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General Meeting

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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
31-Jul-2019 16-Aug-2019 09:00 EGM Cheras 1 Meeting Room, UG Floor, Silka Cheras Hotel Kuala Lumpur, KM10, Jalan Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Meeting Detail
27-Sep-2018 15-Nov-2018 14:00 AGM Lily Room, The Zon All Suites Residences On The Park, 161-D Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
07-Nov-2017 23-Nov-2017 15:30 EGM Lily Room, The Zon All Suites Residences On The Park, 161-D Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
28-Sep-2017 23-Nov-2017 14:00 AGM Lily Room, The Zon All Suites Residences On The Park, 161-D Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
28-Apr-2016 02-Jun-2016 14:30 AGM Lily Room, The Zon All Suites Residences On The Park, 161-D Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
05-May-2015 28-May-2015 14:30 AGM Lily Room, The Zon All Suites Residences On The Park, 161-D Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
06-May-2014 29-May-2014 14:30 AGM Lily Room, The Zon All Suites Residences On The Park, 161-D Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
21-May-2013 13-Jun-2013 15:00 EGM Lily Room, The Zon All Suites Residences On The Park, 161-D Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
21-May-2013 13-Jun-2013 14:30 AGM Lily Room, The Zon All Suites Residences On The Park, 161-D Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
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Lukesharewalker 18 pages of corporate governance statements in 2018 annual report. LOL
04/05/2019 3:54 PM
Wong Yi Ming The boss of RCSB very lucky, Net asset RCSB only RM4.5million, sell to Ecobuilt. Get RM20millon cash plus 32.4 % Ecobuilt share and be a major shareholder of Ecobuilt. Unbelievable and happening in third world country.
04/05/2019 7:21 PM
DKNY99 Everybody please dont believe sc only , sc don't have manpower and competent inspector to investigate. Better everbody go to.make a police report , then commercial crime department can only get involve
04/05/2019 7:43 PM
DKNY99 Commercial crime department bukit aman is not alang alang people. They have plenty of competence person. This kind of case for them sup sup sui , very obvious stole money.
04/05/2019 7:45 PM
DKNY99 Sc only a kindergarten person and full of lazy people working there. They won't go hunt the truth, they depend on you supply full evidence for them only. Dam lazy agency. Wasting our tax payers money only
04/05/2019 7:48 PM
DKNY99 Make a official police report at the nearest police station only take 15min and them you can help investor and company collapse within 1 year.
04/05/2019 7:50 PM
Lukesharewalker The question remains;
1. Why is Ong giving up his control so easily? Why not just sell off to RCSB owners?

2. The amount of 20 million cash is similar to his portion of 20% capital at 57 cents...

3. Is the overpriced RCSB a method to drain the cash?

4. What is the new owners intentions? Milk the company dry or inject assets?

5. Why can't they buy land with RI? Or is that coming?

6. They seem to be linked to titijaya. Is titijaya to sell land to Ecobuilt?
04/05/2019 10:28 PM
Lukesharewalker The private placement has backdoor clause to it. What if they back out?
That will wipe out the current cash of 22 mil
04/05/2019 10:31 PM
Lukesharewalker 45% is controlled by Ong, Titijaya directors, Yew Lee directors and Layhong directors.

Something smells?
04/05/2019 10:33 PM
Lukesharewalker The last time, they try to give private placement to someone but did not turn out well
04/05/2019 10:44 PM
Lukesharewalker If RCSB wants to inject assets, why not state in proposal to save time?
04/05/2019 10:47 PM
Lukesharewalker Worse, Why Ecobuilt is valued at a discount when the nta is 43 cents?
Should be be 4.30 also 10 times mah
04/05/2019 10:49 PM
DKNY99 Rcsb won't inject assets, the purpose is to melt off all the company cash , then raise ri to buy new director own land with higher than market price. This type of tactic you are too young don't know china conman characters
04/05/2019 11:25 PM
DKNY99 In short dispose all your share first to avoid cheat by eco. Then everybody please make police report to investigate them. Dont let auntie and uncle hard earn money been rob by penyamun.
04/05/2019 11:28 PM
DKNY99 Nowadays if they construction line was very competative , rcsb profit margin only 3 percent. This kind of pariah company director inject assets, you thinking is so childish.
04/05/2019 11:34 PM
Lukesharewalker The shore KK is from titijaya while the owners of RCSB are shareholders of titijaya.
Vehicle for titijaya to complete projects with other company resources.
05/05/2019 8:46 AM
Lukesharewalker Btw Ecobuilt should be valued at pe 12 their forecast earnings....LOL
05/05/2019 8:48 AM
Lukesharewalker Alternatively there might be dilution upon dilution when land is injected in.
The owners of RCSB are known as land sellers
05/05/2019 8:50 AM
Lukesharewalker Estimated normalized earnings for Ecobuilt
Project A 1.9 mil
Project B 1.4 mil
IT. 0.5 mil
Total. 3.8 mil

