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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
30-Jan-2013 22-Feb-2013 11:00 AGM Level 9, Classic 1, Banquet Meeting Hall, Hotel Classic, 69 Jalan Ali, 84000 Muar Johor Meeting Detail
21-Jan-2014 19-Feb-2014 11:00 AGM Level 9, Classic 1, Banquet Meeting Hall, Hotel Classic, 69 Jalan Ali, 84000 Muar, Johor Meeting Detail
29-Dec-2014 29-Jan-2015 11:00 AGM Level 9, Classic 1, Banquet Meeting Hall, Hotel Classic, 69 Jalan Ali, 84000 Muar, Johor Meeting Detail
27-May-2015 12-Jun-2015 10:30 EGM Level 9, Classic 1 Banquet Meeting Hall, Hotel Classic, 69 Jalan Ali, 84000 Muar, Johor Darul Takzim Meeting Detail
29-Dec-2015 28-Jan-2016 11:00 AGM Level 9, Classic 1, Banquet Meeting Hall, Hotel Classic, 69 Jalan Ali, 84000 Muar, Johor Meeting Detail
28-Dec-2016 25-Jan-2017 11:00 AGM Level 9, Classic 1, Banquet Meeting Hall, Hotel Classic, 69 Jalan Ali, 84000 Muar, Johor Meeting Detail
27-Dec-2017 25-Jan-2018 11:00 AGM Level 9, Classic 1, Banquet Meeting Hall, Hotel Classic, 69 Jalan Ali, 84000 Muar, Johor Meeting Detail
27-Dec-2018 23-Jan-2019 11:00 AGM Level 3, Nusantara Meeting Hall, Muar Traders Hotel, No. 16 Jalan Petrie, 84000 Muar, Johor Meeting Detail
21-May-2019 14-Jun-2019 11:00 EGM BEI Boutique Hotel, Centro Meeting Hall Level 3, 8-3 Jalan Abdul Rahman 84000 Muar Johor Meeting Detail
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cutie giving warrant 4 to 1...1 warrant at least worth 20 sen..
30/04/2019 11:58 AM
cutie should be around 70 to 75 sen in near future
30/04/2019 12:00 PM
Dericlock wow...look at the volume
30/04/2019 12:54 PM
Mgician can be much better ~~~
30/04/2019 1:14 PM
Yusuf Isa Will become PCCS...
30/04/2019 1:41 PM
diqiuhao On behalf of the Board of Directors of Homeritz (“Board”), RHB Investment Bank Berhad
(“RHBIB”) is pleased to announce that the Company proposes to undertake proposed bonus
issue of up to 87,500,000 free warrants in Homeritz (“Bonus Warrant(s)” or “Warrant(s) B”)
on the basis of 1 Bonus Warrant for every 4 existing ordinary shares in Homeritz (“Homeritz
Share(s)”) held on an entitlement date to be determined and announced later (“Entitlement
Date”) (“Proposed Bonus Warrants”).
30/04/2019 3:42 PM
necro cannot go lah this one soon...below 0.5
30/04/2019 6:59 PM
Applepen Diam la...botol
30/04/2019 11:58 PM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/204679.jsp
[转贴] [HOMERITZ CORP BHD:面临全球经济不明朗因素,以及生产成本上升及汇率波动] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
01/05/2019 12:42 PM
Yi Heng new warrant will limit up based on my previous experience, so guys just buy and hold until given warrant
01/05/2019 1:05 PM
2464722860219194 Good for long term investment
01/05/2019 9:20 PM
2464722860219194 Good divident
01/05/2019 9:20 PM
liltrader Based on my previous experience , 5160 will going to rise like rocket through 0.75 if enough force will go up until somewhere near 0.9 in this three weeks. It's a call buy :D
02/05/2019 12:35 AM
Dericlock Lol, suddenly ao many 'sifu' poped out on this forum. And all by 'experience', lol. If that easily 50%, then any ali, ah ming can become billionaire liao
02/05/2019 8:55 AM
2464722860219194 Buy call
02/05/2019 9:23 AM
2464722860219194 Accumulate more
02/05/2019 9:23 AM
dexterb Bye to this counter
03/05/2019 11:13 AM
Dericlock Er... Where those sifu who said can easily go up to 75c one. Lol
03/05/2019 12:18 PM
Henry Tang Guys what do think about the recent proposed Bonus warrant.
03/05/2019 6:08 PM
Superb99 just bought a bit, potential to go up, retracement about 60 over %, good time to accumulate...overall market is yoyo so must keep some funds for averaging purpose
06/05/2019 1:55 PM
Applepen Totally no power
07/05/2019 1:13 PM
Applepen Sien
07/05/2019 1:13 PM
Superb99 frankly, only 1 day show so can't really confirm whether this counter is really uptrend, have not really seen strong accumulation
07/05/2019 1:18 PM
LalaPapaInvestment Big Shark accumulate the share...e
3months 50% from 0.62.
07/05/2019 8:12 PM
Superb99 managed to buy some at 0.615 this morning, pending goreng counter, good fundamental as well plus rm weakening, boleh harap
08/05/2019 1:33 PM
LaksaBoy i also bottom fishing this morning at 0.615
08/05/2019 7:44 PM
Superb99 This counter like kena frozen... Lol
11/05/2019 9:03 PM
Booyeah usd/rm appreciating. consider export company.
29/05/2019 3:59 PM
hng33 Bought homeritz at 64sen
30/05/2019 10:40 AM
hng33 1 for 4 bonus warrant to be announce after EGM approval on 14 June. The conversion price at 55sen implying upcoming warrant already in money.

