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Ann. Date Ann. Date
30-Sep-2000 31-Jan-2001 08-Feb-2001 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2011 21-Dec-2011 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2010 24-Dec-2010 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2009 24-Dec-2009 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2008 24-Dec-2008 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2007 27-Dec-2007 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2006 27-Dec-2006 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2005 22-Dec-2005 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2004 23-Dec-2004 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2003 26-Dec-2003 View Annual Result
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pakatan_harapan2 Bankers(EPF) crook? Why EPS 25 sen can reach RM 37? Want to trap poor rakyat?
17/05/2018 09:20
epfbuy PE 46 cheap bec EPF money push up?
17/05/2018 21:36
shpg22 Only in bursa, where beverage company that performed poorly can entitle to almost P/E of 50x & P/B of 6.2x and DY of just 1.5%. Coca cola & Pepsico also lose to them.
21/05/2018 15:47
rlch Push to include in CI?
23/05/2018 16:36
rlch Bursa rule by crooks people vote PH. Now PH rule any better? Will again people vote PH?
23/05/2018 16:37
rlch EPS 25.3 sen higher than BAT?
23/05/2018 16:44
rlch Miss BN more BRIM and higher pensioners pay increase. Can ask revoting?
23/05/2018 16:46
shpg22 >>> This is a cheater stock....BEWARE !!! <<<
Price is being pushed up to be qualified for CI only as no fundamental is supporting its current excessive valuation of 49x P/E & 6.3x P/B. Peer THAIBEV (SGX) only traded at 15X P/ E. Ridicoulous. Top gainer somemore today
31/05/2018 11:40
sell PE 46.7 cheap? What dif PH from BN? BN far better and proven so long.
10/06/2018 18:53
apolloang EPF support only,if EPF dump,it will down like BAT down to RM 22,cos not worth this much also
10/06/2018 18:55
Nafster wtf
06/07/2018 16:52
shpg22 Ya...ripe time to take a dive to its fair value of 18.00.
06/07/2018 17:52
Kawkaw Fn will using diesel submarine to dive to 18.00
Good luck to you..i will park at 28000 level...
07/07/2018 11:39
pakatan_harapan2 EPF goreng? QR so so nia.
03/08/2018 05:56
enigmatic clever clever squirrel jump, one day fall to the ground also
13/08/2018 12:02
SK92 https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/439184
16/08/2018 16:43
Jordan Khoo Good news incoming, oh yeah !
16/08/2018 17:02
shpg22 Soda tax to be introduced soon!!! Coupled with extreme high valuation
Strongest sell warning
16/08/2018 20:38
rlch Tony Pua: Tax on soft drinks one of many options to raise govt revenues
Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/08/16/tax-on-soft-drinks-one-of-many-options-to-raise-govt-revenues/#uJ3gycc3jIyoyZbK.99
16/08/2018 21:32
newbie911 Tomorrow better fast run 1st.
16/08/2018 21:35
mamatede How will this respond with soda tax.... hahaha
16/08/2018 22:51
BAT1 EPS>BAT by how much?
17/08/2018 11:58
BN_better PH 100 days all cheating 1. Next GE vote back BN. At least more BRIM assured..
17/08/2018 23:49
enigmatic please lah, what has pakatan got to do with F&N?
18/08/2018 00:01
ctrl_alt_del2 Are you OKU? Need to take BRIM?
19/08/2018 19:02
Jasper Coo wah, suddenly fly because of no road block today. Profit everyday thanksss
20/08/2018 10:51
worldinvestor wah, PE more than 43? Better invest glove counter
24/08/2018 11:33
Lim Tek Wai Very confident stock, good to invest it and then can buy more car HAHAH!
24/08/2018 12:00
lsj89 why Its PE so high ,lol
any reason behind? it is not tech stock pun
26/09/2018 11:25
necro soda tax coming
10/10/2018 16:02
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/m/blog/general/179139.jsp
[转贴] [FRASER & NEAVE HOLDINGS BHD:已尽快对冲本财政年度的核心商品需求及相应的外币风险,通过改造计划节省运营成本和通过流程改进提高效率] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
22/10/2018 13:51
5354 Soda tax why is good?
02/11/2018 17:55
shpg22 Limit down on Mon. Already overpriced earlier. Fair price at 18.00
02/11/2018 18:01
RainT Lau sai on Tuesday due to soda tax
02/11/2018 23:39
enigmatic comeback is real. 33.20 becomes 34.96.
07/11/2018 17:31
Hugo Lawrence Real gold is real gold, no matter what factors also won't affect e market value of F&N.
08/11/2018 19:01
5354_ QR out. PE33 why EPF think cheap and buy until 12%?
08/11/2018 19:23
enigmatic stock will rise. best quarter in years, in fact best fiscal year in years.
09/11/2018 00:03
TYS_Capital dragged by klci only, just share price changed. in fact, company continue to make money. superb
09/11/2018 18:58
BN_forever Soda tax is better than GST?
19/11/2018 15:00
BN_better GST better than soda tax.
23/11/2018 09:19
BN_better We want GST not SST or soda tax.
27/11/2018 15:21
enigmatic Dividend maintained the same as last year. Kinda disappointing actually, considering the huge leap in profits over 2017.
22/12/2018 13:15
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/190734.jsp
[转贴] [Facebook live:浅谈Fraser & Neave holdings bhd (F&N)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
19/01/2019 10:11
moneylailai nice sharing james
22/01/2019 16:49
jackMaDe good counter for long term
22/01/2019 17:44
LouiseS Steady increase of earnings in last five years, EPS increase around 30% from 2014 to 2018, ROE is good at 16.64%, however PE is high at 32.04, and dividend yield is low, at 1.71%

26/01/2019 12:37
3iii F&N Financial Information
Market Capital (RM)
: 12.456b
Number of Share
: 366.78m
EPS (cent)
: 109.37 *
P/E Ratio
: 31.05
ROE (%)
: 16.52
Dividend (cent)
: 57.500 ^
Dividend Yield (%)
: 1.69
Dividend Policy (%)
: 0
: 6.620
Par Value (RM)
: 1.000
31/01/2019 21:42
i3lurker sugar tax wun affect F&N

rakyat will do more corruption to eat more sugars
refuse to pay road summons to get money to buy sugars


everyday limit up.
31/01/2019 21:46
4444 Sales drop YOY bec people avoid sugary drink?
31/01/2019 22:19


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