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31-May-2018 28-Sep-2018 View Annual Result
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31-Dec-2010 29-Apr-2011 06-Jun-2011 View Annual Result
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solomonhans Post removed. Why?
18/01/2019 00:06
Depeche 0.38 on Jan 7...Jan 14 sold all stakes
18/01/2019 06:02
Depeche Arich became major shareholder in 2015...share price then was around 0.05....interesting.
18/01/2019 06:05
birkincollector huhu earned 5k.....enough
18/01/2019 09:18
cashflow No more fake queue. Good
18/01/2019 09:40
18/01/2019 09:49
azfar8 celah mana 2015 0.05? celah bedah? the lowest at 0.08, that also for a short while... Arich maybe sell at breakeven...
18/01/2019 09:51
YSL76 lai lai lai... giap giap kasi gula gula makan sikit.. hehehe
18/01/2019 10:04
YSL76 Kalau manis.. beli banyak sikit ya.. hehehe
18/01/2019 10:05
cashflow TP 0.15, going for it
18/01/2019 10:30
YSL76 good luck
18/01/2019 10:38
Tim2812 Giap giap go go go.
18/01/2019 10:44
100003664926467 Normally, it can down ,it can up also. Don’t worry!
Up how much depends on u thinking.
18/01/2019 10:50
azfar8 am thinking to reentry back, today is Friday, it is normal for it to not up aggressively. maybe Tuesday will do, but since maybe today a bit slow, try to catch ya at 0.115
18/01/2019 11:19
YSL76 better see armada
18/01/2019 11:27
YSL76 anyone got info about armada?
18/01/2019 11:27
PresidentRotiCanai Giap giap up
18/01/2019 11:32
YSL76 gula gula habis lo .... wait 2.30pm later see what giap giap give.. hehe..
18/01/2019 11:42
lobangking Netx,huaan ,fintec,iris ,mlab ,destini potential reach TP0.20
18/01/2019 11:42
2fast4u tatgiap can buy in or watch enough?
18/01/2019 11:53
YSL76 myself will just watch, wait after lunch only decide
18/01/2019 11:57
azfar8 done 0.115... let see if he can touch 0.15 this coming week
18/01/2019 12:17
PlsHelpMe same.. normally after 4pm then only real show unfold..
18/01/2019 12:18
PlsHelpMe seems no fake q buy today
18/01/2019 12:19
YSL76 becoz not yet dump ma.. hihihi
18/01/2019 12:25
PlsHelpMe hahahahaha.. could be true...
18/01/2019 12:27
YSL76 you enter also PlsHelpMe?
18/01/2019 12:40
PlsHelpMe @ YSL76.. ya.. in burning zone now... hahahhaa... paper loss rm14k now.. hahahhaha... lucky not contra player..
18/01/2019 12:56
PlsHelpMe I'll hold till end of d world if drop or sideway..
18/01/2019 12:57
PlsHelpMe hahhahaha
18/01/2019 12:57
TillyLovers Becareful. mala173318 said everyday 2 sen 3 sen down.next week below 0.10
18/01/2019 13:02
DonaldTrumpMalaysia U all should had cut loss and all in at Heitech or BUMI all loss gotten back hahaha
18/01/2019 13:04
DonaldTrumpMalaysia Aiyo Armada want in 180 nw 190 dy..but scared one day wonder only next day back to ori price hah
18/01/2019 13:05
Depeche The chart seems to suggest there's more downside...this could be false dawn...the sell down may continue...the close today will confirm....let's see.
18/01/2019 14:18
cashflow Sharks no queue. Should expect technical rebound after the major sell off
18/01/2019 14:43
laricepat next week rebound trust me
18/01/2019 15:04
cytew s long as the arbitraging gap is still substantial (currently is more than 15%), any rebound is weak and unsustainable..
18/01/2019 15:16
YSL76 General Announcement (201901183000044)
Stock Code / Short Name 5178 / TATGIAP
Date & Time Announce 18/01/2019 12:48:32 AM
Subject Additional Listing Announcement /Subdivision of Shares

1. Details of corporate proposal
Whether the corporate proposal involves the issuance of new type and new class
of securities? N
Types of corporate proposal : Conversion of Preference Shares
Details of corporate proposal : Conversion period of 5 Years. Irredeemable
Convertible Preference Shares (ICPS) at an issue price of RM0.06 per ICPS
together with free detachable Warrants on the basis of 8 ICPS together with 1
free Warrant for every 2 existing Ordinary Shares
No. of shares issued under this corporate proposal : 5,551,750
Issue price per share ($$) : 0.1200
Par Value ($$) (if applicable) : 0.000
Latest issued share capital after the above corporate proposal
In the following
Units : 243,122,452
Issued Share Capital ($$) : Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 33,382,117.000
Listing Date : 22/01/2019
You are advised to read the entire contents of the announcement or attachment.
To read the entire contents of the announcement or attachment, please access
the Bursa website at http://www.bursamalaysia.com

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18/01/2019 15:23
YSL76 This round no drop hihi
18/01/2019 15:24
YSL76 BUY!!!!!
18/01/2019 15:24
YSL76 Lol
18/01/2019 15:24
YSL76 Lucky bought armada hihi
18/01/2019 15:25
cashflow TP 0.15
18/01/2019 16:14
NaasifBaik tatgiap can buy and hold?
18/01/2019 16:43
PresidentRotiCanai Tat giap=next armada
18/01/2019 16:47
apolloang hold until become like XOX ar? hehe
18/01/2019 16:47
DonaldTrumpMalaysia Mr missed Armada haha..too busy today..scared jump in no time monitor
18/01/2019 18:32
apolloan Post removed. Why?
18/01/2019 23:24
cytew Stock and it's derivative that offers ARBITRAGE opportunity to its EXISTING shareholders currently :

(1) Tatgiap (5178) and it's Pa (5178pa)

Tatgiap is 11.5 sen, it's Pa is 5 sen

Conversion is 2 Pa to 1 mother , discount is 11.5-10=1.5 sen

(2) Aturmju (7181) and it's Pa (7181 pa)

Aturmju is 46.5 sen, it's Pa is 3.5 sen
Conversion is 1 Pa +19 sen to 1 mother , discount is 46.5-22.5=24 sen
21/01/2019 09:43
DonaldTrumpMalaysia Thr main reason price were battered down to below 015, means near future price may limited at 015?? Than those entered above 015 dunno how long will be stuk..one month? 6 months?
21/01/2019 18:06


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