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tommyleong2000 for the past 6 months , no big investors coming in .. so what should we do .. just WAIT .. until one day !!! don't know which day, which year ! :)
15/01/2020 12:32 PM
Vincentbravo So fast cannot tahan already ah? Just be patient and wait. People can wait 1 full year just for 5 to 6% for epf and so happy. Surely bahvest can reward U so much better than that. Minimum 10 times more than epf :) Just be patient...
15/01/2020 1:06 PM
hero666 HOOHOHOHOHOH my jaks burst like nuclear boom yooooo. Vb, ur bike seem like datson, now is 2020 we drive tesla, i honestly suggest u shift another counter, might be the best decision ever in your life.

Buy a good fundamental stock, with good management, bull stocks , great prospect instead of bahvest that has everything against it
15/01/2020 3:21 PM
investopology AGREED with Hero666. lucky my other counter all turn positive. only left bahvest is draw.
15/01/2020 3:29 PM
investopology lai lai lai, dsonic and jaks would be good choice if you want choose a fast car instead of a slow bike like bahvest. both can reach your destination, depends on which direction you want.

Good luck all. and good morning to VincentBravo.
16/01/2020 7:57 AM
Vincentbravo Haha good morning to U too!! 1 more week to go before CNY :) Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!
16/01/2020 8:29 AM
tommyleong2000 this share sudah coma ... this year no ang pow from Bahvest .. :)
16/01/2020 9:55 AM
superrr Many ppl giving Angpow and say bye bye to BV..
16/01/2020 10:13 AM
Vincentbravo Bahvest starting to look solid. Someone collecting like mad. Who else other than Owner and Gang. Miss all the 40 sens / 20 sens price. Still waiting patiently to buy but so far none :(
16/01/2020 10:45 AM
Vincentbravo Wow warrants so high at 35 sens :) Angpow sudah mari... Haha!! Remember it was less than 30 sens recently. Did U buy or complaint or worse still sold :(
16/01/2020 11:44 AM
Vincentbravo And here it comes. Bahvest is finally flying. After all the impatient people sold their expensive shares cheap. Saddest case happens again and again. Owner and Gang buys all the cheap shares from the sad and angry people. And here we go again. BTW I'm earning on paper more than 200k today!!!
16/01/2020 12:22 PM
davidkkw79 Moon ?
16/01/2020 1:32 PM
hero666 Up 1c is fly??? Oh c'mon taiko, what's wrong with you.... Nowadays lfm paid ghostwritter really shameless, dufu jaks dsonic dayang up 10c+ those hike is "fly"

