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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
17-Dec-2020 18-Dec-2020 10:00 General Broadcast Venue: Eastin Hotel Ballroom 2 13 Jalan 16/11, 46350 Petaling Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan Meeting Detail
25-Oct-2019 29-Nov-2019 09:30 AGM Greens II, Main Wing, Level 1, Tropicana Golf & Country Resorts, Jalan Kelab Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan Meeting Detail
30-May-2019 28-Jun-2019 10:00 EGM Greens II, Main Wing, Level 1, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, Jalan Kelab Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Meeting Detail
26-Oct-2018 26-Nov-2018 09:30 AGM Greens 1, Golf Wing, Ground Floor, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, Jalan Kelab Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan Meeting Detail
30-Oct-2017 28-Nov-2017 13:30 AGM Rafflesia 1, Sime Darby Convention Centre 1A, Jalan Bukit Kiara 1 60000 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
27-Oct-2016 23-Nov-2016 09:30 AGM Rafflesia 1, Sime Darby Convention Centre 1A, Jalan Bukit Kiara 1 60000 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
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stocksrocket Should be. Good company = good soil producing bigger and sweeter fruits ahead...
21/05/2021 5:16 PM
Genuinetip Next week fly
21/05/2021 5:29 PM
man123 Q3 results already out
21/05/2021 6:35 PM
Genuinetip How good?
21/05/2021 6:42 PM
man123 rev 42m
profit 8m
21/05/2021 6:46 PM
brian3381 Overvalue
21/05/2021 7:14 PM










22/05/2021 11:22 AM
EatCoconutCanWin Good results compare to steel counter
22/05/2021 1:05 PM
flyguye As expected, stellar Qtr results. And price movement as expected. the downtrend before Qtr. announcement is also evident in last Qtr. announcement. And the next thing you know, she's on the climb again.
History repeating itself. So based on that, i'm gonna assume that sometime next week, she is gonna rise.
22/05/2021 1:36 PM
brian3381 Rise wat? Biness very rosy meh? Up from 80sen only. Now wat px?
22/05/2021 2:08 PM
Gtrade Pecca doing leather seats for local car producers, Proton, Perodua, Myvi reports increased profiit. The more car sales, the better is Pecca profit
24/05/2021 10:37 AM
stockp1cker https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2021/05/22/covid-19-wearing-of-double-facemasks-recommended-says-health-dg

Seems like government is talking about wearing double facemasks these days. And pecca has ventured into the face mask business as well. Given the meteoric rise, seems like some good news incoming?
24/05/2021 11:31 PM
flyguye Along with the Mask production increase, we can also expect next quarter results to be good as well, since it's due at the end of June 2021. This coincides with the current end of tax exemption for car sales.
And If the current rumours going around Car dealers pan out, then that's basically better profits for the remainder of the year.
25/05/2021 4:00 PM
flyguye looks like car dealers were right, SST exemption extended till end of 2021
01/06/2021 9:31 AM
Thelastone Automotive SST exemption extend until 31/12/21 is good news.
Coupled with much reduction in overseas travel and tourism consumption ,at least 1/3-1/2 of the sum saved will be spent on buying new cars and upgrading.Good for local automotive industry and spare parts industry.
04/06/2021 11:29 AM
collie just dropping by the say hi to flyguye hahaha. i'm sure you like what you see today.
04/06/2021 5:00 PM
flyguye Good Morning @Collie,
I sure did like what I saw last Friday :)) as I'm sure you did too , hoping this week will be even better.... Cheers.
08/06/2021 8:47 AM
stockp1cker wow, rocket stock, last friday till today up more than 7%. Sure got some good news incoming. Time to hoot more
08/06/2021 10:27 AM
flyguye Shhhh...... let people sell :)))
08/06/2021 10:47 AM
value1nvesting Limit up INCOMING! Based on today's announcement:

Pecca invested RM5mil into their face mask segment! Expanding their product line. Target completion date Q3 2021 (Now already JUNE).

They'll export the face mask to Asia, Europe and US market as well.

Last Quarter without expansion, earnings already 8mil. Price already shoot up to RM4.

