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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
05-Nov-2018 28-Nov-2018 14:00 EGM Grand Petra Ballroom, Level 2, Royal Widad Residence @ UTMKL, No. 24 Jalan Maktab, 54100 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
27-Apr-2018 29-Jun-2018 10:00 AGM Petra 2 Room, Tower 4, Level 2, Royal Widad Residence @ UTMKL, Jalan Maktab, 54100 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
03-Jan-2018 29-Jan-2018 10:00 EGM Bunga Raya Room, Level 2, Intercontinental Hotel, 165, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
27-Apr-2017 16-Jun-2017 10:00 AGM PLATINUM 1 ROOM, 2ND FLOOR, NOVOTEL KLCC HOTEL, NO. 2, JLN KIA PENG, 50450 K.L. Meeting Detail
28-Apr-2016 27-May-2016 10:00 AGM PLATINUM 1 ROOM, 2ND FLOOR, NOVOTEL KLCC HOTEL, NO. 2, JLN KIA PENG, 50450 K.L. Meeting Detail
28-May-2015 23-Jun-2015 11:00 AGM COPPER ROOM, 2ND FLOOR, NOVOTEL KLCC HOTEL, NO. 2, JLN KIA PENG, 50450 K.L. Meeting Detail
04-Jun-2014 27-Jun-2014 09:00 AGM Copper Room, 2nd Floor, Novotel Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel, No.2,Jalan Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
12-Feb-2014 28-Feb-2014 10:00 EGM Tulip Room, 1st Floor, Intercontinental Hotel, 165, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
05-Jun-2013 20-Jun-2013 15:00 AGM Tulip Room, 1st Floor, Intercontinental Hotel, 165, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
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paperplane If youbhold 3 years, get 100% return. Is tht good or bad ah
02/01/2019 21:53
satha44 Not even crossing 28....how to get 100%...everyday volume getting smaller...
Big boss on holiday
03/01/2019 13:44
widadinvestor good news coming soon,strong bull counter,happy new year
04/01/2019 08:15
widadinvestor paperplane will win stock pick of the year 2019.....hehehe
04/01/2019 08:20
satha44 Dont touch...till 28 on the mother n 12.5 sens on the warrant is breached..
04/01/2019 13:14
satha44 This counter/operator seem to be manipulating prices for some time....for now looks like a conjob
04/01/2019 13:16
satha44 24sens closing 9 sens on the warrant..
Almost bottom...hopefully we get a reversal..
Big boys back from holidays alrdy....so watch the 28 carefully....c can break with good volume or not...
05/01/2019 12:27
dreamsbillionaire By 2020 should be able to see possible major floating ... now still in hibernation stagnant status since our king just resigned.
07/01/2019 11:30
satha44 Dont touch...still NO GO sign...yet
07/01/2019 14:23
dreamsbillionaire This counter still act like a sleeping beauty waiting for prince to give her a kiss. Then she will dance like Ariana Grande
08/01/2019 16:47
armadatuah2017 Closing strong today.
09/01/2019 17:05
paperplane Lets go back 0.35. Construction in play
09/01/2019 17:55
dreamsbillionaire Music on music on!
09/01/2019 18:10
widadinvestor Bull coming soon, finally wake up...... Hope can maintain strong bull...
09/01/2019 18:20
satha44 A few times touched 28...dropped back..
09/01/2019 21:21
widadinvestor 0.285 will be support price,gogogo
10/01/2019 05:49
satha44 Buyers too small...no volume.
So cannot break 28 today...
10/01/2019 10:50
armadatuah2017 It will be back to square one in the afternoon
10/01/2019 12:09
satha44 Possible...dissapointing
10/01/2019 13:12
widadinvestor no more investor,so the price can't hit target price
10/01/2019 15:20
dreamsbillionaire Expecting hit .37 next 3 months
11/01/2019 11:56
widadinvestor next 3month not 0.370.....is 0.600 up
11/01/2019 13:26
satha44 So funny...28 also cannot break....how to go 37..
60 hahaha..
11/01/2019 14:05
dreamsbillionaire .28 this month anytime la bro be patient.... the sleeping beauty is waking up... pussy counter is like that
11/01/2019 15:01
kenneths ask your father, mother, sister, brother, autie, uncle and friend to push...it will up until 0.28
11/01/2019 15:04
satha44 265 again....this morning tested 275...
Really thought 28 will break.....but finally red again..got to wait patiently...
14/01/2019 12:28
kenneths I've gave up mother, converted to son more promising.
15/01/2019 10:47
dreamsbillionaire No more investors and very quiet.
15/01/2019 10:49
satha44 So quiet...dont touch..
If it doesnt break 28....it wont come..
Now only 255/26....market breadth improved yet sleeping......
Performed better as ijacob...as widad sleeping..
15/01/2019 15:40
armadatuah2017 No catalyst to boost. Won’t up for no reason.
16/01/2019 01:09
dreamsbillionaire Even though very high hopes in the beginning as now it performance yet to reveal it real potential. Traders should be re-valuate this stock to put on-hold , it still far from bull stocks. Many other stocks out there recovering now. Widad probably in the mode of “we dead” at the moment.
16/01/2019 10:19
satha44 Thursday or Friday...showtime..
16/01/2019 23:29
widadinvestor hahaha,really we dead。。。Salted fish
16/01/2019 23:29
widadinvestor Satha44 why Thursday and Friday show time? Any good news?
16/01/2019 23:30
paperplane You dead. I not dead. Im filty rich. You sorchai
17/01/2019 09:36
paperplane Salted fish turn alive heard before not sorchai
17/01/2019 09:37
paperplane Last time i remembered got a sorhai name saltedfish here. Now alredi bankrupt. Keep buying lousy stocks and get trap. Let me tell you, wjen construction run, this stock will run also. Just laggard a. bit only
17/01/2019 09:38
satha44 Want to run...dont want to run...want to run...dont want to run...
Confuse us so much until we all give up alrdy...only then it will come...
Must be patient....volume still small....
Show canceled....LOL
17/01/2019 11:17
satha44 27 n 27.5 tested a few times alrdy....
Needs to break 28...
17/01/2019 17:22
satha44 Mayb someday counter will retest 50sens...
But for now....still sleeping..
17/01/2019 23:48
milopanas Post removed. Why?
17/01/2019 23:49
kenneths break....hahahaha Go and Buy Now
18/01/2019 16:06
CITADEL show sudah mari!!! sapu lah!!!
18/01/2019 16:12
CITADEL lucky accumulate the warrant 99, thank you widad
18/01/2019 16:12
paperplane Wah, apa hal? Malay director wanna give me angpow?? Hahaha
18/01/2019 16:15
widadinvestor get big preject。。。give Ang pow
18/01/2019 16:25
birkincollector Wah news?
18/01/2019 16:35
satha44 So ada juga showtime..
Warrant not moving....but as the mother moves higher...the warrant will have no choice but to move higher...anyway we have 3 days to rest...
Hopefully showtime continuea...ya
18/01/2019 17:04
paperplane Great
18/01/2019 17:18
paperplane let's see if this will be like the dataprp not! Suddenly up 100%,why? Directors holding 78%, some more confident hold 6months not selling at all! Damn rich guy
18/01/2019 23:34


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