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30-Jun-2018 31-Oct-2018 View Annual Result
30-Jun-2017 30-Oct-2017 View Annual Result
30-Jun-2016 31-Oct-2016 31-Oct-2016 View Annual Result
30-Jun-2015 30-Oct-2015 11-Nov-2015 View Annual Result
30-Jun-2014 30-Oct-2014 12-Nov-2014 View Annual Result
30-Jun-2013 08-Nov-2013 15-Nov-2013 View Annual Result
30-Jun-2012 31-Oct-2012 12-Nov-2012 View Annual Result
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Wong Kah Wei Loss again crazy!
26/02/2019 7:08 PM
sportstoto keep loss lo. xOx
26/02/2019 7:09 PM
Sclimaker 营业额增加,亏损138万,谁能分享季报内容?谢谢。
26/02/2019 7:10 PM
Dave Jet No need too worry..Not many sellers in market already. :P
26/02/2019 7:23 PM
Wong Kah Wei Stupid idiot management.
26/02/2019 7:51 PM
Sclimaker https://www.facebook.com/xoxmalaysia/photos/a.114764915202261/2331515976860466/?type=3&theater
26/02/2019 8:03 PM
Dave Jet 等你等到我心痛。。
26/02/2019 8:35 PM
kun1971kun Tak ada rezeki
26/02/2019 9:06 PM
Niv19 For the current quarter, loss before tax ("LBT") reported at RM1.38 million after accounting for the impairment loss on
other investment of RM0.48 million, RM0.50 million initial operating cost of Indonesia operation, one-off advertising &
promotion expenses of RM0.48 million for “BLACK” products and initial operating expenditure for Data Center of
RM0.45 million. As a result of the lower LBT reported for the quarter, YTD earnings and EBITDA have correspondingly
reported lower figures than the previous year’s corresponding period.
26/02/2019 9:38 PM
sg999 See, oledi warn u all.
26/02/2019 10:48 PM
sg999 private placement coming soon.
26/02/2019 10:48 PM
sg999 Facebook got one person call eric loo + open class. 0.1 call buy until now also haven increased. Don't be follower, make decision by self
26/02/2019 10:51 PM
Perfectly Haha biasa lah.....
27/02/2019 12:22 AM
FEveR SwEat lol this stock still alive?
27/02/2019 12:27 AM
Dave Jet Quarter report result no good is normal,so no seller too...
27/02/2019 8:35 AM
Dave Jet Haha..
27/02/2019 8:38 AM
Dave Jet MM park many bullets at 0.55, 0.5 everyday lar
27/02/2019 8:43 AM
Dave Jet Buy 0.55 also by MM, Sell 0.6 also by MM. Still got idiots trap in meh?
27/02/2019 8:52 AM
Dave Jet MM must push up the price as not many idiots can cheat by them anymore in market now.
27/02/2019 8:54 AM
Sclimaker 推出esim服务是否对股价表现有帮助?
27/02/2019 8:58 AM
Dave Jet 基本上就只要等庄家拉高价钱出货。其他什么都不用理。
27/02/2019 9:00 AM
Dave Jet 你看这种烂成绩,股价还一早就起 :p
27/02/2019 9:03 AM
Dave Jet 只能讲tmd
27/02/2019 9:05 AM
pejuang79 ONEXOX Area Distributor.
AD Anuar Zain wasap.my/601113226822

ONEXOX Black. RM59 for 12GB + Unlimited Call.
All unutilised data will be carried forward. No Burn!
And..and..and..it is transferrable to other ONEXOX users :)
27/02/2019 9:07 AM
Sclimaker 营业额不断创新高,盈利却每次不够开支,难道产品连10%利润都没有?耐人寻味。。。
27/02/2019 9:14 AM
Dave Jet 全部人才都给庄家差不多洗到干干净净了,你看每天的成交量多低!看样子今年内会拉高出货。
27/02/2019 9:20 AM
Dave Jet 你就跟庄家比耐力,你耐得过它就赢钱。:))
27/02/2019 9:57 AM
newbe 这个股价不看业绩地!哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈
27/02/2019 9:59 AM
Dave Jet 每天看,看准等到庄家出货就sailang,赚它一次够够力就可以了
27/02/2019 10:14 AM
Sclimaker https://www.facebook.com/xoxmalaysia/videos/628892994210332/?notif_id=1551249659645234&notif_t=live_video_explicit
27/02/2019 4:27 PM
Sclimaker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU0E2Tl5n_U&feature=share
27/02/2019 7:18 PM
sg999 stop loss before too late. Insider news: private placement coming soon.
28/02/2019 10:47 AM
sg999 XOX 0.055 on seller oledi. told u all stop loss before too late.
28/02/2019 3:12 PM
sarawakian63 Why not more XOX in Sarawak?
01/03/2019 11:36 AM
Sclimaker https://zinggadget.com/2019/02/28/onexox-black-esim-plans/
01/03/2019 1:12 PM
Dave Jet Good package
01/03/2019 5:33 PM
Sclimaker 直接上网注册可以节省不需发给代理员的佣金,希望esim的反应热烈,这样就可以快速增加业务和公司盈利,
01/03/2019 7:46 PM
billionaire88 21% increase in revenue also can still lose money. Management need to be changed.
01/03/2019 9:48 PM
XOX_ Is it loss in M3Tech affecting XOX? Why not just cut loss?

Posted by billionaire88 > Mar 1, 2019 09:48 PM | Report Abuse
21% increase in revenue also can still lose money. Management need to be changed.
01/03/2019 10:13 PM
XOX_ Sclimaker only appear here is pondan cannot defend?
08/03/2019 11:39 AM
sg999 break new low soon. be prepared.
09/03/2019 11:43 AM
Sclimaker https://www.facebook.com/uwaisalpekani/videos/2436118876420897/
09/03/2019 7:17 PM
pejuang79 https://www.facebook.com/wkanuar
11/03/2019 11:06 AM
Sclimaker 搞什么鬼,为什么一直炸5分,股价还不够低?公司那么不值钱?
12/03/2019 1:25 PM
davidkkw79 本来就真的不值钱啊!
12/03/2019 1:28 PM
macOS xox biz in indonesia coming. got momentum to fly?
12/03/2019 3:54 PM
Sclimaker xox是有核心业务,营业额创下历史新高,公司是不错的,nta也值11分,股价不应该这么差。。。
12/03/2019 3:54 PM
kuanguei 公司赞助 1000cc moto, 应该花了不少钱吧!
12/03/2019 5:21 PM
Sclimaker 养自己的车队才够呛的,但如果能像法拉利的麦克舒马克整天都拿冠军,那还是值得的,有很好的广告效应。
12/03/2019 5:51 PM
mcmann wah noot bad moto racing
18/03/2019 1:23 PM


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