Per Q eps 2.3

annuallised 9.2

Pe 12 1.10
05/05/2019 12:25 PM
Sharewitch The proposal is really full of holes. Its valued highly because 3 years consecutive profit ranging 1 to 2 million but Ecobuilt valuation is given a 6 cents market price discount. Ecobuilt has profitable for many years.
Just because a profit guarantee of 3.75 mil per year,its valued 12 times profit guarantee.
What kind of investment bankers are these?
This is similar scam that is being trial by the courts now.
If they intend to inject any tangible assets, it should stated in the proposal.
The accounts of RCSB is not included. What constitute the 4.5 million asset?
Purposely hidden?
05/05/2019 1:49 PM
Sharewitch How can payment to UOB be made from retained profits? Retained profits is only distributable to shareholders via bonus dividends and capital payback
05/05/2019 1:53 PM
Sharewitch I will definitely be contacting the SC and bursa
05/05/2019 1:55 PM
Sharewitch I noticed the misleading information Luke mention. It's outright fraud? How careless or deliberate?
05/05/2019 2:01 PM
Lukesharewalker We need more investors to voice out
06/05/2019 11:13 AM
Sharewitch They can't even private place last year. What's the difference this year? Notice the proposed private recipients are also shareholders of titijaya
06/05/2019 11:30 AM
The Proposals are subject to the following approvals being obtained:-
(i) Bursa Securities for the following:
(a) admission of Placement Shares and Consideration Shares to the Official
List of Bursa Securities; and
(b) listing of and quotation for the Placement Shares and Consideration Shares
to be issued pursuant to the Proposed Private Placement and Proposed
Acquisition, respectively on the Main Market of Bursa Securities;
(ii) The shareholders of Ecobuilt, for the Proposals at an EGM to be convened; and
(iii) Any other relevant authority and/ or party, if required.
The Proposed Acquisition and the Proposed Private Placement are inter-conditional upon
each other. For clarification, the Proposals are not conditional upon any other proposal
undertaken or to be undertaken by the Company.
For information purposes, the voting on the resolution pertaining to the Proposals at the
EGM will be taken on a poll, of which the results of the poll will be validated by an
independent scrutineer to be appointed.
06/05/2019 11:45 AM
Sharewitch I think more investors need to be aware. Both companies is in the same business and same project too. The 187 mil to be bought in by RCSB includes 157 mil ppam project of which Ecobuilt subcontract to RCSB.
Hence RCSB is bringing in order book mainly subcontracted to them by Ecobuilt. Ecobuilt was awarded the 202 million project on the day.
Would that be intentionally fraudulent to mislead investors?
Isn't that double counting?
06/05/2019 10:47 PM
Sharewitch There is hardly any work order increase bought in by RCSB
06/05/2019 10:49 PM
Sharewitch The other are tail end and not going to contribute much....
06/05/2019 10:50 PM
Lukesharewalker The Proposed Acquisition involves the acquisition by Ecobuilt of the entire equity
interest in RCSB, of which has an order book standing of approximately RM184.71
million as at the LPD, whilst the Group’s outstanding order book stands at
approximately RM450.81 million. Upon completion of the Proposed Acquisition,
Ecobuilt will have full control in RCSB hence enables the Group to recognise the
order book and profit generated by RCSB on a consolidated basis. With the
combined order book from RCSB and Ecobuilt, it is expected to increase the revenue
base of the Group’s construction business in the medium term.

