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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
21-Aug-2019 20-Sep-2019 10:30 AGM Pendeta 4, Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor, Jalan Persiaran Golf, Off Jalan Jumbo, 81250 Senai, Johor Darul Takzim Meeting Detail
13-May-2019 10-Jun-2019 10:30 EGM Pertiwi Room, Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor, Jalan Persiaran Golf, Off Jalan Jumbo, 81250 Senai, Johor Darul Takzim Meeting Detail
27-Apr-2018 22-Jun-2018 10:30 AGM Kayangan Suites, Pulai Pavilion, Pulai Spring Resort, 20KM, Jalan Pontian Lama, 81110 Pulai, Johor Meeting Detail
27-Apr-2017 26-May-2017 10:30 AGM Kayangan Suites, Pulai Pavilion, Pulai Spring Resort, 20KM, Jalan Pontian Lama, 81110 Pulai, Johor Meeting Detail
28-Apr-2016 25-May-2016 11:00 AGM Maharaja Suite, Pulai Pavilion, Pulai Spring Resort, 20km, Jalan Pontian Lama, 81110 Pulai, Johor Meeting Detail
25-Nov-2015 21-Dec-2015 11:00 EGM Pendeta 1, 2 & 3, Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor, Jalan Persiaran Golf, Off Jalan Jumbo, 81250 Senai, Johor Darul Takzim Meeting Detail
29-Apr-2015 26-May-2015 10:00 AGM Cengal Suites, Cinta Ayu Apartments, Pulai Spring Resort, 20km, Jln Pontian Lama, 81110 Pulai, Johor Meeting Detail
02-May-2014 27-May-2014 10:00 AGM Dillenia Room, Sime Darby Convention Centre, 1A Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, 60000 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
03-May-2013 30-May-2013 09:30 AGM Rafflesia 2, Sime Darby Convention Centre 1A Jalan Bukit Kiara 1 60000 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
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richman those here let us sapu the mum 2.5cts
16/10/2019 4:32 PM
Jason Ngan Jia Chen richman sapu all 16million gogo tmr jump .03 and slowly climb to .05 and dump back
16/10/2019 4:41 PM
AlfI3 Got to dream big for this MNC ctr, then ony can mik $
16/10/2019 11:46 PM
richman 2,5cts is best buy now low risk high gains maybe top up today a few more
17/10/2019 9:39 AM
richman I think Pangsai focusing on SANICHI.He has bought wholesale the shares on 4th october
17/10/2019 9:50 AM
richman make money there then pump MNC
17/10/2019 9:51 AM
richman MNC mummy sikit lagi ada at 2.5cts
17/10/2019 10:50 AM
Noned Seems waiting T2 contra player 15oct to clear position at 3pm..
17/10/2019 11:13 AM
Lim Huei Teong they will move to DGB ..take note
17/10/2019 11:50 AM
Lim Huei Teong 0152WB 0.015 is too cheap to collect
17/10/2019 11:51 AM
Ahlanah Close 4 cts today?
17/10/2019 12:15 PM
Noned @wiaxx
MNC just issued PA 3 sen
Pn17..don't think so..
MNC TA only bad.. FA s/b ok
17/10/2019 12:50 PM
Lim Huei Teong Join me DGB-WB 0.015 and XDL-WD 0.01 for better return.
17/10/2019 3:51 PM
Noned MNC oversold n below SMA200..
17/10/2019 10:09 PM
Mnorhazlan Yusoff Should be good Day today
18/10/2019 9:13 AM
B4b4 PN 17.... NO WAY, SIR
18/10/2019 9:46 AM
Cslee1215 Hahaha ask Metronic why want to acquire 30 000 000 soon to be pn17 counter
18/10/2019 10:29 AM
tingkap Date Announced / Listing Date
15-Oct-2019 / 16-Oct-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 148,133,833
11-Oct-2019 / 14-Oct-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 8,245,000
09-Oct-2019 / 10-Oct-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 18,167,950
04-Oct-2019 / 07-Oct-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 23,197,000
27-Sep-2019 / 30-Sep-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 248,690,832
26-Sep-2019 / 27-Sep-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,985,000
19-Sep-2019 / 20-Sep-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 500,000

Total 449,919,615 units

Metronic bought 30,000,000 units

balance sell in open market
18/10/2019 11:07 AM
tingkap Robbie Ananda Krishnan join MNC direct own shares.

