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targetinvest WWE big show!!! Show down... choke slam upwards
03/03/2019 10:34 PM
keyin Horrible, recommend good stock like JOHOTIN la
03/03/2019 10:52 PM
targetinvest Keyin this is good fast stock.... vroom like kawasaki ninja
03/03/2019 11:58 PM
targetinvest Confirm burst!!!
03/03/2019 11:58 PM
commonsense Those that are buying into this company need to be bit careful. In terms of fundamentals, the company has a really weak profit earnings outlook. Total FY18 profit was less than RM1mil with the latest quarter recording a loss of RM200k. At the current share price, the company is trading at a very high PE of almost 60x.

Investors need to take note, that the recent spike in price that started on the 22nd Feb is not the first time that it happens for this company. Last year the share price went up substantially from 44 sens on 5th Mar 2018 to an intraday high of 74 sens on 7th Mar 18 (it however closed at 59 sens that day). However, the share price traded back into the 40 sens range in less than a month given that there was no actual fundamental change that could back the sudden increase in the share price.

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio outside of KSSC (due to its weak earnings outlook and the speculative nature of its share price), I would recommend you to look at MBMR. (https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/pt/5983.jsp)

MBMR is a direct proxy to Perodua via its 22.6% interest in the company. Valuation is cheap at only 6.4x PE based on FY18 profit of RM166mil. PB is low at only 0.7x BV.

FY19 should deliver another profit growth year to the company. Profit growth will again be driven by the performance of Perodua (via MBMR 22.6% holdings in Perodua) from the still strong sales of new Myvi, sales of SUV Aruz and the introduction of the newly revamp Alza sometime in the 2H19. Aruz which commands a higher margin compared to other models, will help improve the total profit margin of Perodua (which will flow to MBMR’s bottom line as well).

Given the very good result in 4Q18, MBMR is expected to achieve a profit of RM200mil in 2019. At the current share price, the company is being valued at a very low PE of only 5.3x which is a lot lower than the industry average of 15x PE. As an example, UMW (another company with exposure to Perodua) is currently trading at a PE multiple of almost 20x.

Good luck.
04/03/2019 10:02 AM
winlast Msec target price .63cents before Wednesday grab the opportunity
04/03/2019 12:36 PM
targetinvest chairman already lao ah pek 75 years old...
and the executive board, where is his children? Children also tak mau take over the business ah....
04/03/2019 2:22 PM
targetinvest profit down share price up with volume.. chairman and owner lao ah pek, no succession..

Like this see, not much option but to sell out only
04/03/2019 2:23 PM
507596689729039 Chairman KOH Seng Kar : 75 ; Koh Seng Lee Deputy Managing director: 56 Ket Tsen Ket Shung Executive Director: 48
04/03/2019 4:58 PM
507596689729039 Arrived in : Port Sekinchan. Next port: Kuala Selangor. Great show again tomorrow ?
04/03/2019 5:06 PM
lawrgan Will test the 0.59 and 0.63 soon
04/03/2019 8:47 PM
lawrgan Taking over plan
04/03/2019 8:47 PM
BonZema72 wow. Take over plan!
Take over at what price?
04/03/2019 9:23 PM
507596689729039 Take over plan ? Where the news come from ?
05/03/2019 7:49 PM
507596689729039 Next port: Kuala Selangor 0.60
06/03/2019 1:13 PM
lawrgan News in the afternoon or evening....coming
08/03/2019 12:15 PM
lawrgan Sapu all below 0.54
08/03/2019 12:16 PM
BonZema72 wow. what news?
08/03/2019 2:12 PM
noobbie lol
08/03/2019 2:25 PM
matg Post removed. Why?
08/03/2019 4:26 PM
lawrgan Coming Liao next week....get ready to chase high and sell higher
09/03/2019 12:02 AM
WINNING charts profits taking.
09/03/2019 12:18 AM
507596689729039 Why so far no such news? Can it be Boiling Water ( pop.. po.. po... ) or Big Canon Fairy ( boom . boom .boom ) news !
09/03/2019 2:04 PM
BonZema72 engine start!
11/03/2019 10:39 AM
507596689729039 The Shark Big-Big (SBB) fish emerges again from the deep sea !
11/03/2019 8:16 PM
Ameera Why not moving???
12/03/2019 12:26 PM
BonZema72 big fish run already?
13/03/2019 5:19 PM
507596689729039 Big fish strays in coral reef of Tanjung Karang, looking way out to Kuala Selangor.
13/03/2019 6:35 PM
Ameera Damn lousy!!!
13/03/2019 9:49 PM
Dowjones RIP. see you next year
14/03/2019 2:49 PM
pretty_life Is time to enter liao
14/03/2019 3:52 PM
Ameera Jia lat... will drop more tomorrow?
14/03/2019 9:55 PM
Jun Lim Ng come time to Fly...join now !!
15/03/2019 2:17 PM
Kubistrader Fasten ur seat belt..
15/03/2019 2:42 PM
Jun Lim Ng Collect below 0.50....will touch 0.53/54 soon !!
15/03/2019 3:11 PM
ng1943 limit up
15/03/2019 8:14 PM
Ameera Like the mmm
15/03/2019 10:15 PM
Jun Lim Ng Come collect 0.475-48...will touch 0.500 by this week
18/03/2019 11:20 AM
507596689729039 Flush out another 5% of contra players then it will sail before the wind !
18/03/2019 2:16 PM
Kubistrader Belt fasten for impact? Haha
19/03/2019 7:19 PM
Ameera Jia lat this counter...
19/03/2019 7:28 PM
simon3618 bungkus la.... never stop dropping..
20/03/2019 1:54 PM
507596689729039 The big fish is in hot waters struggling in the coral reef.
20/03/2019 4:29 PM
targetinvest ya this shark really jinasai max.
no money goreng properly..

need goreng cuscapi for greater good now
21/03/2019 10:51 AM
Ameera Still got hope?
21/03/2019 7:03 PM
Kubistrader Yes..still got hope. Remember the day when 4k lot buying 0.465 if im not mistaken.someone is collecting n hibernating.for this counter such amount already huge
22/03/2019 1:15 AM
Ameera 2.2k Big buy again 0.455 to 0.465... who is collecting?
22/03/2019 4:42 PM
507596689729039 I sold @ 0.46 & somebody immediately swallowed like hungry tiger. Really cry my eyes out.
22/03/2019 8:22 PM
Ameera Then you buyback for on Monday at 0.46...
22/03/2019 9:53 PM
507596689729039 I sold only half of my KSSC. The remain half will hold tight.
23/03/2019 9:59 PM


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