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23-Jan-2003 14-Feb-2003 18-Feb-2003 OFFER_SALE Offer for Sale 4 : 5 Dividend Detail
28-Feb-2003 18-Mar-2003 07-Apr-2003 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
13-Nov-2003 15-Jan-2004 11-Feb-2004 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
03-Jun-2004 07-Jul-2004 10-Aug-2004 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
04-Jan-2005 19-Jan-2005 18-Feb-2005 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
29-Jul-2005 23-Aug-2005 22-Sep-2005 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
03-Jan-2006 20-Jan-2006 20-Feb-2006 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
29-Dec-2006 17-Jan-2007 15-Feb-2007 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
25-Jan-2008 13-Feb-2008 12-Mar-2008 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
15-Jan-2013 29-Jan-2013 26-Feb-2013 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
24-Jul-2013 05-Aug-2013 20-Aug-2013 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
27-Nov-2013 10-Dec-2013 27-Dec-2013 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
11-Jul-2014 01-Aug-2014 22-Aug-2014 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
14-Oct-2014 11-Dec-2014 31-Dec-2014 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
25-Mar-2015 07-Apr-2015 23-Apr-2015 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
22-Oct-2015 10-Dec-2015 31-Dec-2015 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.0200 Dividend Detail
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nemesis Wooyeahh doom of all beginning!!! 0.22 is coming....
27/08/2018 16:37
ivan9511 seem ada people support at 0225 , the main reason is want to see qr only
big boss support at 0225 to tell us : let wait qr first IF qr no good then only sell because If the qr is super good you sell you crying like a Baby lol
29/08/2018 14:23
syarkler good news
29/08/2018 15:52
syarkler let see tomorrow hehe
29/08/2018 21:00
tkl88 Quarterly rpt on consolidated results for the financial period ended 30 Jun 2018
29/08/2018 22:53
apolloang tomoro green day
29/08/2018 22:53
tkl88 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5900365
29/08/2018 22:54
ivan9511 nemesis congratulations nemesis
@nemesis you will.become billions since you hold so much mkland .
result is super good.
mkland result better than Ytl . mrcb. mitra and ytlland and others famous counters.
all will be billionaires later ?
29/08/2018 23:41
nemesis I m happy to see Mkland at Net Cash Position again...NTA increased to 0.99...Moving fwd I m very optimistic of Mkland prospect due to few major catalysts tat could put Mkland on radar screen again...1) Tun Mahathir has announced tat he will revive Cyberjaya as there could be another wave of major development...Setia Haruman under Emkay Group is the master developer of Cyberjaya...Mkland could play a major role in Cyberjaya for affordable housings dev...
2) 3000 acres mammoth project Bandar Teknopolis will kickstart next year and tis will be Mkland's largest development ever tat will keep the company busy for many years to come...
3) Pakatan Harapan Manifesto has promised to build 1 million affordable houses for Rakyat in 10 yrs time...Mkland is the first company to secured 700 mil affordable housing project fm Govt to build more than 2000 affordable hses in Simpang Pulai, Perak...I believe MK will secure more affordable housing projects soon fm the Govt due to Mustapha Kamal close friendship with Mahathir...
4) Massive landbank on its balance sheet with Net Cash Position...At least we will be well assured tat MK won't do any Right Issue or cash call tat destroys Shareholder's value...
5) Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal very close relationship with Tun Mahathir will surely ensure that various big projects will be awarded to Mkland in the future from the New Government...
ALL priced in, Mkland is a hidden Gem n deeply undervalued tat will return to its former Glory soon...
30/08/2018 02:33
nemesis Another catalyst is that Mkland could be in focus in the soon coming Budget 2019 to play a major role to help the government to develop low cost and affordable housing for the poor...Its unbilled sales will rise significantly in the coming years...Here I have chartered the full journey for Mkland looking into the future of the unknown based on facts and possibility...Target Price at 1.50 in the coming years...
30/08/2018 06:55
nickyeo55 Haha Nemesis do u still remember when I mentioned about target of $2. ? Who knows is reachable?
In fact we don’t know what is in his mind when En Mustapha mention about bringing back Mkland to its old glory, Target $1 , 2 or 3 etc ?
The highest price for Mkland is above $6. I guess if he refer to this , it will be only his dream target only . Haha nemesis hope for the best n let’s keep on dreaming until our own target achieve .
30/08/2018 13:00
Superbull888 Mkland is good company with rich assets in strategic location. Quarter result moderate, penny stock have to learn from IVORY, declare dividend will boost up the share price despite bad result.
30/08/2018 15:34
nemesis Nick, nobody knows how far a company's share price will perform in the future BUT we can anticipate or make intelligent prediction based on the assets they are holding and the strength of their balance sheet...With a strong balance sheet, Mkland can anytime undertake huge projects fm the govt...I hold on to my belief tat Mkland will one day stands tall together with Mahsing, LBS, Malton etc...Now to my wild guess we might expect a first n final dividend for financial year 2018...
30/08/2018 16:18
nemesis Wooooo coming down again... hopefully will crash to 0.20 level soon .
04/09/2018 08:46
nemesis It is time to bring huge truck to load MK shares at Clearance Sale!!! 0.20 Pls come...