Lee Kim Yew join MNC through Metronic

What is both of them planning for MNC?
18/10/2019 11:12 AM
Lim Huei Teong I also hear the insider news from toilet
18/10/2019 11:52 AM
William Choong If no confident better sell off all your MNC and quit the forum
18/10/2019 11:54 AM
Lim Huei Teong new account ...haha..
18/10/2019 11:55 AM
Lim Huei Teong PN17 wait at 0.015? i will wait at 0.005
18/10/2019 12:28 PM
Johnjohn69 I am still holding my shares. Not going to sell. Let it sleep there. Don't mind to wait for one year to see it grows. This company is not going to go bankrupt anytime soon. Just because the share did not move now doesn't mean it will not move for eternity. So cheers!! Price will rebounce!
18/10/2019 12:30 PM
Noned T2 for 15oct at 3pm?
18/10/2019 12:32 PM
Johnjohn69 Wiaxx money is not everything. There are other things more important like health. This is just a business.
18/10/2019 2:35 PM
Lim Huei Teong join me DGB-WB and XDL-ED
18/10/2019 3:03 PM
Cslee1215 Wiaxx u want to buy at 0.015, and keep saying mnc soon to be pn17 asking ppl to sell now...wat is the intention? SYOK sendiri??
18/10/2019 3:14 PM
Cslee1215 Wiaxx Utusan got vacancy. U Next BILLIONAIR
18/10/2019 3:18 PM
Lim Huei Teong Rainmaker welcome you!!!
18/10/2019 4:06 PM
richman collecig mode from contra players .Next week action starts my tp min 3.5 max 5cts
18/10/2019 4:33 PM
wiaxx123 Monday jump down liao, to 0.02
18/10/2019 4:37 PM
wiaxx123 buy buy buy
18/10/2019 4:38 PM
wiaxx123 Rainmaker welcome you!!! @richman
18/10/2019 4:39 PM
Jason Ngan Jia Chen wiaxx i thought u said u collect .025 .02 a lot eh
18/10/2019 6:56 PM
Noned @richman
They need to defend 2.5 b4 buy 3 sen.
May take some time
But today t3 15oct well absorbed..
18/10/2019 9:10 PM
mikeann Immediate support at 0.02.
20/10/2019 8:33 PM
Noni Got UMA or not? Pump and ...... ?
21/10/2019 1:00 AM
Jason Ngan Jia Chen i bought insurance from you boleh claim now ka
21/10/2019 2:26 PM
Noned Cash out a lot at sanichi..
21/10/2019 7:15 PM
traders888 are u sure going PN17?
22/10/2019 9:59 AM
traders888 Im new in the trade
22/10/2019 10:00 AM
Lim Huei Teong PA left 278Million....10 year maturity ...buy 90% convert to mother in a month
22/10/2019 10:47 AM
B4b4 Mnc balance sheet is good. Cash in bank is RM 21.2 m, zero bank borrowings, a small amount of trade payables and cash flow from operating activities is positive
22/10/2019 10:56 AM
Lim Huei Teong Join me the DGB
22/10/2019 12:05 PM
Lim Huei Teong same boss
22/10/2019 12:05 PM
faizkl Ini MNC betul cibai counter.. I bought at 3 cent of my plan to get a profit from a rebound but until now no technical rebound at all.. Stupid asshole counter, betul2 bodoh counter takde physics of market..
22/10/2019 12:18 PM
wiaxx123 PN 17 lol
22/10/2019 3:30 PM
wiaxx123 sakit sakit
22/10/2019 3:30 PM
Qbb99 Abang kena tunggu dan sabar. Biar lah orang jual murah. Nanti Datuk push , kita semua gembira
22/10/2019 3:40 PM


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