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31-Dec-2019 30-Apr-2020 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2018 30-Apr-2019 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2017 30-Apr-2018 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2016 07-Apr-2017 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2015 28-Mar-2016 29-Apr-2016 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2014 01-Apr-2015 29-May-2015 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2013 07-Mar-2014 18-Apr-2014 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2012 06-Mar-2013 23-May-2013 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2011 06-Mar-2012 09-Apr-2012 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2010 25-Feb-2011 13-May-2011 View Annual Result
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OrangOrang68686868 @33 不要理睬这个孤独老人 看到他的面就想吐
06/05/2021 11:19 AM
Loh Kok Wai W 那些叫人不卖的,还叫进货的才可怕和恐怖,,,,,自叫他人买和收货,自己不知道在后面出货。。。。。和市场斗慢慢的收啦。。。。等等大大大财团推高啦啦。。。。。慢慢等 好像 冰山一天一天的慢慢溶折磨才好玩。。。起一两分卖也难不卖也难。
06/05/2021 11:20 AM

Apr 15, 2021 4:16 PM | Report Abuse

低你死。。。你讲我笨啦什麽我都无所谓。。。。现我在等着 dnex破 0.80 角以下 我又进场囖。。。。0.85--多我又卖囖。。。要2.00.。。以上慢慢等啦。。。。。回家每天 多练唱。。。你知道我在等你吗 ?Dnex 2.00 以上 !

哈哈记得这个贴吗 老屁孩? 哈哈 悲哀只会说 可能早已买进了老屁孩不要赢在嘴里啦拜托啦。。。哈哈我还赢15K ++ 老屁孩赢在嘴这里
06/05/2021 11:24 AM

Apr 15, 2021 3:07 PM | Report Abuse

我管你们讲吹猪也好吹牛也好。。。。。。我就是等破0.80---0.77 之间买入。。。0.83---0.85 就卖出。。。你们慢慢去抱吧。。。看到起不卖看跌又不买。。。每天在看起起落落。。。浪费时间。。。

06/05/2021 11:25 AM
Moneygame33 可能 老屁孩只是说爽才误会了哦好、
06/05/2021 11:26 AM
OrangOrang68686868 @33 哇厉害这样都翻出来,等下又要教serjarah 咯 看他的相片面屁是厚到子弹打不进哈哈
06/05/2021 11:28 AM
simon88 Bursa got wacked bcoz of MCO. But buy DNEX, Foxconn is coming... Buy buy buy
06/05/2021 11:28 AM
KingDavid Surprisingly the selling pressure is moderate despise the bad market sentiment. If the selling pressure is building up, it is interesting to find out whether the operator will defend at this level.
06/05/2021 11:29 AM
beginner the next big thing is who will be the PP taker, if it turns out to be foxconn the price sure skyrocket. pray for the best to come
06/05/2021 11:46 AM
strattegist lembik lembik hey
06/05/2021 11:46 AM
KingDavid Why would foxconn participate through back door ? Moreover the Chinese investor has put a foot in Silterra directly. I don't see the logic. It make more sense for the chinese investor to safeguard their investment by taking up the PP since they are the minority (40%) shareholder in Silterra.
06/05/2021 11:53 AM
tuancapital Kindavid foxconn from taiwan.cgp from china.maybe this is how they made 2nd encounter to get silterra. Wierd because seems they really2 want it so bad although through backdoor.but nevertheless, would be good for silterra future since we have taiwan semicon expertise and as well group of specialist from china cgp.
06/05/2021 11:58 AM
Palmboy Palmboy Kingdavid, do you know foxconn listed in taiwan but 80% of production in china? U dont see the logic, just let the truth tell u later. Taking up pp, foxconn can benefit from capital gain and priority in getting the supply ftom silterra, in the same time joinly to expand silterra.
06/05/2021 12:05 PM
KingDavid tuancaiptal, If it happens as what you said, it is definitely good for Silterra and DNeX.
06/05/2021 12:05 PM
Maridien2 China CGP (40% SilTerra) and Taiwan Foxconn (30% Dnex PP) will show the world that unification can be achieved through peaceful means and win-win situation. All hail motherland China. Long live president Xi.
06/05/2021 12:07 PM
KingDavid May be the group MD is offering (first priority) to the local institutions. Let's hope for the best outcome for DNeX.
06/05/2021 12:09 PM
KingDavid The operator is waiting to be tested for higher selling pressure.
06/05/2021 12:10 PM
strattegist pegun pegun hey
06/05/2021 12:50 PM
Underhand The picture is becoming clearer now. Pp is confirmed. Next , who is the subscriber/subscribers. And at what price?
06/05/2021 12:56 PM
strattegist tunggu tunggu hey
06/05/2021 12:57 PM
Underhand Once all these confirmed, price will rocket! My opinion only
06/05/2021 12:57 PM
Underhand I don't like uncertainty when investing
06/05/2021 12:59 PM
Powerplay666 My sifu said dnex won't move until pp is done and they have converted the warrant to expire date. Going by these two events, I expect dnex price to stay sideways for the next 2 months. Be patient, folks.
06/05/2021 1:16 PM
beginner hold till Aug21, by that time PP and warrant all done.
06/05/2021 1:25 PM
Trevor777 So many newcomers to this forum. Please tell us something we don't already know....Silterra deal and payment by June, 2021, PING deal by July, Warrant expiry by end July, leftover 2020 of 65 mill PP by Aug...blah, blah, blah...we commented and posted all these in March - April, and all our balance tickets already in the freezer.
06/05/2021 1:33 PM
Trevor777 And yet so many jokers still try to con with Foxconn....the only reason Foxconn (Taiwanese) having 12 factories in southern belt of China, namely Shenzhen, Guangzhou is the cheap labour and raw materials easily available in this IT city. Mind you, these factories are 100% owned and controlled by Taiwanese. Now, you're think out loud that China is willing to go to bed with Taiwan over Silterra? What's so goddamn great about Silterra that they are willing to be on the same table? Jibberish and childish assumptions, didn't pass through the main brain before commenting.
06/05/2021 1:40 PM
Trevor777 Foxconn made the bid for Silterra BUT their terms is full control of the company which was denied by Khazanah. That's history now.
06/05/2021 1:42 PM
Trevor777 Which of course, you now assume and suggest that Foxconn would stoop so low to pick up the bones of the new PP and to what end?
06/05/2021 1:45 PM
newbie8080 Semicon biz are heavy capex especially foundry like TSMC and Samsung.

