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General Meeting

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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
28-Apr-2016 16-Jun-2016 10:30 AGM Atlanta East Hall, Level 3, Armada Petaling Jaya, Lot 6 Lorong Utara C, Section 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Meeting Detail
29-Nov-2016 16-Dec-2016 11:00 EGM D' Paragon 3, Level 1 Grand Paragon Hotel Johor Bahru 18 Jalan Harimau Taman Century 80250 Johor Bahru Johor Darul Takzim Meeting Detail
27-Jul-2017 29-Aug-2017 11:00 AGM Emerald 3, Level 3, Grand Paragon Hotel Johor Bahru 18 Jalan Harimau, Taman Century 80250 Johor Bahru Johor Darul Takzim Meeting Detail
27-Jul-2018 28-Aug-2018 11:30 AGM Emerald 3, Level 3 Grand Paragon Hotel Johor Bahru 18 Jalan Harimau Taman Century 80250 Johor Bahru Johor Darul Takzim Meeting Detail
29-Jul-2019 27-Aug-2019 11:30 AGM Sapphire 2, Level 4 Grand Paragon Hotel Johor Bahru 18 Jalan Harimau Taman Century 80250 Johor Bahru Johor Darul Takzim Meeting Detail
27-Aug-2020 30-Sep-2020 11:00 General Lido Hall, Level 6, Amari Hotel 82C, Jalan Trus Bandar Johor Bahru 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim Meeting Detail
07-Dec-2020 23-Dec-2020 11:00 Extraordinary Tricor Conference Room Level 30, Tower A, Vertical Business Suite, Avenue 3 Bangsar South, No. 8 Jalan Kerinchi 59200 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
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  4 people like this.
facsc118 die .......loss making
24/11/2020 6:41 PM
Ooi Cheng Kee wont die, will up later
25/11/2020 9:41 AM
Ooi Cheng Kee backup by warrant propose
25/11/2020 9:42 AM
carnaval useless counter
26/11/2020 2:19 PM
Durotus Whats price for warrant???
27/11/2020 6:37 PM
yeonghow0705 The Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted the global and local supply chains. These events have caused a
negative impact on the Group’s performance. The current local and global economic and business activities are
struggling to return to normal. But following the relaxation of restrictions by the Malaysian Government via
CMCO and RMCO, the Group is slowly recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic disruptions while continuously
monitor the changes in business environment and supply chains.
Further, with the development of the vaccine for the Covid-19 announced by various authorities from overseas,
the Group is presented with the opportunities to provide supply chain and storage solutions for the vaccine. The
Group is currently monitoring the development and studying the viability of these opportunities.
Despite the above, the Group still cautious of the risks from gloomy economic conditions that may adversely
affect the performance of the Group and has taken necessary measures to actively engage with businesses,
ensure cost-savings and reductions to combat the challenging economic environment. The Group is cautiously
optimistic of the Group’s performance will improve along with the economic environment once the Covid-19
pandemic subsides with the completion of the vaccine.
The Group is committed to expand, albeit at a slower pace, that is in line with the current slowing economic
environment through the following business expansion plans:
 Expansion of the Group’s fleet of vehicles;
 Expansion into the Indonesian market;
 Enhance the warehousing facilities of the Group;
 Expansion of the external haulage division in Penang and Kuantan; and
 Setting-up the “Integrated Logistic Solution Hub” in Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru.
27/11/2020 7:16 PM
taofulou wow, storage solution for the vaccine? goreng soon?
01/12/2020 11:59 AM
jeffng570 gorenging
01/12/2020 12:23 PM
Alexloc04 0.50 soon.
01/12/2020 1:04 PM
taofulou omg, belum beli , already fly. still can enter tmr?
01/12/2020 11:24 PM
yeonghow0705 Haha taofuluo h9e
02/12/2020 11:29 PM
H9ELOW Someone know regarding free warrant
07/12/2020 7:15 PM
StocksAdvisor Post removed. Why?
08/12/2020 10:37 AM
iamismail YBS 0025
08/12/2020 11:09 AM
Tete7893 Just In ~
08/12/2020 12:17 PM
thesteward Should goto at least 60 before ex
09/12/2020 9:20 AM
Tete7893 Let say the warrant exercise value is 0.25. The mother should go around 0.55-0.60
09/12/2020 9:52 AM
mystery run run gg
14/12/2020 3:32 PM
mystery mana 0.60, now trading a 0.41
14/12/2020 3:38 PM
shark888 check this out https://instagram.com/bullish_snipper?igshid=ezkb643xlwqg
15/12/2020 10:23 AM
Anonymous12567 Poker player counter /men toys counter pp also take two yrs to fix date so free warrant(foc u know) must take how long, think yourself OK.
21/12/2020 5:56 PM
SharesENT Did the free warrant go thru ?
23/12/2020 10:50 AM
Hock Wei Tan Wait for announcement . Gets ready and fly
23/12/2020 8:23 PM
SharesENT Sudah jadi!
24/12/2020 9:31 AM
Alexloc04 Wau.
32 vs 1, free warrant approved.
Not sure the price for the warrant.??
26/12/2020 9:13 AM
SharesENT When warrant will be released. ?
28/12/2020 11:01 AM
SharesENT Warrant exercise price is at 0.33
28/12/2020 8:26 PM
Alexloc04 SharesENT Warrant exercise price is at 0.33

