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apolloang another pastor calvin sleeping stock.....hahaha
28/01/2020 12:23 PM
JediMaster1 zzzzzzzzzzzz
28/01/2020 1:18 PM
Nepo This is one of my worst stock in my portfolio..
13/02/2020 5:18 PM
freddiehero nvr up nvr down ka?
13/02/2020 5:56 PM
OngKawKaw Upside down lol
13/02/2020 7:36 PM
ivan9511 Normally if one more super good results like last 2 times qr.
Limit up maybe you can see
Remmber last time mct ibh huayang Ewint Mkh Naim
After good results limit up
But Asiapac is pitty because many times super good net profit and high nta still no limit up.
Hope this time can show the Asiapc power come
13/02/2020 7:42 PM
JediMaster1 Day dream maker haha !!!
14/02/2020 9:26 AM
Nepo It has reasons why share price not moving up :
1). Highly gear i.e loan 300million + icus from director. Need to repay loan and interest

2). No dividend

3). Most NTA is from revaluation from Imago building.

4). Low level of cash/cash at bank.

5). Property sector is suffering downturn at the moment.
Market consider this co is a quite risky co, so no large investment funds interested in this co.
14/02/2020 7:25 PM
Nepo After it generates sufficient cash (not profit as profit may come from revaluation of Imago building or real properties for instance 400 acres of land) and pay off some of the loan amount and Lowering down the gearing ratio, then the co may start to pay dividends. It is the time the share price may spike up.

Success come with hard work and luck. And do u think how many years u need to wait for this to happen, i.e better cash flow for this company is also the time u need to wait before the share price can spike up.
15/02/2020 5:54 AM
Nepo https://simplywall.st/stocks/my/real-estate/klse-asiapac/asian-pac-holdings-berhad-shares/news/why-asian-pac-holdings-berhads-klseasiapac-ceo-pay-matters-to-you/
20/02/2020 2:56 PM
SincereStock https://www.facebook.com/imagoshoppingmall/photos/a.1570476399892246/2542433052696571/?type=3&theater

very understanding, responsible and caring company
20/02/2020 9:43 PM
JediMaster1 No hope continue sleeping another 2 ...3 years **
21/02/2020 6:27 PM
SincereStock when the company already did good, maintain positive earning every quarters, it is the investors fault that undervaluing the company, willingly trading at cheap price.

dividends is not mandatory, especially when the company still need fund for development or to pay loan (lower their interest cost) for the future good.

investors are the ones to be blamed for not being understanding. what you expect the ceo / main shareholders to use their own money to goreng up the share price for you when you are the one selling cheap?
22/02/2020 10:28 AM
SincereStock naysayers keep saying that this share will continue to sleep for years to come, you might be right, or maybe no. but no one can deny that this share is undervalued at current price
22/02/2020 5:29 PM
mikeann Stock has been consolidating for some time now at 12.5 to 0.13. At this level, there is little downside. Rebound imminent. Immediate resistance at 0.15
22/02/2020 6:46 PM
Nepo Glad to see @SincereStock still defend for this counter.
Miss u so much.
All the best!
23/02/2020 10:12 AM
SincereStock hehe doing other things while patiently waiting this sleeping beauty to wake up ^_^
23/02/2020 12:30 PM
JediMaster1 0.10 coming soon .
24/02/2020 4:46 PM
Karlocs Looking forward to the QR release....
25/02/2020 2:14 AM
SincereStock immediate resistance? can you guys please stop projecting your prediction / forecast here confidently as if it is truely imminent / confirmed? no one know the future price movement.

