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JoshuaMS7 Ok noted! tomoro will wait at 0.410 and buy!! hehe
19/07/2021 4:56 PM
Macgyver11 2morow mana ada bursa...tnggu rabu ler
19/07/2021 5:12 PM
winmal trading PE 4 and also EPS of 2.77 cents.. Armada like kena Covib as share price getting worse.
19/07/2021 5:29 PM
strattegist closed red
19/07/2021 5:38 PM
strattegist Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha
19/07/2021 5:39 PM
strattegist stay home... stay safe
19/07/2021 5:39 PM
strattegist no gather gather
19/07/2021 5:39 PM
myboss good stock with mgt team, buy somemore more to keep
19/07/2021 6:17 PM
i3lurker oil is now around 69.80
19/07/2021 6:19 PM
dianatrader They have to buy hack soon

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Posted by myboss > Jul 19, 2021 6:17 PM | Report Abuse

good stock with mgt team, buy somemore more to keep
19/07/2021 6:25 PM
Ledangking Increase production means more oil field/service needed. Is good news for BA so why worry? Should buy more.
19/07/2021 11:05 PM
arv18 Where is Mabel?
19/07/2021 11:09 PM
Godblessyou See you at 0.385
20/07/2021 12:07 AM
JoshuaMS7 oil crashing to 68 usd!! 0.385 is not a dream!!
20/07/2021 3:45 AM
Macgyver11 https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/856713/breakdown-in-opec-supply-quota-negotiations-oil-prices-and-malaysian-government-s-finances
20/07/2021 4:18 PM
Macgyver11 IB still positive on oil price. They believed oil can touch usd 80bp by Aug but don't forget the negative side also.
20/07/2021 4:22 PM
armadatuah2017 So, now... fella teammates. have you believed? it will be hard to surpass 0.50 barrier without more positive news and the risk of impairment is still exist due to Armada's pipe laying vessels are yet to land contract from Caspian Sea.
21/07/2021 9:29 AM
JoshuaMS7 noted! run first!!
21/07/2021 9:49 AM
21/07/2021 10:22 AM
Macgyver11 Relax cool. Not Armada only red all the other O&G counters also red due to global sentiment not good (down fall in oil price) not bcoz of Armada performance. So far Armada doing very well. Believed me 2nd qtr earning will be exceed the 1st qtr. Those wish to run go ahead no body stopping you, I'm solid with Armada.
21/07/2021 11:07 AM
alenac Oil slips below USD70. CI also bearish. Ding dong play.
21/07/2021 11:11 AM
Macgyver11 https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/856841/recovery-seen-in-upstream-activities
21/07/2021 11:17 AM
alenac Further downside as USD70+ is still above 2022 level going by RHB research forecast.

RHB Research expects international benchmark Brent crude oil prices to average at US$71 (RM295.70) per barrel in the second half of 2021.

Its Brent crude price forecast for 2022 stood at US$65 (RM274.60) per barrel.

The brokerage said the production plan by the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries plus others or Opec+ should result in a relatively balanced oil market in the second half of this year.

“We believe a clear production plan will help to stabilise the market and the extension of the deal could provide certain supply visibility over 2022.

21/07/2021 11:22 AM
21/07/2021 2:16 PM
winmal unchanged
21/07/2021 5:05 PM
Bon888 Waiting for 0.405 but it stopped at 0.41. Shall wait or grab at 0.42?
21/07/2021 5:51 PM
strattegist closed flat
21/07/2021 6:04 PM
bullmarket1628 Walaoeh, oil price continue to spike up like mad !
Brent closed at $72.1‪3 +2.78 +4.0 %‬

Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !
22/07/2021 7:28 AM
nashvz anybody looking at REACH? i think when oil counter revives, Reach will benefit the most. after all with rising oil price, Reach is actually producing oil and selling oil at higher oil price now with Reach market cap still low. other counter like armada not really producing oil to benefit the most the rising oil price.
22/07/2021 7:48 AM
strattegist green
22/07/2021 10:47 AM
strattegist steady
22/07/2021 10:47 AM
CANON911 Wow...Sapnrg grabbed a super big contract worth RM1.2 billion.
Like that Sapnrg going to limit up today!!!

