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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
13-Mar-2018 28-Mar-2018 12:00 EGM Eco Ardence Sales Gallery, PT 8, Persiaran Setia Alam, Eco Ardence, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Meeting Detail
26-Feb-2018 28-Mar-2018 10:30 AGM Eco Ardence Sales Gallery, PT 8, Persiaran Setia Alam, Eco Ardence, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Meeting Detail
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Jiahui Foo Bette,r agm at London, so that no one can reach there n raise questions to the bosses ......
28/01/2018 08:37
bursahunter no one can throw eggs at them...
29/01/2018 15:16
nekosaan 英国伦敦去年有大约1900户超豪奢公寓开工,但过半数没卖掉,首都繁华地段可能因此留下数十栋“高档鬼屋”。

29/01/2018 15:39
Jiahui Foo Oooooh......ghost house?!? I really scare woh.........
29/01/2018 16:08
Jiahui Foo The most horrifying thing is not the ghost house la, but the qr result of 27k sales. I think any coffee shop in jb can easily surpass this figure with profit ......
29/01/2018 16:24
bursahunter no need coffee shops la...any property agents here can do better than them..
29/01/2018 18:01
Jiahui Foo Almost 10 mth,wat we get? Msci link, willmott dixon, 7.7 b, huge profit forecast, all are garden of roses. But long period of low share price, far from ipo 1.20. Come on lah, like this to reward the followers?
29/01/2018 18:48
Roger Lim Tau Kiat 刘老板只会很好的对待屋主和员工。股票市场只是他完成大业的工具。想要从这里赚钱,要耐心等。他可以用两个礼拜翻一倍,可是你永远不知道是在什么时候。
Msci 没有Link,落榜。
31/01/2018 18:07
Yu_and_Mee After understand how the construction and buy/sell of property in other countries, the risk of foreign developers are at higher risk. If we would like to purchase the property there, unless plan for staying, else even higher risk though there're investment plan such as rental "promises".
I do not know whether what i understand was true or misunderstanding. So far friends around me not share whether they have invest in property in other countries. As far as I understand, I dare not to take risk to invest because so far no plan to stay oversea.
31/01/2018 18:32
nekosaan 富人逃离伦敦






新世界财富(New World Wealth))表示,它只关注那些确实已经迁移的高净值人士,也就是说,2017年在迁入国居住半年以上的人士。




02/02/2018 11:28
mancingbursa Just sharing here

AmProp: JV partner buy residential project in Madrid. Amcorp Properties and JV partner Grosvenor Europe Investments Ltd have acquired a residential development project in the sought-after Chamberi district of Madrid, Spain. The company said that the 0.082- acre site with a historic building located on the Garcia de Paredes Street and within walking distance of the Canal de Isabel II Park and Canal Theatre would be developed into 15 apartment units and two penthouses. (StarBiz)
11/02/2018 05:55
Acupuncture UK’s central bank might raise rates earlier than expected
12/02/2018 09:05
mancingbursa https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1425752567551511&id=583247318468711
16/02/2018 18:15
Ekkram Anything happen to this flowery counter since ipo?
20/02/2018 17:26
yingchai Best timing to buy is Apr, i think the price will drop further to RM0.95. Be patient and wait....
21/02/2018 08:35
Roger Lim Tau Kiat Tp Rm 0.75
21/02/2018 20:14
nekosaan Post removed. Why?
22/02/2018 00:07
Jiahui Foo Today Mr mah sing also start goreng oledi, our mother bear n son still sleeping.........
23/02/2018 10:17
JY108 so quiet EWINT... sleeping
27/02/2018 13:45
tuapuikia Sold house, sold car, bought this share. Now no car, no house.. share no up... boss, please raise it up lo. need to get car and house back
28/02/2018 12:22
joetay u bot at ipo????
28/02/2018 12:27
Jiahui Foo Next mth agm, dun forget to bring umbrella inside the meeting room, there may be north Korea flying missile in the air!
28/02/2018 17:23
GoldenShares bring umbrella n banana, ha ha ha
28/02/2018 17:31
Jiahui Foo Banana no need,la, bring plastic container to tapao the mee hun!!!
28/02/2018 18:07
Jiahui Foo U see mr mah sing, profit 88.8 mil, div 6.5 cent, so ummmh........ Horse this yr good la, wow wow no power.
28/02/2018 18:53
lincm86 What's with the umbrella and the missile thingy?

