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Financial Year Annual Audited Account Annual Report View
Ann. Date Ann. Date
31-Jul-2017 30-Nov-2017 View Annual Result
31-Jul-2016 29-Nov-2016 View Annual Result
30-Apr-2015 28-Aug-2015 30-Sep-2015 View Annual Result
30-Apr-2014 29-Aug-2014 03-Oct-2014 View Annual Result
30-Apr-2013 30-Aug-2013 04-Oct-2013 View Annual Result
30-Apr-2012 30-Aug-2012 05-Oct-2012 View Annual Result
30-Apr-2011 26-Aug-2011 30-Sep-2011 View Annual Result
30-Apr-2010 26-Aug-2010 29-Sep-2010 View Annual Result
30-Apr-2009 28-Aug-2009 29-Sep-2009 View Annual Result
30-Apr-2008 29-Aug-2008 06-Oct-2008 View Annual Result
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shernlee ya sure holland one..lets go guys...ya even my grandma oso smarter than u..she buy fd oso btr than u,,, buy tis ciplak ayam brand counter..xd
18/09/2018 19:52
DRwarrant cehhh...shame !..FD @ Fixed Deposit with a NEVER FAILED 3 % CHICKEN FEED IN A YEAR !

SOLI NO UMPHHH FD , only good for Coward@ PONDANS !

NEXGRAM >> only for MACHOS - SURE ONE 100 % $$$$$$$$$$$$

>> WARRANTS WA WB WC - JACKPOT as high as 300 % WAITINGG $$$$$
18/09/2018 21:42
asd88 sinking to the very bottom. cheated death LOL !!!
20/09/2018 09:09
DRwarrant NEXGRAM is having a cheated death...look like it's a mamposs @die stock but it won't .....JACKPOT 100,% expected to mom Nexgram & 100 -300 % super JACKPOT TO WARRANTS WA WB WC.......HEPI TRADING $$$$$$
20/09/2018 14:42
asd88 better run before your leftover 2 penny is gone
21/09/2018 16:50
DRwarrant don't be PONDAN , baby asd88
be patient ...JACKPOT 100 % WAITINGG $$$$$
want more ?...as high as 300 % >> PUNT warrants WA WB WC
21/09/2018 16:53
DRwarrant Details Private placement for up to 188,070,400 new ordinary shares in Nexgram Holdings Berhad on the ACE Market of Bursa Malayisa Securities Berhad
No. of shares issued 122,070,000
Issue Price Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 0.025

## Meaning MONDAY SURE PANIC BUY $....surely syn/director must push up the Nexgram price to 5 sen at least to attract buyers to this PP ( Private Placement ) ...

Potential warrants WA WB WC to jumped by JACKPOT 200 %

### Need to shout >> MONDE.....MONDEEEEEEEEEEE !
still alive ?.....
23/09/2018 08:30
dennisoo Yeah! Hurray...DRwarrant up up up
23/09/2018 09:49
Monde Dr... Hopefully it will up, now i'm in ah long custody... they just took my liver...
23/09/2018 20:16
DRwarrant thanks for the jokes...can't go down anymore - ONLY UP.
Monde...Really ?...it's OK as long as you still have that small 'JOHN"
23/09/2018 20:40
asd88 LOL better save your kidney while still can
24/09/2018 17:02
DRwarrant Lets try to call Monde....MONDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !
after liver , still got your TESTIS....! GREAT....

saw Donald photo with MCA BOO LIAO ( Tiong Lai )....
he said " SURE ONE " to BIG Nexgram share holder question .

so Bro(s) >> FINGER CROSSED $$$$$$$$$
24/09/2018 21:13
Monde if still maintain like this, they might take my other organ...

But i heard its coming soon.. like typhoon Mangkhut hit HK
24/09/2018 22:15
DRwarrant Now flushing out PONDANS -many RUNNNNNNNNNN for thier live.
JACKPOT 100 -300 % waiting for MACHOS ( surely including DR W MONDEE & what not )
26/09/2018 16:17
rijack88 Selll ... BAD QR coming.. Buy back later...
27/09/2018 10:34
Tigerchan Rijack88, surprise of your 360 degree turn. You condem nexgram to hell, yet you want to buy back. I think your koteh smaller than the lizard ball. Probably bigger.
27/09/2018 13:03
DRwarrant Lets me cicumcizes rijack88 testis for the 2nd time so that he will be macho again....
27/09/2018 20:30
Monde QR this week....
27/09/2018 23:51
28/09/2018 20:50
DRwarrant This is Bursa the anti climax ....many time right after bad quarter report >> the share price steamingg like mad >> $$$$$
28/09/2018 21:57
Monde I'm dead... ah long coming after me
28/09/2018 23:48
DRwarrant Monde >> Don't be PONDAN !
Quarter loss is NOTHING , sometime it's a BLESING $