06/05/2019 11:00 PM
The highest percentage ratio applicable to the Proposed Acquisition pursuant to Paragraph
10.02(g) of the Main Market Listing Requirements is approximately 95.95%, calculated
based on the total assets of RCSB of approximately RM77.80 million against the total assets
of Ecobuilt of RM81.08 million based on the respective latest audited financial statements.

assuming the above is true, RCSB has assets of 77 mil ? At the same time liabilities of 71.5 mil liabilities hence the net assets of 4.5 mil.
What kind of liabilities are those?
06/05/2019 11:18 PM
Sharewitch But RCSB gearing ratio is supposed to be 0.03
06/05/2019 11:58 PM
Lukesharewalker Need RCSB to be disclosed
07/05/2019 12:20 AM
Lukesharewalker RCSB accounts
07/05/2019 12:21 AM
DKNY99 You all dun just talk syok here only. Copy the contents and then translate into malay , then print out and make police report . Ask the police just follow the contents and write a report. After that , get the report number and tell the commercial crime bukit aman . Then make a sc report as well.
Is better than here talk syok and then share price ecobuilt drop until 10 cents baru kao beh kao bo.
07/05/2019 11:36 AM
Sharewitch There is definitely double counting involved here. How can bursa and SC approve this? Investors are deliberately deceived tantamount to fraud. How can both companies can ownership to the work order of 157 mil from the same project?

It either Ecobuilt 450 minus 157 work order or RCSB claim 30 mil work order. How come investment bank don't know how to do the math?

What do you get for 45 million?

Meanwhile MB world buy a property developer for 7 mil which comes with 7 acres of land. That's reasonable
14/06/2019 10:12 PM
Lukesharewalker If Michael Ong don't want to be the owner anymore he should just sell his 20% to interested parties.
At least minority shareholders would be protected
14/06/2019 10:31 PM
Sharewitch If you look at it carefully. The vendor and the private placees are all titijaya shareholders.
Maybe titijaya might need a construction arm for their projects. So this idiot CEO wants to pull a fast one at the shareholders expense. Pay 45 million for a construction company in exchange for all future construction projects of titijaya.
At the same time get back his investment via 20 mil cash plus 10% holdings as a bonus.
I will be surprised if bursa approves as it will open up to lawsuits as there are elements of fraudulent misrepresentation in the circulars to shareholders.
Let see how it transpire.
Let titijaya has a hostile takeover and this CEO sell off his stake to them. How long can Michael holds his stake at this rock bottom price.
Its now a pariah of bursa because of this deal.
This is why there is a lop sided valuation of Ecobuilt and RCSB. Practically gifting the company to Titijaya.
The IB should be sued
15/07/2019 8:25 PM
Lukesharewalker Let's all reject this deal. If titijaya wants this company, let them takeover proper either the CEO sell out or hostile takeover.
So far, no construction company on its own is worth 45 million
15/07/2019 8:32 PM
Lukesharewalker With 2 projects worth 450 mil. Possibly net profit earnings is 3.5 mil per quarter. Annualized eps is 8 cents. Pe 10 would translate to 80 cents

Why the need for RCSB?
Why dilute and hand over the company to titijaya?
15/07/2019 8:38 PM
Sharewitch Let wait and see.
120 days deadline ends 31 August.
There could be possible upside then .....
15/07/2019 8:42 PM
Lukesharewalker If you think about it, why would a controlling shareholder who invested 20 million be satisfied with 10% holdings eventually....
15/07/2019 9:32 PM
TianTianHuat iT IS just like when you order Wan Tan Mee, you paid rm50 and you get only 1 Wan Tan lor... ha ha ha huiii!!! huiii!!! huiii!!!.....ha ha ha huiii!!! huiii!!! huiii!!!..... no need to worry so much as you will get used to it one... ha ha ha huiii!!! huiii!!! huiii!!!.....
22/07/2019 7:03 PM
Lukesharewalker Not worry. Happily waiting for EGM
23/07/2019 11:57 AM
Lukesharewalker Let me buy some more to increase my vote
23/07/2019 11:59 AM
Lukesharewalker These are all fake queues. Why would anyone sell below 24.5?
Private placement price?
23/07/2019 12:01 PM
Lukesharewalker I hope it will trigger Michael Ong margin at this price.....
23/07/2019 12:19 PM
Lukesharewalker Sell lah. Below 20 cents sure make one
24/07/2019 10:34 AM
Lukesharewalker Turning into a 100% construction player. Titijaya construction arm dream is one step closer
30/07/2019 10:56 AM
TianTianHuat 2 more days 16th.... ha ha ha huiii!!! huiii!!! huiii!!!.... ha ha ha huiii!!! huiii!!! huiii!!!
14/08/2019 9:34 PM


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