Can you just shut up until breakout 0.565???
16/01/2020 3:00 PM
tommyleong2000 back to square now , latest price just up 5 cents ... :) !! this share cannot fly due to no support
16/01/2020 3:22 PM
tommyleong2000 now is 525 ( the opening price ) .. or even lower ... no supports
16/01/2020 4:03 PM
superrr That's what I have said just now..
16/01/2020 4:25 PM
Vincentbravo Hahaha :)
16/01/2020 5:08 PM
The speculators The speculators U sure Is a bike, this bike seem Very different , no tayar only handle, instead u riding the bike , but Look more u carry the bike with u Hahaha
16/01/2020 7:56 PM
Vincentbravo This gold bike is heavy so slow a bit. But surely is valuable. When it's low everyone talk shit. Above 70 sens all say this bike dam fast :) Haha!!
16/01/2020 8:17 PM
tommyleong2000 tyres flat ... cannot move :)
17/01/2020 10:59 AM
superrr When can I have my $ back...haha
17/01/2020 12:58 PM
tommyleong2000 Dear Vincent , what do u think about next report ? got surprise ?
17/01/2020 1:38 PM
tommyleong2000 people no trust to this share already
17/01/2020 3:59 PM
Vincentbravo Hi Tommy, everyone knows 100% on what the ending will be. Bahvest will GORENG to another NEW HIGH!!! What we don't know is when they will GORENG. So just wait patiently and only buy if your average price is higher. Otherwise just wait and see. Again only buy with your spare money. February will be time for the quarter report and surely it will again be GREEN. In fact it will be all the way GREEN improving quarter to quarter and the results will get better and better definitely. Just be patient and U will be rewarded
17/01/2020 5:51 PM
Aristocats Post removed. Why?
17/01/2020 7:01 PM
tommyleong2000 thanks Vincent
18/01/2020 12:25 AM
Vincentbravo Kerja Kimanis sudah siap. Tomorrow owner and gang go back to gold mine and work harder :) Haha
18/01/2020 7:46 PM
superrr Vincent, How do y know everything of lfm jobs ? are u living in Tawau and always following lfm as an assistant ? Please answer my question... does the gold mine close to the datu harri (Jarir forests ) land?
19/01/2020 10:19 AM
superrr I keen to know that as I am a BV small small ikan bilis invester as well..
19/01/2020 10:25 AM
superrr Why pohkong ( gold counter ) up so much and BV got no power at all ??
19/01/2020 12:23 PM
Aristocats Post removed. Why?
19/01/2020 4:51 PM
Vincentbravo Hahaha :) I'm the spy!! Crazy la U all... I also waiting like U all for bahvest to go up. So since every year will GORENG one time and now is the waiting time, so we talk c**k here first :) U see my prediction la, once high and all the crazy ppl will join the bahvest family. Volume will be easily 10 million above daily... Hahaha!! Now cheap ppl won't buy
19/01/2020 9:54 PM
investopology hope vincentbravo prediction is correct. Every early of the year Bahvest will push up based on the historical charts. but.. this year not so sure.
20/01/2020 8:13 AM
superrr Hahah I hope so, but don't know when ??
20/01/2020 8:49 AM
superrr But I think today will drop some more due to CNY .
20/01/2020 8:57 AM
superrr KLCI index is bad today.
20/01/2020 4:48 PM
Vincentbravo Wah why warrants so high?
20/01/2020 5:09 PM
investopology not sure you guy realize or not. someone like collecting alot of warrant. 34c that time also same. after accumulate enough and push high. Same for today 355.
20/01/2020 5:14 PM
Vincentbravo Looks like it's coming soon :)
20/01/2020 5:39 PM
Vincenbravo Gong Xi Fa Cai :) Hahaha !!
21/01/2020 9:58 AM
investopology hehe i am right too! someone consecutively collecting alot of son at 335/340/355
21/01/2020 10:02 AM
Vincentbravo Earned RM200k+ on paper today :) Woohoo!!! Don't miss the boat people... Remember buy low sell high
21/01/2020 10:08 AM
Vincentbravo If it doesn't stop jumping and it goes up all the way, my prediction still the same NEW HIGH. And the highest price will be above RM1 and Warrants 70 sens. So what are U waiting?
21/01/2020 10:14 AM
Anderu Abit surprised
21/01/2020 10:32 AM
Vincentbravo Bahvest has move a bit from lowest 46 sens to today 56 sens. Warrants from 27.5 sens to 37.5 sens :) Did U manage to win some or just complained and didnt buy or worst still sold... Haiz
21/01/2020 11:12 AM
hero666 omg please breakout 0.565................ really damn boring
21/01/2020 2:30 PM
The speculators The speculators One of this guy keep promoting,if so fantastic, I guest he must be a trillionaire , or at least a billionaire
21/01/2020 7:25 PM
The speculators The speculators Let me give u a tip lah, buy supermax , u easily earn that amount in less than a week. No need to wait 1 qr after another, tomorrow sailing in 80 percent in your portfolio.
21/01/2020 7:30 PM
The speculators The speculators By the way that day my revenue move from 50 sen to rm230 anyone bought....please don”t complain ya , buy now my tp rm3
21/01/2020 7:32 PM
The speculators The speculators Also supermax my tp is rm1.80
21/01/2020 7:33 PM


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