WIthout deep pockets, it's another failed attempt by DNEX.

Khazanah has more than USD30bil fire power, yet they failed to turn it around.

What makes DNEX and their chinese counterpart with less than USD300mil can do?
06/05/2021 1:51 PM
ProvenSeeker Follow us @FB Beginner to Professional
06/05/2021 1:53 PM
Trevor777 Can anyone please explain and help us understand the reason Silterra made a loss of 8 million in 2018 which leapt to 172 million in 2019?

And the accumulated debts outstanding in 2019 is more than 950 million to be assumed by Dnex?
06/05/2021 2:00 PM
Trevor777 I am sure discussing the performance, Facts and Figures of any company on the Forum would benefit us more than chattering cock and bull stories and fried chicken drumsticks....Anyone?
06/05/2021 2:10 PM
AlsvinChangan Silterra manpower cost exceed revenue over the years

Based on full capacity or what dunno
06/05/2021 2:12 PM
Trevor777 You mean during the course from 2018 to 2019, under 1 year, they hired 300 staff to do 1 person's job? Is that what you meant by manpower explosion? How can you suggest it was over a period of years...years..years?...it was just 1 year.

And FYI, Silterra has been running on 100% full capacity the past 3 years.
06/05/2021 2:17 PM
Trevor777 And now I am flagged and reported for abuse for speaking out what's relevant and the truth. They will bar my postings again.

Hey, grow a pair!
06/05/2021 2:25 PM
AlsvinChangan IF running 100% capacity all these years, it means Silterra volume output is too small to be profitable

Silterra manpower cost is hightlighted by theedge months ago
06/05/2021 2:29 PM
Trevor777 Powerful brains from Billion dollars conglomerates, knocking their heads together in Productions, Management, Marketing and still find it VIABLE to own and operate Silterra....so, how can they jumped at the offer and pour in good money for bad? Money laundering? (don't quote me)
06/05/2021 2:37 PM
Roy 8 Oil prices on the uptrend. World economy is recovering. Dnex will benefit.
06/05/2021 2:48 PM
strattegist talak jalan hey
06/05/2021 2:50 PM
strattegist pelan pelan hey
06/05/2021 3:13 PM
156563 pp0.72,等待上升吧
06/05/2021 3:35 PM
156563 MC0要吃热狗了。买几包放冰柜先
06/05/2021 3:40 PM
strattegist geli geli hey
06/05/2021 3:59 PM
strattegist tutup melah hey
06/05/2021 5:17 PM
derrickinvestor itu lah.. strategist tarak goreng.. mana boleh naik...
06/05/2021 5:35 PM
DreamHunter wey derrick ah likk
06/05/2021 5:35 PM
DreamHunter lu pon main dnex juga kah leh
06/05/2021 5:35 PM
06/05/2021 5:37 PM
DreamHunter komfem sudah untung bsar la lu
06/05/2021 5:38 PM
longvalley Make invest simple........
Good tactical by strategist.......
I love it
06/05/2021 5:44 PM

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