22/07/2021 12:45 PM
Mikecyc The Real Reason Oil Prices Aren’t At $80
By Simon Watkins - Jul 21, 2021, 8:00 PM

Partial from article :

As was very clearly demonstrated under the government of former President Donald Trump – but pertains to all U.S. presidencies of recent years – the top person in the White House does not, in general, want oil prices on the higher side. The economic reason for this is that for every US$0.01 that the U.S.’s national average price of gasoline rises, more than US$1 billion per year in discretionary additional consumer spending is estimated to be lost.

As a general historical rule of thumb, it is estimated that every US$10 per barrel change in the price of crude oil results in a US$0.25 change in the price of a gallon of gasoline. Based on more recent historical precedent, a US$90-95 per barrel of Brent oil price equates to around US$3 per gallon of gasoline and a US$125-130 per barrel of Brent equates to around US$4 per gallon of gasoline.

The ‘danger zone’ for U.S. presidents starts at around US$3.00 per gallon and at US$4.00 per gallon they are being advised to pack their bags in Pennsylvania Avenue or start a war to divert the public’s attention. The point was underlined by Bob McNally, the former energy adviser to the former President George W. Bush that: “Few things terrify an American president more than a spike in fuel [gasoline] prices.”
22/07/2021 1:31 PM
i3lurker Silverman Suck wants it USD80

JP Morgan also wants it USD80

the latest Superpump Attempt by Hedge Funds last nite failed and price is drifting lower for many hours already.

unfortunately the Delta covid does not agree with Silverman Suck and oil demand is just not there in the US markets.

Fifties and Sixties is the indicative price once those US Oil Producers dump off their excess production.
22/07/2021 1:37 PM
i3lurker just started another Superpump Attempt but likely to fail again unless Hedge Funds wanna buy up all US excess Oil production
22/07/2021 1:39 PM
22/07/2021 2:31 PM
i3Shark rubbish armada, eat more viagra, not always period like girl, period from 0.505 to 0.41, even serba drop to 0.3 also can sustain now at 0.44
22/07/2021 3:48 PM
Micias84 BUY BUY...
22/07/2021 4:47 PM
Macgyver11 I3Shark rubbish armada, eat more viagra, not always period like girl, period from 0.505 to 0.41, even serba drop to 0.3 also can sustain now at 0.44
22/07/2021 3:48 PM


hahaha cool. You didn't mentioned that sd dropped from 1.60 to 0.30. Those who holding 1.60 previously already start bleeding.now. Don't judge book by the cover.
22/07/2021 6:01 PM
Macgyver11 Macgyver11 IB still positive on oil price. They believed oil can touch usd 80bp by Aug but don't forget the negative side also.
20/07/2021 4:22 PM

Brent surging strong...is that 80 is possible as predicted by IB. Let's hope for good.
22/07/2021 6:09 PM
bullmarket1628 Walaoeh, oil price continue it’s bull-run !
Brent closed at $73.‪59 +1.36 +1.88%‬

Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !
23/07/2021 5:49 AM
armadatuah2017 EPF needs to be in to push the price to new heights. The funds hold nothing in BA now.
23/07/2021 9:09 AM
armadatuah2017 https://www.msn.com/en-my/money/stockdetails/ownership/fi-aladz2
23/07/2021 9:09 AM
Macgyver11 Epf joining Armada...I think possibility is there now since former epf boss (YM Tunku AliZakri) in BOD. Most probably Tunku AliZakri also start collecting Armada now.
23/07/2021 10:53 AM
armadatuah2017 the fund needs to head in to goreng it up..
23/07/2021 11:10 AM
strattegist pegun
23/07/2021 11:24 AM
nikicheong Goreng no yet. I still holding from 3,500 lots at RM0.225. I would buy a bit more if I could, but already enough risk exposure for now. Goreng will come closer to release for Q2 results in August. Results themselves are expected to be very strong (normalised net profit of ~RM150 to RM180mil).
23/07/2021 3:39 PM
i3Shark this armada always red and period like girls, really need more viagra, rubbish stock also can limit up and limit up, this armada always period only, better buy jetson
23/07/2021 3:57 PM
strattegist tutup merah
23/07/2021 5:53 PM
Macgyver11 Tunku AliZakri want to collect some cheap ticket ma...bring down the price loh...kikiki
23/07/2021 7:09 PM

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