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31-Dec-2017 27-Apr-2018 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2016 28-Apr-2017 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2015 29-Apr-2016 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2014 30-Apr-2015 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2013 30-Apr-2014 22-May-2014 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2012 26-Apr-2013 23-May-2013 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2011 30-Apr-2012 24-May-2012 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2010 28-Apr-2011 24-May-2011 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2009 30-Apr-2010 21-May-2010 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2008 30-Apr-2009 26-May-2009 View Annual Result
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  7 people like this.
Koon Bee I add so much 72c
20/02/2019 20:28
sarawakian63 We miss BN days. Then Naim never below RM 1 or even RM 4.4 has reached.
20/02/2019 20:43
Koon Bee Naim minimal rm1
20/02/2019 21:14
calvintaneng Koon Bee is smart
20/02/2019 22:23
Koon Bee Recently follow calvin sifu cari makan dayang, naim and Azrb
20/02/2019 22:26
Koon Bee Those old day musuh I forget it already
20/02/2019 22:26
calvintaneng Clever is Koon Bee

Very good!!
20/02/2019 22:29
freddiehero hehe thanks for the angpow
20/02/2019 22:38
freddiehero true hero
20/02/2019 22:38
freddiehero sama cari makan soon be super fly
20/02/2019 22:39
qps9999 wow, grt it was too awesome for me when i clear my slot at .771..my wallet with money la..as Money Life Research suggested hit it in 2 shots..@rafik..come with me..ha ha
20/02/2019 22:59

21/02/2019 03:10
jcpy Both Dayang & Naim made money kaw kaw after big volume came together yesterday afternoon.
21/02/2019 08:08
Sarawakians Tun M pls resign or we vote BN in 2021.
21/02/2019 09:44
huathuat11 why drop again
21/02/2019 09:46
BN_better 77 sen max under PH? Vote BN in GE15 or 2021 Sarawak state election.
21/02/2019 10:03
Hidup_Anwar Tun M stubborn. People ask him to resign yet refuse.

huathuat11 why drop again
21/02/2019 09:46
21/02/2019 10:05
Daybreak11 follow calvin wont go wrong
21/02/2019 10:19
huathuat11 now naim still can IN. Please advise
21/02/2019 11:16
zhouxingxing naim min rm1 la. qr so good
21/02/2019 18:08
ramada DAYANG down 7 sen, I guess NAIM may follow.
21/02/2019 18:09
Harold Huong I believe NAIM, CMSB, HSL, DAYANG all flies flies
21/02/2019 21:39
8888_ Perdana QR out and good. Just wait Dayang QR and see how it goes.
21/02/2019 21:54
Plug tomorrow will rebound again..
21/02/2019 22:30
8888_ Dayang, Perdana rebound who sell Naim cheap?
22/02/2019 10:56
8888_ Add more 72-72.5 sen.
22/02/2019 10:57
8888_ Today can in haha.

huathuat11 now naim still can IN. Please advise
21/02/2019 11:16
22/02/2019 10:58
Plug bought again 0.725 sen..
22/02/2019 11:31
huathuat11 naim can up again or not
22/02/2019 11:32
calvintaneng Correct

Buy on weakness


When you see red just add a little!!

22/02/2019 11:32
rockycleft Happy? I ran and sell happily we were all very happy.
22/02/2019 12:41
calvintaneng Posted by rockycleft > Feb 22, 2019 12:41 PM | Report Abuse

Happy? I ran and sell happily we were all very happy.


Clap Clap

Now Naim, Azrb, Pantech & Dialogue will still go up after this short weakness

One more thing

After you sold the gold mine be careful where you put your money next

Last time many sold Pm Corp and then went to buy Patimas the landmine

So happy ok

Just watch the next step where you go

22/02/2019 12:46
rockycleft as said earlier, we bought naim for the tons of iron nails in the hull. Jump ship is better.........haha. The share dropped to 45 sen for a reason
22/02/2019 13:29
rockycleft And saw no reason for recovery yet.......
22/02/2019 13:33
Undi_PKR If no recovery why up?
22/02/2019 15:05
Undi_PKR Baru Bian, Larry Sng is PKR man from Sarawak.

huathuat11 naim can up again or not
22/02/2019 11:32
22/02/2019 15:07
calvintaneng Very good Naim being leader up first

Better grab some Azrb, Pantech Dialog while cheap!
22/02/2019 15:25
8888_ huathuat11 still ask question not buying yet?
22/02/2019 15:27
huathuat11 0.68 bought already
22/02/2019 15:28
huathuat11 now dont know can entry again or not
22/02/2019 15:29
rockycleft What’s up for naim?
22/02/2019 16:15
jcpy Dayang just reported a strong profit of 10 EPS this qtr. Surely, Naim will hv another strong qtr results coming.
22/02/2019 17:30
calvintaneng WAHAHA!

Correct Dayang's fantastic result shows that O&G stocks Bull Run is intact

The recent scare in Carimin result was due to carimin operation over in Trengganu impacted by Monsoon

For Dayang it operates in Sarawak so it is not that affected

SO good for Dayang will be also So Good for Naim

Now it will also be Good for carimin after Monsoon over

Also good for Azrb. Azrb got 2 supply base in Trengganu & Kelantan

And Good also for Pantech
Pantech supplies oil pipes & valves to On shore & Off Shore players like Carimin, Dayang, Azrb,


Provision of Maintenance Services
Dayang’s subsidiary, Dayang Enterprise Sdn Bhd (DESB) undertakes the overall provision of maintenance services, which focuses on the following areas:

Maintenance of Topside structure
Maintenance of pipes and valves and
Electrical and instrumentation
The maintenance services are provided either on a routine or scheduled basis or during a breakdown or emergency, in which case maintenance works are undertaken due to fault or failure.

22/02/2019 18:35
Primeinvestor naim if can repeat the same earnings as last quarter, pe only 1.8x, gonna fly when Dayang has such good results
23/02/2019 02:12
Simple man from chart, unless it break RM0.83 otherwise it correct to 0.25, normally report out good result price will drop.. big shark bought a lot since Jan 2019, and is waiting to throw soon. Good Luck
23/02/2019 17:01
beso as i said correction would be small & shortlived,nextweek you will know
23/02/2019 17:19
Simple man when did you said? LOL =)
23/02/2019 18:04
8888_ As Dayang major shareholders Naim to gain?
24/02/2019 04:44
8888_ yewyin33 Many people pointed out Dayang's account is very bad and they do not believe its price will drop on Monday instead of shooting up as I believe.

Among all the criteria such as NTA, cash flow, debt or cash in bank deposit etc the most powerful criterion that move share price is earning growth prospect. My golden rule for selection is the company must report increasing profit in the last 2 or 3 quarters. Otherwise, I will not buy it. For example, share prices of many cash-rich property companies will remain depressed because they do not profit growth prospect.
Remember, cash-rich companies will not give simply their cash to shareholders.
All investors must read this to know what is the most important criteria to consider. In fact, investors must know that cash-rich company means the management does know how to use its cash to do more business. Efficient companies always have some bank borrowings.
Koon Yew Yin
23/02/2019 23:41
24/02/2019 04:45
Plug Naim will go above 1.00 soon...
24/02/2019 10:39


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