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18-Jan-2019 13-Feb-2019 10:30 EGM Hotel Zamsaham, No. 3-4 Jalan Terminal 2, Senai Centre Point, Senai International Airport, 81400 Senai, Johor, Malaysia Meeting Detail
29-Nov-2018 31-Dec-2018 10:30 AGM Kelab Shah Alam Selangor, Jalan Aerobik 13/43, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan Meeting Detail
29-Nov-2017 27-Dec-2017 10:30 AGM Kelab Shah Alam Selangor, Jalan Aerobik 13/43, 40000 Shah Alam, Selagor Darul Ehsan Meeting Detail
29-Nov-2016 27-Dec-2016 10:00 AGM KELAB SHAH ALAM SELANGOR, JALAN AEROBIK 13/43, 40000 SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN Meeting Detail
30-May-2016 23-Jun-2016 10:30 EGM Kelab Shah Alam Selangor, Jalan Aerobik 13/43, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan Meeting Detail
03-Dec-2015 28-Dec-2015 09:30 AGM Kelab Shah Alam Selangor, Jalan Aerobik 13/43, 40000 Shah Alam, Sleangor Darul Ehsan Meeting Detail
29-Jul-2015 21-Aug-2015 11:00 EGM Kelab Shah Alam Selangor, Jalan Aerobik 13/43, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan Meeting Detail
05-Dec-2014 30-Dec-2014 09:30 AGM Kelab Shah Alam Selangor, Jalan Aerobik 13/43, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan Meeting Detail
03-Dec-2013 26-Dec-2013 09:30 AGM Kelab Shah Alam Selangor, Jalan Aerobik 13/43, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan Meeting Detail
05-Dec-2012 28-Dec-2012 09:30 AGM Kelab Shah Alam Selangor, Jalan Aerobik 13/43, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan Meeting Detail
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Mara chieng ... chieng ...chieng....
chieng ... chieng ...chieng....
07/01/2019 09:21
kenie 02-Jan-2019 ZHANG YANG Disposed INIX 1,940,000 shares
07/01/2019 10:35
Farin Parin goooo gooo inix
07/01/2019 15:13
bbmuar Saw 2 fellow dump 1.9mil shares n bought back 2mil shares? What d heck???
07/01/2019 16:43
michaelwong Waiting for it to cross 12 cents imminently .
07/01/2019 20:22
Megaway1 Zhang Li and Zhang Yang aquired 3 milion shares today. All at 11.5 and 12 sen.
Why, what is up.
07/01/2019 21:59
Megaway1 Boardroom tussle possible. No other reason that I see.
07/01/2019 22:02
fosther Post removed. Why?
08/01/2019 13:00
ahfad last time warrant sudah 7-8when.mother around 0.11-0.12. this time warrant quite slow
10/01/2019 10:55
ahfad just not yet maybe
10/01/2019 14:18
Megaway1 Sold all 2m. Bought 8.6sen sold 11.25 sen average. High risk to hold too long.
Moved to myeg. All the best to my friends hope you can make a good profit.
11/01/2019 15:52
Farin Parin ok bro.. have a nice day
11/01/2019 16:37
14888 wa so cheap?
16/01/2019 09:48
ahfad no interest yet. need mother break higher the wa will follow close
16/01/2019 11:49
venture run
17/01/2019 09:14
potential huaan,netx,armada ,fintec,iris ,mlab potential reach TP0.20
17/01/2019 15:09
AbdulMaalikBinUthmaa time to run? or to buy more?
17/01/2019 15:14
Eric6790 drop then buy
17/01/2019 17:12
ChanZheKang drop how low before buy in? 0.80?
17/01/2019 17:18
Megaway1 As my post before.
Shareholders owning 11.21% in internet domain reseller Inix Technologies Holdings Bhd — Zhang Yang, Wai Ai Loo Suncity Entertainment Ltd — has sought to remove recently-appointed directors and appoint three new ones, two of which were ex-directors in the web domain seller company.

The three directors tha may be axed are chief executive officer (CEO) Azman Hussin, Wong Jeh Syan and Norisam Bin Tukiman. Wong and Norisam were appointed in end-2018 after former executive director Datuk Zhang Li and director Lee Yueh Shien retired on the same day.

