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13-Apr-2005 29-Apr-2005 04-May-2005 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 3 : 6 Dividend Detail
28-Sep-2015 08-Oct-2015 12-Oct-2015 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 3 : 2 Dividend Detail
30-Aug-2017 18-Sep-2017 06-Oct-2017 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 4 Dividend Detail
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cammm the banker listened what we are comments, he really push down the price.... excellent.... thx banker....
20/09/2018 09:19
rojakmee The way banker play so stupid, keep pressing the price and make everyone trow, they end up collecting and collecting more
20/09/2018 09:42
Tom 炒家会怎样玩不是让你看几天就能明白的...你还想说人家stupid,其实真正stupid的人是你
20/09/2018 11:11
Tom calvintaneng 好像失踪好久了,我正在等他的下一篇文章....lol
20/09/2018 11:16
Yael Jasper Wow! earn more again! good stock, i have earned a lot to pay my bills.
20/09/2018 11:44
cammm soon it will touch 0.490...I also waiting....
20/09/2018 13:39
jordanmaggie61 Well done, the profit can let me to buy more food.
20/09/2018 14:17
cammm mark your word... talking like fortune teller
20/09/2018 15:01
deMusangking better buy 7277, 5 big n 5 small!!!!
20/09/2018 15:07
deMusangking y'day bot reach @ 0.39 n threw this morning @ 0.405!!!! free starbucks!!!
at the moment watching 5277!!! not yet bot, hopefully can come down to catch!
20/09/2018 15:10
deMusangking q at 0.31 2buy!
20/09/2018 15:14
deMusangking good!
20/09/2018 15:18
cammm awaiting....
20/09/2018 16:44
Tom aiboon....虽然这个不是我的TP,不过希望你的梦想成真

Posted by aiboon > Feb 9, 2018 05:27 PM | Report Abuse

20/09/2018 17:10
qqq3 this EG really bad....

D&O also got life already...and IB recommending.
20/09/2018 18:00
VenFx Whats wrong with Tom ?

Repeatingly comment same message trying to terrify readers ?
Very sick mindset, talk this n that ... tot he can smash down a counter by his self createf air talk ?

How naive he is. 

Btw, i wonder who has absorbed EG's ticket during this week ? 
Another stronger buyer perhap ?

Anyway, EG at 0.495 is oversold and traded below its value .
Sector peers traded at x15 pe. Averagely .
Once macro and temporarily set back of mikro components supply back on normal, EG should be able to trade by x 12pe given its 20% cagr after normalisation.

*** Thus, my TP 0.990 by 2H2019
21/09/2018 03:06
rojakmee The Problem with EG is not giving dividend, once declare dividend there will be re rating of the stock
21/09/2018 08:58
rojakmee Good margin from Trump tariff will make it possible to declare dividend
21/09/2018 08:59
Tom Someone is day dreaming again lo......
Air talk without real time buy sell transaction as proof, what a joke! Hahahahaha
21/09/2018 09:06
Tom 看来 short term 不太可能 0.45 了,我就把 short term 转换成 medium term
我的 medium term TP 0.45, 价钱保持不变.....
21/09/2018 09:55
coldinvestor 0.45 是不可能的 !
21/09/2018 14:37
VenFx 别说0.450 了, 连0.490 都下不去 。

近期 会有小幅度回弹
但是要中期上升趋势确认 得要 破位0.550 以上。
个人 对回掉0.480依然很期待 准备炒底 lah !
22/09/2018 08:36
VenFx Hehe !
EMS as the smallish of Malaysia base Ems will benefittef from this development at below.

22/09/2018 11:07
VenFx Some will say eg has
poor net profit margin,
Didnt apply the div. policy,

Hey ! Go check EG for their,
earning per share with averagely low pe.vs peers.
share price discouted by 60% from its nta.

Interesting parts are
To be able to ramp up productions quickly
Capital layout can sustain future capex till 2020.

EG is very safe now lah !
Where else to look ?
22/09/2018 11:14
coldinvestor 都已经从两年多前的1.26 跌到现在0.51,还有什么不可能的呢!所以,跌到0.350 的可能性是存在的。
22/09/2018 14:06
cheoky Argue so much till cow comes home. Do u make any money or not in eg?
22/09/2018 14:49
VenFx No need think too much sailang 1st at 0.480 .
Talk is cheap.
22/09/2018 15:42
trulyinvest Post removed. Why?
22/09/2018 16:21
trulyinvest Post removed. Why?
22/09/2018 16:25
trulyinvest Bcos of your naive overconfidence when rm1 oredi killed mamy inocent ppl. Now wan to slaughter ppl again. Pls la, dun b a king killer. Kikikiki
22/09/2018 16:26
VenFx Stupid need not to talk so much. 
U r wasting your life to create those lies. 

U dont even own a single share, but trying to show peopples how good u r in contra trades everywhere .
What Typically looser.
22/09/2018 17:10
trulyinvest Post removed. Why?
22/09/2018 18:13
VenFx Kid , its meaningless to talk self syiok story.
23/09/2018 00:09
trulyinvest I think u should,b,meaningless. Holding eg for years
23/09/2018 12:20
VenFx Non of your biz lo !
I no need to teach an idiot how to profit from EG.
I hate newbies like u , who wasting life in i3 distribute fake contra results while actually u hold nothing .

That y i call u a loser.
23/09/2018 12:23
VenFx What r u trying to show ?
Its totally meaninglesa lah .

Stop posting rubbish ok ?
23/09/2018 12:24
VenFx 中秋月儿圆,象征着团聚与幸福,
23/09/2018 12:32
trulyinvest Then y u shouting ppl to buy eg from rm1 to 40sen. Diam diam saje la. Wan to trap ppl so tat pokai with u? Wat a,loser. Kikiki
23/09/2018 13:45
trulyinvest Post removed. Why?
23/09/2018 13:52
VenFx 美国政府本周起,将对约2000亿美元(约8267亿令吉)的中国商品加征10%关税,尽管经济学家普遍认为贸易战没有赢家,但东南亚仍会受惠,因企业已在思考将生产线转移至东南亚国家,包括我国在内的东盟10国都将潜在受惠。






24/09/2018 00:35
klmly2 Laugh die me, banker collect 200lots today. Salute
24/09/2018 18:30
Tom Hmm...
24/09/2018 21:46
trulyinvest Post removed. Why?
25/09/2018 07:09
VenFx 科技股 
Author: kentrade888   |   Latest post: Mon, 24 Sep 2018, 10:17 PM 
Inventor Dyson keen to bring new investments into Malaysia 
25/09/2018 08:44
deMusangking Be Reach!!!!!!
25/09/2018 10:12
rojakmee SKP & D&O uptrend, matter of time for EG
25/09/2018 14:13
VenFx 调查显示,美中贸易争端不见平息,东南亚的订单却因而激增,在华430公司中有三分之一考虑迁移,东南亚是首选地
EG's Thai fully subsidiary would probably benefitted from above development.

25/09/2018 17:37
VenFx http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/435036
How this can benefit tech & insdutry products sector ?
No wonder yesterday us dollar revenue based counter up up up !
26/09/2018 08:11
Tom 我的 medium term TP 0.45 的路途还遥远啊,可能等不到....
26/09/2018 10:19
coldinvestor Vs, skp, notion, dufu & ...都升天了, 你还在睡觉 !
26/09/2018 10:37


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