28/12/2020 8:26 PM

When can the warrant start trading ?
28/12/2020 9:44 PM
Hock Wei Tan Released dy
29/12/2020 7:01 PM
H9ELOW https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/announcements/view/3284641
29/12/2020 7:39 PM
H9ELOW Tomorrow will fly to sky
29/12/2020 7:40 PM
thesteward Hopefully today spike
30/12/2020 8:58 AM
Alexloc04 Coming coming.
If warrant is 0.33, the mother share should be double of the price.(my personal judgement).
30/12/2020 9:21 AM
Anonymous12567 Go.. Go.. Go... Jump... Jump in.. Lol.. Hahaha loss making Co....think?.
30/12/2020 11:30 AM
Durotus Are this share is better than other???which???
04/01/2021 5:19 PM
Anonymous12567 Even simply boo shit also by forced to rated one star...very very good already.
07/01/2021 8:48 PM
pretty_life Limit up soon... sapu
11/01/2021 12:12 PM
pretty_life Almost lai Liao... get ready... 0.550 and 0.700
11/01/2021 12:15 PM
pretty_life After lunch good show... let watch out... targer 0.55 and 0.700
11/01/2021 12:25 PM
SharesENT What happen to xinhwa
12/01/2021 9:05 AM
H9ELOW Yesterday closed at .435 and today open down to .4 , why? Someone know when can we receive the free warrant?
12/01/2021 2:07 PM
Alexloc04 To my understanding
The allotment if warrant will base on tmrw closing.
If you sale now, you will get zero warrant.
Think that big shark is throwing to scare the small investors,
12/01/2021 4:23 PM
Anonymous12567 0perator only got pair 2...if anyone can't bit him better find one condo jump down... Hahaha.
12/01/2021 5:02 PM
Newbietrader42069 I have a question in case of price adjustment like this, do share that we bought is adjusted as well? I.e. if I buy at closing (before adjustment) on 11th Jan at 0.435, and now it is being adjusted to 0.40, do my shares become 0.40 as well (but with additional unit)?

This is my first time having to experience this.
13/01/2021 4:46 PM
Anonymous12567 What you buy you pay full for it.....
What shown you follow and u get the warrant (of arrest).... That is.... Hahaha. For ur information there is no big/small sharks in this counter but only poker players.
13/01/2021 5:05 PM
SharesENT When warrant releasing ?
16/01/2021 8:53 PM
Xmas >>SharesENT When warrant releasing ?

25th Jan 21
18/01/2021 9:39 AM
HannahM When will Xinhwa break its downtrend...
21/01/2021 10:09 AM
Profitsaham1 Company propose for bonus warrant on 9 nov & then price start up trend..
Now downtrend.
Bonus ka,right issues ka,warrant free ka,semua x bleh pakai..
Get more share thru bonus,major holder will sell.
24/01/2021 9:48 AM
Anonymous12567 Still very very high..... Mother and warrant both.
25/01/2021 12:44 PM

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