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Legend Berapa lama mau kolek ni...
09/07/2020 11:33 AM
hakimsaat share old news for what?
09/07/2020 12:14 PM

09/07/2020 12:39 PM
edwardkuah on the way to 0.03
09/07/2020 4:15 PM
tklim Nett asset per share is 0.0299.....NTA 0.082.......therefore price after consolidation 2:1 ... ...calculate lah
09/07/2020 4:20 PM
hakimsaat teach me how 2 calculate.. my add math fail
09/07/2020 4:26 PM
edwardkuah i saw that is 100 volume is buying when the price is drop
09/07/2020 4:37 PM
stncws hope tommorrow vroommmmm!..
09/07/2020 7:00 PM
Kai YaNg review from the past, the price will push to 0.030 and the RCPS will pop up and said: surprise mtfker and sell to 0.020
09/07/2020 7:10 PM
Mrtorking bila mau pecah 0.025/0.030
09/07/2020 8:39 PM
09/07/2020 8:41 PM
tapenah jumpa balik 31/8 nanti. Tgk boleh sambut merdeka di holland ke tak.
09/07/2020 9:01 PM
Legend Mtronic long sleep pun sudah bangun...ini Edu tido mati!
09/07/2020 10:46 PM
Condom003 Tak boleh break 0.03 leh..
10/07/2020 9:28 AM
shacarlos BUY, BUY,BUY!!!!!
10/07/2020 9:31 AM
liegelord fake breakout?
10/07/2020 9:35 AM
edwardkuah break 0.03 then will fly
10/07/2020 9:57 AM
BullRunComing Speculative share, better avoid. Share price one year lower than one year
10/07/2020 11:43 AM
edwardkuah Bull:beacause volume increased
10/07/2020 11:54 AM
BullRunComing I have been watching this share since 2015 which my friend told me to buy and luckily I didn't.

All the way to south until today.
10/07/2020 11:57 AM
kasrim kolek now!
10/07/2020 12:04 PM
edwardkuah gogogo 0.03
10/07/2020 3:56 PM
fl888 Push price to consolidate higher price
10/07/2020 8:48 PM
Trader Invest Condom003 you promote edu price not change. You promote Pworth now im afraid it will be same.
10/07/2020 9:24 PM
tapenah https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/leisure/2020/07/10/apple-launches-tools-to-help-educators-teach-students-coding/
Peluang demi peluang
10/07/2020 9:28 PM
Abd Rahim Osman Apa kaitan dgn eduspec
10/07/2020 10:01 PM
rhinos K12
10/07/2020 10:49 PM
Condom003 https://klse.i3investor.com/m/blog/Eduspec/2020-03-27-story-h1485669316-Why_Eduspec_Part_5.jsp
10/07/2020 11:02 PM
Lau1668 https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/700747
11/07/2020 12:28 AM
Isabelle 想问问,eduspec 的价钱一直都会在0.02 ? 直到完成share consolidation 后才会变化?

Or, 下星期还会再跌?
11/07/2020 1:02 AM
fl888 Condom003, still promoting Edu with Part 1-5 writeups with sharing and caring motives is good and shortcut to making some money....bought 5000 lots at 2cts....definitely will be very much better than putting in FD...
11/07/2020 8:03 AM
bct2619 What will be the impact on d proposed consolidation of every 2 existing ordinary share into 1 ???
11/07/2020 9:21 AM
bct2619 Any sifu like to share??
11/07/2020 9:22 AM
NooBee mathematically, consolidation 2:1 will make the share price doubled. BUT your number of shares is also halved. So, you are back to square 1. However, after consolidation the share price has more room to drop.
11/07/2020 10:51 AM
Condom003 Its a bet....let say you bought 100 lot at 0.02..after consolid become 0.04 with 50 lot...can drop till 0.015-again..Ur Rm2k become Rm1500..let say consolid some more next year 2021 year...50 lot become 25 lot..if QR make profit..then all chage..thats why Eduspec delay QR now..bet with you
11/07/2020 11:05 AM
Condom003 But nowdays kids earlier earlier also see porntube alrdy...not like our those day see video tape Adult movie time...K12 education system ..future trend
11/07/2020 11:16 AM
bct2619 Then what is d purpose of proposed share consolidation??
11/07/2020 1:13 PM
Ken The purpose of consolidate is make shares lesser in the market,so easier to push up.Make no sense if consolidate to make share price drop.
11/07/2020 4:37 PM
fl888 If qtr result is good,,,,,sure price will shoot up before consolidation....whereby many earlier investors will be able to recoup their Edu bought at 10 CT’s and above...
12/07/2020 12:57 AM
tklim The target price by NOT taking Consolidation into consideration....

1st Buy Target: 0.07
2nd Buy Target: 0.07
3rd Buy Target: 0.08
4th Buy Target: 0.09
5th Buy Target: 0.11
6th Buy Target: 0.12

After consolidation maybe double.......
12/07/2020 7:09 PM
vvwvv Will definitely fall
13/07/2020 12:19 PM
Condom003 Ccb this counter...Phb also up jo
13/07/2020 1:01 PM
Legend Slowwwwww
13/07/2020 1:26 PM
Ting Ting Seem no banker inside..
13/07/2020 3:25 PM
rhinos Runnn
13/07/2020 4:31 PM
ThePerfector tklim how about trive ?
13/07/2020 7:42 PM
Notconfused If qr good I will disappear from this forum
13/07/2020 10:40 PM
Jinglebell After consolidation sure will fall back to 0.015-0.02 then onli the banker will start to accumulate .unless u dun mind to lost 50% of ur money n wait for 1-2 years.
13/07/2020 11:46 PM
Condom003 This Eduspec better dun do K12 online education...do porn online education maybe EPS will make profit within 1 hour...very worst performance QR
14/07/2020 8:35 AM

Pivot 0.125

Resistance 1 0.25
Resistance 2 0.48
Resistance 3 0.605
14/07/2020 11:00 AM

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