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smallfishyu Pharmaniaga shares extend losses amid downgrades on concession news
07/11/2019 5:30 PM
patrick2 although margin is thin but still got money to earn if volume is big. Since they aldy in this line...
07/11/2019 5:35 PM
Rotty patrick2
Some years ago Zuellig was good but not anymore.
Their logistics and customer service sucks big time.
07/11/2019 7:26 PM
patrick2 oh ok...
07/11/2019 9:54 PM
Wirajati I bought pharma taking into accounts it will be pure drug manufacturing play biz in the future and not worry at all. No logistic concession? Sell all those assets and manpower and still profitable. Not worry at all.
08/11/2019 1:14 PM
Dakewlest Thinking of buying...
08/11/2019 1:39 PM
patrick2 pharma see 300% increase in sales order from govt hospital due to afraid of discruption in supply
08/11/2019 3:08 PM
alpacino MOH has given 2 yrs contract extension to Pharmaniaga.
08/11/2019 8:18 PM
alpacino After 30nov2019 pharmaniaga continue interim period till Dec 2021(25 months) to continue to supply while kkm work and evaluate on open tender other agents and Pharmaniaga eligible to bid also

kkm work and evaluate on open tender other agents and Pharmaniaga eligible to bid also
08/11/2019 8:20 PM
Wirajati I guess after this kenanga guy will change tp again...1.60? Hello...
08/11/2019 8:35 PM
papparich Revenue RM600M for a mere RM9 profit? (And that with concessions), thanks but no thanks ...you can have it all. There are good company and there's better company. Once concessions end, Government will do just like what they did for Proton, invite China's pharma which is ranked 2nd in the world. Owning nothing, I am not worried at all.
08/11/2019 9:13 PM
Jeffreyteck ....Pharmaniaga gets 25-month interim extension after concession ends.... we know how efficient the gov and strong political will, but at the expense of sick people.
09/11/2019 8:56 AM
alpacino For W
09/11/2019 10:19 AM
alpacino That means concession extended to 2024. Currently Pharma is only doing WHD for MOH anyway.
09/11/2019 10:21 AM
09/11/2019 10:21 AM
Wirajati Most businesses enjoy some kind of government policies anyway (tax, promotion, infra), most importantly, whether they deliver the job, and helps others like employment, transfer of tech etc. I prefer the one that met this criteria and of course make reasonable money out of it. Hey it helps me too (and us if we give it a chance). Afterall, 60 millions profit from 70 millions of pharma is from manufacturing. Worry? I am not, unless population is going down. It is like my position from an energy counter, simple.
09/11/2019 10:36 AM
6182al Just sad to hear the change of heart, sorry not sad because Pharma have been extended but sad to see the the gov of the day is filled with these U TURN guys WHO never used their brains causing uneasiness to the down line users, poor company, and market. Could it be market manipulation??? can someone from the governing bodies please check. (If at all it was true with one month notice pharma would have to initiate a lot of shutting down process -- company operation / management staff will understand-- debtors of assets and maintenance will ask for payment and also stop work. Lots more
09/11/2019 1:23 PM
Rotty It is not change of heart but an act of suicide if they cut off Pharmaniaga immediately. The Gov will not survive.
Both party are in symbiosis mode.
What the gov doing now is buying time. If I were Pharmaniaga I will
reject the 25 months extension and request for an immediate open tender. See who dies first. Stupid politician always think they know all.
09/11/2019 4:06 PM
Rotty Wirajati will be smiling all the way to the bank soon. haha
09/11/2019 4:07 PM
Wirajati I tried to make us all smile together, but thats life.
10/11/2019 9:31 AM
skyway1984 https://malaysia.yahoo.com/news/pharmaniaga-25-month-extension-once-114541161.html
10/11/2019 3:42 PM
patrick2 25 months extension for procurement of drugs, to purchase,store, and distribute pharma products on the approve product purchase list (APPL)
10/11/2019 6:21 PM
patrick2 5 yrs extension for the logistic bis to supply medicine
10/11/2019 6:22 PM
patrick2 since most of the bulk of the revenue generated is thru logistic bis. Thus can say that pharma financial for the next few yrs shd b ok
10/11/2019 6:23 PM
patrick2 not too sure how much the procurement of drug contribution to pharma
10/11/2019 6:24 PM
patrick2 what s surprise news...
10/11/2019 6:25 PM
mf Sell
10/11/2019 6:35 PM
6182al What is going to happen to the TP??????????????????????
11/11/2019 11:46 AM
perangbrown The Government has agreed to provide a 25-month interim period for procurement of drugs to Pharmaniaga Bhd after its concession ends on Nov 30, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

