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30-Jun-2020 30-Oct-2020 View Annual Result
30-Jun-2019 31-Oct-2019 View Annual Result
30-Jun-2018 31-Oct-2018 View Annual Result
30-Jun-2017 31-Oct-2017 View Annual Result
30-Jun-2016 31-Oct-2016 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2014 30-Apr-2015 27-May-2015 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2013 29-Apr-2014 28-May-2014 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2012 29-Apr-2013 29-May-2013 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2011 30-Apr-2012 30-May-2012 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2010 29-Apr-2011 01-Jun-2011 View Annual Result
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  4 people like this.
WaaTakTahu ha ha ha huii!! huii!! huii!!

PMH & MUI is moving

For those wanna Huat, quickly Buy lah!

ha ha ha huii!! huii!! huii!!
13/11/2020 8:42 AM
fregend Come goreng it, downtrend so long liao
13/11/2020 12:55 PM
mdesa5057 skrg patutnya dah ada org check in hotel... vaccine dah ade... , hotel tinggal lama2 nnti hantu duduk....
13/11/2020 6:30 PM
linheng Budget Vote on 25th Nov. Just a bit of patience.
This counter will move before the 25th Nov
18/11/2020 2:12 AM
fregend Any good news?
20/11/2020 11:48 AM
WaaTakTahu ha ha ha huii!! huii!! huii!!

Tua Huat lah!

MUI & PMH moving already...

I Tua Tua Huat la!

ha ha ha huii!! huii!! huii!!
20/11/2020 2:48 PM
Holickais Bila mau start show
23/11/2020 3:46 PM
WaaTakTahu ha ha ha huii!! huii!! huii!!

MUI & PMH Shows sudah start & sudah stop
Now waiting for another new show soon...

ha ha ha huii!! huii!! huii!!
24/11/2020 9:09 AM
Holickais Takda show punn
24/11/2020 1:43 PM
beyond2288 TP:0:20
25/11/2020 5:45 PM
fregend Looks like game over, back to sleep this counter bye
27/11/2020 12:28 PM
Legend Boring...
27/11/2020 12:44 PM
damnguy wtf no show also sienz
27/11/2020 2:43 PM
linheng Looks like its SELL SELL SELL.
With the stock market so active, this counter cannot even make a profit. Really no hope especially with Myyudin winning the budget vote.
28/11/2020 6:14 AM
damnguy what happen , previously, from 0.16 climb steadily to 0.3, now bumjee down to 0.09 and hardly back on feet???
28/11/2020 11:06 AM
beyond2288 is time to collect now
29/11/2020 1:11 AM
fregend Same operator ASB ah
30/11/2020 10:11 AM
damnguy collect collect, look like its trending up
01/12/2020 12:12 PM
beyond2288 个个个 up positive huat huat huat!!…!!!
01/12/2020 12:39 PM
sengkee If they manage to sell their stake in the stock broking firm, then this stock might go back to above 0.30. Don't need to rely on political news
01/12/2020 4:05 PM
beyond2288 yes pm holding is will comeback 0:20-0:30
02/12/2020 9:05 PM
Huttkaohui Yeah time to come bek, nowadays the stock perform well their investment sure profitable, time to shoot high back
03/12/2020 6:39 AM
beyond2288 pm securities will gain many profit in market
03/12/2020 9:45 AM
WaaTakTahu ha ha ha huii!! huii!! huii!!

Today, I huat liao!

ha ha ha huii!! huii!! huii!!
07/12/2020 9:46 AM
beyond2288 shoot go up somemore
07/12/2020 7:56 PM
fl888 PM Securities for sale......just wonder who will be buying....Vortex ?
08/12/2020 2:43 AM
FutureGains good business BURSA,,,,PMSECURITIES, KENANGA
09/12/2020 4:47 PM
FutureGains Dr yu Is buying selling 10.5 and 11..Seeems the engine is not hot yet... Wait for breakout 11c
10/12/2020 2:02 PM
damnguy push push push, backto its glory day 0.3
10/12/2020 2:26 PM
beyond2288 0:28
11/12/2020 9:13 PM
linheng Ku Li today
15/12/2020 8:08 AM
Huttkaohui Time for 0.30 again
16/12/2020 6:39 AM
linheng The ha ha ha huii!! huii!! huii!!
guy no more sound. Shd move up gradually again.
16/12/2020 7:03 AM
fl888 No need Ku Li , AI....just sell PM Securities.....limit up immediately...
16/12/2020 7:06 AM
Alain22 Im here
17/12/2020 10:27 AM
beyond2288 0:50
17/12/2020 5:13 PM
joejambol next week holiday...sure up liaooo
19/12/2020 10:40 AM
beyond2288 0:20 hao liao
23/12/2020 12:51 PM
Vortex8 9.5 perhaps 9 sen, lower coming?
25/12/2020 10:21 AM
theidiotone guys, can start to buy some at 0.10-0.105 price level.
30/12/2020 3:24 PM
beyond2288 0:20
30/12/2020 3:56 PM
Alain22 0.95 holder here. Still hold
01/01/2021 5:05 PM
joejambol tp 0.7
03/01/2021 10:18 PM
beyond2288 anwar news coming liao
04/01/2021 10:25 AM
beyond2288 value 0:30
04/01/2021 9:37 PM
beyond2288 huat huat hui lai liao
06/01/2021 3:14 PM
beyond2288 0:15-0:1 8
06/01/2021 4:14 PM
Huttkaohui Yeah at last it's time
07/01/2021 12:11 AM
damnguy fuk still accumulating
12/01/2021 3:03 PM
WaaTakTahu ha ha ha huii!! huii!! huii!!


ha ha ha huii!! huii!! huii!!
13/01/2021 10:29 AM

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