This coming quarter HOSEH. Those who sell now sure cry father cry mother.
08/06/2021 1:55 PM
stockp1cker https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/pecca-expand-healthcare-segment-rm5m-investment

"The expansion plan will be funded entirely by internally generated funds."

since the company still has a lot of free cash flow, can we expect the company to expand further in the future?
08/06/2021 3:11 PM
flyguye Necessary blocks are in place now to prevent her from rising too much. Slow & steady wins the race :))
09/06/2021 9:34 AM
Rocketcatch https://focusmalaysia.my/business/pecca-to-expand-accelerate-production-of-enhanced-face-mask-segment/
09/06/2021 12:34 PM
Rocketcatch https://www.nst.com.my/business/2021/06/696923/pecca-expand-face-mask-ops
09/06/2021 12:34 PM
Rocketcatch Heard pecca expansion is due to their company received huge masks order from govenement and exporting biz.
09/06/2021 12:36 PM
To the moon Pecca is going to expand more masks plan with government project support and export to other countries. Believe the price will keep rising....
09/06/2021 12:41 PM
Pickdurian Wow if this is legit it’s a very good news! Can buy more before limit up?-
09/06/2021 12:41 PM
flyguye there will be no limit up. But she will rise, that is almost guaranteed. Opportunities to get in are there.
09/06/2021 12:48 PM
stocksrocket Agreed...let the fruits continue to grow bigger and sweeter. Dont forget, SST exemptions for car makers is also extended to Dec21. Besides leather contributions and now the masks, the fruits will multiply...Not surprise for good dividends coming!!
09/06/2021 1:14 PM
Rocketcatch What a good business from Pecca. Probably, we can reap good bonus from Pecca company. Past record show that this company is so generous. Gave good dividend and even bonus share to their shareholders last year.
09/06/2021 1:18 PM
flyguye That's what I'm expecting in the next few months, a bumper Dividend!!!!
09/06/2021 1:21 PM
To the moon Keep them all for long term. Can foresee very good investment in this stock and upcoming benefits
09/06/2021 1:30 PM
To the moon https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/pecca-expand-healthcare-segment-rm5m-investment

“The expansion will be managed by its wholly-owned subsidiary Pecca Leather Sdn Bhd and involve the purchasing of five new mask production lines amounting to RM3 million. The remaining RM2 million will be used for building renovations.”

Big things are coming up.. very strong cash flow
09/06/2021 1:33 PM
flyguye Kudos to all those that helped with the wall at 4.69 & 4.70. you have made sure she didn't run away too fast.
09/06/2021 4:40 PM
popo Rm5 coming then Rm6....7,8,9
09/06/2021 5:32 PM
popo Ma chin chin lia....haha..huat ah
09/06/2021 11:22 PM
Pickdurian TP 5.00 coming soon..Huat arr!!!!!
10/06/2021 10:19 AM
flyguye opportunity to collect is beginning now............
10/06/2021 11:31 AM
popo Agreed !Time to collect. Hoot 9e...
10/06/2021 11:49 AM
flyguye 1st round collection done :))))
10/06/2021 12:43 PM
Rocketcatch New Callie masks launching tomorrow?
10/06/2021 3:04 PM
To the moon Yes... Callie new type of mask KN95 will be launching tomorrow... sincere comment... I have worn different type of masks... Callie mask is really comfortable and protective
10/06/2021 3:28 PM
To the moon Oh ya btw, cases keep maintaining at high figures atm.. everyone must wear protective mask... the KN95 mask filter 95 percent of aerosol particulates. By wearing the mask properly, it could potentially be carrying the novel coronavirus! Get healthy and wealthy together everyone !! Heng ong huat!!
10/06/2021 3:35 PM
flyguye 2nd round collection begins.....
by the way, the Callie masks are pretty good indeed.
10/06/2021 4:02 PM
popo Somebody under collecting now.....
10/06/2021 10:48 PM
LOOK009 Another auto parts manufacturer (epmb7773).
11/06/2021 9:57 AM
flyguye LoL.... another lovely morning. Keep selling boys :)
11/06/2021 10:54 AM
stockp1cker once collection done, ready to fly higher! btw, where can i get callie mask?
11/06/2021 1:37 PM
Derrick Gan Pecca encounter resistant at 4.70, PE a bit high now,latest qtr report good result,eps increase ,PE down , next qtr must with good result in order to sustain current price. In short term price may not able increase too much as per this year Feb to Apr.
Hope their can bonus issue in future because 4.50 will be a bit high if compare with their revenue and net profit.
11/06/2021 1:55 PM
flyguye Big player just grabbed almost 500 lots in one bite!!!
11/06/2021 2:32 PM

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