Upcoming Q result also is expect to deliver stronger result due to strengthen USD and therefore expect to declare higher interim dividend.
04/06/2019 11:24 AM
100001740002484 Great....hope so
04/06/2019 1:12 PM
100001740002484 Hi, hng33 may i know wts ur TP for tis counter?
04/06/2019 1:42 PM
hng33 1. Forward EPS 8sen (profit margin boost due to strengthen USD/RM + china/US trade war benefited malaysia exporter leading to higher volume sale)
2. dividend payout 40% = 3.2sen,
3. Valuation 10x = 80sen
4. dividend yield = 4%
5. warrant conversion price = 55sen
6. Intrinsic warrant value = 25sen
7. Upcoming 1 for 4 bonus warrant value = 6.2sen/share

8. Total potential upside from current share price 36%
07/06/2019 3:34 PM
07/06/2019 3:59 PM
hng33 Courting down time heading to EGM approval for bonus warrant
11/06/2019 11:01 AM
100001740002484 Hi, hng33 after tis homeritz, wt counter u still hold?
11/06/2019 3:11 PM
Ivan89 Anyone in egm, please share info here
14/06/2019 11:37 AM
Wong ST No dividend declare for this round?
14/06/2019 6:09 PM
hng33 Bonus warrant announced, ex date 27 these month June. These warrant already in money as conversion price only 55sen. Next month, homeritz will announce its Q result together with interim dividend. Expect much better Q result and higher dividend due to strengthen USD and benefited from trade war which shifted higher sale to Malaysia furniture exporter. Jaycorp, liihen, poh huat already runup ahead, furniture exporter theme returning.
14/06/2019 7:52 PM
hng33 Furniture exporter are key beneficial sector from strengthen USD as any surplus increasment in exchange direct reflect on higher profit margin. USD = 4.06 in Q2 vs. USD = 4.17 in coming Q3 to be releases next month.
14/06/2019 8:07 PM
wanteng can hold for dividend?
14/06/2019 8:17 PM
nckcm Conversion 0.55? Where u find that lol
14/06/2019 8:18 PM
acbks The most undervalued counter in furniture exporter space in KLSE. 5 REASONS why you need to invest in homeriz and why its better than its peers. good read.

18/06/2019 11:33 AM
100001740002484 @nckcm....cld u look at KLSE Sceener app and look at news of homeritz as 1 month ago news
18/06/2019 3:39 PM
gongkia homeriz can't give good dividend, so they do new warrant now...
19/06/2019 8:09 AM
100001740002484 Hi, gongkia how u sure? Cld u share ur opinion? Tq
19/06/2019 10:43 AM
lching why conversion price of WB not announced yet?
20/06/2019 10:51 AM
lching hng33, how did you find out the conversion price?
20/06/2019 10:55 AM
wolf1 54sen.....My remiser told me that mother share price will revise down for this free warrant exercise. Any 1 know will revise how much, lets said the mother share is 64sen.
20/06/2019 11:09 AM
lching we must first know the warrant conversion price than only can calculate the revised mother share price isn't it ?
20/06/2019 9:42 PM


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