>> BE GREEEEEEEEEEEEDY while others in SHIVERINGG ( warren Buffet)
29/09/2018 09:11
Tigerchan Dont worry mondei, it is common 4 management to write off many dirty things 4 closing quater, after all whole year already lost. Ford leads the way. The share wont go down 2 0.05. Remember Nex, still have Angkasa Lepas project on hand. Luckily they sold coconut tree island. Just wait.
29/09/2018 09:21
Monde Next quarter will be better... after doing house keeping
29/09/2018 10:25
MR11 This counter still here?
I think sudah tuju bulan...rupanya belum
29/09/2018 10:48
DRwarrant remained solid & intact $$$
huartt arrrrrr $
## a low profile TAN SRI is collecting $$$$
@@@ infact reported loss is a blessing >> golden opportunities $$$$$
01/10/2018 09:55
Monde Bursa made a mistake on the figure for the quarter report.. extra 0.. haha
02/10/2018 22:12
Nicolas Nelson Ong Still solid for sure 100% JACKPOT !!! Comingggggggg
03/10/2018 18:04
DRwarrant NNO now a MACHO man >> from the trading pattern - POTENTIAL 100 + % JACKPOT NO SWEAT $
03/10/2018 18:17
Nicolas Nelson Ong Drw very solid counter now.... exchange info whatapps 0182783066
04/10/2018 16:02
Monde Strong Queue suddenly, bright future ahead
04/10/2018 18:07
DRwarrant Yes MONDE....Mom + for the warrants too WA WB WC
hmmm JACKPOT WAITING 100 -300 %
04/10/2018 22:05
tklim TP 0.075 sen....Atttaccccckkkkk
06/10/2018 22:23
MR11 Attaccckkkk
15/10/2018 18:50
Monde @tigerchan.... you might need to do some research on what is registered address before commenting. Its funny looking at your comment
18/10/2018 19:18
DRwarrant Fund/ syn accumulating heavily @ 2 sen >> $$$$$
19/10/2018 08:51
19/10/2018 16:53
MR11 Attackkkkk
26/10/2018 19:02
chinaman Myr1 billion for national fiberisation project. So, Nexgem with China JV in this ind. tunggu apa lagi. wakaka
03/11/2018 12:25
Monde Oh...

Further to the announcement made on 12 March 2018. The Board of Directors of the Nexgram Holdings Berhad ('the Company' or 'Nexgram') wish to announce that on 29 March 2018, Nexgram Industries Sdn Bhd, the wholly owned subsidiary of the Company had entered into a formal agreement Strategic Partnership & Distribution Agreement (“SPDA”) with Jiangsu Tongguang Optical Fiber Cable Co., Limited (“JTOCC”), the subsidiary of Jiangsu Tongguang Electronic Wire & Cable Co. Ltd. (“JTEWCC”) (a company listed in Shenzen, China).

The SPDA is valid for the duration of one (1) year from date of the signing. SPDA has specifically covered on parties will carry out all-round operations in the field of Communications Cables, Radio-frequency coaxial cables, High Temperature Resistant Wires and Cables for Aerospace, Aluminium-Alloy Electrical Cables, Submarine Optical Fiber Cables and other optical cable along power transmission line (4G,5G), including products research and development, distributions, projects joint venture, maintenances & supports, and others strategic partnership co-operations in Southeast Asia countries, Malaysia will be the main distribution hub.

This announcement is dated 29 March 2018.
03/11/2018 15:36
DRwarrant Monde....any hot fresh one ?... to AROUSE US ALL !
Not the cold recycle one !
04/11/2018 20:29
Monde oh.... This one?

With the recent new requirement in changes in the design and development plan by MyAngkasa Bina Sdn Bhd (“MyAngkasa”), which its ultimately 100% owned by Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan
Malaysia Bhd being the sole Purchaser of the Angkasa Icon City, the Group has finalised and resubmitted for approval to obtain Development Order.

Waiting for approval
04/11/2018 21:37
Jetly Wow cool
05/11/2018 21:44
Crasd123 Nexgram final restructure 5:1. You bought 5k, then you got 1k
08/11/2018 12:00
DRwarrant Pergghhhh ?
08/11/2018 13:28
rijack88 cap ayam...
08/11/2018 13:50
YgAriff There are only 2 things in life that are guranteed - Death and Taxes. Today quite active, are they able to push higher?
09/11/2018 11:01
YgAriff Early morning trading it did drop to 0.015 ...
09/11/2018 11:02
Nicolas Nelson Ong Don r u sure PN17?
12/11/2018 13:10
DRwarrant Golden opportunities for jackpot especially on WARRANTS $$$$
14/11/2018 16:12


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