Now the shareholders want Zhang Li and Lee to be appointed directors again, alongside Edwin Silvester Das. Zhang Li owns 6.74% in Inix via Zhang Yang’s shareholding in the company as at Jan 9.
18/01/2019 23:20
Megaway1 Boardroom tussle is on as i posted on 7.1.2019
Will there be more buying from now, as the other party has got enough shares to remove the 3 directors.
18/01/2019 23:27
Megaway1 I sold my 2 million shares in inix because inix made a big loss for 2 years. I cannot take the risk anymore. The price may go up if the boardroom tussle gets hot.
18/01/2019 23:36
biginvestor Even with the tussle on, how far up can it goes.
19/01/2019 23:08
Juan_Hardiez I don’t think the other party has enough shares to remove the party as they only hold 11 to 15%. I foresee that the 3 directors have more than 15% shareholding. We gonna see buying war this week. I am targeting at least 15 - 20 sen price
21/01/2019 08:37
venture boardroom tussle?
22/01/2019 09:16
1234rich They old director won't have enough share ...
22/01/2019 22:12
commonsense Just be careful when buying into this company. After all the price movement (very volatile), the company is still a loss-making company which had never been able to deliver any meaningful profits to its shareholders in past 10 years. To think that the company can suddenly deliver in FY19 might be a bit of a wishful thinking on the part of some investors.

Balance sheet does not look great with current liabilities now higher than the company current assets which might mean that the company is facing some liquidity issues (cash is only at RM270k).
Currently it seems that the company is facing some board room tussles which will only create more operational problem later given the unclear directions from the top. An EGM is schedule for the immediate change of 3 directors on 13 Feb.

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio outside of Inix (due to its earnings uncertainties) I would recommend you to look at MBMR.

MBMR is a direct proxy to Perodua via its 22.6% interest in the company. Valuation is cheap at only 6.9x PE (based on target FY18 profit of RM145mil. 9m profit is already RM106mil). PB is low at only 0.7x BV. 4Q18 results is expected to be higher than 3Q18 and last year's 4Q17.

For FY19 growth will be driven by the still high demand of new Myvi and the newly launched SUV Aruz and also the newly revamp Alza in 2H19. I am projecting a profit to shareholder of RM160 mil for FY19 which at the current price values MBMR at only 6.2x PE.

Please go through the analyst reports (https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/pt/5983.jsp) and do your own analysis before making any decisions. There are 8 analysts in total covering the stock with most of them having a TP of above RM3 (all have a buy rating). The average TP for the 8 analyst is around RM3.50.

Good luck.
23/01/2019 12:03
ris87 New director already resigned. See latest announment from bursa website
23/01/2019 18:10
myrosdan lol
23/01/2019 21:31
Megaway1 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/two-inix-technologies-independent-directors-resign-ahead-egm
24/01/2019 06:02
venture With bad director you will stuck later at highest price. no hope. I've sold all 900k share.
24/01/2019 13:13
Megaway1 KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 24): Some eight million shares, representing 3.09% of Inix Technologies Holdings Bhd were transacted off-market today.

According to Bloomberg data, the shares were crossed in two tranches, the first of two million shares at 11 sen apiece and the second of six million at 10.5 sen per share.

Both tranches were crossed at a premium to the closing price of 10 sen today, the counter finishing up 0.5 sen or 5.26%.
25/01/2019 05:36
Megaway1 Parties involved in the transaction were not known as at press time.

Some 18.64 million shares were traded in the open market.

Inix’s market capitalisation amounts to RM25.91 million.
25/01/2019 05:37
sarachy_investor good sign.....
29/01/2019 10:04
kim Netx TP 10 sen for 500 % SUPER ANGPOWS 2019 $
29/01/2019 14:42
newcentury9 interesting, but it will drop back down right?
30/01/2019 21:09
WardenRoyal eventually
31/01/2019 11:44
richegnigma If can break 11.5, n stand firm, next will be 0.15
01/02/2019 22:01
Megaway1 Boardroom tussle is over.
04/02/2019 19:26
Farin Parin better sell
07/02/2019 15:46
fl888 Debt free and small share capital and new China man substantial shareholder means what coming ?
08/02/2019 10:21
Dotkaya fl88
mean what
08/02/2019 13:23
michaelwong Just an assumption , don't put so much hope to expect things can change for the better .
08/02/2019 23:01
birdie84 When China Man coming in, that means its turning into an empty shelf company soon.. :D
11/02/2019 10:25
Soleha Zamsaham dah jual shares di ,, gap down mahu ni , cari kaunter lain
11/02/2019 13:10
michaelwong Heavy volume for quite sometime , but share price remain stagnant
11/02/2019 23:14
fl888 need Cash upfront to buy in PB, why ? ...something big seem to be brewing to rectify this kind of dilemma..
12/02/2019 04:25
fl888 who was the off market of 3.09% buyer of Inix on 25-1-19 at 11cts as reported by the Edge..
13/02/2019 16:13
fl888 Should have bought Inix code 0094 in Da Ma Cai!
13/02/2019 22:38
apolloang u play the stock why didn't u buy some? hehe
13/02/2019 22:39


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