Banana to tame something?
01/03/2018 22:46
JamesTrue Trap stock.
01/03/2018 23:13
02/03/2018 13:13
CrapTree wakakakaka.... i will wait below 1
05/03/2018 09:55
Ekkram this counter just dead, AGM goreng goreng.
05/03/2018 09:59
lrbvuop Uncertainty on brexit
10/03/2018 12:43
12/03/2018 16:11
nekosaan LONDON: London house prices are falling at the fastest pace since the depths of the recession almost a decade ago, with the capital’s most expensive areas seeing the biggest declines.

Average prices fell to £593,396 in January, an annual decline of 2.6%, the most since August 2009, according to a report published by Acadata. London’s highest-priced boroughs were the biggest losers, while the largest single drop was recorded in Wandsworth, down almost 15%.

Weakness in prime property in London in recent years – partly due to tax changes – has spread to other locations in the city and around the Southeast. Nationally, slower economic growth and faster inflation since the Brexit vote are weighing on the market, while the Bank of England is raising interest rates, adding to the downward pressure.

Media coverage of the slowdown has meant headlines about falling house prices, which is making consumers nervous and holding back demand.

image: https://content.aimatch.com/default.gif

image: https://content.thestar.com.my/smg/settag/name=lotame/tags=Eve_Property_Interested,Eve_Prog_Family,Eve_Prog_Business,55to64,tsol,35to44,Eve_Lazada,female,13to17,all,Fatin_GSC_Insight_ALL,Eve_Health_Interested,Eve_Prog_Lifestyle,65plus,male,Samsung_S7_OA,25to34,18to24

New buyers registering with real estate agents fell for an 11th month in February, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said last week. London prices fell 0.8% in January alone, according to Acadata, which publishes detailed regional data with a one-month lag.

That shows the weakness that was present for much of last year continued into 2018. — Bloomberg

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/03/13/london-house-prices-drop-at-the-fastest-pace-since-2009/#iqX1uaq38vH0qGhC.99
13/03/2018 11:02
enning22 Britain is in decline , it is a fact, and no turning back.
13/03/2018 11:10
nekosaan sell before too late !
13/03/2018 11:19
13/03/2018 14:45
13/03/2018 17:15
mamatede The thing with housing is, they dont really drop in price... if the price is not right, you can hold it, rent it or just keep it there. Based on their quarter report, they keep mentioning on unbilled sales etc. and keep highlighting on the new accounting practice. Correct me if im wrong is that, as long as the house have not completed, they cannot recognize the sales proceed. Even though the buyer has signed their spa and etc.
13/03/2018 23:01
thek The big thing is coming........... touching base of 1.00 and to break below 1 in no time? Just wait & see.
14/03/2018 17:47
GoldenShares waiting for sales report, : )
15/03/2018 12:18
Ekkram This is just goreng counter, will continue report no profit every qr, just another counter of casino for ecoworld.
15/03/2018 12:32
mancingbursa goreng? goreng kepala otak, kau !
15/03/2018 15:23
Jimmy Lim suspended?
19/03/2018 09:05
Special4U proposed acquisition?
19/03/2018 10:21
GoldenShares Completion of the Stage 1 Acquisitions
19/03/2018 11:08
mancingbursa Down trend liao... Dun collect too early, tq
19/03/2018 13:01
Jeffreyteck Sound like many stages to go and don't expect returns for minority, no wonder dropping trend.
19/03/2018 17:28
mancingbursa Longterm? Or just for me..
20/03/2018 12:38
live168 Life is like that, if ppl not holding a single share, they will keep bad mouth abt the counter and hope can buy it cheap mah. If they want for dividends, sure they will not invest in this counter as they already know it takes time mah. Unless this bugger being fired by tau ke liew from the co before loh.....you know i know. haha
22/03/2018 16:04
GoldenShares well said live168, : )
22/03/2018 16:38


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