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30-Apr-2016 30-Aug-2016 View Annual Result
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Imnoobonly Not bad...
08/01/2021 6:45 PM
limsingpoh9497 buy at RM0.98
08/01/2021 9:58 PM
rocky_88 LKL can go up even higher.. not so volatile like others ..
09/01/2021 10:24 PM
rocky_88 LKL not only supply glove.. other medical devices also.. price still below rm1..
09/01/2021 10:32 PM
tressele probably 1.12 in 2 weeks.
10/01/2021 2:09 PM
rocky_88 no worries.. this counter not volatile as other counter.. see the support
10/01/2021 7:39 PM
Chh9618 Tomorrow limit up... Touch RM1.30
10/01/2021 10:44 PM
btuscy tomorrow fly liao
11/01/2021 5:06 AM
rocky_88 hopefully can LU.. but always monitor closely.. if drop too much and break support sell.. and buy back at low
11/01/2021 6:11 AM
Chh9618 All glove and healthcare counter will fly
11/01/2021 8:36 AM
Chh9618 Lkl go go go
11/01/2021 8:36 AM
Chh9618 Lkl cheapest healthcare counter so far
11/01/2021 8:37 AM
tressele good play.
11/01/2021 9:03 AM
noraman72 Why drop?
11/01/2021 9:12 AM
noobi3 gap down lol
11/01/2021 9:14 AM
tressele noobi3 where were you when it reached rm1 last friday? my TP achieved already. lol
11/01/2021 9:20 AM
noobi3 lol.. rm1 is not my tp unfortunately.. i didtn average down
11/01/2021 9:24 AM
tressele too bad. I'm pretty sure the sentiment is with healthcare this week. wish you the best reaching your TP. goodluck
11/01/2021 9:26 AM
rocky_88 it will go back to rm1 today..lkl not kmly supplynglove and not too volatile
11/01/2021 10:08 AM
tressele you very smart, yesterday ask for limit up, now ask why so confident. you forgot to change profile ka? And, what is counter kaki?
11/01/2021 11:13 AM
rocky_88 last call
11/01/2021 4:32 PM
Keeheong1960 What comes down must go up think positive la
11/01/2021 5:01 PM
Keeheong1960 This stock is LKL meaning in hokkien is lor ko lor.not khi ko khi.hold to wait until the price up then sell patience is virtues
11/01/2021 5:11 PM
tressele Katil tak cukuppp
11/01/2021 6:50 PM
greencode Will go up by sentiment but reality’s it’s a fair value for this company already
12/01/2021 7:21 AM
greencode Vaccine is just around the corner.
12/01/2021 7:21 AM
Keeheong1960 This company net loss la.private placement 20 per cent see can be help or not.contra surely loss money.
12/01/2021 9:40 AM
ecurbkew Sure no limit up la ahhahha . Fortunately I no buy yesterday . Poor counter.
12/01/2021 11:29 AM
tressele wait T2 finish
12/01/2021 4:25 PM
smart9898 Tressele how about wait for T7? Dont keep make hope for poor counter.
13/01/2021 9:19 AM
ecurbkew As I said , poor counter. But I don't understand. Is It going to private placement. ?
13/01/2021 4:26 PM
grabcar wind only why so serious
13/01/2021 6:06 PM
tressele Smart9898, i reached my TP at rm1 already. You can read my older post, I'm not like you deleting post. Anyhow, I still think it will reach above rm1. Give it a month after that you can come here again.
13/01/2021 6:25 PM
smart9898 Tressele, I sell on 1.0 as well. What I want to said is change to other counter to earn more rather than holding this share with less return for long term.
13/01/2021 10:28 PM
DoubleDown https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/DoubleDown/2021-01-12-story-h1539291940-_Updated_Post_LKL_It_s_Coming_Up_and_Down_and_Up_again_hopefully.jsp
14/01/2021 8:27 AM
tressele Again can see collection around this price. I'm buying back bit by bit 0.88-0.90 and wait for a month. Hopefully no bad sentiment that will drag the price down.
14/01/2021 11:08 AM
smart9898 Tressele i will collect if drop to 0.84- 0.85. Now still quite volatile.
14/01/2021 3:55 PM
tressele Yup I will average down around that range.
14/01/2021 4:48 PM
tressele Go LKL. close 90c is good already
15/01/2021 9:39 AM
ecurbkew I don't think these Buy and sell is collection.
15/01/2021 12:41 PM
tressele I play LKL so many rounds already. Up to you to believe or not. Come back next month.
15/01/2021 2:43 PM
mjazli2 i agreed w ressele...!
this LKL going to be boom in 2021 soon..!
16/01/2021 11:33 PM
ShinsukeNakamura 80sen soon
18/01/2021 3:59 AM
tressele I wait rm1 again
18/01/2021 3:23 PM
HrryPttr PP for what?
18/01/2021 3:33 PM
lingch899 Private Placement of up to 85,760,000 new ordinary shares in LKL International Berhad to identified Investors
18/01/2021 3:36 PM
tressele PP for expansion. The new investors sure dont want to let the share price below their buy price
18/01/2021 4:14 PM
ecurbkew I q at 0.845. they willing to sell ?
19/01/2021 9:44 AM
ecurbkew Seems today is collection at 0.865 -0.87
19/01/2021 9:50 AM
ecurbkew Come 0.845 I am waiting for you
19/01/2021 12:22 PM

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