ya, I see bigger concern with how they manage their receivables ageing problem as well as whether their revenue can be sustainable (ie: the project), I am not so concern with their BA...thats all ya
04/02/2016 16:52
ilovemarket I think some ppl missunderstand something here. 1st I am not looking in buying cepco. 2nd I commended with kind intention. 3rd, I am a silent reader and I commended cepco as I know the company. I know how the management work. If u are so confident with the management performance, just buy as much as u want.
10/02/2016 17:33
ilovemarket I am not saying definitely but there is really a high chance we will see high a higher impaired receivable that need to write off.
10/02/2016 17:37
ilovemarket It's just an opinion. Don't bemused and don't criticize me.
10/02/2016 17:41
qingqingqing @nicholas1184.... u buy a lots of CEPCO?
10/02/2016 21:31
domperrier At this price,prob all commenting here are losing $, but my margin of safety is still intact.
12/02/2016 14:07
domperrier The relief for me is that I sold half my holdings( see post from 29/1) & realised $1,608.13 in profits.

That will compensate me for waiting for my remaining shares to reward me fully :)
13/02/2016 12:40
qingqingqing Why domperrier so confident with this company? Better dump in and shift to another share:
a)CEPCO business nature highly depend on labour force b) Big distance with its competitor ICP (IJM Subsidiary) ICP supply mostly all Spun Piles of Penang 2nd Bridge and TNB power plant Prai , CEPCO only a little bit portion , C) Management no comments lo u feel it urself during AGM
13/02/2016 13:46
Desa20201956 typical Cepco, up then down.
13/02/2016 13:59
domperrier When a share is up, all the bullsh+tters & sharks and opportunists all come swarming in, trying to make a quick buck. When a share is down, all sudah lari & hilang.

Human nature.
14/02/2016 12:18
Cakes Moon http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/4988105
16/02/2016 19:08
domperrier That's right...when share price is down, all fundamentals are thrown out the window. Only losers keep chasing shares have already risen a lot.
16/02/2016 20:15
domperrier Back above 2.00! :D :D :D
18/02/2016 09:34
domperrier Pared down my stake to just 4,800 shares at between 2.02 & 2.05.
18/02/2016 16:53
ivan9511 domperrier , hi guys I just bought this counter yesterday, howvere I just find out this counter stayed at 0 volume @ 1.65 on last year December,is it because this company restrucured or any bad news happen on that moment ?
Can share ah friend?
20/02/2016 18:44
nicholas1184 this counter has liquidity problem, so buy at low and sell at high patiently
21/02/2016 23:49
nicholas1184 qing qing qing, only have small stake, not big fish ya
21/02/2016 23:51
domperrier It's a tightly held share, that's why zero volume for many days/weeks.
22/02/2016 19:31
Cakes Moon Attended the cepco AGM yesterday.
Great 1
25/02/2016 23:04
qingqingqing Alex... why great?pls share
26/02/2016 20:32
Cakes Moon Company foresee coming results will be good and confidence of those receivables won't go bad.
PE ratio only 5.5, dividend might comes later this year.
Target RM4.
04/03/2016 10:45
Ayat Why you so confidence?
05/03/2016 16:04
dompeilee Fortunately, I sold my last shares at 1.96 back in early March. If I had waited till now, my profit taken(about 3k) would not only have vanished, but turned into a paper loss! :D
27/04/2016 17:05
dompeilee Bought back 2 lots @ 1.55 and 1.56! Somebody finally throw in the towel & dumped to me!!!! :D :D :D!
05/05/2016 15:30
dompeilee Lelong sudah habis! The window of opportunity has closed!! :)
05/05/2016 16:14
dompeilee WOW! 1.77 & 1.78 got chasers....up so much from my T + 2 prices of 1.55 & 1.56. But STILL below my original cost of 1.798 for the past 3 years until I sold all at an average of 2.03 by March. :D
09/05/2016 09:30
KG1967 today very drop
20/05/2016 11:55
ivan9511 KG1967 , do you think good to buy ?
20/05/2016 17:51



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