He said the interim period from Dec 1, 2019 to Dec 31, 2021 was to ensure that there was no supply chain disruption in the supply and distribution of medicines to the Health Ministry's facilities nationwide.
11/11/2019 3:39 PM
jackywong88 hehe, luckily i buy at 2.07, bravo stockpick2u and tyyap
11/11/2019 3:55 PM
dannyteow went to tyyap 3 days class and meet stockpick2u member, and i get to chance and buy at 2.20..
11/11/2019 3:56 PM
jamespui lol.. i rmb stockpick2u said where got so easy to replace pharma... so i did buy as well..
11/11/2019 3:57 PM
munyeeliew wahh, so nice lo... i cnt get , and today fly ad... so sad
11/11/2019 3:58 PM
skleego yml ? up jor only said got follow ? they so geng meh ? u have to learn urself !
11/11/2019 4:01 PM
funnyguyz skleego, i do agreed we should learn ourself as well, but most of people so busy with their work or life... where got time to do it 1 by 1... why dun we leverage tyyap and stockpick2u ? so cheap, u get a labour also need rm2500 ad.. stockpick2u just charge u rm1899, what do you want again ?
11/11/2019 4:03 PM
skleego everyone have 24 hours, why they can do, but you cant do it yourself ? stockpick2u charge 1899, this money can use to invest ad.. why have to paid when u can do it urself? something that i am not understand !
11/11/2019 4:05 PM
funnyguyz skleego, I dun really agreed.. if u do biz, why you want to hire staff, hire accountant, hire bangla to help you to work, why don't do it yourself ?

they help us to filter, write report, go agm.. so they charge 1899, they are right to do so.. they did do something.. you talk so much.. why dun you do it, go agm, write report, study everything, and share it to us for free ? think before you type, pls la
11/11/2019 4:08 PM
skleego why should i do so ? i can study myself, i can learn it myself... whatever stockpick2u can do, i can do as well..
11/11/2019 4:08 PM
funnyguyz what stockpick2u is selling their services.. but you are not.. of coz we need to pay for it..

you know how to cook maggie mee as well, why u go mamak stall and eat ? cook urself la..
11/11/2019 4:10 PM
skleego whatever u want to say, just say, i just voice out my comment.. no offence, if you dun like my comment, you can ignore it..
11/11/2019 4:11 PM
funnyguyz maybe you are not agreed, but i think tyyap & stockpick2u is the best platform.. at least they really provide good standard.. unlike you, do ntg but just bark there
11/11/2019 4:13 PM
monopoly time to run
12/11/2019 9:54 AM
MaseratiCoin Pharmaniaga Bhd hogs the limelight today. The stock opened at RM2.62 this morning, a big gap from last Friday's closing of RM2.26, on news that the government has agreed to provide a 25-month interim period for procurement of drugs to Pharmaniaga after its concession ends on Nov 30.

The stock is trading at RM2.45, soaring 19 sen or 8.41%, as at 10.30am, with about 1.078 million shares changing hands.

The Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad last Friday said the interim period from Dec 1, 2019 to Dec 31, 2021 was to ensure that there was no supply chain disruption in the supply and distribution of medicines to the public healthcare facilities nationwide.

"If the Ministry of Health is able to take over the role of Pharmaniaga in less than 25 months, then an open tender for procurement of medicines will be initiated early," Dr Dzulkefly told the media after his ministry's post-Cabinet meeting last Friday.

Pharmaniaga's share price plunged two weeks ago on concerns that the company will lose its medical supplies concession after Dr Dzulkefly announced that there would be no more concessionaires for logistics and distribution services for medical supplies, and an open tender system would be introduced instead.
13/11/2019 7:51 AM
patrick2 looks like investor lack of interest on pharma even though extension given
13/11/2019 5:12 PM
rajachulan internal or external...everyone avoiding govt linked Co...
13/11/2019 5:15 PM
rajachulan got the extension...

got the new contact...

all nothing to cheer for...

lose contract also nothing to worry about...
13/11/2019 5:16 PM
Eric Pang 中美贸易谈判进展未明,加上香港局势恶化,冲击投资情绪,区域股市全面滑落,其中香港股市恒生指数重挫2.02%、上海股市综指跌0.33%以及东京日经指数跌0.85%。

14/11/2019 6:51 AM
Eric Pang 中美贸易谈判或陷僵局·​美股涨跌不一或陷僵局·​美股涨跌不一

15/11/2019 9:42 AM
papparich Look at the razor thin profit....so thin, you can cut a paper with it
15/11/2019 2:42 PM
Patrick Lim Post removed. Why?
16/11/2019 2:51 PM


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