just state that it is undervalued is sufficient
26/02/2020 6:04 PM
Sales I should have buy ASB instead of Asia Pac. ASB one day can up 50 percent. Bravo! Ehen is Asia Pac's time...
26/02/2020 6:28 PM
ivan9511 Nta keep top up .
Really undervalued
Hope market give fair value to Asiapc
Never have a chance to limit up
Pitty .
Even many loss results company also can up .
When can Asiapac fight back
26/02/2020 7:35 PM
OngKawKaw https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=3027420
26/02/2020 7:57 PM
JediMaster1 finance cost 6.5 mil more then net profit 5.7 mil , 0.120 no support buy 1 unit to close high 0.13 every day no hope hehe ....
26/02/2020 9:02 PM
JediMaster1 Shopping mail give discount rental to tenant ....bad news see you @ 0,10 haha .
28/02/2020 11:11 AM
Karlocs The Stimulus Packages may helps some …...
03/03/2020 1:27 AM
williamtkb TP 5cents
03/03/2020 6:46 AM
JediMaster1 Due to reducing rental to help shopping mall tenant expected q1 q2 earning will decline .
05/03/2020 7:06 PM
Nepo Too bad, lose another 12%..severe loss
08/03/2020 3:48 PM
Mikecycc mmusang warned you all before!
08/03/2020 3:55 PM
Nepo NTA can't help to support share price. Only real profit can. NTA only protection in case co liquate..
08/03/2020 9:07 PM
JediMaster1 OMG 8 cents coming soon *****
09/03/2020 11:49 AM
JediMaster1 For those believe in NTA now die kaw kaw **
09/03/2020 1:19 PM
SincereStock index drop kaw kaw la bro, global panic due to economy uncertainty caused by coronavirus, always invest with spare money, not borrowed money
09/03/2020 3:41 PM
limsawkean1998 Newbie here . Got people recommended this company claim is the most undervalued property counter base on nta pe net profit revenue results improved.
And now new government seem doing so good many good things happen.
Hope new government can help property in Malaysia.
I am thinking of All In this company
Because high Nta Pe good results
Net profit every year and no loss.
Got Mall got parking got Kepong project seem all is the best
11/03/2020 2:23 PM
JediMaster1 NTA again haha .
11/03/2020 11:14 PM
JediMaster1 A lot of high NTA and this stock is under valued believers die here since 30 cents until now '' newbie'' you're not the last one****
12/03/2020 10:33 AM
Nepo During recession, only cash is important. High gear companies will suffer.
18/03/2020 2:35 PM
SincereStock privatize?
23/04/2020 11:49 AM
SincereStock https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kenangaresearch/2020-04-20-story-h1506046146-Property_Developers_Tempting_Privatisations.jsp
23/04/2020 12:01 PM
OngKawKaw Semua property developers guna privatisation untuk goreng sekarang. Nothing new but seems like it’s works now.
23/04/2020 1:57 PM
Legend kasi TP 0.20 baru cun!
23/04/2020 2:02 PM
SincereStock with such nta, privatisation is definitely a possibility, big bargain for insiders to privatize their company in the economy crisis while retailers need cash and willing to sell cheap
23/04/2020 2:11 PM
Sales Luckily cut loss and go to Redtone...
23/04/2020 2:42 PM
CASanji privitalise will be good or bad to the share?can someone explain. thanks
27/04/2020 11:53 PM
SincereStock @CASanji good for the share, privitalise means insiders / majorshareholder will buy back all the company's shares at the market to fully own the company by their own again. Normally they will buy back the shares at significantly better than current market trade price after bargain with majority of the shareholders and archive an agreed fair price
28/04/2020 11:00 AM
Nepo The problem is the price offered by the main shareholder who is going to privatise the co.
If the offered price is low, then no Kan taw.. especially when main shareholder only hold around 30% of the shareholding that would require substantially amount of fund to privitise.

Normally the co wouldn't privatise the co if the co is a highly geared co. During bad time, listed co has a advantage to issue right issue, issue bond, etc, so privatisation only good for boss if the co is low gear or no loan.

The privitization of this highly geared co will mean the the boss has to standby some fresh fund himself in case the co financial goes into problem..
29/04/2020 6:24 AM
JediMaster1 Not need to dream about privatization it wouldn't happen in next 5 years .
27/05/2020 9:32 PM
JediMaster1 Coming qr and next qr will be red .
27/05/2020 9:34 PM
SincereStock why QR belum keluar? bukan latest end of May kena keluar result bulan 2 ke?
01/06/2020 1:15 PM

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