04/09/2018 09:35
J Fish rubbish counter
06/09/2018 14:53
nemesis Yes Rubbish counter Pls throw it away...
06/09/2018 17:27
nemesis 0.20 is coming....
07/09/2018 08:46
AlibabaChiam Good buy
07/09/2018 09:29
一卖 就涨 new low
07/09/2018 11:19
nemesis It goes down beautifully and calmly in quiet water...very good!
07/09/2018 16:55
nemesis Very good sign!!!
07/09/2018 16:55
一卖 就涨 A good stock should not behave like that.
07/09/2018 17:43
sunflower I have lost 40 percent since 3 years ago till now, hope will declare dividend soon to boost up the share price
07/09/2018 19:43
sunflower Still holding this stock but feeling love and hate on its price never up even with good result and high nta
07/09/2018 19:43
nemesis Property industry is in deep recession now....Very hard to go up...Even fund managers n analyst avoid property counters...
08/09/2018 00:43
sunflower @nemesis sifu, appreciate your analysis in the forum and hope mk land will not disappoint us soon..
08/09/2018 07:35
nemesis U should be happy tat it is going down...
08/09/2018 15:33
nemesis And act accordingly
08/09/2018 15:33
sunflower Need to spare more bullets...
08/09/2018 19:25
Yael Jasper Good stock, make huge profit !
13/09/2018 11:35
Kampung Boy This stock is waiting to fly. Buy before it is too late. Once this group got a U Turn like LGE's case, the prices of between 20 to 35 sen become history. Watch my word. Cheers.
21/09/2018 14:45
nemesis Mkland 80 mil tax bill is very likely to be reviewed and waived...Mkland just need to secure a multi billion project fm the Govt to send its stock to the sky...for few years to come affordable housing will be the theme for the local property market...High end property development has seen prolonged slowdown n totally sluggish...tis augurs well for Mkland as it is well known for building low cost to affordable house...Mk will continue to secure projects to build affordable housing for the Rakyat aligned wit PH Manifesto to build 1 mil houses for the Rakyat...Hence we should see a turnaround in MK's earnings moving fwd...Of course Affordable housing isn't tat profitable at all BUT if you talk about big volume then it is a gigantic profit with lower risk too...Mkland is set to see
a biggest turnaround ahead!!! Let's Buy before it is obvious n visible to the majority of investors, before analyst started to write about tis undervalued stock...
27/09/2018 09:09
TakeProfits All talk 3, talk 4, kena double blue black eyes, cannot see, then you all know.
All talk only. Sign MoU...but dunno when the real golden eggs will be laid. Could be in 5 to 10 years time. Wait lar...mikikiki
05/10/2018 05:10
nemesis 1st phase will start to develop by NOV...
05/10/2018 10:13
TakeProfits You sure nemesis, that development will start Nov? Where did you get that information?
05/10/2018 22:03
ivan9511 Base on my own six sence on MK
MY personal advise is Mk maybe can go up to 30sen only
so If you guys can sell at 30sen just sell it
becuase seem the boss not willing to do anything to help
ex : tropicana try help at SBB
: sp, tambun, mahsing try help at give high dividend
: Sntoria is a strong company by keep acq many many projeck and contarct , strong getting contract company .

Mkland is good , for me Mk not trying hard like Snt or tropicana
but now still deep undervaued of course , that y I said at least worth 30sen lol
06/10/2018 18:03
nemesis More downward pressure ahead next week towards 0.20...
07/10/2018 06:33
freddiehero must back 0.15
07/10/2018 08:42
nemesis Back 0.10 better haha
07/10/2018 23:56
nickyeo55 Haha I can feel that this platform is meant for few of u to talk nonsense only now . G9 n wish that those who don’t have confidence in this counter throw n let those who r interested in it buy .
08/10/2018 01:57
nickyeo55 Nemesis I would like to suggest u try to form a group who like to give comments here to attend next month AGM so that all of u can question the management.
08/10/2018 02:14
nemesis If Mustapha doesn't want MK to rise, there is nothing you can do nick...so just stay on or sell off...
08/10/2018 08:24
tai yee MK just like old BN, time to revamp or time to ICU
08/10/2018 10:11
nemesis Dividend First n Final of 1 Sen might be declared soon...
08/10/2018 16:44
nemesis Will rebound very soon n more projects to be announced soon
08/10/2018 17:01
nemesis After all the fall of BN related construction n property stocks...there could be a new rising star in the midst of destruction...Mkland is what I m talking about!!! Pakatan friendly stocks like Mkland n CHHB should the next shining star as more good news to be unveiled soon...Gamuda, MMC, George Kent already on the brink of steep plunge...Mkland is carefully hand pick fm the thorns...
08/10/2018 18:10
nickyeo55 Nemesis this one I agree with u
09/10/2018 01:12
nemesis At 0.21 there isn't anymore downside as it has hit the mother of all rock bottom...any good news soon especially Budget 2019 pertaining to affordable housing such as Rumah Selangorku will surely send back Mkland to full price recovery...MK has a bigger role to play for Budget 2019 since it is related to Tun Mahathir...We have a new Shining star next year...
09/10/2018 06:49
nemesis Wow huge discount...really value buy now...
11/10/2018 13:45


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